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Posted in: 3 women arrested for operating massage parlor offering sex services See in context

Shouldn't the headline have been: "3 women arrested for operating massage parlor offering sex services in the wrong area"?

You're precise and correct.

Why is it that these operators are only ever arrested when its a foreign owned business but the hundreds or even thousands of Japanese owned businesses that provide the exact same services go virtually untouched?

Yes, police do arrest Japanese operators if they practice illegality (e.g. operating without licenses, or outside designated areas; That's also the case for the three Chinese above). They have raided and arrested many. Believe or not, sexual intercourse is technically banned (so "sex services" should mean other than that).

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Posted in: Japan urges South Korea to drop wartime compensation demands See in context

It seems to me that all South Korea wants is some sincere recognition by the people of Japan similar to the recognition Hiroshima is looking for. 

Much unlike the Korean plaintiff, Japan's A-bomb victims and their families have never demanded compensations from the US government or private entities. Instead, in respecting the international agreement (the 1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty) they sought and received compensations or equivalent treatment from their home Japanese government.

Other countries that participated in colonialism (Canada, Australia etc) are finally recognizing the injustices during colonial times. Japan was late to the colonialism game. I hope Japan will move in this direction too by recognizing the problems of colonialism and educate the population too!

Has the UK government ever publicly apologised and compensated to its former colonised nations around the globe over its past few century-old rule?? How about France or Spain? Don't lecture Japan, the country has moved ahead in this regard.

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Posted in: Biden pushes unity two days before taking over; Trump considers 100 pardons See in context

Biden pushes unity 

But I observe many of his messages delivered in recent public speeches seem to become a bit more divisive and confrontational. The Biden administration should be careful as Trump supporters exist in varying orientations and are still integral part of the American society. Trump lost the election with the biggest ballot numbers. Inconvenient it might be, but it's a hard fact.

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Posted in: Kono to handle coordination of coronavirus vaccinations See in context

Mr Kono understands efficiency. He also can get things done as promised and on scheduled. Hanko use for approval at public office have been abolished by 99%.

押印99%廃止 河野規制改革相「霞が関もやればできる」

I hope he would be able to do so smoothly in vax procurement.

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Posted in: Kono to handle coordination of coronavirus vaccinations See in context

It's sensible. Japan's health ministry is super-busy, engaged in many jobs (they should not only handle public health but also labor issues). They better outsource assignments. I think Minister Kono is capable of handling it.

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Posted in: Japan urges South Korea to drop wartime compensation demands See in context

Japan urges South Korea to drop wartime compensation demands

The headline is a bit misleading as the plaintiff can still seek compensations from its home Korean government (and the Japanese government doesn't oppose such a solution). The Japanese FM Motegi didn't say a word "to drop demands."

It's a Korean domestic issue, having nothing to do with Japanese government as well as private entities.

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Posted in: Student not covering nose with mask disqualified from taking university exams See in context

Cannot blame the examiner on this case. In putting aside the ultility of mask use/debate, they had pre-warned and instructed in written form to applicants while at the same time offering special, alternative treatment if necessary and addressed in application. On site, the dissident was warned 7 times (!) before disqualification. As used to work for school exam monitoring, I may have a symphasy for them.

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Posted in: The governments of many countries, including Japan, have said they will not make a coronavirus vaccine mandatory, but legal experts believe companies could order staff to get a vaccine, unless they have a health exemption. What's your stance on this? See in context

A tough question and dilemma while personally I'd comply with the order ...but it has more to do with social psychological concern rather than the question of health or (loss of) livelihood.

Regardless of the pandemic, we already live side by side with and around various health risks and hazzard. Our health conditions are also diverse in terms of age and heath record. The impact of almost all those risks are relative. It doesn't make sense to try to pick and judge a particular vax program in absolute term.

But, on the top of that for Japan, vacccines should be available to anyone sooner!

