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Posted in: Woman gets 3-4 years for suffocating 16-day-old daughter in garbage bag See in context

Another innocent life cut short by negligent parents.


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Posted in: After 5 days, no clues to missing boy's fate in Hokkaido See in context

I still have faith that the little guy is out there just waiting to be found.

This give me hope

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Posted in: Japanese swoon over Canada's 'hunky PM' Trudeau See in context

I think Shinzo Abe is handsome :)

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Posted in: Parents of 9 kids arrested after baby's remains found in clothes case See in context

The amount of infant deaths in Japan is very disturbing.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist returns to Niagara Falls to testify against attacker See in context

Good for her! It really sets an example to any tourist who is assaulted that you should not face it alone! Talk with the local authorities. Justice is universal.

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Posted in: String of burglaries reported in quake-hit Kumamoto See in context

Maybe they were looking for food? Blankets? Anything that is necessary to live.

If not, this is a sad day. Stealing from those who have nothing left.

Is there a way I can donate to Japan to help the earthquake stricken people? I live in Canada.

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Posted in: Nintendo announces new console for 2017 as profits dive See in context

Nintendo here are some tips to gain more popularity in the gaming community.

More online capabilities with popular Nintendo classics.

Mario Party Online. Legend of Zelda RPG. Metroid Shooter/ Online Next installment of Mario Strikers. Megaman Platform Creator (Similar to Mario World Creator) You can create your own boss too that other people can fight. Super Dodgeball Online (First Person View)

Hope that helps!

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Posted in: Organizers opt for harmony in new Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo See in context

I would prefer the ones with colour :/

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Posted in: Korean help arrives See in context

I wish Canada would help too! I would love to donate any food, money, toiletries, diapers to the Japanese people!

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Posted in: LDP pep rally See in context

The LDP and I will not be stopped despite what my countrymen/women say about our policies!

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Posted in: Trump TV See in context

"Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Japan could work with whomever is elected president in November".

It is true that you could work with whomever is elected as president BUT you could work a lot BETTER and more EFFICIENTLY if the leader is not Trump. Trump has said multiple times that he is going to 'crack down on trades with Asian partners (that includes you Japan)'. Economists says that Trump's policies could lead to a Trade war and result in the US to lose a significant amount of money which will effect the Japanese economy.

I m Canadian and I shudder at the thought of Trump as president.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for suffocating 4-month-old daughter with pillow See in context

Another parent killing their child.

Seriously, these atrocities have to stop.

ABE! DO SOMETHING! This is really pissing me off and I DON'T EVEN LIVE IN JAPAN

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Posted in: Actor Ken Watanabe battling stomach cancer See in context


One of my favourite actors right behind Tom Hanks.

Watanabe-san, please take it easy!

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Posted in: Japan tells U.N. it has found no evidence of forced WWII sex slavery See in context

I feel bad for President Park.

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Posted in: Obama to act next week on gun background checks See in context

America and their guns. And the Canadians (hey, that's me!) have our maple syrup and hockey sticks!

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Posted in: Kimono queens See in context

Beautiful kimono! Hard to pick which one is the prettiest!

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Posted in: NHK announces lineup for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' on New Year's Eve See in context

Why isn't HY not on the list?

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Posted in: Record 16.3 mil foreigners visited Japan as of Oct 31 See in context

No surprises that Japan is high on any traveler's list of places to visit.

I mean, Japan is such a fascinating place to go. I remember visiting back in 2014 and I was amazed by what I saw and experienced while traveling across Japan.

Busy lifestyle of Tokyo. Calm nature of Kyoto. OKONOMIYAKI of Osaka. KOBE BEEF from KOBE

The list goes on. I can't wait to live in Japan. I will be there soon!

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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree visitors top 20 million 3 1/2 years since opening See in context

I have been inside Tokyo Skytree. Really cool to see how compact Tokyo really is. If you want to increase the number of visitors, lower your prices and get rid of that extra charge to see all the way to the top. I paid for the whole thing and the top just provided a little more distance in the horizons and nothing else :/.

Also, the line up is super super long (45-60 min wait). So they could provide benches or disability seats for elderly people :).

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan hold first post-summit talks on WWII sex slaves See in context

Do the right thing, Japan. Apologize again and change the context of your history books that highlight the brutality of war. I firmly believe by acknowledging your past wrong doings and providing relief by revealing war crimes to the public will finally cease this yearning for justice.

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Posted in: Japan Post gets 'moe' fever with 2016 anime New Year’s postcards See in context

How about selling new year cards with Japanese culture related themes?

Eg- Sumo Wrestler, "Hope your new year brings in BIG things for your life".


Tokyo Sky Tree, "New year means new goals, aspirations and dreams. Build yourself higher so you too can see that sky is the limit".

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking upskirt photos of schoolgirl See in context


As an aspiring teacher this news is very disappointing. As teachers we are given a special responsibility of ensuring that the students we teach are able to learn, grow and fulfill their potential. We are trusted by the public to make sure that the students are safe and not endanger of any kind of assault or misdemeanor while we are present.

This just saddens me to think that a teacher would throw away his career like that just because of his temptation.

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Posted in: Abe, Park to seek early resolution of 'comfort women' dispute See in context

If I were Abe I would just apologize again and have future textbook document the atrocities of war which include the crimes committed by the Japanese Imperial Army. However, I firmly believe by showing the cruelty and abomination of war will lead the country to the right path of peace and harmony. However, after making these must needed changes I would ask both leaders of South Korea and China to cease the propaganda of Japan's past mistakes and look to the future for a stronger bond so that the world will not witness loss of humanity.

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Posted in: New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population See in context

How to grow Japan's Population:

1) Pregnant women are on maternity leave longer. 2) Ensure any pregnant woman that their job will still be available to them when they return to work. 3) Increase spending on social programs to aid in families who are having tough time raising their children (the amount of child/infant murders in Japan, which is a first world nation is atrocious) 4) Allow fathers to spend time with their family (decrease the amount of overtime) 5) Give tax breaks to the Middle class so they can afford to have a child.

If there is any criticism regarding my proposals, please reply and we can have a constructive debate on the subject.

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Posted in: Girls, girls, girls See in context

I listen to BENI. Really talented :)

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Posted in: Kobe firefighters ask residents to stop calling emergency numbers for trivial reasons like sunburns See in context

In my city (Canada) false alarms are fined to the caller.

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Posted in: Scarecrow See in context

New Olympic Logo?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee scraps controversial logo See in context

I think it is fitting that Tokyo Olympics use the 'Fan' logo for the summer Olympics since it is going to be REALLY hot during the summer. Might as well make the fan your Olympic logo :)

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Posted in: Body of naked woman found in Tokyo apartment See in context

"Other residents reported hearing loud noises and a woman crying out on Tuesday night. "

Not to blame the residents but if you hear loud noises and a woman crying out loud, you should contact the police immediately. I know in my country (Canada) even the slightest hint of spousal/child abuse is reported to the police and investigators.

We look out for one another here.

I applaud the boss for his concern for his employee (could have been a long time worker/friend).

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Posted in: Olympic emblems unveiled See in context

Looks great! I love the minimalist design

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