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Posted in: Georgia governor vows a fight after MLB yanks All-Star Game See in context

What a cry from the communist liberals????

With an ID democrats can not win any election!!!!!!!

All the world, all nations in the world for an election they require an ID to vote.

But not in USA... ( The only banana republic existing now)

Democrats with the support of China and hard core communists always make fake voting and multiple voting to win. That is why they hate VOTERS ID.

To open a bank account one need an ID, To travel on a plane one need an ID.

But they hate voters ID ...........

Soon they will ask to eliminate passport also. .....

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Posted in: Suga willing to meet N Korean leader Kim See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday  10:39 am JST

Biden can’t go because of walking/speaking problems, the VP can’t go because she is practicing her Presidential Acceptance Speech, 

HA ha ha ... very true..

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Posted in: Toyota to form joint venture in China for fuel-cell vehicles See in context

The final result...

Toyota will be kicked out of China and the technology will be stolen by Chinese.. period.

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Posted in: WHO and China: a healthy relationship? See in context

Yes as long as these officials are paid by CCP they are like puppies for China...

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Posted in: Tokyo's Imperial Hotel to be rebuilt See in context

book the rooms

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Posted in: Twitter aims to make live audio feature 'Spaces' available globally by April See in context

After they Banned Trump, the twitter is going down. New apps are getting popularity.

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Posted in: China says it is exercising self-restraint against Japanese ships near Senkakus See in context

We were expecting this.. and more to come from China.

Where is our Biden?

Yes he is sleeping

When Trump was president the China was afraid of enacting such laws

Now Trump is no more the President so China is going to encroach the Island

I am sure JT will remove this post.

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Posted in: Major Biden victory as Congress passes huge COVID relief plan See in context

Only BIden can get passed this in the congress.

If Trump was proposing this bill he would never get passed it in the congress. Period.

So our Biden is a Saint. He is a hero. Let praise him up to the sky

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Posted in: Major Biden victory as Congress passes huge COVID relief plan See in context

Yes Yeah .. That was really tough ..

But such a kind of victory is possible only by Biden..

Major Biden

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Posted in: Trump demands 3 Republican groups stop raising money off his name See in context

PTownsendToday  07:04 am JST

Is Trump afraid his fellow Republican grifters are skimming money from the money he wants to skim?

If he says stop doing this in his name.... that also make uncomfortable for the communists.... Where is he skimming money?? This is a mental sickness ...

Still the media is afraid of Trump. so does the haters ha ha ha ... That shows how powerful that man is .. he is going to come back much more powerful and going to win again...

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Posted in: Attacks against Asian Americans in U.S. intensify a year into pandemic See in context

There is always attacks in America. And attacks in all over the world each and every countries. But what we hear in USA is some kind of propaganda. A propaganda against Trump. This is what the purpose of this ARTICLE.

Look at China, they attack Japanese people, Look at Korea they attack Japanese, Look at Islamic nations they attack Jews and Christians ..

But painting the attacks to divert to a certain political leader is a propaganda

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Posted in: Trump looks to reassert himself after impeachment acquittal See in context

Why so many are afraid of Trump? why he is still in the news as hot item? Why so many are shooting at him?? ha ha ha..

The dogs will bark... that is what dogs can do ... let the dogs to bark until it get tired..

Trump is so powerful and the fakes are afraid of him..

But TRUMP will be coming back with full force..

He will change this banana republic to a real one..

So that USA can stand against CHINA.

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Posted in: U.S. backs Japan concerns on China ships See in context

U.S. backs Japan concerns on China ships


Biggest joke of the DAY...

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Posted in: Why the world is watching Australia's new big-tech rules See in context

Good go ..

The few countries .. the leaders have courage to say "no" to the China funded medias..

One is Australia.

My thumps UP.

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Posted in: Trump lawyers say Democrats urge supporters to 'fight,' too See in context

If Trump says go march peacefully then that is a call for attack..

But if Biden says go and fight then that means do things very very peacefully ..

Ha ha ha ..

This is called Banana republic .

I am not talking about China or North Korea .. our OWN USA...

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Posted in: Rights groups call for boycott of Beijing 2022 Winter Games See in context

The situation of the Uighurs in northwestern China has received most of the attention

If the so called Muslim nations around the world. The so called Muslim terrorist groups who wants to destroy the Europe and USA. If they are not worries about the Muslims in China then why the world should worry about them??

Yes those muslim groups are busy with HALAL business and converting people to their religion... They the money and the political power play..

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Posted in: S Korea drops description of Japan as 'partner' in defense white paper See in context

Let them be the slave of china..

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Posted in: Sri Lanka halts port deal with India and Japan See in context

Here China is playing the game.

Even after losing the major land which China took it from Srilanka, still they did not learn the lesson???

