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Posted in: 20,830 suicides reported in Japan in 2021 See in context

Missing info is that there must be a large number of suicide attempts or surviving suicidal people under intensive care (but some end up being in vegetation state).

Many young and working age people constitute the majority in suicidal cases. They are victims of covid failed responses, not covid itself.

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Posted in: Beijing Olympics can be meaningful even without fans, Tokyo 2020 chief says See in context

Anal swabs are awaiting Olympic participants for entry. Hopefully biometric info from their samples won't be abused in any way.


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Posted in: Olympic athletes urged by activists not to criticize China See in context

I wonder if we will be able to watch the events on live at the exact moment. Most likely is that pictures are a few seconds delayed for broadcasting so that the authorities can intervene, removing any "inapropriate" scenes. Such quick censorship is very common in China.

All the same I will boycott viewing the event which justifies the rights abuse and Orwellian surveillance. Just outcomes- news reporting is enough. Worse, zero corona bulls--t will disrupt the Games. Btw, where is Zhang Gali Now Let's? Let's hope that foreign altheles and delegates will not become victims of sex crimes by CCP.

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Posted in: Japan to put Tokyo, 12 other prefectures under COVID quasi-emergency See in context

The nationwide reproductive number has already been decreasing from its peak 5.77 (on Jan. 9) down to 2.49 (Jan. 17).

The number will continue to fall naturally and independently of the imposition of SOE. The Omicron fall is quite sharp as seen in South Africa, UK or else. Yet due to some confounding effects, it may appears that the SOE is taking an effect. We should be able to stay smart, not to be fooled by populist politicians.

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Posted in: Japan to put Tokyo, 12 other prefectures under COVID quasi-emergency See in context

Under the quasi-emergency, prefectural governors can designate specific areas for measures against the virus and make their own decision on business hours or the serving of alcohol at local eateries.

It's off the mark. Amid the current wave, most infections occur at home and nursing/healthcare facilities, NOT in bars/restaurants under targeted areas. The majority testing positive are now kids and young adults who can't go out to drink alcohol at bars although the SOE aims to regulate alcohol serving.

It's silly that the latest decision has been made without referring to basic data. No brainer.

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Posted in: Japan's daily COVID-19 cases top 30,000, setting new record See in context

Not sure how Osaka can have more than Tokyo, but there it is.

In my quick observation on the streets, there have recently formed long queues for free testing downtown Osaka. Oddly enough most look quite healthy, younger and cheerful while it's pretty cold daytime and social distance rule is often breached. Out there, they must be imposed to infection risks.

Osaka is more active on and accountable for testing policy than Tokyo. But I'd suggest the delivery of test kit to all its residents instead of establishing testing centres.

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Posted in: China orders overseas mail disinfection over Omicron fears See in context

Meaningless unless they also stop homeland delivery from Omicron-case confirmed areas to Beijing. Don't try to hide your failing zero-corona policy by blaming foreign countries.

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Posted in: Japan looks to expand COVID quasi-emergency to Tokyo, 10 other prefectures See in context

Be reasonable. Many young and working age people have suffered and died of effects of covid restrictions while a very small number of people in Japan have died of covid in average 82 or much older. Local as well as global empirical data suggest that dominant Omicron symptoms and casualties are much closer to common flu's.

In Tokyo there are only 5 serious patients, 200+ nationwide. 2 dead reported yesterday. Why are (again) healthcare resources easily overwhelmed?? Why not stopping treating covid like deadly infectious like SARS or Ebola? That arrangement is self-choking.

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Posted in: 3 stabbed at University of Tokyo ahead of entrance exams See in context

Alan Harrison

I think that there has always been violent crime in Japan, but in the past a lot was brushed under the carpet, in order to continue the myth that Japan is safe. Nowadays it is reported more, but many news outlets keep insisting that such incidents are rare. The above comment is probably right. There is a lot of viciousness under the surface in Japan.

Untrue. By official records and studies, the number of crimes in Japan have been decreasing consistently for two decades, and the number of crimes committed by youth have significantly been falling to a record low despite more reporting to authorities. Unlike your perception, Japan is getting safer in this regard.


少年非行の劇的な減少 日本犯罪心理学会

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Posted in: Police escorts, hazmat suits - welcome to Beijing's Olympic bubble See in context

Police escorts, hazmat suits - welcome to Beijing's Olympic bubble

It's actually un-welcoming to anyone for fear of covid ( except perhaps sponsor partners). Ironically this is how global boycott will be achieved :)

I suspect that covid has already intrude into Beijing as seeing spikes in Tianjin, a neighboring city well-connected to the capital.

