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Posted in: Swing-state Republicans pin virus fallout on Democrats See in context

Call Nanci Pelosi and her team for a second impeachment... Nanci can do it. She is a good girl.. Let Obama also come on board. Shift can shine again. Jerry will have the last word. Do it now.. otherwise it will be late guys ...

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Posted in: Virus pushes U.S. unemployment toward highest since Great Depression See in context

When the economy was doing very good as all time in the history of USA. there was no reporting by some " so called media" . Because that was the result of Trump.... Trump was doing a great job for USA. Media did not want to say that to the world..... NOW they are up and alive to talk about unemployment. Indirectly attacking Trump. This virus could be controlled well if China had said the truth to the world. The WHO heads had not received the bribe from CHINA. Why the media is afraid to tell the truth to the world. The world should know the truth. Is there any brave media to write that?????????

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Posted in: U.S. job losses mount as Trump outlines plan to reopen businesses See in context

Thank God our President is Trump. If he was not the president now then there will be no USA as a leader nation in this world. 90% of the business owners have trust in him that he will bring back our country to the greatest nation on earth. We tax payers will be benefited of being the citizen of USA.

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Posted in: Trump faces global resistance to U.S. plan to cut WHO funding See in context

Finally we have a president who has the guts to say NO. So far the UN and the all other organizations were just eating the tax money of US citizen and serving the countries who bribe them. The very good example is China, the Wuhan virus ( now changed the name the covid). What Trump said is 100% correct never allow them to play games with USA. Go forward Trump. China should learn the lesson.

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Posted in: Senators block new virus aid; Pelosi decries 'stunt' See in context


*Report one: by the so called reporter... **The U.S. Senate twisted itself into knots Thursday over President Donald Trump’s new coronavirus aid request, as Democrats refused to rubber stamp his proposal for $250 billion more*

Democrats want the elected US president should a rubber stamp of Nancy and her gang...

*Report Two : **Nancy Pelosi declared the Senate vote merely a “stunt" as the country faces an “epic” crisis.*

What a concern?? my heart goes on and on and on..... Nancy you are the one delayed the first package for weeks with your ego and personal selfish benefit ... Now suddenly you are concerned about American people!!! what a joke...

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Posted in: China becomes world's top patent filer: U.N. See in context

China was the No1. duplicate maker.. They have copied all the famous brands. Chinese govt supported people make fake products. Now it is time for the world to react. Make duplicate copy for all the Chinese patented products as the did for two decades..

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Posted in: Trump dubs COVID-19 'Chinese virus' or 'kung flu' despite hate crime risks See in context

China says " Japanese flu" no out cry about that...

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Posted in: Trump dubs COVID-19 'Chinese virus' or 'kung flu' despite hate crime risks See in context

When Trump says Chinese virus because it originated from China... why few are so angry about that? China and Iran systematically propagate that US made this virus and released in China and Iran. I never heard any outrage from the anti-Trump gangs.. about these kinds of allegations against USA?? Why??

Here is virus and a sickness called Japan sickness. ( Japanese encephalitis (JE) is an infection of the brain caused by the Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV). Why there is no out cry about this??

It is becoming clear that China was developing something in the Wuhan laboratory. George Soros also had some hands in this too..

Where is the american investigative journalists do not research on this??

There should be a balance in accusations..

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Posted in: U.S. Senate awaits House coronavirus bill; Schumer proposes $750 bil more in emergency spending See in context

Schumer and Nancy team are fishing in the muddy water... Thanks God he did not propose a 7.5 trillion bill.... Those people just want to make a trouble to Trump in a bias way. Later they want to accuse for the over use of money.

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Posted in: Will Abe declare emergency over coronavirus after law revision? See in context

Do not wait for the emergency declaration... Prevention is better than cure.. Need to take strong action. This is not a joke. By the way WHERE IS THE MASK???? We need masks and hand sanitizes ... It should be delivered to each family free...

