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But of course. Who else is so innocuous? :

and this song was written to commemorate the country's 100th anniversary/ expo '67.. gotta love those little Canadians :)

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@hoserfella: how has invoking the services of a monk, over and over, to perform an exorcism not got anything to do with religion? even putting the religion/ cult distinction aside, i fail to see it. are you familiar with the particular brand of Buddhism in question here? Also, how can we be sure of what the father and monk were truly intending? Finally, as mentioned by others here, religion has been a guise by which millions through history have died or suffered. This article just provides one example..

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May the law hold up for Mr. Hamada and all others like him.

As for the corporate culture of Japan Inc., this one-trick pony's trick doesn't work anymore.

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For all the posters on here with the quick trigger fingers, can't imagine how mad you must be with TEPCO, IAEA, nuclear/industry saftey ministry, etc. For that is a far more clear-cut case of criminal negligence, nepotism, etc.

...even six months worth of low-magnitude temblors was not unusual in the highly seismic region

That is the clincher right there.

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FAIL! ADMITTED fail! Hopefully he actually succeeded at what he claimed to have done and not just escaped into seclusion.

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@ Frenchy92: Starting a plan to phase out nuclear where possible is not a move back to the cave. Hardly. It is a challenge to our science, technology, infrastructure and societal mindsets to come up with a new model for the future of energy production.

As for this accident, my condolences to the families of the deceased and wounded. Industrial accidents do seem to be inevitable - just like traffic 'accidents'.

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@ sfjp330: It's not a question of spending on military being ridiculous or not, it's about reviving a faltering economy. Personally I don't think it's the best spend of the money, and history proves that nations with large standing armies collapse.

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@ sfjp330 : the US is a heavily war-based economy. Cutting military spending is not the answer.

@ JapanGal : There is an answer: Part 1) indebted nations of the world get together and cancel off as much of each others' debs as possible; Part 2) reset the indebted nations' currencies to be in-line with each country's real value, i.e. assets, GDP, etc. But the part 2 would be VERY painful for many.

The thing to realize is that the modern fiat currencies are completely fabricated by humans. They are human constructs that are no longer pegged to real assets. How else could the value of all the Credit-Default-Swap markets total 650 trillion US dollars, when the total value of all assets throughout the world is only approximately 300 trillion?.. Therefore it can be arbitrarily adjusted. The point is to carefully adjust it so that we don't cause wars, famine, etc.

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Granted Oe-san seems he's being extreme, while Noda sounds like he actually has a practical approach to the problem - if the utilization supply/demand numbers really are as we are lead to believe. However, it will take a lot of hard pushing to re-steer the huge inertia of the established corporations, their lobbyists, the bureaucracy, and even military-feeds in some cases that have formed around nuclear power. Maybe this is where Oe-san is coming from.

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@ ChopriKana and the mercury lovers, ever hear of a place called Minamata in Kyushu? Or the disease named after it? The strange thing is, I don't know any people who actually eat whale/dolphin - other than when they were kids in the cafeteria. Is this all a big deal about not much? And I've never heard it called soul food.

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If they want to continue hunting dolphins on the pretense of it being a cultural practice, then they should go about it in an traditional way, i.e. in a lower tech, lower numbers way - like the first nations of western North America that hunted/hunt whales. And they should not be doing it for selling them as captive animals too then.

As mentioned in a different post, the method of killing also matters. These dolphins are not being killed like farmed cattle with an instant electric shock to the head.

Finally, level of sentience also matters.

All this is on top of the toxicity already mentioned by others before.

@ sourpuss, animals don't migrate for summer vacation, they usually follow migration of their food..

@ icanthinkofone, peaceful protest is hardly bullying. Also I don't think people are protesting because others are eating toxic food. The mention of the toxicity just goes to show how stubborn or uneducated is the mindset of those that support dolphin as a food source..

@ JapanGal - please go ahead and enjoy; it will be good for your blood-line

@ Gurukun - the 'WE have OUR way' logic doesn't work completely; at some level there are certain things that are considered too cruel - even in war. Think of the push to ban land-mines. There are international agreements on such things.

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To add some perspective to the show/ Jeremy, if you haven't watched many shows please know that JC thinks Ferrari's are a "scaled down version of god". So as others have pointed out in other ways, it's not all about British supremacy.

As for making a point about battery-powered electric cars being lacking, they could have instead brought a chemist on the show to explain how energy densities of batteries will never improve significantly - as this is a physical limitation of storing electric charge in chemical form. But then this probably would not have gotten as many people's attention as the show did.

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For now, Japan needs something to boost its electricity production before winter hits. Subsidy or not I don't think is an issue - as we are talking about an essential service. It simply needs to be there.

And as for the cost of solar or whatever - it doesn't matter either - as Japan will use locally made. For the kind of money that is being pumped in by the government to deal with the Fukushima situation (think subsidy), if we could rewind the clock, I would rather that money had gone into solar power plants or something that would not have lead to this situation. Now we are at the start of a new stage, why not start it off on a better foot - by learning from past mistakes?..

Agree with Mark Bradley on the MIT artificial leaf - once it's ready.

