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Posted in: Democrats accuse Trump at impeachment trial of corrupt scheme to pressure Ukraine See in context

" Democrats launch first salvo at Trump trial; warn that world is watching""

Then lets move this trial to the basement of the House as Democrats did under the leadership of great honorable reverent majasty Schiff.... .... And conduct a secret trail and voting only by the majority.

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Posted in: Trump praises U.S. economy in Davos, says little on climate woes See in context

This is the True great President of USA. The Truth tells it , The facts tell. The American people are lucky to have him as the President.

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Posted in: SoftBank to invest $40 billion for new Indonesia capital See in context

go masa go .. make a clean and future city for future generations can live in peace. Do not let greedy chinese to enter there to invade and loot and destroy.

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Posted in: Starr, Dershowitz: Trump assembles made-for-TV defense team See in context

This Article says" Trump is turning to an unassuming jurist with little trial experience but high regard in conservative Washington legal circles to lead his defense in his impeachment trial. White House counsel Cipollone has spent most of his career in commercial litigation" "

Yes.. Even a high school graduate can defeat the case which brought to senate by the so called house majority democrats......................... Trump is clever he does not need such high level expensive team to defeat such silly case.

Thank you for the news article..

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Posted in: U.S., China tiptoe around holes in new trade agreement See in context

Black Sabath" Was it worht it? Well, depends on who you are: the average American family paid over $1000 the past two years in higher prices because of the trade war. That's quite a lot to the average family income. Not that much for the rich.""".................

Americans were paying an average of 7000 to 8000 USD to China every year to buy the Chinese products. No average american is paid salaries by Chinese govt. It is draining the cash deposits of each Americans. USA became a colony of China. Even an elementary child should know that once the piggy is finished nothing is there to hope for. Trump is the greatest and the bravest to deal to China. How many people know that our Silicon valley is 100% under the control of China? If you are not buying from China or complying to China you cannot start a business in USA silicon valley. Or you go and try. If you are Trump supporter they will kick you out in a day. I am taking about USA Silicon valley.

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Posted in: U.S., China tiptoe around holes in new trade agreement See in context

"The centerpiece of the deal is a pledge by China to purchase at least an additional $200 billion worth of U.S. farm products and other goods and services over two years" ......................................... This is what Democrats hate, and want to stop. They want China should become a super power and USA should go down to forth or fifth with heading to the last. Trump is the messiah of USA. no doubt.

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Posted in: House votes to send impeachment articles to Senate for Trump's trial See in context

I thought she will keep it under her lap for a year and would send it to senate in 2021 January. It is like a hatchery of Nansi farm. Hope the chicken will come out.

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Posted in: Trump use of doctored Pelosi-Schumer photo draws Muslim ire See in context

Here it is not Muslim post. t is political post . It is a post with Iran's flag and leaders of Iran. The racists people always see it in a different view. This is called Islamophobia technique to imply SHARIA LAW.

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Posted in: Trump, Pelosi square off ahead of impeachment trial See in context

Yes our President is 100% correct Nansi and Shitff should be called and interrogated. Let the world know what are they. Democrats want Trump impeached and replaced him with Biden president and Hunter Biden vice president.. This is left and lunatics want. Make USA a slave of China.

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Posted in: Iran downed Ukrainian jetliner, U.S., Canadian officials say See in context

The lefts wants to blame all the actions of Iran to Trump. If Iran leader Qumeni farts then left would say trump is responsible for that. Such a shame..

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Posted in: Trump seeks election-year out after Iran strikes See in context

Trump has proved that he is the bravest, smartest, and the greatest President of all time. Under Obama era people were thinking that USA is finished and China will take over as the new super power of the world. Americans were looked down by east and the west. Now the game changed. USA is back, as the strongest again. Trump killed the plans of Obama to radicalize the USA with a strange ideological people but that is no more. USA will have a free and open society for at least 4 years more. The left and the radicals will do anything to drag down the USA to the lowest level as much as they can. Those bugs who are inside the USA are the enemy of USA.

