Posted in: Body cam, 911 tapes in Walter Wallace killing to be released See in context

I think we all agree. None of this would have happened if police shot him in the leg or if a social worker or community police were present. Now the only thing to do is burn down your neighborhood and loot businesses including Black-owned ones.

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Posted in: Best Betts: Dodgers win first World Series title since 1988 See in context

Even though I was raised an Angels fan in Dodger territory, I am happy for them as a Los Angelino. They were cheated twice over the past 4 years. Redemption!

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Posted in: Biden says his unity can save country; Trump hits Midwest See in context

Thus us just one of the reasons why Trump is such an awful human being and unfit for office.

As bad as being friends with a white supremacy leader, enforcing segregation and stereotyping Black people as being the same? Sounds like Biden is the perfect human being .

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Posted in: Putin rejects Trump's criticism of Biden family business See in context

There is a reason why this article is unpopular than other articles with Trumps name in the Title. People here are scrambling to find excuses for Putin agreeing with Biden because he was their go-to mainstream mediocre excuse for the 2016 election win by Trump lol

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Posted in: Olympic chief says Games cannot be 'marketplace of demonstrations' See in context

Really? Tell us about these supposed salaries that the Olympians receive. How much are they on average?

They are called sponsors and some are in the millions of $.

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Posted in: Olympic chief says Games cannot be 'marketplace of demonstrations' See in context

As much as Adam Silver would like for things to go that way, as he has tried and failed in the past, he will remember that players have a lot more power than him. That's the way the basketball world is setup.

The NBA is also a business and when ratings decline, sponsors leave. When sponsors and fans leave, salaries decline. You think the players don't mind making millions less just to get their message across?

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Posted in: Olympic chief says Games cannot be 'marketplace of demonstrations' See in context

How dare the athletes use the platform that is using them.

....and paying their salaries. People who feel like they are being used can easily leave like normal people.

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Posted in: Olympic chief says Games cannot be 'marketplace of demonstrations' See in context

Go woke, go broke. Olympics are a business too. NBA ratings for the Championship were among the lowest in history and the commissioner realized this. So he told players next season that they can demonstrate on their own time but the BLM logo will be removed from the court as well as the social justice slogans on the jerseys. Sports are a way to unite no matter what the political or religious belief.

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Posted in: Trump promises pandemic will end soon after Biden blasts his handling of crisis See in context

The polls are not going to be accurate because the US has a lot of undercover racists and bigots. They will be too shy or in denial to admit the real reasons why they support trump. One of this countries underlying values is prejudice.

A vote for Biden is a vote for the support of KKK, segregation and mass incarceration of African Americans and Numan voted for......drum roll.......

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Posted in: Trump promises pandemic will end soon after Biden blasts his handling of crisis See in context

lol Biden is going to send social workers to de-escalate the virus. In fact, he might even ask the medical staff to shoot the virus in its leg.

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Posted in: Trump and Biden clash on pandemic, trade personal jabs at final debate See in context

Once again, he says he's the least racist person in this room.

Please post the list here of everything Trump has done racist. I bet they won't include being best buddies with KKK, pro-segregation and incarcerating hundreds of thousands of black men for a gram of weed that you want legalized in Japan.

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Posted in: Democrats boycott Barrett vote; Senate GOP pushes ahead See in context

Why would Democrats rush to vote her in since she is racist for adopting 2 underprivileged Haitian kids?

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Posted in: Mute buttons and plexiglass: Inside the final 2020 debate See in context

Yeah, and your team hasn't been so stupid as to fall for Russian disinformation ever, right?

Give me all of the proof you can here as a non-American on the outside looking in. Do study about Biden's buddies Thurmond and Byrd while you continue to study about U.S. politics.

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Posted in: Obama blasts Trump's tweets, track record in 2020 campaign trail debut See in context

Come on man. How often have you made sweeping generalizations about groups of people?

Coming from the man that generalizes Trump supporters?

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Posted in: Obama blasts Trump's tweets, track record in 2020 campaign trail debut See in context

More than 220,000 dead, more than 8,000,000 sickened and an economy in shambles devastating the lives of dozens of millions of Americans while Trump and his handful of fellow 'elite' profit.

I tend to post a new comment everyday, not copy and paste. This time I didn't hear anything about the "rot at the top" though.

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus aid prospects uncertain after Trump blasts Democrats See in context

That is the motto of Democratic Party: After the Election. Ashamed of my native California for continuing to vote in lousy politicians like Pelosi and Newsom as people move out of the State.

