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Nobu Ota comments

Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning body of newborn infant in trash can See in context

This poor Vietnamese lady. They treat foreigners so bad here.

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Posted in: YouTuber arrested on suspicion of extortion See in context

girl_in_tokyo is right. The sex criminal is worse than the YouTuber vigilante. Let's not overexaggerate.

The cops should arrest the sex criminal too or at least investigate aka just look at the video the YouTuber filmed.

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Posted in: Samurai trash collectors clean Tokyo streets after Halloween revels See in context

I was out there on Halloween night and there was an older lady in a Pikachu costume cleaning up the trash for hours. She had a big bag with her. I wonder why she gets no mention yet these clowns obviously posing for cameras the next day get so much notoriety.

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Posted in: Crimes in Japan rise in 2022 for 1st time in 20 years See in context

nondualism Today  04:16 pm JST

It is highly likely that many reported suicides are actually murders (one Japanese researcher estimates that 90% of suicides are actually murders).

Is this mentioned on that Evaporated Podcast or do you have a link about this? It's really interesting so I'm just curious. I'm going to listen to that podcast but it'd be great if you could share any sources about this.

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Posted in: Crimes in Japan rise in 2022 for 1st time in 20 years See in context


Crime rates in Japan are many times higher than what the statistics tell you (for example, one Japanese researcher believes that 90% of suicides are, in fact, murders), and this could be just an increase in reporting anyway, which is good.

Could you please tell me the name of that Japanese researcher or any links about this? That is very interesting and I wonder what evidence the researcher has found.

Also thank you very much for those links about under-reporting in Japan. It's really shocking. That article "Japan's Not-So-Secret Shame" says, "Over 95 percent of incidents of sexual violence in Japan are not reported to the police according to government figures, and for good reason." That is just insane and how they have the sexual assault victims re-enact the crime with a doll while police scrutinize? Wow, that is awful.

Your other link from Global Voices about Train Attacks was also eye-opening:

"In a 2019 report by the Japanese government, 65 percent of women who responded reported experiencing groping, unwanted touching, and similar kinds of sexual assault, commonly experienced on crowded trains.

By some estimates, over 95 percent of incidents of sexual violence in Japan are not reported to the police. A 2019 report by the Japanese government found that sex crimes continue to be significantly underreported in Japan, with just 14 percent of women who experienced sexual assault reporting the incident to police."

Anyway, thank you very much for sharing these.

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