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Posted in: Japanese firm shifts copper foil plans from South Carolina to Georgia See in context

All those incentive payments come out of tax payer pocket's as will any infrastructure costs to accommodate the plant. Also there is no guarantee the plant won't move when those incentives expire.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over death of mentally disabled son See in context

"What a weak failure of a mother", wow, you have no idea what her or her son's life might have been like. I'm not saying it was a good decision, but I know stress breaks people all the time and before the, 'seek help', replies, I've also seen that way to often help can't be found. She will have to live with what she did, one life ended and one was ruined, empathy is free, there's no charge for having it.

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Posted in: World leaders rage against neighbors on 2nd day of U.N. debate See in context

It's always better to at least provide an opportunity for a meaningful dialogue, even if it is not used and I'm willing to bet that much more goes on in the corridors of the UN than in the assembly room.

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Posted in: Chinese director Zhang Yimou defends casting of Matt Damon See in context

I had to log on just to say, nicely said kaynide.

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Posted in: Tokyo police release PR video in English to assure foreign visitors Japan is safe See in context

Very funny, I had a good laugh, at about the 6 minute mark two cops catch a criminal and say, 'I found the gun', next scene two cops catch a criminal and say, 'I found the drugs', next scene cops are chasing man out of a door and I really expected them to say, ' I found the man in the bad suit'.

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Posted in: Trump looks to grab attention as Republican rivals debate See in context

bass4funk, what makes you say that Bernie is bad, have you looked at his voting record or the things he stands for or against?

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Posted in: Trump escalates fight with Fox News before debate See in context

CrazyJoe, I logged in just so I could give you a thumbs up, thank for your comment.

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Posted in: Islamic State ambushes, kills up to 50 Iraqi troops See in context

Burning Bush, MarkG, how much more of your money are you willing too donate, to continue making weapons makers even richer? Also you might want to research past wars and look at the amount of bombs dropped and the armies that still survived and kept fighting.

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Posted in: Tooth found in stew at Tokyo hotel restaurant See in context

Dan Lewis, I may be easy, but that was funny.

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Posted in: World shocked at enduring racism, gun violence in U.S. See in context

Noble713, I hear the Chicago example so often, even though it's ridiculous, I have to respond. Look at the lax gun laws surrounding Chicago, it's near impossible to enforce a law if the adjacent areas don't have complementary laws.

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Posted in: Chinese weaponry spotted on artificial island, U.S. says See in context

MarkG, not exactly sure what history you're looking at, perhaps you should do a little research into all the benefits of our wars and foreign policy. Remember to look past what they want you to see and look at what they're trying to hide.

Jimizo, "US foreign policy benefits the US. This is perfectly understandable. Whether this has benefitted or harmed other countries is incidental." I think the millions of dead, might disagree about it only being 'incidental'.

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Posted in: Chinese weaponry spotted on artificial island, U.S. says See in context

MarkG, you could be right, we've seen the chaos resulting when America does whatever it wants.

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Posted in: Japanese opera singer records cover of Queen’s 'Bohemian Rhapsody' See in context


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Posted in: U.N. resolution says Israel must renounce nuclear arms See in context

Iran is not on a march to acquire nuclear weapons, not in a few months or years or maybe ever. Although I wouldn't fault them for trying, as it seems the only thing that keeps America from attacking countries is possession of nuclear weapons. Israel will probably use it's nuclear weapons, because it is the only country that would get away with it due to America's backing.

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Posted in: Obama says U.S. will attack IS inside Syria for first time See in context

SOFA, signed by George Bush 2008. I'm sure you 've already heard of this, but would like to blame everything on Obama. In actuality Obama tried to extend the US presence in Iraq, but the Iraqi government would have no part of it. Also the majority of Americans wanted us out of Iraq. Although I have my own reservations about Obama, I think that any intelligent person will see that the relationship with Congress is due to the totally moralless republicans in congress, whose only concern is to increase the wealth of the already rich. And as far as Obama being an idiot, might I remind you who got us into Afghanistan and Iraq to begin with. Bush was warned and had recent history to draw from, (remember Russia in Afghanistan). Bush was told by his own advisors when going into Iraq, "you break it, you bought it." So please take off your right wing blinders and place the blame where it truly belongs.

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Posted in: Obama warns of jihadist 'cancer' in Iraq as U.S. reveals failed hostage rescue attempt See in context

It always amazes me(not really) how hypocritical the American government is. An American journalist is killed and the President demands the world to react. Meanwhile we drop bombs all around the world causing I'm sure more than one beheading, but that's ok.

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Posted in: Obama welcomes new Iraqi leadership as 'step forward' See in context

Well 'zichi' replace 'Saddam' with 'America' and tell me what the difference is. And bass4funk you know that it was our meddling that has Iraq in the state it's in today, and as soon as we forget the past we repeat it. What do we do to stop this and the future waves? Stay out of other's affairs unless we're willing to move in and take over the whole country's problems and since we don't seem to be taking care of many of the problems here in the States I don't really think that's a good idea.

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Posted in: Name your five favorite TV show themes. See in context

Peter Gunn

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