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Posted in: Starbucks to close 8,000 U.S. stores for racial tolerance training See in context

Looking at that Video, the Black guys were refusing to cooperate with the Policeman's request, the discussions became a bit tense, Police backup was called in too. An arrest was the only course of action - what else would you have expected to happen ?

If a Policeman asks you to do something (be it right or wrong), and you argue back at him/her, regardless of which Country you're in, or what race you are, you're likely to be getting yourself into trouble.

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Posted in: Miss Hooters Japan Contest See in context

@Haruka - times have changed.....

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Posted in: Starbucks to close 8,000 U.S. stores for racial tolerance training See in context

Where will this all go ?

Will it end up meaning that from now, you can sit within any Starbucks shop for any length of time without being challenged and asked to buy something ?

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Posted in: Starbucks to close 8,000 U.S. stores for racial tolerance training See in context

Black 1, White 0 ?

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Posted in: Watchdog confirms UK findings on nerve agent in Russia spy case See in context

In an executive summary made public at Britain's request, it said "the toxic chemical was of high purity" but did not name it.

That information and details about its structure would be in a classified report shared with OPCW signatories, it said.

Why ?

All we've been given so far is Boris Johnson's statement that it was Novichok and from Russia, and the Scientists saying it was of the Novichok class, but that they couldn't identify it's source....

Guilt by association ?

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Posted in: Trump weighs Syria options; Russia envoy says 'cannot exclude' war See in context

I too think we should leave Syria alone, though May, Trump and Macro appear to have their own home agenda's for which a little distraction would be helpful.... (though hopefully not going so far as to start WWW3!).

These tinpot Dictators keep some sort of stability within the region, without them we see Religious nuts like the Islamic extremists coming in, Russia probably realized that and came to the aid of Syria, of course... there's something in it for them too... a port/base within the Mediterranean Sea.

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Posted in: Tech billionaire says his plan to break up California ready for voters See in context

Splitting up into Rich California and Poor California ?

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Posted in: Japan eyes new residency status for foreigners amid labor shortages See in context

And what happens when they no longer become needed ?

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Posted in: Amnesty accuses Japan of breaching int'l rules on death penalty See in context


That may be the most stupidest thing I've read here... of course those executed do not contribute to Society... they're dead!

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Posted in: Amnesty accuses Japan of breaching int'l rules on death penalty See in context

At least there is an Organisation that draws our attention to such "issues" within Countries, issues that may otherwise just go unreported, and for doing so, regardless whether or not those Countries are for renown for not listening. So Congratulation Amnesty for showing us that Japan isn't so squeaky clean in comparison to other Nations. Hopefully, Japan will, unlike some other Countries nearby, admit that it could do a better job and seek to improve the situation.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s iconic 109 department store designated most likely building to collapse in earthquake See in context

I wonder if someone is looking to buy that location and rebuild a new store ? It's value must certainly have dropped overnight.

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Posted in: What social media platforms and search engines know about you See in context

If you're concerned about tracking, etc... take a look at Log less VPN providers.

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Posted in: Russian TV crew slammed for sneaking into Skripal hospital See in context

You'd have thought that with such a high profile Patient on the premises that there would have been increased Security there.... assuming the Skripal's are indeed still there / alive ?

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Posted in: Zuckerberg faces 'Grandpa' questions from lawmakers See in context

Having all that data stored about your every aspect of Life, who your friends are, where you've been during the day, even what ailments you've had in the past, is a bit concerning. Future employers will start profiling you based upon this information - they dont need full access, just need to ask Y/N response type questions to Facebook based upon your ID. Similarly US Homeland security..... asking for your Social Media IDs. Just imagine if all comments ever made here in JapanToday, and anywhere else, were linked back to your Facebook profile... what then ? Japan has its PPI Law, which sort of flies in the face of facebook and all this tying up of your data to something that can personally identify yourself, and the haphazard way that information has been made available to others..... why isnt Japan demanding Facebook execs to come here ?

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainee in Japan sent home after asking for paid leave See in context

Makoto Shimizu - Just curious What leads you to say "Japan has so good reputation...." ?

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Posted in: Diet passes legislation to limit departure tax use to tourism See in context

Where would you pay 1200 yen for a cup of Coffee ? You could buy the Cup and a bag of coffee for that sum...

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