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Posted in: Lives of many disaster survivors still on hold See in context

So where's the Money gone ?

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Posted in: 1 man killed, another in coma after being hit by truck on highway See in context

Also, as a matter of caution, regardless rain or not, in such a situation, wouldn't it have been better for people to have exited the vehicle, and moved further away from the road side, and have 1 standing watch for oncoming traffic whilst the other changed the tire ? Is there any recommended practice in Japan ?

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Posted in: 1 man killed, another in coma after being hit by truck on highway See in context

Just out of interest, How long does the emergency flare last, and how many are you supposed to carry with you ?

I'd imagine that the small triangle wouldn't have made a difference if the Truck driver couldn't have noticed the Car in front - presumably with rear tail indicator lights flashing.

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Posted in: U.S. and Europe clash over global supersonic jet noise standards See in context

I think I can see some of the concerns here. Replace the text "Supersonic planes", with "Expensive, Very Fast, Gas Guzzling & Rather Loud Cars" - the local Rich Kids would buy them up and rev their engines whilst they drove through the neighborhood.... just as they actually do at present when driving their Porches, Ferrari's etc. There has to be some set of rules in order to bring some semblance of control to avoid a similar situation arising in the air above us. I don't really wish to have to keep replacing my windows because some Rich kid decides to buzz the area in order to create a sonic boom.

Supersonic is fine, so long as it's over sea (I think), over land then... nope.

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Posted in: Over 400 items found in UK nerve agent poison probe See in context

Seems like the makings of a Spy Novel unfolding right in front of us...

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Posted in: Docomo develops world's first 360-degree 8K VR live video streaming and viewing system See in context

One wonders whether as these VR devices become more realistic, if content will need to be monitored so as not to cause shock to the viewer. I've heard it said that if you dream you're dying in your sleep, then you can actually die (not sure how they know that though), but parallels to near reality VR could I guess be drawn soon.

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Posted in: Japanese soldiers take part in Bastille Day parade See in context

Geez, talk about someone being grumpy... @NCIS Reruns, not everyone knows about WW2 History - it's not taught until Senior School in Japan, and then brushed over. So I don't see how I could be "insulting" to your intelligence... please point out where I was so.

One could also question whether the French had the right to be where they were at the time, and if indeed the Japanese were "liberating" them, as was said at the time.

I still haven't seen an answer to the question, whether Germany was invited ?

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Posted in: Japanese soldiers take part in Bastille Day parade See in context

Did France invite the Germans to also March their Army down the Champs Elysees ?

History reminder: Germany, Italy and Japan were allies during the Second World War.

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Posted in: Top FX diplomat likely to be reappointed as Japan navigates global trade hazards See in context

Japan is about to start its own Currency Manipulation in order to counter the US trade taxes. They can justify a free-falling currency on many grounds now too,.

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Posted in: No. of homeless in Japan falls to 15-year-low See in context

What about the recorded deaths of Homeless people per year, are those reported anywhere in comparison ?

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Posted in: Finance Ministry to suspend MUFG unit's primary dealer status for a month See in context

I've not heard that one happening for quite some time. Oh I wonder are good times are here again ?

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Posted in: Trump blasts May's Brexit plan; says it puts trade deal in doubt See in context

And, with that in mind, if you only listen to a Government's own version of events, and assume that that, is the truth, then you either don't care, can't care, or you don't have an inquisitive and open mind.

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Posted in: Man arrested for death of friend he threw into Dotombori River See in context

choose your friends wisely

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Posted in: NHK aims to begin simultaneous streaming, with gov't approval See in context

Now to be fair, the UK's BBC forces everyone to have a TV license. Though their programming is miles better than most, and doesnt have the same "stars" appearing in nearly every program...

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Posted in: NHK aims to begin simultaneous streaming, with gov't approval See in context

The makings for ditching Net Neutrality in Japan... NHK will tie up with NTT and only NHK streaming will be given priority - so the likes of U-Tube and NetFlix will be hit by poor bandwidth issues making them unwatchable.

