Posted in: Florida's top doctor told to leave meeting after refusing to wear mask See in context

Are any of those UK Yahoo’s the nominee to be the state’s top public health official?

Not as bad as the country's president being maskless in a restaurant in a mask mandated city just last week. Didn't hear your criticism of that either. I guess if this health official was in a Democrat-run State like California or NY, we wouldn't hear anything from you. What we would hear though is "But Florida...." and "But Texas..."

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He could give a damn about the people he interacts with or treats. He’s only interested in looking “strong” for the camera.

People up in arms over this one occurrence as places like the UK are topping over 50,000 cases a day with many refusing to wear masks. Go figure!

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Posted in: Film crew voiced complaints before fatal on-set shooting See in context

Only minimal COVID-19 precautions were taken even though crew and cast members often worked in small enclosed spaces on the ranch, the crew member who spoke to the AP said

Alec Baldwin is the same guy who supposedly would stay in separate houses from his wife and kids to keep them protected from COVID after he returned from New York for work. He also heavily made fun of Trump after his coronavirus diagnosis. What happened Alec?

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Posted in: Over 2,000 migrants march out of southern city in Mexico See in context

Over 12,000 of this past Haitian group were let into the U.S. Expect more and more of these caravans to approach the U.S.

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Posted in: Baldwin was told gun was 'cold' before movie set shooting See in context

Don't remember you raising any concerns previously.

Where were the JT articles on this movie before yesterday? The troubles of this movie have been well known and covered on other sites.

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These low budget film has been doomed from the start. Labor trouble with staff working long hours, strikes, cutting corners often, etc. Something was bound to happen with all of this carelessness on the set.

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Posted in: Power outage at Universal Studios Japan strands 35 roller coaster riders See in context

This power outage aside, anybody thinking about going to USJ should do so while the foreign tourism is down. I went at the start of summer vacation and it was excellent with the few amount of people there. The past 5 years before the pandemic it was always jam packed with tourists from China, Korea and etc.

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

Some of the same people defending Dave over this were the same ones that were all up in arms about North Carolina not allowing grown men to use the restroom with little girls and women. I guess it all depends on the political affiliation of the accused.

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Posted in: Trump announces plans to launch new social network 'TRUTH Social' See in context

Question to those commenting above me, be honest: Are you triggered by this or happy to see Trump's name back in the news?

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite places in Japan to view the beautiful autumn foliage? See in context

My house has a nice Japanese maple tree in the yard so I don't have to go anywhere anymore.

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Posted in: Biden ambassador pick for China calls it 'aggressor' See in context

I doubt China will roll out the red carpet for this guy.

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Posted in: Police shooting looms over confirmation battle for Emanuel as ambassador to Japan See in context

More concerning is the 1000's that were murdered on his watch as Mayor of Chicago.

Pretty low number considering the amount of murders under the current mayor's watch.

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Posted in: Astros scramble after pitchers pounded for 25 runs by Boston See in context

And it couldn't happen to a better bunch of cheaters than Houston. I guess garbage cans don't work for their pitchers, eh?

Red Sox cheated in 2018 with Alex Cora fresh off cheating with the Astros. Though Dodgers are down 2-0, they deserve to get their revenge on either team.

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Posted in: North Korea fires at least one missile into sea, possibly from submarine See in context

How come every time North Korea launches a missile, the picture is always someone walking by a TV screen in Tokyo?

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Posted in: Japanese woman finds wallet with ¥1 mil, does right thing, then something even better See in context

If a foreigner return lost item to koban they'll be interrogated for almost one hour while they'll be asking to fill many form of papers.

Yep, found an open unmarked envelope on the ground with a wad of 10,000yen bills on my way to work. Knowing the the process it would take to take it to the police and possibly missing much work time, I didn't touch it and left it there. The 1000yen bill I found years ago on the riverside though, I kept. Sue me!

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Posted in: LA County wants Vanessa Bryant to undergo psychiatric exam See in context

Us L.A. people and Lakers/Kobe stand with Vanessa! Those running L.A. County are a bunch of backstabbers.

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Posted in: Colin Powell dies of COVID-19 complications at 84 See in context

He lied to the US public and the world to justify the unjustifiable invasion of Iraq, sorry I just cannot give a damn.

