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Posted in: Obama urges kids to pay attention in school See in context

Looks like fundementalist conservatives relying on the imaginations of rumors in order to make hay over everything the president does.

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Posted in: 2 pardoned U.S. journalists leave North Korea with Bill Clinton See in context

There's very little to worry about whether there were hidden costs or compromises made in this deal.

For one, NK would have to take our word that we'd honor up on whatever so called secret deals some people are theorising. We'd have very little reason to want to anyway, since NK hadn't honored up on their agreements.

So we can reliably assume promises of material use, or alliances were not made.

All I can see here for certain is that NK wanted world recognition, as everyone else is coming to conclude.

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Posted in: Poll in U.S. finds support for World War II atom bombings See in context

The poll doesn't surprise me, nor should it be.

For those who have actual memories of the war, the alternative laid before them weren't so obvious, nor conveniently varied as it is today.

Since WWII, atomic weapons have gained a stigma, and additional consequences, for the generations born after WWII.

By today's standards, atomic weapons mean an end to civilisation and the destruction of the world. No longer an option for the wars we now see today, considering the advance of more "precise" weaponry.

However, polls and questions can be deceptive, leaning towards ulterior motives for the self interest of those who wish to redefine our history into their hands.

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Posted in: Obama moving to center on some issues See in context

Wolfpack... By all sides with an ounce of rationality and a perception of reality, everyone knows he has been made to move towards the center to get anything done.

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Posted in: Why do Asian pop stars have a hard time succeeding in the U.S. market? See in context

Language barrier mainly.

Saying foreign bands can't make it in the USA and racism is patently ridiculous considering the history such as the Beetles, and besides, given how huge rap and hip hop are in the States, how many rap artist do you think are white?

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Posted in: Jun Hasegawa capitalizes on 'haafu' look See in context

How is saying haafu any different from saying one parent is from country A and the other parent is from country B (apart from being a lot quicker and easier to say)? - Cleo

To make a point, I'd say Japanese can also be made "a lot quicker and easier to say" if we shortened it too.

But we know how we all feel about that, so maybe you can understand how some people view the term "haafu".

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Posted in: More Japanese shunning the outside world See in context

I'm surprised Japan celebrates this at all.

Wasn't the fact it was done at gunpoint make this an odd thing to celebrate at all?

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Posted in: U.S. monitoring N Korea missile activity from Japan See in context

If its predicted trajectory goes into either Japan or US airspace, I say shoot the sucker down when it leaves N. Korea's.

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Posted in: Half and haafu See in context

Is anyone else a little turned off that he doesn't consider his first friends, his "true friends"?

I wouldn't be so quick to say all biracial kids have bad experiences, I'm aware of it, but I got no flak or teasing for it here in the US at all.

If it helps, I identify myself first by my nationality. If my life started elsewhere, like say Kenya, I'd say I was Kenyan despite not looking at all like the nation's ethnic majority.

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Posted in: Toshiba to build 2 nuclear plants in U.S. See in context

They may be comparable enough that the price difference is worth it. Who knows.

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Posted in: From military alliance to total alliance See in context

The article makes Japan read like a jealous girlfriend.

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Posted in: Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation See in context


Well, my question is, if Hamas agrees to stop firing rockets, how long do they have to wait until Israel lifts the blockade?

I couldn't see any nation having an open border with another that advocates their annihilation.

Hamas' biggest obstacle is themselves.

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Posted in: Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation See in context

Israel responded to the rocket fire from Lebanon with mortar shots.

I've stopped caring about Israel and Palestine ever since Hamas thought it was a great idea to poke a bear with rockets and Israel's ridiculous heavy-handed response and general attitude toward international opinion and aid groups.

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Posted in: China at sea See in context

China will take lessons from the US' recent adventure as International Police Man, and balk at the cost and realize, "Damn! Why do we want to go to war or hold down and present order in a crapistan like that?"

That is if reason prevails, and it probably will. China will more than likely work towards gaining greater access to fuel and resources to keep its economy up. The big worry is if it would do the same as what everyone claims the US was doing in Iraq, war for oil.

Well, we may see something that frightening one day in our lives, but if China reminds itself that buisness runs smoother without conflicts and suspicious glares, it can easily be welcomed in the world, but it's problem with its way of governing will keep holding back its potential.

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Posted in: Gaza violence rages on despite U.N. cease-fire call See in context

We sell them our weapons, but it's Israel pulling the trigger.

You know what, I'd like to believe peace would one day happen within my lifetime in Israel and Palestine, much like how we got Barack Obama as president, but it won't.