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Posted in: U.S., Iran step back from the brink; region still on edge See in context

Great move by Trump. This is the best slap to Nansi and to the left. Obama paid 200 billion and hard cash 1.8 billion to Iran. That is the money of US tax payers. Then Iran Chanted Death to America Death to America.... when receiving the money. This is the Adult Iran????... They used that hard cash to kill over 600 American Military personals..... Finally trump send a message to them, Trump showed the world what is truly the Islamic Iran and the mind of terrorist leaders. Left were expecting a all out war.. but now disappointed.. Trump is a very good strategist.

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Posted in: American strike in Iraq prompts anti-war protests in U.S. cities See in context

Now I see a new chance for Nansi's team for another cause for impeaching the President of the USA. The enemies in inside the USA. The so called migrants came from certain countries are not just migrants but warriors of a primitive ideology to destroy USA from inside, and to make a country based on their primitive belief and practice. Stupid lefts and liberals are supporting them. Finally all Americans have to pay the price for feeding them and making them grow in own country. We will see more terrorist attacks and riots centered on the area where they are majority. Americans should realize who is the real enemy who are living inside the country.

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Posted in: White House predicts Pelosi will yield on impeachment delay See in context


It is written in the Constitution that only the House can impeach! Only the Senate can hold a trial to remove the president from office.

So let the house impeach the president every month.. until they get tired. When is the next impeachment. I say it will be end of January 2020. and the next to next is on April 1 , 2020 . The fool's day.

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Posted in: White House predicts Pelosi will yield on impeachment delay See in context

She is very clever, She wants to impeach Trump in the year 2020 also. After that she will bring those two together to the senate in Dec, 2020. ha ha ha .. what a pity the Democrat, crat, cat ...

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Posted in: Stellar finish See in context

Yes it is a great victory. But Take Yutaka did a super finishing as third. He was the last until the last 400 meter mark. from there he run to the third. Unpredictable ... well experienced with a good strategy.

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Posted in: GOP embraces Trump after impeachment See in context

I bet Nansi and deemos team will impeach President Trump again in 2020. So hello CNN and MSNBC get ready for a next impeachment circus in 2020. Welcome to Democrat, cat or rat for never ending impeachment ..... What a shame to USA.

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Posted in: Trump accuses Democrats of 'attempted coup' on eve of impeachment vote See in context

It is pity to see that the best president for USA is being bullied and attacked by a short time majority of opposition in the house. They are haters of Trump, Trump made USA a great nation. He will keep it great again. The foundation he is laying will keep USA greatest for next 20 years. The China lovers, the left, the Russia lovers are very unhappy of what Trump is doing. This is so pity. This is a banana congress. Cheaper than the un educated third world politics .... Such a shame for the Nation.

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Posted in: U.S.-China trade deal gets tepid reception See in context

Trump haters always the same. Even selecting the picture of him. He is the only one said China is looting USA. He wanted to stop it, but the fake news and Bidens demos want China be better than USA by making anything a bloc for President Trump. But he is the only one who has guts to stand against China. Others just lick the feet of China for dollars. In his second term Trump will deal China much stronger than now. America will benefit the most and will be greatest of all time. Thank you President Trump.

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Posted in: Trump 4th U.S. president to face impeachment as Democrats unveil charges See in context

Demos are crying that President Trump is not above law. But they lapped Biden, Sir. Biden is above the law. No law above him, If you want to become above the law then do two things. Join the democrats, be an ex-vice president. Second be a candidate for the US election with democratic party ticket. Bingo! you are above the law..

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Posted in: Trump 4th U.S. president to face impeachment as Democrats unveil charges See in context

Trump is the 4th President facing impeachment. But he is the first president facing impeachment for political reason, fear of his second term victory, hatred and resentment because opposition candidate failed in the people's choice. Happened to be a majority in the congress. It is a sad history for US. worst than a under-developed, barbaric nation's politics. More over it is a coup. Going to fail. Sure it will be thrown to waste bin in the senate. It will end up like a masturbation of democrats. and the fake media groups. Hope they will have a limited time enjoyment.

