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oldest was born in 86 youngest in 93 two of the girls are Chinese (according to the wiki on the group and the current members..

SO oldest 24 and youngest 17 most of the other girls are 22ish in age..

Dont know anything about them other then what wiki said....

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Posted in: IWC meeting abuzz over Japan vote-buying accusations See in context

Sorry but your point isnt valid and wont be, until you can prove the goverment bought whores with tax money your claims are BS. You have the burden of proof in this matter, I didnt accuse them of doing anything.

Sorry you take offence to the fact that just because you post something on the internet doesnt mean I have to believe it. I have lived with the strugles to get NC for the last 20 years with my wives family. I know how hard it is to get and I also know most dont get it. But maybe you did better then some who have been here for generations and read, write, and speak native... Maybe,but I still dont think so. Thats not a insult to anyone that just the hard cold fact that Japan doesnt give NC very easy.I also think people who come to this country tend to forget their original countries are doing the same crap, but they like to whine about Japan because????? I guess they just like to whine, or maybe they think they need to type English somewhere, or maybe noone listens to them when they speak so they go to the internet to voice up... My point is simple, if you dont like the way Japan runs things and your not from here originally, then go home and see its the same there..... Dont fall into the grass is always greener on the other side BS...

On a side note, you should look at the forest once and awhile instead of focusing on one tree. You would see that maybe the guys making the claims did so because they got caught trying to bribe someone for more money? Or maybe it happened the way they say? The information given in this story and in the original story do not have enough evidence to say it actually happened. No article or information has been secured that says the Japanese goverment bought hookers to bribe anyone. No matter how much some want the article to say such it just doesnt. It may lead you to think that but it doesnt state it... Sorry it just isnt the smoking gun..

Im done responding to you as I truely dont want to go on and on with this. You see it as something, I see it different. I told you before I dont care if Japan whales or not. You can look at my post and see I dont post on whaling one way or another, can you say the same for yourself? I do care that people dont bypass the legal system and convict someone or a country without having the actual proof to do so.. That is why I posted on this... Not because of whales

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Posted in: IWC meeting abuzz over Japan vote-buying accusations See in context


Read dont think and you wont go so far from the statements other write.

Never said its ok to buy a whore. I said the whole way through you cant make the goverment not use the tax money to give incentives to countries to get them on their side. Its not illegal at all.

I also said since we have no real proof about the goverment buying whores we should not jump so fast to the balame Japan crap that you seem to want to do.

You can look through the post and copy paste where I said they can buy whores with tax money, and also where I said any of the other stuff you say.. Of course you cant because like the article you didnt read you created and have made a new story from what was posted.

I also never personally attacked you at all, I dont know you. I said this beint the internet you can be who ever you say you are... I just hold the opinion that most people talk so much smack about who they are I tend no to believe it. Only way it was personal is if you are the internet troll who tries to be who he isnt.....

And yes ignorance is bliss in a democratic court system. In order to be guilty it has to be beyond a doubt and right now you have nothing to proof such... Nice try but your not going to win in a public forum nor a court with I feel this and I feel that...

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Posted in: IWC meeting abuzz over Japan vote-buying accusations See in context

thundercat at 02:15 PM JST - 25th June

If the story didn't have legs no other news publication would have picked it up. Almost every story ever worth reading is first published from one source.

And yet again it doesnt say the goverment of Japan bought whores for anyone. It states a massage girl, or any other name they want to use for whore, was available at the hotel...

You must not have travelled much outside of the internet, most hotels in Japan have the ability to bring love you long time girls to the room. When, no let me say that the right way, IF you can show the goverment of Japan has bought and delivered a call girl to any of the IWC delegates then you can say so, until then your holding crap in one had and nothing in the other but saying its the smoking gun of proof.

A story doesnt have to be truthful nor right to have legs, in fact the more out there it is the better it sells...

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Posted in: IWC meeting abuzz over Japan vote-buying accusations See in context

I'm not figuratively talking about buying prostitutes for delegates... I'm talking about the fact that they actually sent "good girls" (actual words of the delegate) to his hotel room for massages. Just do a search of "Japan bribery iwc with prostitutes" if you want some links to articles on the issue.

No, I'm not ok with this... this is not some shoganai situation... we do have a say in this

Shoganai or not doesnt matter. It is not illegal for a goverment to offer other goverments items or aid to secure votes. The whole giving them girls is a mute point since no one has actually proven the Japanese goverment hired whores for anyone. They only have a delegate stating he was offered them at a hotel paid for by the goverment. I know it happens in every country in the world, sex sells things nothing else can. But until they actually prove the goverment did buy whores we have to go with "innocent until proven guilty" .

