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Posted in: Are Trump election lawsuits a boon or blow to public faith in courts? See in context

Most stupid headline..... Court ... is the place to bring both parties to disagree, contest and agree .... Otherwise no need a court in a country... You may be living in China or North Korea...

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Posted in: After unpredictable Trump, Biden presidency will still be challenging for Japan See in context

Trump predicted everything... He wants to uncover the fraud and manipulation in the voting, mail ballot. He stand with American people against the hijacking of election as some third world countries do. This is a shame for America.

If Biden is innocent then why he is afraid of the investigation? Why he is afraid of investigation? Let allow an international team to look into this election fraud.... This is the way it happened in many countries.

Other wise USA is no more a democracy ..

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Posted in: Japan should brace for 'leaderless era' as U.S. turns inward, PM adviser says See in context

What could happen to Japan after Biden took office is just a disaster in international stage. China is going to gain more money and more power in Asia and Africa. Japan is going to be weak and weak. Biden will never help Japan. Because he is a puppy of XI. Now what Japan can do is go nuclear. Make warheads and Missiles. Never listen Biden's words. That is a trap. End of the American power.. America is going to fade in the history....

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Posted in: A worried Asia wonders: What will Joe Biden do? See in context

What an white wash??? This is the end of USA... China will make USA as its colony. Japan will lose Senkaku island and most of the sea near and even Okinawa.... Nothing good is gong to happen to Asian countries...

Biden and his family and his circle will become the richest family in the world.

America will be an old story as it going to become another Venezuela ...

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Posted in: Anxious nation awaits Election Day See in context

All are crying for voters... Predicting that Trump may do that this those etc... This is just a kind of fear mooning ...

Trump haters, why are you afraid of result? Your guardian news papers tried the best to promote Biden, Gave a super majority in the polls. Now you should feel satisfied and enjoy the out come.. can not wait for a single day?

Then something wrong with you...

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Posted in: As anger rises, Muslims worldwide protest French cartoons See in context

The free world and the all other religion should wake up against this kind of middle age rules and practices. We need a world we can live as we want. Not as Muslims directs. I want to see the urge of the world against those people.

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Posted in: Trump pitches 'back to normal' as Biden warns of tough days See in context

Finally the media started to accept the strength of Trump. He is going to win a landslide ..

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Posted in: Biden says his unity can save country; Trump hits Midwest See in context

Yes yes... His unity with China and money will save his family not USA.

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Posted in: Trump heads to Florida as coronavirus cases surge See in context

Lets make it look like Trump is the one who made Corona virus .... Trump personally made it and secretly went to Wuhan China and put that inside the lab..... Trump disguised as a Chinese researcher , he did lots of make up to look like a Mongolian man. And it was so hard for him to secretly go out of the white house to China. He took commercial plane to travel to Wuhan. It was hard job for him to place the virus in the Lab and come back to white house with out any one notice...

Do you believe my story ..

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Posted in: WHO advance team heads to China to set up probe into coronavirus origin See in context

This is the biggest joke of the corona history. Even a high school student can understand WHO just acted as a puppy for China. Now this drama for searching origin is white wash for WHO and CHINA dirty dealings ... I predict the result now. WHO comes out after a few months of investigation ( ha ha ha) and declare it was came from some rat, cat, pooty, etc..., WILL GIVE A CLEAN CHIT TO CHINA end ...

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Posted in: Trump says Kanye West White House bid 'interesting' See in context

Hate to break it to you, Biden is running against trump.

Biden is running for his family and for China... not against Trump or for Americans . Biden is a joke and never defeat Trump.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit See in context

Dear Japan ,Stand up and say to XI........" NO WELCOME TO JAPAN." We stand with freedom and do not support dictatorship .... It is time ... The Japanese media is not reporting the border fight between India and China... China claimed Indian land and entered Indian territory. There was a fight.. 20 Indian solders and 60 Chinese soldiers died.......... Now China with draw from the area and run away.... Including USA and all major countries came to support India. China learned the lesson. Never try to bully India... India banned all the Chinese applications, Chinese products ( scrutiny) and people burned ' made in China" . Now no market for made in China in India. China lose billions of dollars in trade... ... Asia should unite against China... Say no to the dictator...

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Posted in: Trump says Kanye West White House bid 'interesting' See in context

This is what people with back borne does. Instead of accusing Trump, Instead of impeaching him, instead of attacking him have courage to challenge him in the election. Antifa, the so called liberals, racist group BLM and all those trouble makers can learn from Kanye.....

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Posted in: U.S. demanded Japan pay $8 bil annually for troops: Bolton See in context

come on guys.......

Do you know why this is not good and is a problem, asking more money to host the troops, Or having two conutries have discussion and negotiation! Because it is Trump....