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Posted in: Woman arrested after not paying taxi fare from Yokohama to Tottori See in context

When the taxi arrived in Tottori City at 11:40 a.m., the driver asked for the fare which was 236,690 yen, but the woman said she couldn’t pay because she had no money.

Was she wasted? Use other means of transportation. That would be much faster and less costly. About 7,000 yen, 12 hour drive by bus over night.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, some drink on despite gov't request for bars to close at 8 p.m. See in context

The policy seems unreasonable as the short of business hours is more likely to form bigger crowds in the floor. Besides, data about the current wave in Japan shows that a large majority of infection cases took place at home. Public places including bars or restaurants, if properly measured, may be able to provide safe asylum.

Full open with enough spaces, clean air and no drink; or full shutdown for now (with financial support; take-away menu option), that would be a workable solution.

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Posted in: New S Korean ambassador eyes political solutions to issues with Japan See in context

PM Suga didn't see off the outgoing ROK ambassador. It's likely that Japanese officials will continue to give the cold shoulder to the new ambassador Kang. Currently, the ROK is not the top priority among Japan's foreign affairs. They will just wait and see the lame duck president leave office.

Kang should also be accountable for his anti-Japanese remarks in the past.


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Posted in: New S Korean ambassador eyes political solutions to issues with Japan See in context

The new envoy said the two countries should not repeat the mistakes they made in handling the matter.

Talk to your lame duck boss at the Blue House who has continued to make mistakes.

Kang also said he heard that one of the plaintiffs involved in a similar damages lawsuit against the Japanese government recently said the suit can be dropped if the government admits facts and offers an apology.

A nice try, but Japan will never be had with such cheap tactics. Return first all money paid since the 1965 pact if you are to nullify the bilateral ties and to start over for a negotiation.

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Posted in: Saturday marked the first anniversary of Japan's first confirmed COVID-19 case, a man who returned after visiting the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus at the time. Can you remember what you thought when you read or heard about that case? See in context

Just a year ago I wasn't fully aware of its seriousness... yeah, I must acknowledge. It seems to have been understood as "another" health problem in China. While personally feeling a bit weird, a bit sympathy for Wuhan residents, I was relying on updates from the WHO which I (mis-) believed was more credible. At that time alongside an on-site inquiry in China, the WHO officials were discussing whether the virus could be transmitted human-to-human, about which the top leaders continued to remain in denial despite some dissenting and alarmist views from a few WHO members.

For Japan, I assume that the previous virus experience (the 2009 swine flu) gave some thoughts or bias. Japan actually dodged the swine flu at bay quite well with only 200+ deaths. The case was so successful that even the health ministry came under attack by media and the public over its overreaction and excessive curbing measures. I think this "tragedy" had some impact on initial responses to the first case arriving from Wuhan. Not to mention, other practical concerns (the Olympics and inbound economic prospect through Chinese New Year) must also have kept the government slow and hesitant over the virus at that time.

A year from now, serious reviews, reflections and somber discussions are worth doing with cooler heads (though we're still amid the pandemic). I thank JT for giving this opportunity.

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Posted in: Caught off-guard by scant testing, Japan battered by COVID winter See in context

What one's supposed to do AFTER having a test result (and regardless of any test result) is far more important to save many lives and prevent the virus spread. Unfortunately the Japanese government seems ignorant, lax or irresponsible in multiple levels for this post-testing strategy.

No matter how fast positive cases are found though a mass testing program, such efforts are ruined so long as people receive no bed, no place for quarantine; or have a chance to breach anti-virus rules. A negative test result doesn't give an indulgence as you could still be subject to infection in the future...unless well-vaccinated.

"Testing, testing" is thus almost meaningless without beds, med staff, effective regulations, (induced) individual behavior controls and cooperation.

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Posted in: Caught off-guard by scant testing, Japan battered by COVID winter See in context

Finding the positive cases means you have the best chance of stopping the spread or minimising it to clusters. Not finding positive cases allows it to spread more. It’s common sense.

