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stretch their paws and enjoy the scenery

They would enjoy the scenery if they could poke their heads out of the windows. Will be dogsitting my brother-in-law's dog this summer. Anyone have experience staying at a hotel that allows dogs?

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Interesting movie.

Other Japanese movie winners sounded interesting but were dark, long and boring upon viewing.

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How can conservatives help the problem when they will talk about any other murder except the one right in front of them?

Has the perpetrator that you wish to live on with 3 meals a day and a hot shower indicated his alliance to the left or right yet?

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Posted in: Man offers to pay back mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil COVID funds 'little by little' See in context

He will live abroad, were the Japanese law cannot persecute him.

They probably wouldn't let him leave if he tried with his name probably out there on record, criminal complaint yet or not.

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Odd that conservatives here haven't given their position on white replacement theory.

Not odd that the liberals here think Black lives only matter if the trigger is pulled by a white man.

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He’ll be traumatized daily for the rest of his life, US prison is no holiday camp.

Nope, high profile criminals are coddled in U.S. prisons if regarded to being in imminent danger which he will be. Let the families decide what is wrong and what isn't: being killed while grocery shopping or being killed for killing 10 innocent people.

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The poor, manipulated, weak-minded young man who committed this atrocity will no doubt be convicted of this horrible tragedy.

Only possibility is life sentence in NY. So he will be able to have a place to sleep, grab 3 meals and a hot shower for the rest of his life as it traumatizes the families for perhaps the rest of their lives. Justice served?

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most shops that defied the orders seem to have quietly gotten away with it

I don't even know what is an order and what is a law here in Japan. It seems like things get enforced here for a month or 2 then the media, government or police moves on to other things. Now I am heading to the supermarket that still hands me free plastic bags after I pay.

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latest example of targeted racial violence

Yes, you bring up examples but why not bring up the Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre or NYC subway shooting or the many innercity attacks on Asian people? Is "hate crime" defined only by which skin color pulls the trigger?

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The result of politicizing everything.

You could tell that to this person

result of the 4th branch of government and its media's efforts to undermine US systems and also to divide the country to get a polarized nation to fight even harder amongst themselves.

but things will never change.

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How has he got a visa?

Believe it or not like in other countries, you can easily sponsor yourself in Japan if you are rich or invests a great amount. A colleague of mine from China who owns several language schools and restaurants here just sponsors himself.

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With respect, Japan has some of the world's best youtubers/storytellers in telling stories about people's life and revealing the real human condition. 

It is a big no-no to compliment anything Japanese here. You have to follow the live here but hate anything Japan crowd.

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Posted in: Town in Yamaguchi Prefecture sues after ¥46.3 mil subsidy mix-up See in context

Hardly seems worth it for what is not really a life-changing amount of cash these days.

It can be depending how "low income" the recipient is. That kind of money can go a long ways in the deep countryside.

These city officials need to be held accountable too. They can't make these types of mistakes with that type of money.

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The second thing is then protect yourself by calling the authorites that way the authorities could verify that the victim refused your help.

I agree 100% but knowing Japan's justice system, you will still be arrested even if the police were present when the old man made his choice.

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Posted in: IMDb launches What to Watch App exclusively on Amazon Fire TV See in context

I loved when IMDB had their forums and it was easy to discuss movies and TV shows with others.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya refused to let 'foreign' student attend recruitment event See in context

1 coin rice bowls. Enough said. Staff probably paid 1 coin per hour too!

This was a recruitment event to work for the company, not a restaurant I believe. A neighbor that works part time at Yoshinoya got the job directly through the store they work at.

Both Sukiya and Matsuya put out superior product over Yoshinoya trash.

Depends who you ask. I think Yoshinoya's taste is bland and prefer Sukiya but the rest of my family likes Yoshinoya.

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By ‘comeback’, they mean “sequel, prequel, reboot, rehash, redo, doodoo, …” .

And when you think it is an original, it is actually a redo of another country's movie such as this year's Best Picture winner. I was watching previews of that "Senior Year" movie and told my wife it looked funny. She said it was basically a comedy version of a Japanese movie made years back. Then I watched the Japanese zombie movie "I Am A Hero" from 2015. Some parts of the movie looked like it was taken from "Dawn of the Dead" and parts of this movie was taken for the Korean zombie drama from this year's "All of This are Dead."

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Police said Saito has admitted to the charge and quoted him as saying he had come to Sendai that day to see the woman.

His day's plan doesn't matter. Why did he allegedly do this?

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Great! It'll be just like visiting North Korea!


"Don't leave your room at night!"

"Don't take pictures here!"

"Don't make eye contact with the Japanese people!"

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls 'in stages' from June: Kishida See in context

Yes. Time get the suitcase ready. Can’t wait to visit Japan again. Been so long.

As you can see with the unpopularity of this comment, people seem to be all for open borders so they can travel out easily but not outsiders invading their territory.

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Japan's traffic rules are hideous

I always hear about the arrests but never the aftermath. I really don't know what happens after a proper investigation is done. For example, I know that if someone is running across an expressway and a driver hits them, the driver is arrested here. Ridiculous!

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Posted in: Hotel guest who boiled crabs in room’s kettle angry at having to pay for damages See in context

Years ago on one of our yearly winter trips to the hotel we always stay at along the Sea of Japan, I had a little too much crab mixed with the booze my father-in-law kept pushing on me. I threw it up all over the futon. I had to pay an extra 5000yen for the cleaning fee.

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Take them off the kids at least.

I think kids are the ones leading the charge. My daughter at the park today handed me her mask and told her friends to ditch the masks as they were gasping for air while jumping on the trampoline.

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Anything women or people of colour do that middle aged white men don’t like.

Yet you leave the Trans community out of the equation. Why? Trans Lives Matter!

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The World views Bill Murray as the guy(himself) he played in Zombieland. One would think he was funny and easy-going. He has a history though of being hard to work with and can be mean.

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Posted in: Man sent to prosecutors over defamatory posts about man who lost wife, child in reckless driving case See in context

Takuya Matsunaga is a true father and husband who continues to fight to protect future generations from experiencing the tragedy that he experienced. I don't get why somebody would criticize him for this unless they are an elderly driver with no license/expired license risking the public with their driving daily.

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All reports I have seen have said this clown was more interested in money than safety!

Reviews matter. If you research a hotel or restaurant and find that it has several negative reviews, you probably wouldn't go unless it was cheap and you were strapped for money. This tour had several problems in the past with bad reviews. No way I would use this tour to propose or take my family out.

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“Of all the people to mistakenly send a bunch of money to, they had to find the one guy who would immediately launder it.”

Contrary to popular belief here in Japan, not all people that stumble across money are going to return it. After hearing stories of people losing their wallets and soon finding them as someone gave them to a store clerk or police station, my wallet was picked up at the post office by someone never to be seen again.

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Neither is short of money, so hard to see the motivation being anything but massive ego's in play

He is worth well over $100 million more than her. It would have been more than $600 million more but he has been spending tons of money on lawsuits.

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Posted in: Human skull pieces found near campsite where 7-year-old girl disappeared in 2019 See in context

It was National headlines at the time, and police made extensive, massive searches in the area. Now 3 years later, some random hiker finds it 600 meters from the campsite. Incredible.

Came here to say the same thing. At that time, they had close to 2,000 people searching for 2 weeks straight. People talk about the campground's remoteness but actually the road passing by the campground has tons of cars passing through particularly on weekends.

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