Since you cant understand about grants and tax breaks for charities I wont waste time explaining it anymore...

Your whole arguement about the whores is based off of a delegate from a third world country who in your words "took a bribe" and when approached by another person who tried to bribe him again he stated Japan bribed us and offered good girls? even though he didnt say Japan offered him good girls he said "The IWC commissioner for Tanzania said “good girls” were made available at the hotels for ministers and senior fisheries civil servants during all-expenses paid trips to Japan. ". Ive had that happen in a lot of countries I have been to. In fact I had been to China for my work (work paid for the hotel) and the hotel offered me a hooker. Does that mean China was trying to bribe me? Maybe my work was?

Your either trying to hard to prove something that isnt there or your trolling...

I guess in the end all I can say about your logic on this is muchakucha ne!!

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Posted in: IWC meeting abuzz over Japan vote-buying accusations See in context

Edit.. you are Japanese.... not your Japanese and Its all the same according to you.. Not its all the same.

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Posted in: IWC meeting abuzz over Japan vote-buying accusations See in context


First of all, I don't have to give money to a charity but I do have to pay taxes so this comparison you are trying to flesh out makes no sense at all. If I decide to support a charity that spends my donations in ways I don't approve of I will stop giving them donations. Do you understand the difference between donations and taxes? One being voluntary and the other forced.

Wow I really didnt think its hard to understand you GIVE money to charity every time you pay taxes. The goverment gives your TAX money to them, or doesnt charge them for their share of TAXES so you are giving them money. If you choose to give them more then what the goverment gives them or doesnt charge them then thats a donation. You should research goverment involvment in Charity...

Secondly, I am Japanese and Japan is my home.

Its the internet you can be whoever you want to be but it doesnt mean I have to believe it

Third, bribes and incentives are totally different things. That you don't understand that point is mind boggling! You try to use the euphemism 'incentives' to hide the fact that bribes are being doled out. Bribes are illegal in Japan. That is an indisputable fact.

Use the dictonary and look up bribe or incentive. They are linked together because they are basically the same thing, it all depends on who is determining what it is.. The goverment doesnt think trading aid for a base as a Bribe they think its an incentive, you know scratch my back and I scratch yours.Dont take my word for it use Websters.. Im still waiting for your fact that its illegal in Japan, since your Japanese please show me a link to it on a Japanese goverment site so I can be convinced. you would have to prove that its not, according to the two parties involved, just an incentive

Fourth, an earlier article stated that prostitutes were used to convince officials to vote for Japan. Just check google. And while you are at it please show proof that they weren't ladies of the night (yeah, this stupid 'show me proof' game works both ways!)

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/environment/article7149091.ece One person said that call girls where available at the hotel. Not the Japanese goverment offered them for a vote. Still no real proof. Another who got caught trying to get money from a fake antiwhaling guy said good girls where at the hotel. Still no proof. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/world/asia_pacific/10358046.stm The whistle blower doesnt even mention whores.. Strange..

Like you, I'm neither pro nor anti whaling... but I am dead set against my government using my taxes for totally nefarious purposes. Are you ok with your taxes being used to pay for bribes (if you even live in Japan to begin with)?

Like I said I cant control where my taxes go here in Japan, I dont even get to vote. Im not going to try to say "Im Japanese" while spending my time on a gajin site using queens English like some try to do, but I am a PR holder and have been involved in Japan for the last 20 years so I got a feel for the place. If Japans taxes bothered me enough that I would rant and rave about how they spend them I would leave as I do not have the ability to control it (since I can not elect a govement into office).

All goverment is guilty of using its power, military, money, or resources to influence other countries. Do you complain that Japan uses tax money for people to buy a hybrid car? Or that they give tax breaks to companies to build in their area? Its all the same its a bribe.

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Posted in: IWC meeting abuzz over Japan vote-buying accusations See in context

Well thundercat

Lets start by taking the whole statment and not a part you want to sound bite of. Charity gets money from goverment, goverment gets its money from Taxes. Therefore charity is spending your tax money just like the goverment. Charity also gets tax breaks and that also comes out of your tax money so yes its the same no matter how you try to spin it. As far as can you freely decide to give taxes to Japan??? Yes your not Japanese and you can move back home... See its that simple.

If you get paid 50k a year as pay and your compnay gives you a bonus to sell more then required you are getting an incentive (see thats not your normal pay) an incentive is for all practical pupose a bribe..

Please show me the law in Japan that says a goverment office can not offer incentives to another goverment to get something they want. Japanese or English will do...

Also no one has shown that the Japanese have bought whores for anyone. All they have is someone stating they got a massage at the hotel the goverment provided. Depending on the hotel you can get such service without an extra charge... So please show details of the proof that they bought ladies of the night...