End result... back to PirateBay.

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Posted in: ANA cancels more flights for engine inspection See in context

prices to go up ?

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Posted in: Flood evacuees face health risks amid heat, toilet problems See in context

When a Rich Country such as Japan suffers and has problems following a Natural disaster such as the one that just occurred, one has to wonder what it's like with a Poor Country ?

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Posted in: Uber poised to make investment in scooter-rental business See in context

Scooter rental ??? You mean we can rent scooters or as they're commonly known in Japan Kickboards ?

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Posted in: High court upholds ruling blaming local gov'ts over school kids' death in tsunami See in context

@englisc aspyrgend

I am Apolitical, so have no bias. I merely reported the facts that Local Governments have money concerns when trying to meet their OWN political agendas, and will be tempted to cut corners, but when they do, it comes back to bite them, big time.

Now without being privy to the insider redacted Government documents, I can simply rely upon Media reports:

So, get off your snotty high horse and smell the Roses.

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Posted in: High court upholds ruling blaming local gov'ts over school kids' death in tsunami See in context

The Conservative Council in North Kensington, London, was responsible for the Grenfell Tower Fire. They wanted to keep the surrounding local area looking very neat and posh by cleaning up the exteriors of housing estates with high rises, so they bought the cheapest exterior cladding that they could find and ignored the fire hazards associated with them. The end result... Grenfell Tower fire.

So the problems we're seeing in Japan, are not isolated to Japan alone, but exist in all Countries. And, just as in Japan, Court cases will go ahead, and compensation be sought. The higher the compensation, the more likely the local authorities will take note and minimise their risk to future high negative value events occurring. Likewise, if the Insurance companies will also take heed, and act to protect their own interests, and the insurance costs for these local authorities will increase unless they take action.

I'm not sure as to the situation in Japan with regards to local authority insurance, (If it exists) but hopefully the same will happen there too.

Money drives a lot of things.

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Posted in: Suicide bomber strikes in Afghan capital; 31 killed See in context

The following makes for some interesting reading:

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Posted in: Ex-BOJ employee nabbed for alleged theft of gold coins See in context

I wonder if they'd have been caught had they replaced the originals with Fakes ?

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Posted in: Cyclist killed in hit-and-run in Saitama See in context

Just something to bear in mind, if you're going out riding your bicycle at night...

If you're going to ride a bicycle at night, wear a hi-viz jacket, something that reflects headlamps and alerts an oncoming driver to your presence. Bicycle lamps can often be obscured by the street lighting on even oncoming traffic. Also a Helmet should be mandatory.

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Posted in: Shooting at Florida school as students stage walkout See in context

I wonder what these young kids will think about the right to bear arms, in 10, 20 or 30 years time ?

Perhaps some will become the next generation of Politicians and recall how they felt about the Gun issue back when they were young, and then decide to do something about it.... or perhaps this is a passing fade, just like other movements of the past, and everything will revert to "normal" later on...

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Posted in: A musical resurgence has Hollywood changing its tune See in context

Hollywood turning into another Bollywood ? I hope not.

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

It's more likely that there will be a lot of suspicions around the promises being made by N. Korea, as I believe they've done something similar in the past, and reneged upon it.

Perhaps he's simply playing the Game, doing what the Chinese have asked him to do, but likely to orchestrate some sort of stumbling block to use as a "I told you so" response back to the Chinese, and thereby justifying his continued quest to become a Nuclear Power.

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Posted in: Nissan to cut hundreds of jobs at UK car plant: source See in context

Diesel is in decline.

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Posted in: 3 Taiwanese women arrested over powder scattered at Kyoto castle See in context

It's hard to understand some of these Cults...

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't seeks stricter smoking ban than national gov't See in context

Wish I could have my Neighbor stopped from smoking the most foulest of smelling cigarettes in their garden.

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Posted in: Rally in Tokyo calls for end to sex crimes against young women See in context

Wonder what's going to happen to the "Gentlemen's Clubs" ?

They're clearly places of Workplace Sexual Harassment .

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