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Sony Gaming is why Sony still alive. I miss the old Japan when was the second economic power of the world...... I wanna feel a product says "Made in Japan".....

These are my feelings exactly. Japan should do the impossible. There are so many technology companies out there today, who are trying to innovate and pave the future. If these big companies keep trying to make products that follow the bandwagon of higher specifications (such as higher quality TVs, audio, etc.) the company is doomed to fail eventually. What makes companies magical is their level of care for the products that they create and the total experience. Executives need to make products that they would want to buy. If they can't learn this, the company will continue to lose money.

Sharp, like rivals Sony and Panasonic, has been working to move past years of gaping deficits, partly caused by steep losses in its television unit, which has been hammered by competition from lower-cost rivals particularly in South Korea and Taiwan.

Price is not the issue here. For example, Apple still makes money even though it's products are largely overpriced. The reason they make money is because Apple cares about its products and gives quality customer experience. Customer service is something to invest in...to believe in

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Posted in: Academics call on Japan to face up to its history See in context

I agree.

I think that Japan should apologize for facilitating sex slavery in its borders. However, I think that the America should also apologize for allowing its soldiers to utilize them. If our argument against Japan allowing sex slavery is inherently a moral argument, then the same argument should scrutinize American soldiers for actually having sex with the slaves. The victims should be apologized to, whoever enforced sex slavery should apologize for that, and whoever had sex (or was allowed to have sex) with the women should also apologize. Japan is not the only one should should apologize, if our argument is moral.

But what if our argument had nothing to do with morals?

If we used logic, Japan does not have to apologize, and neither does America. A reason that the men have sex with the women is to be "comforted" during the stressful times. That makes sense. But the argument is moral. Japan is not the only one who needs to apologize. For example, a married man who goes to a strip club cannot say to his wife, "The strip club should apologize! It shouldn't have been there to tempt me!" This hypothetical man should have exercised self-control as to honor his wife, at least in a monogamous relationship. I think that American military should also confess that they did not make a rule against sleeping with comfort women during WWII.

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Posted in: In U.S., 'comfort woman' demands apology from Japan See in context

Can the Japanese government undo what wrongs have been done to you? If you have to ask for an apology, does it really mean anything?

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Posted in: 3 bodies found in car in Saitama after suicide pact See in context

In my opinion, the internet can be a great place for building supportive communities. I am, in fact, a user of one of these sites which has been instrumental in my personal, social, and even academic development. However, to hear that there are communities online that do not assist with life's challenges, and instead, assist to cease life so that the challenge can cease is quite disturbing. There needs to be a greater encouragement for people, who struggle with various issues and use the internet frequently, to join these online support communities. Life is very difficult, but it is important to understand that we are not alone.

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