China will take over Sri Lanka, It is going to be a colony of China

What a pity , The hungry politicians are selling own nation for China. The bribe they receive from China..

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka becomes part owner of U.S. women's pro soccer club See in context

I liked this girl before . But now she is a Japanese citizen and play politics in USA.

Now I am no more a fan of her..

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Posted in: Apple's Tim Cook criticizes social media practices, intensifying Facebook conflict See in context

We can trust only Apple.

Say no to Facebook and Twitter.

They are tracking you every message and conversation you have with others.

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Posted in: Apple to crack down on tracking iPhone users See in context

PenfoldToday  07:11 am JST

Good for Apple, always leading the way

Safari is way better than Chrome in terms of privacy nowadays.

Also recommend DuckDuckGo (not Apple)as a search engine if you care about not being tracked

I also agree with you.

I deleted my facebook account already

I have stopped using the Twitter.

From now I phone will be the only reliable phone and apps we can use.

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Posted in: Judge bars Biden from enforcing 100-day deportation ban See in context

Tipton, a Trump appointee

So the LAW also created and appointed by Trump??

what a shame!!!

Only in the USA we hear this reporting of judges who are appointed by whom.... ha ha ha

Before we heard such an such judge appointed by Obama

from now on we will hear that a judge appointed by Biden

What a country???? a real banana republic....

Much worse than a poor third world nation in Africa.

Even in those countries we never hear that who is appointed by whom!!!!!!!

It means USA is finished

Let look at China.. from this year China will grow with the blessing of the banana republic.

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Posted in: Biden to approach U.S.-China relations with 'patience' See in context

P. SmithToday  07:52 am JST

Prying has actually change since Biden was inaugurated, but conservatives don’t deal in reality; it’s pointless trying to educate them.

education? and educating??

This is what China is doing to all their citizens. So does North Korea,

Do not worry, China has enough spies and bought slaves in USA to work for them in educating and manipulating and propagating the China first policy. They are doing the job well as educators. The Biden era it will flourish and the fruit will come out. wait and enjoy.

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Posted in: Biden to approach U.S.-China relations with 'patience' See in context

Burning BushToday  06:48 am JST

China is suddenly emboldened as of January 21st.

They've started flying bombers over Taiwan and are redefining the origins of the Covid virus.

They seem to have a new kick in their step.

Yes this is the beginning . Now this is the era of China. They played and won the biggest game in the US history.

As the title says Biden has to have patience towards china otherwise he will not sit in the white house.

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Posted in: Biden faces a more confident China after U.S. chaos See in context

As a new U.S. president takes office,

> a more confident China 

This explain everything ...

From today the China era started..

USA the biggest banana republic is going to go to hell..

Long Live CHINA..... You WON...

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Posted in: 'We will be back in some form,' Trump vows at end of tumultuous presidency See in context

'We will be back in some form,' Trump vows at end of tumultuous presidency

That is not going to happen unless this banana republic changes it from bottom to top.

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Posted in: Biden arrives for inauguration with big plans, big problems See in context

JsapcToday  10:09 am JST

Now China is suffering a lot because of Trump trade tariff.

No, it really isn't. China's economy is the only one that has already recovered from Covid and is doing pretty good right now, so... No. In the end the tariffs only really hurt American people.

China’s economy is growing faster now than before the coronavirus pandemic

Yes yes.. China is just recovering from the virus.

Yes any tariff to Chinese products will only hurt American people. China has no problem with tariff. Trump did not know that. So he put tariff to Chinese products. ha ha ha ..

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Posted in: Biden arrives for inauguration with big plans, big problems See in context

Yes the No1 problem is that what he made with China. Now China is suffering a lot because of Trump trade tariff.

You have no idea what you are talking about. For your information, the Democrats and Republicans both are aligned on the unfair trade practices China has used to sell their cheap and poor quality goods to the world. Trump stood up to them and the Democrats silently agreed. Biden's policy regarding trade with China will not be that far off from Trump's.

What are you taking? now the Chinese products are the best in the world. America can not make such quality products. Only China can make products which Americans can use.

So it is the obligation of American people to buy what China makes.

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Posted in: Biden arrives for inauguration with big plans, big problems See in context

Biden arrives for inauguration with big plans, big problems

Yes the No1 problem is that what he made with China. Now China is suffering a lot because of Trump trade tariff.

Lets start solving the problems.

Take out all the tariff with China. Let them sell their products as the time Obama's presidency.

I am sure Biden will not disappoint anyone.

Thank you Biden.

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Posted in: Biden pushes unity two days before taking over; Trump considers 100 pardons See in context

According to CNN and other outlets, Trump has a list of about 100 people he will grant clemency.

According to MSNBC Trump has a list of 350 people to give clemency.

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