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Posted in: Japanese men's badminton singles top seed Momota eliminated See in context

i feel sad about his elimination. He is a gentle and true sports man. He met an accident and later corona. His health was not in good shape to perform well. I hope he will come back..

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Posted in: China says WHO plan to audit labs in COVID origins probe 'arrogant' See in context

another whitewash to save China....

WHO is a joke

Each official received millions of $$$ from China to hide the truth.

This is just another drama to save China...

Biden and Fauci all are in the same team to protect China. Chinese money shuts up all the mouths...

If WHO is real then why they kept on denying the origin of virus possibility ( human made) until today??????

We tax payers are stupid. We public are ignorant as we believe in the fake media, which is funded by China.

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Posted in: CNN to ramp up streaming as viewers quit cable See in context

Soon we will hear that CNN is closed down ..

Every one knows that CNN is a joke

That is the No1 Fake news..

The day we say RIP to CNN is not far away..

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Posted in: Osaka says she is preparing for Olympics, and will do news conferences See in context

Finally she learned the lesson..

Stopped playing politics ...

Now be a good girl and focus on sports..

Other wise you will not have much fans and not much $$$

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Posted in: As U.S. companies scramble to hire, workers enjoy upper hand See in context

The reality is different..

Are we paying more for gas than last year? and shortage of necessary items? and how much is the inflation now? Did Biden fulfill his promise of 20 USD per hour wage????

If not then why white wash his legacy???

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Posted in: 130 countries back deal on global minimum tax for companies See in context

The the true face is coming up.. global techs tax? but something going under the table for Biden family ..

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Posted in: Tokyo falls to world's 4th most expensive city for expats: survey See in context

JsapcToday  07:14 am JST

I never understood how they calculated the expenses in these surveys

because of poor level of education

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Posted in: Trump's company could face criminal charges in New York City See in context

A true story of the Trump and China connection

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Posted in: Ultraconservative elected president in Iran See in context

must watch

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Posted in: Biden announces milestone of 300 mil vaccine shots in 150 days See in context

Harris also spoke at a COVID-19 vaccination mobilization event at Clark Atlanta University, a historically Black school.

Black school, white school, and yellow school... ha ha ha ..

This is how one promote racism .... Keep on looking the color of the skin.. and write .." racism promoting journalism "..

And accuse Trump for racism ......

This is what happens the democrats is on power..

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Posted in: After G7, Biden says he's reestablishing U.S. credibility See in context

yakyakToday  07:44 am JST

Biden, What a spineless politician, nothing more.

This is the 100% true

Just throwing away the money accumulated by a strong leader before him...

Now in US the inflation is going up and up.. Soon our economy will collapse ...

What a credibility???

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Posted in: Biden urges G7 leaders to call out and compete with China See in context

Biden urges G7 leaders to call out and compete with China

After the failure of Obama Biden team for eight years. (as they were receiving the China fund under the table) Trump stood up against China. He had back borne... He did the best to stop China from drinking the blood of tax payers of USA... Then Nancy and Biden and democrats and communists were so angry and outraged against Trump...

Now Biden make such jokes or propaganda as begging other nations to compete with China. Hello Biden if you have nerve then stand against China as Trump did...

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Posted in: Biden to return diverted border wall money See in context

nishikatToday  11:10 am JST

The main wall is steel

Ladders are made of aluminum and easily beat walls. The Trump wall is just a wall. Also, it doesn't keep out the American drug dealers. But steel can be sawed through.

To stop the Drug dealers.. put a big photo of Biden. along the borders. after watching the 100 foot photo of Biden the criminals and drug dealers will never try to enter USA. We save lots of money in walls and boroder patrol.........

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Posted in: Justice Department, Congress probing Trump seizures of Democrats' data See in context

May be impeach him again!!! Every month do a an impeachment saga... and let citizen pay tax for that... Banana republic ..

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Posted in: Biden to return diverted border wall money See in context

Diverting the money back to pentagon...

That is the tax paid by us.

Lets give back all the money to those who paid the tax as the paid amount

and demolish Pentagon.

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Posted in: Biden to return diverted border wall money See in context

GdTokyoToday  07:53 am JST

Non party,

Where it was economically viable and where it made an effect.

As opposed to a Gulf to ocean wall filled with alligator and snake pits (I wish I were making this up) that Mexico would magically pay for.

