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Posted in: Double tax season just around the corner for U.S. expats See in context

I read a year ago how US expats are giving up their citizenships because the dual tax laws are so hard to comply with. I believe this is a link to the article I read.

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Posted in: Japanese woman, 114, named world's oldest woman See in context

I hope her life is filled with happy memories. That's a seriously long time to be alive!

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Posted in: Robot suit gets global safety certificate See in context

A good "first step" ,as it were, toward a full powered-armor suit.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to spend Y10 tril on public works in 15 months See in context

Build giant robots to thwart any potential alien invasions!

Why has nobody mentioned this yet?

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Posted in: Humanoid robot to keep Japanese astronaut company on space station See in context

Name it "SpyBot"

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Posted in: Ceramic frying pan See in context

@The Munya Times: Yes, it does seem like aluminum with ceramic coating. I prefer to stay away from aluminum as much as possible. If the ceramic coating proves to last a long time it may be safe to use this though.

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Posted in: Yakuza membership lowest since 1992, police say See in context

I read somewhere that Japan has had a lower birth-rate for years. Could it just be that the number is down but the percentage of young Yakuza remains the same?

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Posted in: Salt-loving wheat could help ease food crisis See in context

@ironchef The alternative to "messing with the food supply" is to let poor people starve because food becomes unaffordable. There are other alternatives like China's 1 child policy or other even worse ideas.

According to a life expectancy study posted at our life expectancy has been going up for the past 40 years or so you mention. People do get sick today and in the past. We get new diseases today but there were still plagues in the past that could have wiped out entire civilizations.

As an adult, this is the internet so I can only presume, you are free to make your own choices as to what to put in your body. Organic is great if you can afford it. Growing your own food is even better if you live where it's possible. But you had the opportunity to survive to adulthood only because there was enough food for you.

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