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Even the circus is a business, and business is business. It's not a charity or public service. It's not a matter of friendship. Not entirely surprised either - as people have said above, given that the Japanese economy was already bad and slipping, even before the quake; and it is a pricey event.

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And still they will get the local weather predictions wrong - even for the weather happening at the moment... Remember, the SPEEDI computer system got the radiation spread wrong from Fukushima.

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Normal radiation levels in Tokyo is between around 0.03 and 0.75 microsieverts, so 0.0609 is within normal levels.

Watching the radiation levels at Kurihama is it clear that pre-Fukushima explosions level was stable at 0.025 uSv/hr and since the explosions it has had a clean expoential decayed to 0.050 uSv/hr. So the two-times level mentioned above seem consitent. Agree though that this is still quite low when compared to many other places in the world .

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In the IT industry where I work we see human error as an unavoidable. That's why we measure system availability/ up-time (with 6-sigma, etc.). Also, no back-up system/safety measures are failsafe, just as no lock is un-pickable. As long as there are functioning nuclear reactors there will be problems with them - even with the best of intentions and measures.

"Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water."

-Albert Einstein

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@ TheQuestion

Renewables sound lovely up until the harsh reality of economic feasibility kicks

along with,

As it stands the plants in operation today should have been retired years ago and been replaced with newer ones with up to date safety systems.

Now why were those new plants not built. I didn't know that nuclear reactors came financially free. Seems to me there is a contradiction here.

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i think that most if not all of us posting on JT are aliens... :)

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i think this is a balanced decision by Kan: you don't want to shut the entire country down - obviously, but you also don't want to leave a grenade beside your head/heart (i.e. Tokyo).

on the matter of earthquake predection: NASA noticed some effects prior to the M9 quake: ionization of the local atmosphere starting 3 days before the quake; and a hot spot of IR radiation emitted exactly from the rupture area 3 hrs before the quake... check it out on Go-ogle.

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As my Japanese friend often says, 'Japan is 50 years behind the rest of the modern world'. While different places are decriminalizing or have decriminalized some substances, we get the above. Heck, just look at tobacco smoking trends. Maybe they were trying to gain some attention to the matter by pulling a media stunt like this.

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The common cold: So western meds treat cold symptoms without curing the underlying issue? Just makes you feel better until your body deals with the problem? Sounds not too dissimilar from the weaker oriental meds that help boost your body's immune system, etc., so that your body can better do the healing.

Yin-yang, kampo, diarrhea: I know nothing of yin/yang, but I've used kampo for stomach bugs/ diarrhea and have found it to be quite fast acting and effective. I'm quite certain that was not all in my head.

Acupuncture: I wouldn't be surprised to hear it confirmed that the small electric currents that metal objects setup in a body influence the electro-chemical processes that go on in that body.

Science and the clinical hard line: My training and past work was in science (physics) and I fully accept the results that that process produces. But from this background I also know that science is a slow process, even more so when it comes to experimentation on living things and in particular humans. Also, our understanding of the universe through science is not complete. I would say use whatever works best. If a traditional method is already available and science has not explained yet, that does not mean it does not work and why not use it? After all, science is only a process of producing explanations that fit the data.

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Agree with EUcitizen's two main points: 1) Need a significant anti-nuclear lobby in Japan; 2) Need more open media. This place is still Japan Inc., which presupposes a greater importance of the whole over individuals' rights, wants, etc. As such, I don't think the opinions of the youth matter - they have insignificant influence. They won't change private power companies plans, judges decisions, etc. To build on EUcitizen's lobby point, I would also include the effects of global pressures (stoppage of imports from Japan, diplomatic and NPO pressures over environmental damage, etc.)

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no viable alternative solution to meet her energy demands

Would someone please provide the numbers that show this? And when looking at the cost of nuclear, don't forget that TEPCO had approx US$10 billion in reserve for reprocessing costs as well as for radiation clean-up costs... and that likely won't be enough in the Fukushima case.

Just heard yesterday that there is a plan to put a wind farm in Okinawa - two reactors' worth of electricity.

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-bought a small (10inch) LCD TV with internal rechargeable batteries that also receives 'chi-degi' 1-seg: runs on 10W (1/10-20th of conventional TVs) -am cooking by gas more instead of using the Healthio/ microwave -swapped out the incandescent bulbs in my bathrooms with LED ones (rest in the house are fluorescent) -bought a quiet fan, since I won't be using AC: 1/10-20th the power of AC -waiting in line for getting solar panels installed on my roof -will buy a laptop shortly, instead of using my large display PC -will work from home much of the time during summer - to reduce consumption needed for train transport

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...resource starved Japan.

Gee, I didn't know Japan was starved for sunlight and especially not for geo-thermal energy.

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How come these demonstrations were never held before the March 11 disaster?

On top of other replies, read the recent JT article, "Judges tend to side...". People have been trying to stop nuclear power plants/ their operators in Japan for years - due to saftey reasons.

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@ retaliatory

Would you be able to provide supporting evidence for your statements?

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@ warallthetime

In addition to geo thermal, solar is also viable - if you factor in all the costs of each. Kuroiwa-san just got elected for Kanagawa prefecture on a platform of 2 million solar installations in the next 2-4 years. That's 1.5 reactors' worth of electricity.

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