If Obama ask 10 billion USD a year to host the troops in Japan,..... you know THERE WILL BE NO PROBLEM, NO fake media cry, NO online media comments and shouting .... It will be ratified as the best negotiation skill of Obama...

Again the guy who is fired and with a twisted nipple may have to write some thing to please his followers..

There are more to come... from the one who wrote the book for Bolton ...

wait and see...

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Posted in: Trump campaign seeks to reset after flubbed rally See in context

ALL the big Mouths . are so happy now......... Why the 50000 seat stadium was not full..... People are watching it on the live... He spoke almost two hours... It has reached all corners of the world. Very good TV rating.....More than Trump supporters the so called ANTI -Trump gangs watched it more... He said whatever he wants to say to all......He has educated all the Antifa and communist liberals........Great job Trump... That was the purpose of the rally.

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Posted in: Rallies held in Australia for 2nd weekend; some banned See in context

What ? how dare are they to stop the protest????? Just imitate what is happening in USA.. Lets go around and loot all the shops.. Put fire to all the shops ans churches, destroy all the monuments ... injure all the people who own anything... and blame Trump. Let the favor media to come and report it as a VERY peaceful demonstration ... in USA and Australia there is no freedom ... cry ..... hard ..

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Posted in: Trump says chokeholds by police should generally 'be ended' See in context

Whatever it may be...... We need to blame Trump... attack Trump.... Need to find some reason to fight against him. All media is supporting us for that goal. Or he will WIN again...... Even after all these rallies still his popularity is going up.... I can not sleep... any one help me...

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Posted in: Rally against racism, in support of Black Lives Matter held in Tokyo See in context

@since 1981

And Black Lives only matter when a black person is killed by a white cop. Where were they and supporters when blacks were looting and burning businesses of blacks? Where are they when a black cop gets killed by blacks. Why is it that those black lives don’t matter?

This is the best answer to all the racist .. Well written ..

This black lives matter is just a political group ..... This is racist ... Black nationalism ... They are promoting racism ... To stop racism there should not be any race.. NO BLACK race... NO white race... and no Yellow race.. or no green race...

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Posted in: Facebook in turmoil over refusal to police Trump's posts See in context

The social media is not the supreme court of a nation. The Trump haters want to do anything to attack Trump. They forget the haters also post fake news and lies billion times in the social media against Trump. NO problem!!!!... USA is not a communist country. USA is not a Sharia law nation. USA is a free nation. Trump has freedom to speak and Trump haters do.Let people decide what to believe. Let people to choose own President. Hello haters, Why are you afraid of elections???? Stop violence and act like an adult to face the reality.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to deploy military unless states halt violent protests; Floyd's brother pleads for peace See in context

White police, Black police, Yellow police, Blue police, Green police, fat police , Skinny Police. Shaved Police ...... what a joke.... In the rest of the world There is Only "POLICE"....

Here that Police man did a crime.

Why Trump should be accused for that? All the police force in the USA is under Donald Trump??? Whoop... USA is a federal nation. Each state is almost like nation. Police force are under state control...... The left and the fake Liberals and Antifa, Democrats, Chinese spy, Soros all joined together to attack Trump for political gains. SHAME ON YOU..

If you want to protest then go and protest your state governors... Or go to school to learn history and geography.

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Posted in: China threatens U.S. with countermeasures if punished for Hong Kong law See in context

China threatens U.S. with countermeasures if punished for Hong Kong law

Where are the liberals? where are the Antifa? Where are all those who are crying for freedom in USA? Where are so-called democrats? Don't you see the situation of Hong Kong???

This is the reality ... They keep mom, Never say a word. Because they want to China should control all the world. Or else speak up as you speak against Trump ..

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Posted in: China says relations with U.S. on the brink of new Cold War See in context

China said Sunday that relations with the United States were "on the brink of a new Cold War," fueled in part by tensions over the coronavirus pandemic that has killed nearly 350,000 people worldwide and pitched the global economy into a massive downturn.

China should say like this " China's relations with the rest of the world is a new HOT war. The whole world hate Chinese communist regime who are bullying and stealing the rest of the world.

20 years ago visioned people said China will encroach South China sea, people laughed , now see what is happening.. China is going to colonize entire Africa and Latin America..

No world leader is there to speak, all those mouth are shut, filled with Chinese dirty money. Only Trump has back borne to stand against that regime. South east Asia is thankful to Trump.

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Posted in: Quest for 'super-duper missile' pits U.S. against key rivals See in context

Now, with China and Russia arguably ahead in this chase

Some faces see problem in only Trump. Open your eyes and read please.. China and Russia started it and spending billions to make new missiles. For Trump haters this is OK. But if Trump responds ... make a defense, to protect USA as the commander in Chief, the elected president then liberals wake up to attack Trump..

