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Posted in: Stem cells recovered from cloned human embryos See in context

But why? Scientists already know how to regress adult stem cells.

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Posted in: New school swimsuit in Japan conservative and surprisingly cute See in context

If you are on the swim-team then something else will need to be worn. Those frills will seriously slow you down! But it does cover you up.

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Posted in: Is it ever OK to compliment a co-worker's appearance on the job? See in context

Has there ever been a time, before our current era, where people were so easily offended?

They say there is nothing new under the sun but this seems to be a first in history.

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Posted in: Will Downey suit up again after $175 mil 'Iron Man 3' haul on opening weekend? See in context

I waited my whole life for my favorite childhood comic book to become a movie on the big screen. It was worth the wait!

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Posted in: Sushi break See in context

The front of the building looks cleverly designed to repulse customers.

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Posted in: Eastwood says he'd love to be directing at age 105 See in context

@Bura- We all make mistakes.

BTW I talk to the tv sometimes. Even scream at it. ;)

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Posted in: Mona Nakanishi makes her return to showbiz - for 3rd time See in context

Sigh, no way to delete a post. I was going by the order in which the article flowed and the actual dates got glossed over.

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Posted in: Mona Nakanishi makes her return to showbiz - for 3rd time See in context

Based on the article it sounded like SHE was married while having an affair. Thanks to the commentators I now know better.

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Posted in: Baby gorilla born at Tokyo zoo See in context

Pictures would have made the story more enjoyable. Otoh I had a vision of a baby Grape-Ape being taken care of. If you grew up in the 70's you know what I'm talking about. ;)

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Posted in: Mos Burger goes green with Natsumi burgers See in context

Looks like it may taste good. I'd try it.

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Posted in: Seeing green See in context

I hate it when people take pictures of me. I know! I'll dress in neon green and wear a face diaper!


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Posted in: Management game from Japan simulates actual business experiences See in context

Made in 1976? Seems kind of old to be bringing this up as news. I didn't see any mention of a re-vamp or added features. There are newer pc games out that let you run your own business. Capitalism 2 is one of them and you can play it alone if you like.

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Posted in: World ninjas gather in Japan for women's meet See in context

Pirates > Ninjas

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Posted in: No. 2 man in biggest yakuza gang jailed for extortion See in context

“The builder’s testimony that he had been the victim of extortion by the defendant is credible.”

Balls of Steel!

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Posted in: The graduate See in context

Such a cute lil guy. The family look like nice people.

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Posted in: The world's postal services are struggling with lower demand for letter deliveries. How would you feel if the mailman became a thing of the past? Do you still eagerly look in your mailbox each day? See in context

There was an article asking if e-mail was not living up to its promise of productivity. With much of the day being used just to go through unwanted spam. E-mail will never go away nor should the postal service. Although the postal service may do better as a private enterprise.

If you want to get someone's attention skip the email and send them a real letter. Real letters come in 3-D.

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Posted in: Korea’s ban on pachinko gambling sees increase in gamblers coming to Japan See in context

What happens in Vegas, err Japan, stays in Japan. ;)

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Posted in: Bank of Yokohama implements ‘plain clothes interview’ in hiring new graduates See in context

Would it help or hurt to wear gothic-lolita attire to the interview? I think its rather cute.

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Posted in: Exercise, less sitting time mean better sleep See in context

Make a positive change for yourself today! Get that body moving! Whether you love your body or hate it, it's the best instrument you will ever own! Get up and dance around the room! Find a pool and go swimming! Make a friend and go walking with them everyday!

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Posted in: 2 years after Fukushima, Japan's nuclear lobby bounces back See in context

What if the wind had blown over Fukushima from a different direction? Even with how bad it is Japan needs to count itself lucky. The harm that could have been done is much worse. The nuclear industry in Japan has proven itself incapable, incompetent, and immoral in the safe operation of nuclear power plants.

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Posted in: 3 adult siblings arrested for living with mother's skeletal remains See in context

Mommy was becoming a Mummy!

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Posted in: Nissan HQ opens a daycare facility to help increase female managers up to 10%. See in context

Nice step! Welcome to the 1980's.

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Posted in: Abe says Tokyo deserves 2020 Games See in context

"...you don't get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate." quoted from Chester L. Karrass

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Posted in: Japan’s energy challenges 2 years on from Fukushima See in context

Sorry about that Ranger. I would love to see the new Solar Paper technology replace nuclear energy.

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Posted in: Honda develops world's 1st process to reuse rare earth metals extracted from nickel-metal hydride batteries See in context

I wanted to know if the process was cost-effective.

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Posted in: Japan’s energy challenges 2 years on from Fukushima See in context

Solar Paper! Just saying...


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Posted in: Toyota considers new re-employment system for over-60-year-old employees See in context

I would be interested in knowing the kinds of jobs these seasoned citizens are re-employed in. For the majority it would be good if they could do jobs similar to what they did before retiring. If it is all just make-work programs then expect depression to be a problem.

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Posted in: The political clout of the super-rich See in context

Volland-san in the US "the people" do not get to vote for president. The presidential vote is undertaken by the electoral college.

The house and senate seats are voted on directly by all citizens though. They are our representatives and they are the ones that draft laws.

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Posted in: Researchers at Osaka University create energy-producing 'solar paper' See in context

This solar paper + paper thin lcd + nano-chip = win!

paper thin lcd invented by sony in 2010 http://www.redferret.net/?p=21474

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Posted in: More firms selling prime real estate to get cash See in context

What will happen with the buildings? Will they sit empty for years with the windows broken and looking like an eyesore? When General Motors closed down some plants in my city they worked with the local government and tore the buildings down. There's lots of open real estate along the river now.

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