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Posted in: House passes aid bill after Trump declares virus national emergency See in context

The Trump haters finders find a stick .... Now looking for a place to hit. If Trump take a strong stand against the foreigners coming to USA by stopping them until the epidemic subsides then the haters would say he is xenophobic, and may many phobic. They may cry 24 hours and ask for a second impeachment.

Now he declared emergency, Now haters cry loud that he did not do anything in advance ..

What a shame politics in USA by the failed oppositions!!!

It is time to support the govt, support the president, the leader of the nation to fight the global epidemic. The haters never loved the nation. That is the truth..

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Posted in: SoftBank to launch super-fast 5G services on March 27 See in context

It is such a sham .... China is holding the control of 5G in the world with most patent. What japan is doing making bull seeeet games and keep on playing games.. Most of the intellectual brain is engaged in games either playing it or making new one. What a shame. Young people in China, India and Korea is developing 5 G and many other technologies. This is the difference. Japan has all kinds of facilities to develop 6G. But govt and the good brains all are wasting time and energy in games and stupid works.. Wake up Japan, make 6G and get patented now. Control the game industry and offer rewards and support for making new technologies in network and AI.

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Posted in: Badminton star Momota feared his career was over after deadly crash See in context

Get well soon

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Posted in: Store shelves stripped of toilet paper amid coronavirus fears See in context

After mask now toilet paper, next is potato chips.. better buy today.. It will run out soon.. Most of the potato chips are from abroad.

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Posted in: Biden, Sanders blast Trump amid coronavirus fears See in context

Biden and Sanders may blast and bleach coronavirus amid Trump fears.

I think we need to impeach Trump one more rime before coronavirus subside.

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Posted in: Fujitsu granted Japan's first private 5G license See in context

Why only 5 G???? Japanese govt should encourage and support all companies in Japan to develop 6G. China is doing that. The Chinese govt is behind 5G development in China and the company behind HUAWEI company. Japan should not wait to help Japanese companies. The major electronic companies in Japan should form a consortium to develop 6G. The world is looking at Japan. Expecting the quality and safety of internet. Why Japan is not recognizing it? Japan today should write an article about it.!! Just give a kick to the bottom of the the engineers in Japan to wake up.

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Posted in: Trump considering attending Tokyo Olympics See in context

Welcome to Japan. Trump is the greatest leader of the greatest nation on earth. The best friend of Japan. We love to see him for Olympics and next for more years as the leader of USA .

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Posted in: Cabinet approves bill to help firms to develop 5G, drone technologies See in context

Japan should make 6G not 5G.... That is the best we can expect from Japan.

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Posted in: Japan reports first coronavirus death; 3 others, including doctor test positive See in context

China should tell the truth to the world... Or the world should tell this to China.

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Posted in: Japan reports first coronavirus death; 3 others, including doctor test positive See in context

News from behind the iron curtain ... Over 50000 died , over 1.5 million infected cases. The Whistle blower doctor was murdered to hind the truth of the bio-weapon leak and the origin of corona out break. World media is afraid to talk about it. It is coming. WHO should tell the truth to the world. The world should be prepared for this. here is an escaped billionaire from China tells the real situation.


Watch .. Chinese Police Force Family Into Coronavirus Quarantine

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Posted in: Diplomat ousted and slammed by Trump gets diplomacy award See in context

Yesterday Trump has sacked another 70 Obama left overs. Democrats should be happy to have them a witness for the second impeachment saga. Trump will remove the mask of Soros children in the white house and the evil empire of Obama Clinton dynasty.

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Posted in: Trump's $4.8 trillion budget gets chilly reception from Congress See in context


Adding to the debt? Conservative he isn't. He's a snake oil salesman for the .01% and his family businesses. His family are getting richer while they're getting insider info while working in his admin. His golf courses profit while he's playing golf paid for by the taxpayers.

yes yes yes ... all are very much satisfying cry for a left, communist, antifa, and soros children....