Then why is it that many other countries/cities conducting mass testing programs fail to stop the spread, fail to save many lives, say by ten times and above larger than that of Japan? Your strategy has empirically been denied. Without increasing and upgrading healthcare resources and responding capacity, the discovery of more positive cases would only lead to overwhelming the medical system or leaving patients/virus carriers short of proper treatment. Besides, false results would give people a wrong instruction for subsequent course of action.

This is particularly the case when the virus is going "at large", transmitted deeper into community. I see NZ, Vietnam and Taiwan as exceptional in this regard, as they have yet to experience larger community transmission; under such clean condition at default, a testing blitz does work effectively, for the total number of virus carriers are so small and traceable that target people are fully taken care of within local healthcare capacity.

Make no mistake, I never oppose a mass testing program itself. I'm here stressing it is not yet the current priority for Japan. Much more else should be done first in order to make mass a mass testing successful. My view is shared among other experts.

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Posted in: Japan's suicides jump 16% in COVID-19 2nd wave: study See in context

Despite the pandemic and suicide surge, Japan's overall death numbers in 2020 fortunately decreased by about 20,000, for the first time in 4 decades.

Meanwhile, suicides are likely committed by young and working age individuals under hardship. That's my growing concerns. Loss of their lives and sorrow for surviving family/friends would have impacts on the country's socioeconomic foundations in the long run. It may form a vicious circle unless the pattern is broken.

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Posted in: Japan's suicides jump 16% in COVID-19 2nd wave: study See in context

There is a clear positive correlation between suicide/suicidal tendency and unemployment, demonstrated in many studies. The state job is to save as many lives as possible under various life-threats.

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Posted in: Caught off-guard by scant testing, Japan battered by COVID winter See in context

Hitoshi Oshitani, who has guided the virus response, said increased testing, while important, could overwhelm hospitals.

Without the clear subsequent course of action or support for people testing positive (PCR, at around 70% accuracy), a mass testing blitz ends up being futile or even counter-productive. Under Japan's current healthcare capacity, many are likely to receive almost the same instruction and treatment, regardless of their testing results: self-quarantine at home or designated place. Thus no matter how voluntary or proactive for testing you are, that wouldn't guarantee you and your neighbors better, quicker treatment or better protection. It'd also be a waste of money if you are to take one or more at private clinic.

Testing itself can't save lives. It is not meant for a peace of mind. Increasing healthcare service capacity and readiness should be the current top priority (or should have been so earlier, prior to the third wave, as I've been stressing this point since last spring).

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Posted in: No. of virus patients recuperating at home tops 30,000 See in context

Access to hospitals in case of emergency should be guaranteed. I suggest that non-covid, non essential contacts and diagnosis be made online. But oddly, some old-school doctors and medical associations still resist this alternative service amid the pandemic.... seems, they are choking their own neck. Not only would online services minimize the virus risk, it would also gain new opportunity (outreaching patients away from hospitals)

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Posted in: Japan's new university entrance exams begin See in context

Weird scenario. The future students are held back by "rules" and an a adversity to change. Not really a progressive education system. 

My school and professional experiences suggest that such "progressive" education can't necessarily be attained at school. Compulsory education is particularly the case as its system is standardized and highly structured at expense of diversity and innovative potentials. Individual students grow and get mature at different pace in terms of learning.

I propose that the underage limits be lifted for university entrance exams, enabling talent young to skip grades and classes (and to save money) to reach higher education faster. In the meantime "revolving-door" career development between school and work should be encouraged so that even drop-outs would be able to come back on the track anytime at will. That would lead to diversity on campus as well as in society.

Japan is still a conformist culture, likely to stress collective action: people (should) enter and finish school, start jobhunting and career almost at the same time and en masse. Notice, such are also a big risk of forming crowds vulnerable to infectious diseases.