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Posted in: Xi defends China's virus response; Trump calls WHO puppet of China See in context

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Monday Beijing has been "transparent" throughout the coronavirus crisis, 

Ha ha ha ha .. biggest joke of the 21st century. ... If you do not believe you will be put into a jail for ever in an unknown place.. Chinese citizens receive it in this way.... Hello you stupid Mr.Xi.. The entire world is not under your iron fist.

offered to share a vaccine as soon as one was available -- as well as $2 billion in aid.

here goes the Chinese business and backdoor entry. Hello Xi, We have seen it in your foreign aid to African nations , Latin American and poor Asian nations. Once you pay money aid that country is under mortgage of China. Or your colony. WHO will be a dog for you forever...........Making the vaccine and selling it for money or exchange ( forcing to buy HUAWEI telecom, or buying the stock and shares of those countries) other properties is your usual practice.

Killing the journalist and reporters is your No.1 tactics to hide your real face. The real name of this virus is "Chinese communist autocratic virus."

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Posted in: Bitcoin rises after eagerly awaited 'halving' See in context

Pi coin. The first social cryptocurrency of the world. 2.5 million miners and growing fast.

The First Digital Currency You Can Mine On Your Phone. Start earning cryptocurrency today with our free, energy-light mobile app. Learn more. Download " Pi Network" app  from play store or apple store. Use "poocha" as your referral. start mining right away and earn cryptocurrency from day one.

Pi is a new social cryptocurrency secured and backed by everyday people. Developed by a team of Stanford PhDs and graduates, Pi can be easily mined on mobile phones with low financial cost, limited battery drain, and a light footprint on the planet.

How good is it? Well, we don’t know because it isn’t on the market yet, it’s still in beta phase. But, it’s free, doesn’t cost you anything to try. Maybe it won’t be worth something in the future and maybe it will, you never know, the same was for bitcoin, people didn’t know what to expect, and now you can see for yourself where bitcoin is right now.

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Posted in: U.S. says Chinese hacking vaccine research: reports See in context

To avoid Chinese Hacking of your data or private information, you need to stop using these applications.

China made Apps for smartphone and desktop.











Live Me

UC Browser

CM Browser

Vigo Video

Viva Video


Beauty Plus

Baidu Map


Parallel Space


DU Battery Saver



Cam Scanner

Club Factory

Mi Store

Oppo Store

Vivo Store

ES File Explorer

Cheetah Mobile

Clean Master





Clash of Kings

Mafia City

Mobile Legends

Castle Clash

    *You should uninstall these Apps as soon as possible from your mobile or from your laptop. Or you will be under Chinese govt, spying you right from your nose.

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Posted in: Bitcoin world faces 'halving': What's happening? See in context

Halving the bitcoin is going to stop many from mining. After all bitcoin is not a social coin. I found the first next mega hit coin in the market is " Pi". It has over 3 million miners and it is growing fast . 3 times more than Bitcoin.

Pi coin .... We can mine it from our smart phone. Just download " Pi Network" from the play store... Use the referral code " poocha" . Very simple. Then you are next in the three million or four million.

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Posted in: Pompeo blames China for hundreds of thousands of virus deaths See in context

China is responsible for this out break. Where are the news reporters in China??? All are evaporated . Rest are in the jail, no one knows where are those jails. The workers in that research center all not exist on this planet earth.

Still you want to believe the lies of China and their foot licking WHO. The head of the WHO is a strong communist leader. China is controlling WHO, China is buying UN and WTO and all the organizations. All those officials get paid by CHINA.

Finally Trump stood up to tell the truth. Most of the nations, the leading politicians all were recipients of Chinese black money and their mouth are shut.

The world have hope only in Trump.

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Posted in: Why some planes are crowded even with air travel down See in context

The greedy airline companies are ripping the passengers for their loss. Most of the airlines, they do not want to reimburse the ticket. Rather they want to extend the period of travel to Dec 31 of this year. That is bull xxxx. Either they should return the money or extend the period of travel to 2021 May. It is time to stand up against those greedy robbers.

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Posted in: Foreign workers feel the pain of 'corona job cuts' in Japan See in context

littlebearMay 6  06:57 pm JST

Everyone is responsible for their own choices and risks. I’m sorry but playing the foreigner card is crap! Many Japanese alike are struggling. And even many Japanese families where there are mothers with four kids. I have four children myself but sorry playing they card doesn’t change anything.

Everyone has got some problem a result of this pandemic. Saying foreigners are ones who are in the crosshairs first is complete and utter crap! Lastly people who work for automakers in Japan are usually paid fairly decent wages compared to everywhere else. Additionally employees who have been working for Japanese automakers get bonuses twice a year and frankly if they have been employed for a few years they should be living far above the poverty line.

I know I sound like a jerk but, we are all adults! Act like it! If you can help someone like the people mentioned who need help, by all means do so! But playing the victim card is a waste of time.

Well said.. This are adult words. And hope the journalists can grow to think as adults before playing the cry baby card.

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