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Posted in: S Korea to start talks on joining TPP trade pact See in context

Korean just want to disturb Japanese strategies. If Korea will join to TPP, domestic companies would be more struggle. Korean economy will be only for international company. Is Korean government sure? Korean will be totally changed in the future. Just being mechanic country. no firm, no agriculture, no culture. If it become so, contry would be over..

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Posted in: S Korea orders changes to history textbooks See in context

How many times Korea has changed their history, even history has only one. amazing.... They can make history.. Oh they are almost god...

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Posted in: China praises Korean assassin whom Japan calls a 'criminal' See in context

I pitty Korean citizens that they are totally controled toward unexisted history...even histry is only one. And not only history, products, company, anything they say is wrong. When I talk to Korean about anything, I always care about threir ignorance. They 100% say wrong information. I know, to teach truth is significant for such a person, but they cannot accept out of Korean infomation unfortunately. Just pitful people because of the Korean government.

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