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Posted in: Fast Retailing reports record first-quarter performance See in context

Has the company already been clear of the allegation of Uighur forced labours' expoitation?

The company, one of the world's top apparel retailers, kept its net profit forecast for the year to August 2022 unchanged at 175 billion yen -- a three-percent increase from the previous year's record figure.

Its results have also been boosted by the depreciation of the yen, which recently hit a five-year low against the dollar.

Wait, they are now considering raising the price on products due to the cheaper yen. Why not re-distribute profits to customers or employees thanks to the cheaper yen? I see a serius beach or hypocricty.


2022/01/14 08:04

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Posted in: Japan eyes shortened isolation period for close Omicron contacts See in context

It's reasonable, especially for essential workers whose sudden two-week long absence at work could badly affect many other people and communities. Most close contact people test negative while under the current guideline they must be treated almost as equal as "patients". Nonsense and costly.

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Posted in: Japan must co-exist with virus while achieving growth, says minister See in context

For those who are cynical or critical to "living with corona," could you please show me any alternative model of way-out? Or do you really support "zero corona" practiced by Chine under the commonest rule ? Out there only a few cases will lead to full shutdown of the entire community affecting millions of residents who are also forced to mass-testing and their privacy being tagged and monitored to GPS systems. Despite that, Omicron now seems to outwit Beijing complacency. Overall I'm afraid more of a Orwellian society than of covid.

Coexisting with corona is not merely about money or growth. The latest semi SOE/extension has already met the tidal wave of cancellation/delay of sociocultural and relational events across the country, some of which were supposed to be once and irreversible. Hope is dashed, and so many invaluable things have been sacrificed for human life. This is particularly true and truly silly for Japan with very low corona casualties.

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Posted in: IOC major sponsors mostly muted in runup to Beijing Olympics See in context

Zero corona is failing. Omicron wave will force Beijing to beg foreign delegates to "boycott" or cancel their visit...quite ironic.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 962 new coronavirus cases; 775 in Okinawa See in context

I think we should put more restrictions on BARS and RESTAURANTS if they cooperate we should reimburse their wages. It is to prevent the spread of the virus.

It is pointed out that some bars and restaurants have actually been better off by shutting down under SOE with relief funds rather than by running precarious businesses without SOE. A bad incentive can arise unless the support programmes are sensibly implemented.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 962 new coronavirus cases; 775 in Okinawa See in context

In Okinawa, one of the most affected areas with the lowest vax rate, more than 90% of those testing positive have no/mild symptoms. Nationwide, about 90% of all positive cases for Omicron have no/mild symptoms.

9割が無症状・軽症か オミクロン株の分析進む

The findings are also consistent with overseas cases.

Despite a relatively small impact, Japan's heathcare system for covid is still under overwhelming risk due to regulations. Time to revise it, to enable all healthcare workers to join the frontline and to treat patients on the spot without consulting the public health center.

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Posted in: Japan extends entry ban on non-resident foreigners until end of February: Kishida See in context

The government may modify the measure and allow foreign students and family members for union to enter the county.

水際対策、一部緩和へ 外国籍家族・留学生ら念頭に政府調整

My guess is that the government is likely to lift or relax the entry ban before the end of February. First, by then Omicron will have widespread across the country. Second, the impact on the healthcare system will remain minimal (quite hopefully, as I see there are still some structural problems in Japan's healthcare crisis management).

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 871 new coronavirus cases; 779 in Okinawa See in context

Fear and panic are like a drug, they're addicted to the big case numbers flashing on the screen.

... and they hope the TV announces "you must stay home for a month and watch Netflix in your pajamas. Don't worry, the government will pay for everything."

I see more and more people become aware of "much ado about nothing" over Omicron wave. For alarmist fearmongering TV commentators, now it's time to quit and find a new way to make ends meet (they've already earned a lot, no?). The current public concern and dominant discourse have more to do with life difficulty due to (excessive) anti-virus measures, or complaints about the lacking or unfair support by the state.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan agree to keep troops on base to curb COVID spread See in context

The three biggest outbreaks in Japan are all around US bases

Yeah, those local spikes are statistically significant or deviant, especially for Iwakuni and its neighbor Hiroshima where daily case numbers had earlier been close to nil for long. Unlike Okinawa, the region also has a high vaccination rate. With DNA analysis the causality will become clear.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan’s French fry rationing extended for about another month See in context

I prefer Mos Berger's French fries though food products there are more expensive.

