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Posted in: Clinton says 'comfort women' should be referred to as 'enforced sex slaves' See in context

I apologize for yet another posting, however, recent events have rubbed my the wrong way. I have lived and worked abroad for most of my adult life and yet recent events seem to be worse than I can even imagine. I have been living in Tokyo for over 10 years, before that Argentina, France etc... however I have never encountered such childishness as I have lately. The behavior of Korea is not only childish, but dirty. For the past 12 years,whenever the ruling party of the Korean government feels like it is losing popular support, it goes on a Japan history bashing session in order to stir up national sentiment and support. The issues which are inevitably brought up are: "comfort women"; "Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo" among others....What people fail to see through all the smoke is the true fire, which is the Korean government's attempt to win back the support of its masses. What many who have never lived and worked in Asia don't realize is, is that while Japan is always being criticized about its lack of solid truth with regards to school history books, Korean teachers are trained and instructed to teach hatred towards anything Japanese to their students. A teacher colleague of mind teaching French in JR. high schools in Korea was shocked by what he witnessed and was even fired for her comments against such "hate" education. History is history and yes, it mustn't be ignored, however, while concentrating on Japan's atrocities, no one seems to be concerned about Korean leaders' continuous usage of history in order to receive further funds from Japan as well as to once again gain popularity with the masses. If they were true leaders, they wouldn't have to resort to such dirty underhanded tactics. Yet, all the rest of the world can see is large groups of weeping elderly women systematically paraded like a tradition.

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Posted in: Clinton says 'comfort women' should be referred to as 'enforced sex slaves' See in context

Hillary is not absolutely write. Before people make such bold comments they should do further research. The fact is that the term "comfort women"had been agreed upon by both the Korean and Japanese governments after the war during meetings for "normalization" of international relations. It was considered by both countries to be the best term to describe what these women were forced to do. In order to understand this fully, Hillary would need a better knowledge of both Japanese and Korean characters. The term cannot be easily translated into to English as it loses its nuance and impact. Secondly, it should be noted, that all though it is not written in any Korean history book, the Korean government continued to use these women to entertain UN / allied troops stationed in postwar Korea long after the Japanese troops surrendered and vacated the country. Before Hillary or an other individual judges a country on its past and demands reparation (which I might add has been paid 10 fold, but that too of course is not in any history book) they should examine the true facts which are available if one is ready to do the research. All countries have committed their share of atrocities both abroad and domestically. However, it is about time learn from the past and put all these things to rest. Before any further mud slinging, the self righteous countries involved as well as the victims should examine their are just a few things that never get mentioned lately:

US government's Tuskegee Alabama syphilis experiments The French government's true covert role in Nazi occupied France China policy in Mongolia (even now) Israel's treatment of Palistinians to mention just a few Where are the apologies and reparation for the above?????

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