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Expect a $200+ repair bill if this $800 stovetop espresso machine “burns out”.

If you are looking for an expensive non-functional piece of kitchen sculpture rather than a durable, affordable coffee maker, look no further.

When a stovetop espresso machine is left on the heat too long, consumers need only replace one rubber component at negligible cost. The trade in replacement gaskets is testament to the fact that it happens often. But if you leave the Otto on the heat, all of it’s relatively complicated rubber components “burn out”. If you follow up with the manufacturers as I did, you’ll be asked to post the machine at your own expense to their Victorian headquarters and foot the $200 repair bill. When this happened to me I was outraged that such an expensive machine could be ruined so easily. It made me question the Otto’s viability and ponder the question of whether this fancy machine is “fit for its intended purpose”.

Perhaps most consumers would find it difficult to "enjoy their Otto's coffee" if they knew that a simple and common mistake could put the machine out of action for good, or cost them upwards of $200.

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