It may be a sign of poverty when people rush to wait in a long queue seeking such a junk.

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Posted in: COVID quasi-emergency takes effect in 3 prefectures See in context

No Tokyo, Osaka/Kyoto? Because Omicron numbers are not way up in these places yet?

It's not solely the case number and its daily change which decide the implementation of SOE/quasi. Tokyo as well as Osaka have so far maintained enough heathcare capacity in the face of Omicron-led surge such as bed occupancy rates.

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 1,759 new coronavirus cases; 1,224 in Tokyo See in context

Statistics on what is deemed as a “real” patient vs “not a real patient” please?

I think it is quite bold to assume out of the 16,555 hospitalised that most of them do not need care and it is simply a formality, if they’re not “real”. A hospital bed taken, regardless of if the patient is “real” or not, is a hospital bed taken.

The original Mainichi data never specify how many being hospitalized are categorized as "close contact." Close contact people are usually healthy. They may be called "virus-carrier suspects", but obviously not covid patients unless being confirmed by test. By the law in Japan, however, they must also stay at hospital for caution and further inquiry, which I believe is no longer practical. Covid is not Ebola, HIV or Sars, but the current law almost treats it as such.

Highly infectious Omicron is likely to raise the number of close contact as well as of the category "hospitalization." Like policy commonly taken in many other countries, I think it enough for close contact people to self-isolate at home, outside hospital. Likewise we needn't panic over the fast rising hospitalization number so long as it keeps including the number of close contact .

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Posted in: Japan's 7-Eleven in China fined for describing Taiwan as country See in context

Why not stopping business alltogether and withdrawing from the barbarian land for good? Remember, this is no end. Their "patriotic" nitpicking will go on.

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Posted in: Have you noticed any examples of "shrinkflation" in Japan -- when a product or portion size in a restaurant gets smaller but the price stays the same? See in context

I like the term "shrinkflation", well describing the phenomenon.

I notice that bento lunchboxes seem to have an elevated fake bottom to look full and good.

Although Japanese consumer behaviors are believed to be sensitive or elastic to prices, shrinkflation is now a well known issue. It's futile for producers to make a little trick to keep prices intact.

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Posted in: 12,000 sign petition to ease Japan's tight entry rules over Omicron See in context

Really? I have colleagues on spouse visas, long term residents and permanent residents who recently went home to visit family over the holidays and they seemed fine coming back into the country, as long as they quarantined at home?

You may be right or the article info is wrong or un-updated as I know some similar cases. A problem for the government is that things keep changing irregularly and in a very short notice, and that largely affects visitors (and mostly their wallets, too). It's hard to predict what will come next and when.

The government may try to discourage inbound moves altogether for a while. But free movement is civil rights, and their measure is negligence and rights infringement.

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Posted in: 12,000 sign petition to ease Japan's tight entry rules over Omicron See in context

I find some of the entry process illogical and inefficient. And I feel sorry for people having difficulty for it. Many of them are victims of sensationalism, culture of fear and red-tapes rather than real virus threat.

England is going further for re-opening despite Omicron-led resurgence. I don't yet praise nor blame the decision, but only look at it out of curiosity.

COVID: Pre-departure tests and travel isolation scrapped in England

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Posted in: Olympic chiefs urge Beijing participants to be extra vigilant See in context

Olympic chiefs urge Beijing participants to be extra vigilant

Yes, participants should be extra vigilant of potential rapists who can easily get away with prosecutions on the ground of "patriotic act." Where is Zhang Gaoli now?

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Posted in: Australian PM meets with National Cabinet as virus cases surge See in context

He forgot to mention the biggest debt which will only get bigger from the mass testing obsession. And the damage from closure to the economy from mass staff shortage in all areas as people quarantine at home as a result of the mass testing.

This point is important but often overlooked. I never oppose the mass testing so long as it is wisely implemented in key areas and target groups at the critical moment. However, calling it "free testing" is misleading. It's not charity or courtesy.

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Posted in: North Korea fires unidentified projectile into sea See in context

A single launch to maritime pollution costs about 100 million yen. How many civilians under threat could have been saved with the amount?

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Posted in: Beijing seals off its Olympic 'bubble' See in context

Only three asymptomatic cases have led to a full lockdown on a city of over 1 million residents.

Yuzhou: Second Chinese city forced into Covid lockdown

Nonsense. Omicron outwits China zero tolerance complacency. Community transmission will inevitably happen, and it's not the question of "if", but of when, how and how much.

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