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Posted in: Woman brutally murdered by stalker ex-boyfriend despite pleas of help to police See in context

peachy871 --

I hadn't heard the Kyoto story. More stories like that need to be highlighted right next to stories like this to let those who commit these crimes that they can't get away with it; to let those who are to protect people from the crimes that action is possible and effective and that inaction isn't an option; and to embolden victims to take a stand for themselves. Like you and others on this post, I'm skeptical that the woman went to the police five times but didn't really want them to do anything. But it isn't uncommon for victims to keep their problems to themselves out of fear or being convinced it won't do any good anyway.

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Posted in: Idoling!!! and AKB48 perform together for first time as AKB Idoling!!! See in context

“If we put out a lot of songs, we can change the members and everyone can perform as AKB Idoling!!!”

What does this mean??? Is she breaking up the group already??? Is she trying to include the missing girls??? Is there any way to stop the proliferation of gratuitous, useless punctuation???

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Posted in: Companies angry over thoughtless students amid economic downturn See in context

Archiebald -- Please let all of us know when your company is hiring. Any country. (Bowing emoticon respectfully deleted.)

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Posted in: Samurai archery, an ancient sport, still thrives in Japan See in context

This is the one thing that I really regret not having seen when I was in Japan. I'd love to learn it!

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Posted in: Japan Organ Transplant Network fights to change laws See in context

Clarification, please. If just 76 people have donated organs since 1997, how are 200 kidney transplants being performed each year (perhaps those are total transplants - although the math still doesn't really seem to work out)? Do those 200 include out-of-country transplants? Did I miss a transition in the story or misunderstand a statistic or was something edited out? Thanks.

Is there additional information on the rationale behind the regulations and what may be culturally-based hesitancy? Understanding and resolving that could go a long way toward increasing support for donations in general and for children in particular. And let's avoid just calling it stupid, silly, backwards Japan, shall we? I'm pretty sure that sort of cultural superiority hasn't ever been particularly helpful in creating change anywhere.

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Posted in: Net cafes becoming delivery rooms for poor pregnant girls See in context

I don't generally get cranky about using "girl" inappropriately, but this article doesn't mention anyone who could possibly be considered a girl. I know the moderator frequently flags posts that get off topic; who is responsible for flagging headlines that are off topic and misleading?

The inaccuracy of the headline notwithstanding, this is a distressing article. It would be appreciated if JT were able to run some in-depth investigative reporting (supported with sources and statistics in the text) that exposes the underlying socio-economic conditions that are contributing to these events.

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Posted in: 2 Channel founder says don't blame him for criminals' posts See in context

On the surface of the matter, I don't think this person -- or his company -- is responsible for the information posted on the forums run by the service. It sounds as if there are mechanisms in place for deleting inappropriate content and cooperating with authorities when warranted (although to me, his statements above sound a little too eager to cooperate). What he really needs is some PR savvy to sell what it is he's doing. I don't care for the way the journalist framed the questions (I think it's perfectly clear what the journalist (or his handler) thought), but Mr. Nishimura could have done a much better job of presenting what is still a fairly new thing -- and therefore a wee bit scary -- to many people.

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Posted in: Young women’s summer fashions show too much, poll reveals See in context

ExPrinceska -

I have no doubt that Sarge is keen on clevage. And although they are essentially synonyms, there's far more class in a woman showing a bit of decolletage than one exhibiting her cleavage. An ass, after all, has got cleavage, too.

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