By the way I could careless if Japan kills, eats, or mates with whales.Im not pro or anti whaling at all. Hate to tell ya but not everything is black and white in the real world.

Personaly I think its a shame goverments and companies have to buy a vote, but only a moron would think it isnt happening every where in every country...

Now see it wasnt too hard now was it...

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Posted in: IWC meeting abuzz over Japan vote-buying accusations See in context

If you start to consider giving aid to a country for its vote, or such then every country in the world is at fault. All countries trade this for that to get what they want. Japan doesnt do anything different then other countries.

As far as the goverment using tax money to win over the favor of another country, they have been doing it before any of you decided to come live here, it wasnt hidden nor was it covert. If you dont like it move back to your own country and you wont have to use your tax money on whales. But then you will have to pay taxes for what your country decides it wants.... Nothing changes your tax money will be wasted on something you dont like.

You can please some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but you cant please all the people all the time..

also most charities get tax breaks because they are a charity, therefore your taxes are being used by those NGO too..... you cant get around it the money spent to change a persons vote or a countries vote is supported or paid by your taxes...

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Posted in: BP CEO's yacht outing infuriates Gulf residents See in context

"From what I understand President Obama gets only 4-6 hours of sleep a night and has taken very few vacations, so it doesn't make sense to jump on him because he plays golf occasionally(as all other presidents have)."

In time of war a soldier works everyday, sleeps less then 4 hours at a time, and doesnt get to take a golf day.... Why shouldnt the Commander and Chief be any different. I think a president has the rest of his life to play after he completes his 4-8 years. He should not be spending our money playing when the country has so many major issues. Image is very important for a prez, and his rating has been reflecting his lack of image lately.

As for the BP guy... Hope half his pay is in stock options....

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Posted in: Man punched in face by fellow train commuter over phone manners See in context

I have had people tell me to turn down my headphones when they havent even been on. Sometimes the complaining person is just trying to be a bullyめじめ. We do not know if the guy on the phone was loud, or if the guy telling him to be quiet was rude. We seem to draw a line in the sand and say it was one way or another and never see it as it is. By the way they have no law or rule about using a cell phone on a train, they ask you not to use one but its not a law nor an official rule.

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Posted in: Kan warns of Greece-like debt crisis See in context

"Any business man can tell you its cheaper to contract a job out then it is to operate and maintain the job and the staff as your own. "

Yeah. That is why successful companies making great products don't have any employees, just one guy pushing buttons and eating donuts.

How do you take contract "workers" and change it to no employees... Seems your looking for something that wasnt said. Almost all top money making companies in the world use contract workers because of the cost savings over having actual company employees. Just a short list of some of those successful companies.. Toyota, Dupont, PPG, Samsung, HP, Lexmark, Sony, and many many many more... Having employess includes alot more then just the employee salary as a cost, and that is why a contract worker is cheaper then an actual company employee. but please dont take my word for it, do a bit of research and find out for yourself...

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Not judging it by any country standard, other then Japans. Japan has to have a Naval and airforce with enough equipment and men to support its own defence. It does not have that now, and to get it to that level would cost a lot more then the cost to operate the current US bases. Look at the military budget now for Japan. Take that and triple the expense for the military and you might be close to what it needs to self operate. Any business man can tell you its cheaper to contract a job out then it is to operate and maintain the job and the staff as your own.

here is a link to the JDoD and how it spends its budget now...


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martinli92 at 04:22 PM JST - 11th June

USjapan alliance...international community’s ‘‘common property.’‘

Does Mr Kan has some spine or dignity of his country? The US garrison in Japan causing huge spending to Japanese budget.Like vampire at home and he should cut the alliance and expel US troops out of the country to save spending! $5billion plus spending each yearfor humilations,crimes.... This is the so called 'security'? Was that a myth or illustions? Japan shall never being respected with she refused to take this step!Do not mentioning anymore 'asian community' that wasnt live with the fact!

You should consider the fact that Japan does not pay for the military equipment nor the personel. They only pay for the land and the cost of operation of the land. If they had to actually pay for a full military they would be spending a hell of a lot more then what they do now. Also the US serviceman spend billions of dollars a year in the comunities they have bases in. It might sound like a great thing to remove the bases (and I think the US should leave) but in the end the removal of the US bases here in Japan would cause way more financial problems then it would cure for then next 1-5 years. If the economy was better then they might be able to have them leave without causing a major financial crisis.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd kicks out activist on trial in Japan See in context

Some people are afraid to admit that it isnt a Japanese bais about SS

see the article isnt made by any Japanese news company

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