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Posted in: America’s influence, once so dominant, waning under Trump See in context

If Trump was not 45th president of USA, America has gone to nuts. China would have the master of this world. It is money what rules the world. Nothing else. China was almost there to become the brutal leader of this world. We Americans thanks Trump for keeping our nation great. The left and the communists wants to fill the lost position of USSR with China. NATO is crying and mocking when Trump asked them to pay the fare share. China is crying when Trump asked for a fair trade deal. It is very clear that Trump is the only person who can save the USA and make America great again. But many haters do not like it.

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Posted in: Abe urges China to maintain free and open Hong Kong See in context

Well done Abe... This is what USA president Mr. Trump was asking to China. I hope China will feel the pressure from Japan and USA.

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Posted in: Democrats invite Trump to testify in impeachment inquiry See in context

Pelosi... Call the Ukrainan President Volodymyr Zelensky for testifying... And late call Mikey Mouse.... We want more dramas .. and waste our time and millions of dollars. our tax money. You forgot we American people elected you for solving our day to day problems in the society and people of USA. You are no more welcome to come back to beg vote from us .get out..

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Posted in: Trump says N Korea went too far in calling Biden 'rabid dog' See in context

Well done " Japantoday" team. This is to be noted.. This is true journalism. Report both good and bad. This is what public want listen. Good job..

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Posted in: Ousted ambassador felt threatened; Trump assails her anew See in context

Her testimony ... "I heard from Kent and said he heard from Mint and Mint heard from Mickey Mouse".. And President removed me from the position. (cry).... So I think that Trump made Quid Pro Quo... He should be impeached ... ( cry) ...... Dady ...Shitff please help me to get back to the my lost position .. I am a good girl .. Full stop ..

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Posted in: N Korea calls Biden 'rabid dog' that 'must be beaten to death' See in context

May be after watching the fake news, corrupt news media, finally other nations are tired and fed up. They lost their patience and started responding. This is going to happen at the time of 2020 election. A HUGE landslide victory for Trump and victory in the House and senate... OH GOD.. What is those fake news team would so then

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Posted in: Pelosi says Trump’s Ukraine actions amount to ‘bribery’ See in context

ha ha ha ... from Russian collision to Quid pro Quo... Now from Quid Pro Quo to Bribery.... What a joke!!! What is next? from Bribery to ___.. Hi friends . Win a prize to fill in the blank... Try it.. The left and corrupt media, Antifas , Pelosi and Shitff team will appreciate your input. The coup team announces " Now we are closing the impeachment trail of president for Quid pro Quo......... Lets make a new team to impeach the President for Bribery. Even after the he finishes his office year 2020 still we will make our hard efforts to impeach him. After his win in 2020 we will make new team to impeach again if we have majority in the congress...... help us pleeeeeaseeee .. hah ah ha..

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Posted in: Trump says China trade deal 'close' but dashes hopes for signing details See in context

Go Trump Go forward... Fake media, the corrupt media, the left media will keep barking at you. Never mind. Keep the good work. Bring China to our door step. Let them buy ours and stop stealing our intellectual property. No more bribe as they gave to Obama, Biden , Hilary and the kin pins. That era is over. Now we have President who is a patriot.

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Posted in: Public hearings in Trump impeachment probe set to begin See in context

Finally Demos are ready for a open hearing. But funny things is that Adam Shitff is not allowing the republicans to call the witness and to ask questions to the witnesses. Such a shame on Adam Shitff. Why they are afraid of that?? In fact it is a cue by the rich and corrupt DEMOCRAT politicians to remove a president who fight against corruption. Democrats congress man and senators are millionaires and billionaires. They are in the Washington for over 30 years making millions through black deals, and through favor to favor. Trump wants to expose the 50 years old corruption. He will drain the swamp. And millionaire democrats are against and afraid of the most successful president in the American History. The left reporters and left media never tell the truth to people. But Trump will have super land slide in 2020..Watch ..

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