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Posted in: Aretha Franklin's 'Amazing Grace' film finally in theaters See in context

Which will do better ? Bohemian Rhapsody or this ? And.... if this one doesnt will the Race card be played as an excuse ?

Not sure what you mean.  There is no comparison.

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Posted in: 'Japanese Satchmo' honored in jazz birthplace of New Orleans See in context

No need for me to read any other news today.  I'm happy and don't want to ruin it.  Such a lovely story and hats off to the Toyama duo and their awesome journey in life.

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Posted in: Same man suspected in 3 attempted convenience store robberies in Chiba Pref See in context

Although 46 in body, he has confirmed that he is underage in mind.

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

Ever heard of Telework?

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Posted in: Review: The Temptations find musical magic in modern covers See in context

The Temps — Terry Weeks, Larry Braggs, Otis Williams, Ron Tyson and Willie Greene

Incredible and exciting to know one of the original "Temps" is still going strong.  Mr. Otis Williams!

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving baby son at Tokyo restaurant at midnight See in context

I am truly loss for words.  I'm sure there's more to this story like a deadbeat father perhaps.

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Posted in: NHK sorry over Hitler T-shirt worn by talk show guest See in context

Do some research on Horie and you will learn he is a nut case.

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Posted in: U.S. Osprey aircraft makes emergency landing at Amami airport See in context

Could not agree with bass4funk more, and will add that aircraft commanders/captains make precautionary landings quite often.  Only reason you are reading about this one is because it happened at a civil airport.

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Posted in: Idol unit disbands after male fan discovered to have personal relationship with…idol’s mom See in context

Initially, the manager wasn’t too surprised to hear Ramu crying, since she would often call to vent or seek emotional support following a bad day at school or an argument with her brothers or parents.

Ramu said that she had been looking through her mother’s cell phone, and discovered that she’d been in secret yet frequent communication with a male Miniature Garden fan. She later showed the manager screen captures of LINE messages confirming the activity

the screen captures Ramu had taken told a different story, in which the mother and fan would frequently badmouth the four other Miniature Garden vocalists, as well as the group’s fans, including those with a special fondness for Ramu.

Seems to me there's a fix already for this.  Keep the group going, mom and fan banned from any future events .

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Posted in: 15-year-old arrested over forcing classmate to eat insect, dog feces See in context

This is sad.  Hope the victim is not traumatized for life.  I too was bullied as a kid and it leaves a mental scar.  Fortunately some of those bullies from my past turned their lives around.  Hopefully the same for this kid.

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Posted in: 'They’re full': Restaurant worker arrested for obstructing competing businesses See in context

You've got to give him credit for being creative.

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Posted in: Earth, Wind & Fire bring an old-school funk & soul groove to Japan See in context

A devoted fan since 1973!

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Posted in: Japanese singer Peggy Hayama dies at 83 See in context

Sad to hear about another legend that had some relation to the US military here in Japan back then. I know a gentlemen who was the Officer's Club manager of Far East Exchange back in the late 40's to early 60's. He tells some great stories of how it was back then. I'm sure Ms. Hayama could do the same. Rest in Peace.

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Posted in: 77-year-old man arrested for stalking woman, 42 See in context

Ok, anyone who has ever went to an Izakaya knows that this is something that is quite common. In most cases it’s a hostess that accepts an older gentlemen's invitation to dinner. This will ensure the gent will return to the pub and spend his money as expected by the hostess. Not sure if that's this person's line of business, but it seems the same to me. The older gentleman obviously received the wrong signals and believes his investment in time and money wasted. Therefore stalking (or alleged) becomes the next phase. Hopefully the only thing comes out of this is a broken heart that will heal soon.

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Posted in: Jazz singing great Al Jarreau dead at 76 See in context

Anyone of age in the 80s who watch the prime time TV drama Moonlighting that made Bruce Willis a hit would know Al Jarreau for the opening tune of the show.

A silky voice and classy guy that will be missed.


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Posted in: 'Perry Mason' actress Barbara Hale dies at 94 See in context

I really loved her in the movie “Big Wednesday” as Mrs. Barlow that happen to be a big hit in Japan. I believed any kid would like a mom as she played in that movie. Her character was cool and could relate to the younger generation.

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Posted in: Actress Makiko Esumi announces retirement from showbiz; denies affair rumors See in context

I recall her being the campaign girl for the Japanese Pension System back in the late 90s and the media later found out and published that she was not paying into her own pension account. She is aging very well by this photo.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over abuse of 6-month-old daughter See in context

Dogin consulted the Child Welfare Office and said, “I don’t think my child is cute.”

I guess that's where we differ, I think all babies are cute.

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Posted in: Becky to appear on special Fuji TV New Year’s program See in context

Welcome back Becky!. One of the few talents I can put up with on TV.

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Posted in: Man turns himself in over fatal assault in Tokyo's Shimbashi See in context

There is a possibility that the heart failure was a result of the chase alone. The suspect's physical contact may have not played any part in his death, just saying.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of pushing woman off platform at Osaka train station See in context

For the last few years I felt uneasy on train platforms, and now by habit look behind me as a train approaches.

Paranoid no, sense of caution yes.

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Posted in: U.S. base in Sasebo briefly locked down on 'shooting' report See in context

BertieWooster and Daniel Naumoff, sorry to disappoint you both, but not really happened.

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Posted in: Darvish's brother convicted over baseball gambling in Japan See in context

He's lucky that the connected sports bookie in his area didn't get wind of his operation.

They do now

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Posted in: More than 90% of vehicles don't stop at crosswalks without lights despite presence of pedestrians See in context

I would be afraid of being rear-ended by one of the 90%.

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Posted in: Motorbike rider, pursued by police car, killed after crashing into truck See in context

Why do the police keep chasing for something so petty ?

I was not aware that wreck less driving was a petty crime.

Would it have been better if the police simply ignore it and this person would have ran into someone in a crosswalk or people on the side of the road?

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Posted in: Mother who confined daughter, forced her to eat goldfish gets suspended sentence See in context

A parent's most basic responsibility is to protect their children. Simply saying you are sorry is unacceptable when you should have reported this lunatic to the police. They say justice is blind, but the judge in this case is blind to what actually happen to this girl.

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Posted in: Koike tells Tokyo gov't employees to finish work by 8 p.m. See in context

It may have to do more about over-time vs. actually work being performed. After work I sometimes stop at one of my favorite watering holes that is adjacent to a government office. I can see a couple of workers in the office window just staring at a computer monitor and getting up to stretch or tapping on their cell phones. I may be wrong, but when I'm at my computer and having to work past regular hours, I'm frantically typing away or moving the mouse at full rate.

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Posted in: U.S. bombers fly over S Korea in show of force against North See in context

Lol this is the only thing the US ever does in Asia. If you do something bad i will fly a plane near you that will show them! This does nothing but waste Americans tax dollars.

Show me your butter knife, now I'll show you my Katana!

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Posted in: Woman employee stabbed in back at supermarket in Kawasaki See in context

After living in Japan for over 24 years I am now beginning to do something I have not done in a long time, developing my street smarts and watching what's going around me.

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Posted in: Victory See in context

Why is it an awesome choice? You don't elect a woman just because she's a woman. Yeah, a move to the right and a move to the back.

Can't see anywhere in my post where it said "elect a woman." It was meant as the right choice based on credentials vs. the status quo. Sad that some assume based on vague perception.

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