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Posted in: Trump goes after 'Fauci and all these idiots' See in context

The worst president in American history by a country mile

OK, please give a list here of all of his fails here. Oh yeah, while you are at it, give a list of Biden's policies here. I guarantee you will downvote this comment and disappear or deflect. It is pretty common around here.

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Posted in: Woman fatally hit by train; impact sends her flying into teenager on platform See in context

Terrible! Not only the physical pain but imagine what this will to the girl mentally and any other witness.

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Posted in: Man loses 200 times at crane game, calls police to investigate; staff member loses 300 times too See in context

I know someone who will sometimes spend ¥2000 - ¥3000 winning a plush toy for his daughter thats probably worth under ¥500.

and he probably could have bought that toy many times over online unless it is some holy grail plush.

I remember back in the day a few times trying the crane game on 1 machine and after losing 3 or 4 times, the staff opened it up and gave it to me. I told this story to Japanese people and they couldn't believe it. Foreign privilege I guess.

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Posted in: Bubble Kings: Lakers run past Heat for 17th NBA championship See in context

I am going to say today was the best day for me in this lousy 2020. I have waited for 10 years for the trophy to come back home and we had our share of bad years over that time. I hope we can get AD signed this offseason and get even stronger for next season. This is for you Mamba!

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Posted in: Hanshin Tigers President Ageshio to resign over team's coronavirus cluster See in context

In NPB, the team's President has very little sway into the success of the team. They are just moved there from another branch within the company and only there to do the paperwork and contracts.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift endorses Biden for president See in context

Finally! NOW I know how to fill out my ballot..

Actually I am still waiting for the Jonas Brothers' decision before I choose lol

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Posted in: Japanese musician beaten up in New York for being 'Chinese' See in context

People here seem to want to read their own agenda into the attack. That doesn't help anyone - and will certainly not solve the problem.

A quick look on YouTube or other sites, I did not see one attack on Asian people by white supremacists wearing MAGA caps. There are many upon many incidences lately too but it doesn't fit anyone's narrative it seems.

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Posted in: Japan may ease rules on 'morning-after pill' next year: report See in context

Doesn't mean one should stop using a raincoat with viruses lurking.

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Posted in: Japan to exempt business travelers, returnees from 14-day quarantine See in context

The 14 Day quarantine runs on the honor system anyways. Airport staff tells you to go home for 14 days and it is up to you to stay home and abide by their rules. Nobody is camping outside your house or building making sure you follow orders. Bigger companies, like the one my friend works at, put their employees in hotels for quarantine to avoid negative press if someone is caught breaking protocol.

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Posted in: More than 4 million Americans have already voted, suggesting record turnout See in context

Well, something’s happening. It’ll be declared a fraud and a stitch up if trump loses and there’ll be tantrums aplenty, but Canute still has to give up.

Well, something’s happening. It’ll be declared a fraud and a stitch up if Biden loses and there’ll be riots aplenty, but the racist still has to give up.

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Posted in: Pompeo uses Tokyo visit to slam China, seek Asian allies' support See in context

If the US, Japan, India, and Australia work any more closely, they’ll be making babies. Good grief, Charlie Brown, give it a rest.

I find it disturbing that you are so Pro-China. It's a rarity for an American living in Japan.

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Apparently he was quite scared when he was shipped to hospital and it dawned on him that he might be on his death bed.

Seems like you missed a whole 2 days of news when the helicopter was waiting for over an hour on the White House lawn waiting to take him to the hospital because he didn't feel the need to go. A day later he was going from room to room greeting other patients. Yes, sounds like a worried man to me.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 11-year-old girl found in his car See in context

The driver of the other car called police who then questioned Kawamura about the girl with him. He told them he was a relative.

I am curious though what the girl had to say. Did she cry for help or act nonchalant about it? This whole situation is scary for me that an elementary school girl was fine to meet an adult male and arrange a time to be picked up. Parents have to be more on top of their kids especially at a yoing age. I know the 23 year old loser is the first to blame but this is just an all-around fail.

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Posted in: 'Tenet' tops $300 million globally, but domestic box office in crisis mode See in context

It's humanly impossible to follow the storyline.

This is a typical Christopher Nolan movie. You have to act like you understand the plot to look like the smartest in the room. That is why I prefer "Unhinged" over this. I watch movies to be entertained. I liked "Inception" though but "Interstellar" was extremely overrated.

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