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Posted in: Religious right AWOL from the real war See in context

It's a bit early to forcast doom and gloom on the sovereingty of the US, Canada and Mexico. NAU isn't going to happen for another century or more.

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Posted in: Obama revels in a presidential race with many contrasts See in context


Especially so, when considering he got ahead in the primaries because of his differences, probably the thing that would back him to have a shot at the presidency. Now though, he really is playing into Obama's hand.

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Posted in: Obama revels in a presidential race with many contrasts See in context

I think the real tragedy for McCain, is how he has had to shelve his beliefs for the Republican party to be the nominee.

I recall him disagreeing with key economic decisions with President Bush and how the war was to be conducted, and now he has to reverse his disagreements to keep in line with how the Republican party wants him to be if he essentially wants campaign money, or be attacked non-stop by his own comrades.

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Posted in: Toyota to build hybrid Prius in U.S. for 1st time See in context

Kind of reminds me of a bank.

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Posted in: Darth Vader See in context

Ah Chad Vader. Fun stuff.

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Posted in: Murder suspect arrested in Obama See in context

Man, Obama tough on crime. I love it.

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Posted in: Obama vows not to question anyone's patriotism See in context

The idea that having served in the military makes you a better a candidate than a person who doesn't, as some sacred rule, is false in my opinion.

Our current president served in the military and look how well he's handled Iraq.

Gen. Westley Clark made a comment recently, that just serving the military as a soldier doesn't automatically give you executive experience.

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Posted in: Iwo Jima sand souvenirs grate on Japanese sensibilities See in context

Sounds pretty Epic.

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Posted in: What do you think of the Mainichi's decision to cease publishing its WaiWai tabloid tidbits section on its English online site following complaints that it portrays Japanese society in a negative ligh See in context

I agree it's interesting trash, and loved/hate every bit of the weird it protrayed. The wrong thing here in my opinion is the unnecessary disciplinary actions. That's just pure BS.

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Posted in: Supreme Court says U.S. Constitution gives Americans right to own guns See in context

If I'm in a crime-ridden area, I WOULD DEFINATELY WANT A GUN. My opponents will definately have one, regardless if they follow laws or not. Without one, I am not on a equal footing to protect myself or my family.

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Posted in: Obama says he won't take public campaign funds See in context

We could hope for that, but even with the current public campaign funds worked out, you can still have tax-exempt 527 groups do UNLIMITED spending on ads on behalf of a candidate or party.

Barack isn't fooling himself that the current system is fair.

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Posted in: 4 robot makers join hands to compete with South Korea See in context

You're weird.

Anyways, we already have Cyborgs. Just not to the extent you fantasize.

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Posted in: Black conservatives conflicted over Obama See in context

I'm also an American of mixed ancestry and I never bothered to seperate myself as Asian-American. To me, I'm just American.

Some people self-righteously declare themselves a particular race despite their mixed background and to me that just seems like playing teams. I hate that.

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Posted in: Clinton loosens up — finally See in context

Vote for me because I'm a woman!

Doesn't sound as good nor important on principle as the experience angle.

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl hangs herself after message on blog tells her to die See in context

Crazy mind control powers sends girl to her death.

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Posted in: Few authorities know how to deal with rape victims in Japan See in context

It's barbaric backward thinking.

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Posted in: Obama tries to distance himself from pastor See in context

Some of you people have the most screwed up priorities I have ever heard.

You're more disgusted with the political barbs spoken in a political contest, than the thousands of lives we bleed for a stupid war that doesn't protect us, and spending off our future generation to the poor house to boot.

Please, hit yourself over the head, and get your priorities straight.

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Posted in: 'Speed Racer' premiere to be held on world's largest screen at Tokyo Dome See in context

Spielberg didn't direct Transformers, he produced it. As in sold the idea to a bunch of Hollywood execs and helped advertised.

The director was the same guy who did Pearl Harbor.

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Posted in: The 2008 Nazi Olympics See in context

Interesting article.

It does at least give me a new perspective why China invaded, though I'm not going to believe for a moment for altruistic reasons. Tibet is a good base for operations in greater Asia, and if the communist power of the day thought that America or Britain would use it to prevent the spread of communism I can see why they would preempt the take over of Tibet.

Regardless, that is only a revealing history lesson, this however is all about the human condition of China's rule in Tibet.

Tibetans are pissed. They'd like more autonomy if not to regain their independence. Heck, maybe they like to practice their religion without being persecuted.

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Posted in: The 2008 Nazi Olympics See in context

I notice some people are calling for others to stop injecting politics into the 2008 Olympics, but you seem to have a large blind spot in regard to how China is setting up the Olympics themselves.

Tibet wants to be free of Chinese domination.

China wants to be a superpower.

My suggestion is to not watch the Olympics, or go to it if you disagree with it, which doesn't change anything for me anyways.

Nothing is sacred about the Olympics when put into practice, it has high ideals, but it never reflects reality.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

The previous design was more eye friendly and easier to read in a hurry.

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