Thousands of years of conflict in that region, and racial bigotry and religion used to excuse atrocities has poisoned that section of the world to make people kill each other and forget they're human.

I say after so many years of telling them to get along with each other I say enough is enough.

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Posted in: It isn’t easy being green in Japan See in context

the less trash you generate, the less trash you have to puzzle over when recycling day rolls around.

Overall the most important thing to learn in this article.

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Posted in: Is reading manga really so bad? See in context

"It's that evil rock & roll music!"

Sound familiar?

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Posted in: U.S. congressman warns of Obama dictatorship See in context

Wow, this congressman is classy, "Oh I'm not comparing him to Hitler or anything coughNAZIMARXISTcough, I'm just saying..."

What happened to a person's ability to have tact, and a respectful dialogue?

Obama's victory was a clear message people were tired of many things that happened over the 8 years of Bush, and one of those things were the disgusting amounts of partisan venom.

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Posted in: Obama lookalike comedian Nocchi hones his routine See in context

I think the looks department isn't that far off. I think he has a good foundation that can be worked on with not much effort with some Hollywood makeup.

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Posted in: Can Uncle Sam bounce back? See in context

Actually you could.

We do have an example of a mortal man tackling as many problems, worse actually, and eventually through our country's determination, and his persistance, succeed. FDR.

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Posted in: Net cafes becoming delivery rooms for poor pregnant girls See in context

Remove the doors in net Cafes.

They can be in cubicles, but there needs to be some ability for the owners to check up on the condition of their equipment, rooms, and the occupants.

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl named 'best idol with glasses' See in context

11 year old children shouldn't be Idols at all. This is bad for society.

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Posted in: Georgia says Russians pulling out of Gori See in context

Russians are still planning to stay in Georgia's S. Ossetia.

America and the old Soviet Republics aren't just nervous, every single country that had to fear the USSR in the past are nervous as heck.

NATO may either do a more bold move into Soviet Republics to deter Russian force, or shy away and let Russia dominate them.

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Posted in: Russia expands Georgia blitz, deploys ships See in context

This is really Georgia's foolhardy decision to invade South Ossetia. They should have instead pressured the Russian peacekeepers to be replaced by UN peacekeepers (since it's these Russian peacekeepers that process the South Ossetians into Russian citizenship), and settle for having the South Ossetians with Russian citizenships be deported.

I wonder if Russia is going to point at Kosovo's bid for independence as an example to justify annexing South Ossetia? Which is never an argument to justify these agressive actions, the "well if they can do it, so can we."

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Posted in: Russia expands Georgia blitz, deploys ships See in context

My strategy for Georgia would have been not to piss of Russia and give them any excuse, no matter how flimsy. Too late now though. However they could have solved their problem by deporting any Georgian citizen that took Russian citizenship as is the case in South Ossetia.

It would have looked ugly internationally, but a war with Russia would have been avoided with no seperatists left in the country to cause this conflict in the first place.

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Posted in: Anti-Obama books are best-sellers See in context

Thank you zurcronium. I always felt it never suited the Republicans to mock something true. Though I'll say the same with Democrats, but lately since 2003 I've been seeing a lot of ridiculous things coming from the political right. Though I'm sure the left is to blame for a few of their own.

However Obama is right, and the context of his comment was stretched to dishonest lengths by the Republicans responsible for the attack. Someone asked what we the people could do, on our own initiative, and Barack gave an honest answer.

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Posted in: Hiroshima mayor hopes next U.S. president will back ban on nuclear weapons See in context

Nuclear weapons is a point of no return when competition and conflict exhists between nations who own them. For it is the ONLY thing that prevents those particular countries going to war with each other. The Cold War could have been World War III without the threat of Mutual Assured Destruction.

For instance North Korea makes a lot more sense to invade if WMD's were an issue as was the case with Iraq. But having Nukes and the ballistic missiles to hit the US and it's allies essentially gave it immunity.

If a ban on Nuclear weapons means getting rid of them, it will never happen. It's your only protection against anyone else's nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: Good knight See in context

Ledger's death is eclipsed by how outstanding his performance as the elemental force of nature that he turned the Joker into.

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Posted in: The Mummy 3 See in context

Yeoh looks great for her age.

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Posted in: U.S. nuclear sub visits Japan amid radiation leak controversy See in context

Regardless, a nuclear sub is docking. Monitoring for radiation leaks as usual. The protests at least keep the politicians more alert for the need of what is already in place. Monitoring.

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