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Posted in: Japan liquor businesses turn to non-alcoholic drinks to attract Gen Z See in context

There is non alcohol bar in Roppongi that just serves fancy fruit juice cocktails - mostly female clientele. Nothing wrong with that of course, but they charge 1200yen per drink which is just a scam.

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Posted in: Ohtani reaches 400 MLB strikeouts as Angels beat Astros in 12 See in context

I see.

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Posted in: Ohtani reaches 400 MLB strikeouts as Angels beat Astros in 12 See in context

Once again, Shohei is denied a W 

The Angels won.

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Posted in: Japan reports 95,916 new coronavirus cases; 9,880 in Tokyo See in context

Just stop reporting the numbers - now that hospitals/clinics have permission to not report cases if they don't have the time, there is no point in reporting any numbers. The are now completely meaningless.

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Posted in: Japan reports 192,413 new coronavirus cases; 18,423 in Tokyo See in context

Whats the point in reporting the numbers anymore, when then government has already given its blessing to not having to report non serious cases? At least before the number indicated the absolute minimum of infections, but now they it doesn't even represent that - they might as well pick a number out of a hat.

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Posted in: Japan reports 200,975 coronavirus cases See in context

My primary care doctor says that if/when I become infected, he will put me on Paxlovid straight-away. I hope you and your partner have easy access to this antiviral.

I've heard good thing about Paxlovid - I wonder how difficult it is to get prescribed though?

In the US it's pretty easy, but here I'm not so sure of its availability - can a clinic prescribe it or only a hospital?

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Posted in: New Zealand COVID-19 death rate at record levels See in context

Pretty misleading headline.

NZ classifies covid deaths as anyone that dies within 28 days of testing positive.

This means if you die of a heart attack, stroke, some type of organ failure, etc, its classified as a covid death, even if they had no symptoms.

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Posted in: Japan reports 195,161 coronavirus cases See in context

If there are only 15 severe cases in Tokyo, then why , as we constantly hear on the news, are hospitals full and why is it taking ambulances hours to find a bed for patients? Oh thats right - severe here means on an ecmo machine - if you are not connected to one of those, you are not classed as severe even if you require oxygen to breathe. If you are unable to eat or drink because you can't swallow, thats not severe either. What a complete farce.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe dies after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

Doctor says it was from the front - all the reporting was wrong.

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Posted in: New Zealand to fully reopen to the world in August: Ardern See in context

last time she have said that they want vaccinated people far no trace about this 

yes, when their population was not highly vaccinated, of course they didn't want unvaccinated people flying in - now they are highly vaccinated and hospital numbers are coming down, unvaccinated can come.

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Posted in: Child's body found after tour boat sinks; probe of operator launched See in context

If the captain was instructed to sail, then we will never know because he is dead and the people who instructed him won't admit it (unless an email trail is found).

On the news, another tour boat operator said he told the captain not to sail as it was too rough, but the captain just said "yes" and carried on.

Personally, it's hard to believe an experienced captain, seeing the weather, and knowing much tougher fishing boats had returned because of the conditions, would put his/passengers lives at risk unless he felt pressured some how.

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Posted in: Dollar rises to highest level against yen since June 2015; stocks fall See in context

well, that sucks - I have quite of bit of yen in the bank and no wish to spend it here - should've sent it back home 6 month ago. Oh well.

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Posted in: Japan to see higher prices for food, daily goods from Friday See in context

Rising prices, stagnant wages, little savings, small pensions, a one party political system - what is a Japanese person to do?

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Posted in: Dozens of whales die in New Zealand mass stranding See in context

something about the geography of that beach which seems to confuse whales.

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Posted in: World leaders renew calls to investigate attacks on civilians in Ukraine See in context

It is worth noting it should be the same for any crimes committed by Ukraine/NATO.

Like what for example? NATO haven't fired a shot in this war or you have evidence to the contrary?