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Posted in: Japan's new university entrance exams begin See in context

Wish them stay safe and good luck.

So they were unable to figure out how to administer the exams virtually?

It'd take much time to shift testing services fully online. Just look at the case of ETS (offering TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.). But I like the idea which I hope will be materialized anytime soon, regardless of the current pandemic.

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Posted in: When do you think a decision will be made on whether or not to cancel the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

I'm sure that it will be made and finalized in February (an IOC meeting is already scheduled for it). And of course it depends on the virus situations at home in the host Japan as well as overseas.

Personally I don't care about the Tokyo Games anymore, wouldn't get so disappointed in case of the full cancellation. But those who keep blaming Japan over the issue, please don't forget: The problem got started in China.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes punishment for refusal to comply with COVID-19 measures See in context

those refusing to be hospitalized would face a maximum fine of 1 million yen ($9,600) or a prison sentence of up to one year.

But the current situation is that people willing to be hospitalized face denial by hospitals due to lack of resources or under-preparation. Thus the state should also intervene into hospital sides.

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Posted in: Global death toll from COVID-19 tops 2 mil See in context

ps. Japan's fall of death numbers in 2020 is actually for the first time in 4 decades. As an aging society, Japan's rise of death toll is rather patterned and inevitable (A few years ago the overall population size was finally starting to fall as deaths outnumbered births).

I know and somehow agree that the government has been under criticism over its clumsy responses to the virus crisis. But it's not so odd to say that they turn out to be successful if the state's ultimate goal is to save all lives of its people, regardless of covid.

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Posted in: Global death toll from COVID-19 tops 2 mil See in context

There must be larger number of deaths than official confirmed. For example, this week the UK reported 87,000 excess deaths in 2020, a record since WWII (on BBC news). Let's check excess deaths for each country during the pandemic.

The Covid-19 Death Toll Is Even Worse Than It Looks

While the majority show extra death tolls in 2020, Japan is one of outliers showing a significant decrease in the number of annual deaths despite the surge in covid cases and suicides (later last year).

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Posted in: Hiroshima to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 to battle COVID-19 See in context

Hiroshima Prefecture said on Friday it will carry out large-scale polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing to curb the spread of coronavirus, a rarity in a nation that lags far behind many other countries in the number of tests conducted.

The prefecture aims to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 people in the city of Hiroshima, which has a population of 1.2 million. The tests will be free and voluntary.

In fact, it was announced directly from the City of Hiroshima, a designated city whose autonomy is strong and independent of its home Hiroshima prefecture. According to the plan, it only covers the four wards of downtown areas. But quite many people commute across neighboring towns and outskirts. I still don't see their goal and strategy.

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Posted in: Hiroshima to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 to battle COVID-19 See in context

It's a waste of money program (benefiting only the testing agency). Aimed for voluntary residents, it can't be even a survey data.

Beef up the local healthcare capacity first. Tokyo and else are facing the same problem despite warnings.

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Posted in: China COVID-19 cases surge to over 10-month high See in context

Quite amazingly, China's covid death toll has remained unchanged since last April :P The statistical numbers are easily manipulated by the CCP authorities anytime, in accordance to Xi Jinping's will. As the WHO inquiry is going underway, they now need to look more realistic.

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Posted in: WHO team arrives in Wuhan to search for pandemic origins See in context

At issue is not merely the originality but also the initial (mis-) handling of local authorities. Don't let the fact-finding mission to give easily an indulgence to Beijing.

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Posted in: Japan considers various options against S Korea 'comfort women' ruling See in context

The Seoul Central District Court ordered the Japanese government to pay 100 million won ($91,000) each to 12 former comfort women as they had demanded,

Of 12 former comfort women, 6 have already received money from the fund under the 2015 agreement. Besides, about half of the fund money or 5000 million yen has gone missing and unreported. The activist leader has been charged of embezzlement. The comfort women "business" turns out to be full of corruption. Japan should stay away from criminals.


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