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Posted in: 2 killed after being hit by truck on expressway; driver arrested See in context

Agree with most on recklessness of many truck drivers in this country, but it’s not limited to Japan. Unfortunately it’s that silly mindset in Japan of drivers looking out for pedestrians (as it should be), however, pedestrians lack of caution and not looking for the dangers surrounding them is a major factor as well. I imagine the car was on the shoulder, but the two were standing near if not in the road and not concerned about the oncoming traffic. You see it every day here with people walking in that little area between the perfectly open sidewalk and white line where the road begins. Sorry for them and their family’s loss.

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Posted in: Corks pop around the world as Beaujolais Nouveau arrives See in context

Not a fan.

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Posted in: Actor Ken Takakura dies at 83 See in context

Awesome actor! Loved watching his prison movies form the 60s. Shall be missed.

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Posted in: Light-up See in context

Is it me, or is there no one even looking at the fireworks in this picture?

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Posted in: Soul singer Bobby Womack dies at 70 See in context

The Soulful Poet! Rest in Peace brother man.

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Posted in: Car stolen with two young children in back seat See in context

First of all, for the noobs arrived in Japan, Japan is not a country like the US where one constantly has the feeling of being harmed or robbed by criminals. Occasionally it happens but it's far from regularity like in the US or UK. This is why people are more lax with leaving ignition keys and kids. Then if in one of 5000 cases something bad happens, everyone is in uproar and blames the parents

Regardless of what country, leaving a five and two old in a car unattended is wrong. The five year old is capable of placing the car in gear possibly causing harm to themselves and others. Also, car theft is a big problem in Japan; it’s just not reported in the media as much, unless of course there is a more interesting story like kids being left inside the stolen car.

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Posted in: Osaka court clears nightclub owner of violating dancing regulations See in context

Osaka court clears nightclub owner of violating dancing regulations

Everybody get loose, footloose!

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Posted in: 4 U.S. TV shows ordered off Chinese websites See in context

Here we go again! One step forward, three steps back.

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Posted in: Shorter and Schneider each win 3 Jazz Awards See in context

Well-deserved recognition Wayne Shorter, such a great Jazz artist! Highly recommend "The Classic Blue Note Recordings"

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Posted in: Richard Gere appears as Tora-san again in Orangina ads See in context

Gere is a devout Buddhist and has a strong connection and love for Japan.

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Posted in: 3 teens arrested for conning elderly people out of Y400 mil See in context

Commentators suggest that the often-fragmented lives of extended families, in which close relatives may not see each other for years, heightens the risks.

That makes it even simpler in not giving them any money. Years of no contact means no financial responsibility in baling you out.

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Posted in: Tamori's 'Waratte Iitomo' variety program ends after nearly 32 years See in context

Going to miss this show! It was like the lunch whistle in Japan, as well as some good entertainment to break up the middle of the work day. As someone already mentioned, he did not lightheartedly berate foreigners on his show to get a laugh like his counterparts Sanma and Beat Takeshi often did (don't see either doing it anymore).

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Japan’s police policies and system is nearly 20 years obsolete. When the bubble in the economy burst in 1995, crime increased dramatically in the years following. Just as any economy has proven, when it falls on hard times, crime goes up. The police system here still works as react when it happens vs. prevention. Do your job, and I’ll support you 100%.

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Posted in: Man in coma after being assaulted outside his home See in context

45 and still wit yo mama? looks like she didn't care none enough to look closely enough fo a better description

Ever thought that "mama" may live with him?

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Posted in: Infant dies in Sapporo after being abandoned at gynecology clinic See in context

Parental instincts in guarding newborns are diminishing, sad. Should have sought help right away, but as usual, hindsight is 20/20.

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Posted in: Amuro's new single to debut at No. 3 spot on Oricon Chart See in context

Wow! Hard to believe she is 36 now. I remember here prancing around a stage on a kid's show as a teen when she first started her entertainment career.

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Posted in: Baseball star Tanaka charters Dreamliner for flight to New York See in context

Add to the long list of dumb athletes and their money. Easy come easy go!

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 leaders reject notion of old boys club See in context

Even sadder is the fact that no one realized that there were no women on the board until it was brought to their attention. Old Boys Club for sure! Agree with most comments on Mori, not too bright.

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Posted in: 61-year-old man stabbed to death by intruder See in context

Got to agree with most here, signature Yak hit. Guns are normally used in a Yakuza on Yakuza hit. Tanaka as a director of a company may have fell into the not playing the game right on contractor deals.

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Posted in: Why Japanese TV shows have become boring See in context

With late night Japanese TV from the 80/90s and Super Jockey on Sunday no longer on, Yes Japanese TV is in fact boring.

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Posted in: Woman attacks 3 older women in Tama See in context

This is strangely related to the recent silly acts of crime in the US called >The Knockout Game, where young thugs approach an elderly person and try to knock them out then run. Fortunately this loony did not get it right.

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Posted in: Meet and greet See in context

Prime Minister all of 8 months! Sure he will be committed to the job as Governor of Tokyo.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy dies after being hit by car; 78-year-old driver arrested See in context

Such a tragedy that a young child was struck down so early in life. Also a tragedy that some here believe age was the sole factor in this child being hit. Most senior I see driving are doing well under the speed limit and take longer to make turns and change lanes. This was just an accident as it is being reported. Some here believe that they will be 21 (12 by some comments) forever and make these foolish comments about senior wherever the opportunity arises. Most seniors drive slower to get to point B safely opposed to those a bit younger with a smart phone in hand speeding with children in the car unrestrained. RIP little one.

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Posted in: 2 school girls detained in Fukuoka for mugging 12-year-old girl See in context

Massive overreaction to a bit of petty crime among school kids

You obviously do not have a 12 year old child who was recently beaten and mugged by two older hoodlums.

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Posted in: 27-year-old woman found strangled to death in apartment See in context

Why would you think the company would be linked? The poor girl was found murdered and a co-worker committed suicide the same evening... wouldn't take Sherlock Holmes to see the link there.

Read the article more closely, he committed suicide the next day after she was last seen alive.

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Posted in: Tamori announces end of 'Waratte Iitomo' after 32 years See in context

The end of a great era in Japanese TV! Noon time in Japan will not be the same.

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Posted in: 4 nightclub operators arrested for allowing dancing See in context

What is this, 1955 and Elvis is in town? Now I can’t get Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” out of my head.

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Posted in: Car crash victim dies after paramedics, police fail to notice her See in context

Someone has already mentioned it here, but I will amplify the statement of checking the floorboards of crashed vehicles, because I as a former law enforcement officer in most instances that’s where we would find small children and infants after an accident.

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Posted in: Tomoko Nakajima becomes porn video director See in context

All the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to come together on her two year absence.

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Posted in: New wiring defect found in ANA Dreamliner See in context

Good luck in trying to create a defect free aircraft.

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