I see... If Mexico pay for it then the wall has meaning and it is a necessary to protect USA. if not then that is not economically viable.... ha ha ha ..

I suggest that we must demolish the walls around white house too. Biden can do that. a total waste of money making a wall around white house unless Mexico pay for that...

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Posted in: Biden to return diverted border wall money See in context

JsapcToday  07:18 am JST

Biden cleaning up the previous man-child's messes again.

Better demolish all the wall and dismiss border patrol and immigration department ... Even demolish passports....

Clean well. Such Childish mess..

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Posted in: Biden to return diverted border wall money See in context

GdTokyoToday  07:03 am JST

The stupidest idea from the stupidest president in history gets de-funded.

Yes yes,.....

Obama and Biden made 400 miles of wall.... Yes stupid pair ... ha ha ..

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Posted in: Labour's Sadiq Khan re-elected London mayor See in context

Khan, who became the first Muslim to head a major Western capital after his victory in 2016, saw off his main challenger, Shaun Bailey,

This is totally wrong way of reporting.... Why do you look for his religion? If there is muslim person attack innocent people with a bomb , all the news papers ( one sided) never say about that person's religion.

Reason as they say we should not look for the religion of the people..... ha ha ha ..

Now what is this? Why one should promote his religion in the mayor election????

If the elected mayor is different species other than human being then that has a point ex: if a monkey has been elected as mayor then lets write this way " this is the first time a monkey has been elected as mayor of a major capitol city in the western world"..

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Posted in: Ethereum breaks past $3,000 to quadruple in value in 2021 See in context

I found the future crypto who may equal in value with bitcoin.

The largest social cryptocurrency

use the link above to join it with invitation code " poocha"

Download from play store or website

start mining from day one. Nothing to pay.. try it if you like it ..

currently 30 million people mining ..

join it now

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Posted in: Millions of Americans are jobless, yet firms struggle to hire See in context

I am deeply scrutinizing this article to find a way to criticize the former president Trump and how to elevate Biden.

It is not easy ..

Because the social media is telling the truth and how hard I try they will find the truth. ( tears)

But I will ty my best to uplift BIDEN......

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Posted in: Opposition parties criticize Suga over results of summit with Biden See in context

noriahojanenToday  10:39 am JST

Opposition parties criticize Suga over results of summit with Biden

Japan is a democracy where the opposition is guaranteed to exist and criticize the government.

Dear noriahojanen they do not know what is democracy .. Because ...They are followers of Biden. the president of the banana republic ...

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Posted in: Georgia governor vows a fight after MLB yanks All-Star Game See in context

What a cry from the communist liberals????

With an ID democrats can not win any election!!!!!!!

All the world, all nations in the world for an election they require an ID to vote.

But not in USA... ( The only banana republic existing now)

Democrats with the support of China and hard core communists always make fake voting and multiple voting to win. That is why they hate VOTERS ID.

To open a bank account one need an ID, To travel on a plane one need an ID.

But they hate voters ID ...........

Soon they will ask to eliminate passport also. .....

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Posted in: Suga willing to meet N Korean leader Kim See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday  10:39 am JST

Biden can’t go because of walking/speaking problems, the VP can’t go because she is practicing her Presidential Acceptance Speech, 

HA ha ha ... very true..

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Posted in: Toyota to form joint venture in China for fuel-cell vehicles See in context

The final result...

Toyota will be kicked out of China and the technology will be stolen by Chinese.. period.

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Posted in: WHO and China: a healthy relationship? See in context

Yes as long as these officials are paid by CCP they are like puppies for China...

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Posted in: Tokyo's Imperial Hotel to be rebuilt See in context

book the rooms

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Posted in: Twitter aims to make live audio feature 'Spaces' available globally by April See in context

After they Banned Trump, the twitter is going down. New apps are getting popularity.

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Posted in: China says it is exercising self-restraint against Japanese ships near Senkakus See in context

We were expecting this.. and more to come from China.

Where is our Biden?

Yes he is sleeping

When Trump was president the China was afraid of enacting such laws

Now Trump is no more the President so China is going to encroach the Island

I am sure JT will remove this post.

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Posted in: Major Biden victory as Congress passes huge COVID relief plan See in context

Only BIden can get passed this in the congress.

If Trump was proposing this bill he would never get passed it in the congress. Period.

So our Biden is a Saint. He is a hero. Let praise him up to the sky

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