How about people stop flip-flopping or bandwagoning? First it was Colin is a murderer. Then it was, Oh he voted for Obama and Biden, he is such a noble man. Then he dies and the same people want to dance on his grave? Same things were said after George W came out against Trump. He was bad but he disagrees with Trump so he is suddenly a wonderful human being.

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Posted in: Woman with knife protruding from stomach found collapsed on street See in context

I called an ambulance but the police arrived first and treated me like crap.

Yep, hence the reason why people refrain to report crimes in Japan because the police either take up your day or interrogate you as if you are the suspect.

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Posted in: Biden says democracy survived Capitol riot because of police See in context

He was unlawfully killed and the officer was found guilty. The other three are facing a trial too.

and 20+ dead from ensuing riots and many livelihoods lost from destroyed businesses. Will we ever get any sympathy or even a simple RIP from you for those people that had nothing to do with George Floyd? Nope but it got you the president you wanted in a country that you don't even live in or come from.

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Posted in: Golden Globes to go ahead despite TV blackout over diversity row See in context

This month, the HFPA admitted 21 new members in what it dubbed "the largest and most diverse" new class in its 78-year history, with a similar expansion planned next year.

How nice it must be to show up to a job interview with a darker skin pigment and immediately being told that you're hired.

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Posted in: 19-year-old suspect in murder of sex worker at hotel to be sent to family court See in context

industry is not helping with the declining birthrate and aging population” in Japan

Best would be for him to be a -1 for Japan's population with a mind like that.

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Posted in: Kerry says climate talks may miss target See in context

Missing targets is the name of the game for this administration.

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Posted in: Cher sues heirs of Sonny Bono over song and record revenue See in context

Cher worth $360 million wants to make sure she cleans out Sonny Bono for the last million they have probably have left.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy says personnel who refuse vaccine will be expelled See in context

The world is getting smaller for the anti vaccine cult. Great isn't it!

and if the World was left to you, it would play out like this:

Come here boy! It ain't gonna hurt you a bit. Jerry! Rick! Grab him and hold him down! Dr. Smith, he's ready. Grab the needle! Tom, bring the truck round back. We will drop him off in the woods as soon as this crybaby gets the jab.

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Posted in: Trans Netflix staff plan walkout over Chappelle special See in context

and how many trans employees are there at Netflix? 2? 3? One was already fired for smearing Netflix on social media because of the special. Most of these woke companies only follow where the money is and Dave Chappelle is worth much more with his appeal to the masses than the tiny percentage of trans folks.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after falling from 25th-floor balcony in Osaka See in context

I really can't understand anyone with young children choosing to live above the second floor. Why take the risk?

I am with you. I chose to live in a house rather than remain in a building as the kids got older mainly because of tragedies like this. However, for those that can't afford a house, they have to live in high-rise low income apartment buildings and you have to take what you can get as it is hard to get in some places.

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Posted in: Coroner: Gabby Petito strangled 3-4 weeks before body found See in context

It doesn't say, "media members". It says, "commentators".

Joy Reid of MSNBC is the main person that brought this issue to the forefront. She is a journalist and a host of her own news programs. She is more than capable to report on these missing people.

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Posted in: Shohei Ohtani: Japan's baseball 'Frankenstein' enjoying monster success See in context

I like that he picks up garbage. Sure wish the majority of Japanese people that litter everywhere would do so.

Go to a Japan baseball game and a game in the U.S. or stadium in most other countries if you want to see who is good about picking up garbage.

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Posted in: Coroner: Gabby Petito strangled 3-4 weeks before body found See in context

with some commentators describing the intense coverage of her disappearance as “missing white woman syndrome.”

Well, how about these same media members so adamant about this actually report about these "missing Indigenous women and other people of color"? Isn't that their job?

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia 2-1 in World Cup qualifying match See in context

Same thing happened in 2006 and 2010. Japan supposedly on the brink of not qualifying, negative press on coach, fans following press like sheep and booing the coach. Then they turned things around and got in. Then you get those people that say that Japan would be better under a foreign coach though their best World Cup records came under a Japanese coach.

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