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 15 years in jail for truck driver in fatal drunk driving case See in context

During the subsequent investigation, Umezawa’s co-workers said he had been drinking alcohol while on duty for the past five years and that they had repeatedly warned him against it.

so his co-workers knew which means his bosses also probably knew, yet they did nothing...

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Posted in: Ghosn aide Kelly faces verdict in Nissan trial See in context

Best of luck to him.

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Posted in: Japan willing to accept Ukrainian refugees: Kishida See in context

My bet is that they will let in a maximum of 50 people.

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Posted in: From banking to sports to vodka, Russia's isolation grows See in context

Even those of us who don't support Russia at all are somehow Russian schills.

It's not about not supporting Russia, it's about not supporting Putin.

The vast majority of Russians do not want this war - they do not identify with Putin and would love to be rid of him because he is a murderous dictator.

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Posted in: From banking to sports to vodka, Russia's isolation grows See in context

The current problem could clearly have been avoided of US, EU and Nato had behaved more responsible.

Ukraine is full of Russians. Funny thing is, they do not not want to part of Russia, and especially do not want a murdering warmonger as their president. But yes, you are probably right, it's the fault of the US/EU/Nato that Russia invaded a sovereign nation who showed zero hostility towards it. It's all their fault. \s

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Posted in: Japan's COVID vaccine chief may be replaced to speed up 3rd shots See in context

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Suga say one of the reasons why he resigned, was to concentrate all his efforts on fighting covid?. Why doesn't he take on the role or is he still asleep?

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Posted in: New Zealand police rule out forcibly clearing anti-vaccination protesters See in context

I assume its because the vaccines are still "experimental" for the most part

no, they are not.

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Posted in: New Zealand police rule out forcibly clearing anti-vaccination protesters See in context

Police made a major error in allowing them to block the roads in the first place. When that started happening, the cars should have been towed immediately - that would've dissuaded others from doing the same. Nobody really cares about them standing on the parliament grounds and protesting, but obstructing roads and businesses, and abusing innocent people is not on.

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Posted in: New Zealand virus cases reach record high as anti-vaccine protesters claim win See in context

Why do vaccinated masked people have to care?

They didn't care when these folks were protesting peacefully, but as soon as they started abusing people, families, obstructing businesses, ambulances, spitting at bus drivers, then they started to care.

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Posted in: New Zealand virus cases reach record high as anti-vaccine protesters claim win See in context

They are just a bunch of idiots - what little sympathy they had from some onlookers has now gone after the numerous reports of abuse of businesses, bus drivers, innocent people just walking to work because they are wearing masks, blocking ambulances. They are just sad individuals who have nothing better to do and I hope they all end up in jail.

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Posted in: Valieva skates into first place after Olympic short program; Sakamoto third See in context

She shouldn't be competing - she has tested positive for a banned substance (there is no dispute about this). Her spokesperson says she got the pills mixed up with her grandfathers pills - is that really a legitimate excuse nowadays?

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Posted in: Teenage skater Valieva in action as fury mounts over Olympic reprieve See in context

Russia caught cheating again, and being let off again.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 18,891 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 99,695 See in context

btw, for those who think corona is mostly harmless, or like the flu, read the first 4 paragraphs of this report which was released just today

the study was done on over 11m people and showed no matter age, medical condition, whether u were hospitalized or not, your chance of long term permanent heart damage was significantly increased. The report also states that covid is likely to become the number 1 cause of all heart decease in the coming years, even more so than smoking and obesity.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 18,287 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 97,833 See in context

first time we are down week on week I believe - wouldn't be surprised if we are past the peak now.


not sure why I am getting down voted for stating something that is very likely true.

a. The percentage increase from week to week has been getting smaller and smaller.

b. This is the first time the week to week count has gone down (and by over 3000)

c. This amount of time (4-5 weeks) matches what has been seen overseas (and Okinawa) before the numbers started going down.

You can argue the peak has been reached only because of limited testing (probably true), nonetheless there is a strong likelihood it has.

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