Those who accuse Trump for lie! speaks a big mouth full of dirty lies..

Trump is a business man even before he became President. After becoming president 25% of his business is down. NO democrats or any Trump haters never used his hotels or golf courses, and even they discouraged people , So his business is down..

Next He or his family who are working in the white house receive no salary YES NO SALARY. Then how he makes money bro????

Like Obama he did not get any underground money. Like Biden or Nancy or Kerry none of Trump's children is getting paid from Ukraine or China.

Now another accusation When trump play golf the fees paid by tax payers!!!! Obama's golf and vocation , Clinton's Golf and vocation all are paid by tax payers money.


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Posted in: In another Trump win, court tosses Democrats' suit over his businesses See in context

A federal appeals court on Friday threw out a lawsuit brought by Democratic lawmakers that accused Donald Trump of violating anti-corruption provisions in the U.S. Constitution with his business dealings, capping a week of political victories for the Republican president.

Dear Nancy ( Honorable, respected , glorified, your highness.. etc.. ) Shall we impeach that Federal court? Or start tearing up the court orders from now. Which one is fitting you Nancy? Daddy's little girl .

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Posted in: U.S. announces $100 mil aid for China, other countries impacted by coronavirus See in context

This is the difference between Obama and Trump administration. If there is a need then help and support unconditionally. This is a way true leader does.

Soon the left and the Antifa ( soros) led democrats would say this way " Trump paid $100 million to put dirt on Biden's son, Nancy's Son, Kerry's son, Schiff's daughter whole whose who China earning millions for boarding and directing some companies.. SOON you will hear it .. This is an abuse of power.. We need to impeach him. ha.. or I will eat all his speeches... can not wait... OH NANCY my little girl..

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Posted in: China to cut tariffs on $75 billion in U.S. imports See in context

Great Victory for Trump. No presidents of USA was dare to do this. Look at Europe and other nations still they are afraid of touching the nerve of China. Only Trump can do this. He is going to be the greatest leader and savior of free world.

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Posted in: Impeachment done, Pelosi unburdens herself about Trump See in context

PTownsendToday  07:55 am JST

@nonpartyI thought Nancy is going to eat that papers...

As some in the Federation say, 'only people with two neurons rubbing together' might think that.

@ PTownsendToday... If she eats that papers .. MSNBC, CNN and all fake media team would glorify it. They will encourage all the liberals and the Trump haters to imitate it in their homes with all family members. May be Nancy would be given the Nobel price. There will be world wide competition of eating the speeches of Trump and the newspapers. The fastest eater recognize as Guinness record holder. Who knows later this will be added as an item in the Olympic. Such Glory our little girl NANCY. Greta would be jealous of you. My sweet girl do not cry ..

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Posted in: Japanese firms slowly moving away from old recruitment, pay practices See in context

Paying just 850 yen per hour and asking the elders to work?? More over the power harassment ... It is not going to work in Japan.....

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Posted in: Impeachment done, Pelosi unburdens herself about Trump See in context

I thought Nancy is going to eat that papers... She was so hungry.. Poor girl .. Need to be send back to an elementary school for giving her some basic education.. NANCY the biggest loser of American history. Give her some toys so that she an be busy playing with.. Folks let us help that girl..

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Posted in: Senate acquits Trump in historic vote as re-election battle looms See in context

It is OVER........ The end of the evil attack... Always final victory for Trump and for America. Four More years.. FOUR more Years.... Four more Years................................

I heard Nancy and her failed team is planning for another Impeachment .... Once source of Nancy's aid said they are planning it do fast, so that before November election they can impeach Trump. And they underlined impeaching president Trump before November is a national emergency. They have confident that at least they have Romney to support to one article. The have confident. Nancy said they will do it with out no "hatred" to republican party and to the voters of America.

NEXT IMPEACHMENT IS COMING.................... and Democrats want to impeach president before November 2020...

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