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Posted in: Do you believe China will try to retake Taiwan by force one day? See in context

Do you believe China will try to retake Taiwan by force one day?

It's not at all the future outlook, but ongoing development. China has since long been trying, is trying now, and will surely try to invade Taiwan .... to no avail :)

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Posted in: Japan complains about Chinese ambassador's comment relating to Taiwan See in context

Japanese people would be dragged into the fire

A cheap, yakuza-type of threat. Just deport him :)

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Posted in: What's your favorite city to visit in Japan and why? See in context

Nagasaki has unique and beautiful landscapes (including the Tsushima island). Access to the city has become more efficient thanks to the new Shinkansen line. The local delicacy reflects the fusion of distinctive cultures, namely, Japanese, Korean, Chinese as well as Western (Dutch).

As another A-bombed city (pledged to be the last city under nuke-attack), Nagasaki is also a historically significant place. Hashima "Battleship island" is located off the Nagasaki harbor.

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Posted in: Japan asks Hong Kong not to ban food imports over Fukushima water release See in context

>>Japan asks Hong Kong not to ban food imports over Fukushima water release

Japan should ask Hong Kong and China not to intrude into Japan's waters and poach local (lots of) fish and coral. If they continue to address any radioactive risk, just stop overfishing in "risky" foreign territories.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite foods or drinks for coping with Japan's summer heat? See in context

Try かき氷, shaved ice with varied favors.

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Posted in: If you were in charge of security for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, what measures would you have taken to prevent what happened to him in Wakayama on Saturday? See in context

Security experts often note that the distance from the general audience is a critical factor for life or death of key figures on the visit. I agree.

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Posted in: EU unmentioned in Japan's G7 summit promotional video See in context

It should be called G8, and that's clear. An EU country also should host the Summit by rotation.

I think that the invited guest states also deserve some promotional introduction. Actually it's an interesting lineup: Australia, India, Brazil (seem to become semi-regular Summit members), Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Ukraine (ok, they are qualified, too), Cook Islands (what?), Comoros (what.... and where??)

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Posted in: Do you think G7 summits, the next one to be hosted by Japan in Hiroshima in May, ever achieve anything tangible? See in context

this kind of meetings can be done easily online.

It's still worth meeting in person. International meetings give participants ample opportunities to meet with each other on the side line, either arranged or by accident (pretended to be accidental, too?). Talks on the corridors often turn out to be more crucial than the mainstream agenda at the Summit.

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Posted in: Japan gov't panel to propose scrapping foreign trainee program See in context

It's a good move, finally. The visa scheme should be streamlined, less redundant and more reasonable to meet the current situations in Japan.

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Posted in: World Heritage shrine in Hiroshima to ban tourists during G7 summit See in context

Are affected local businesses on the island entitled to compensations?

Miyajima right now enjoys the post-pandemic high season, having people back. The restriction will disappoint many, prospective visitors.

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Posted in: Only 4% of missile shelters in Japan located underground See in context

Not only for war emergency, public underground shelters are also useful during peacetime. Japan under the current arrangement is not allowed to conduct (effective) preemptive moves countering eminent foreign threats. It has to be on the defense enduring the first strikes.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan has apologized enough for its colonial past concerning South Korea? See in context

I believe it's important for people especially the postwar generations with no firsthand wartime experience to keep learning and recognizing key history events. Apology is another issue. Its repetition is unnecessary, and state-led "sincere" apology giving as well as demanding tend to become politically in charge.

History education is quite active and encouraged in postwar Japan, with open and scholarly inquiries and debates ensured. The past wartime history is also a popular topic for school education, local media programs as well as public discourses. Though it may be right to claim that there are conflicting views and interpretations unresolved among Japanese people, with some issues highly politicized, it's totally wrong to say the Japanese are ignorant of its war history.

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Posted in: 70% of Japan flight attendants report photos taken of them secretly See in context

Thirty-eight percent of respondents said their pictures had been secretly taken, while 33 percent said they were not sure but "believe" it has happened, 

Shouldn't the latter 33 % be included to give the 70 % secret photo-taking result?

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Posted in: 'Barefoot Gen' manga removal from Hiroshima program sparks backlash See in context

Barefoot Gen is undoubtedly a great masterpiece. But I also feel some "parental guidance" is necessary if it is employed for educational purposes.

In the meantime this manga series is fully available, translated in major foreign languages, and even prevailing in Japan's educational scenes. Most school and public libraries carry the collection. Thus it could be redundant when Gen continues to appear in school textbooks for reference.

Speaking of the A-bomb literature, there are many and remarkable alternatives deserving more public attention. The "removal" of Gen may be some updates, and not at all censorship.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea eye package to resolve wartime labor, other issues See in context

This "bundled deal" is irrelevant as Japan's export restriction is a separate issue. SK has still failed to be accountable for the info bleach to the North, which concerns the Japanese security officials.

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Posted in: Fatal accidents by elderly drivers in Japan rise in 2022 for 2nd year See in context

Develop and introduce driver-less vehicles and transportation systems.

Of the 379 incidents, 30.1 percent were caused by mishaps such as the driver mistakenly stepping on the accelerator instead of the brake.

Technically this mishap is avoidable if you drive a manual car.

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Posted in: Students mask up at graduation ceremonies despite PM saying they don’t have to See in context

In the picture above some students are shown mask-less.

Seasonal hay fever is also responsible for the mask use in public, so it's harder to tell.

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Posted in: 'Happy Science' cult leader Okawa dies at 66 See in context

Okawa looks to me more like a comedian than the cult leader. As a spiritual medium, he had performed a series of "seances" in an attempt to communicate the spirit of the dead.... as well as the living figures! :)

Those invited are Jesus Christ, John Lennon, Hayao Miyazaki (alive), Donald Trump (alive), Vladimir Putin (alive) , to name only a few. "Who will be able to communicate the spirit of Mr Okawa?" is now a hot forum discussion topic underway.

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Posted in: Japan bids farewell to four pandas returning to China See in context

Xiang Xiang was born and raised in Japan. It's odd to say that she will "return to" China.

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Posted in: Japan establishes simplified visa track for skilled foreigners See in context

A foreigner who has graduated a university ranked in the top 100 in two world rankings lists designated by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan will be granted a "designated activities" visa that will enable them to stay for up to two years for the purpose of job seeking.

I'm not sure if it's a relevant criteria to fulfil the government goal. Many innovative talents start a career right after compulsory education or drop out of university.

Japan should be more concerned about brain drains. Young Japanese finishing 高専 vocational engineering schools are actually highly valued in global labor markets though they are categorized as high school graduate by Japanese education category (which does matter to recruits regarding their levels of salary and promotion at work).

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Posted in: Japan inbound travel recovering but airport staff shortages persist See in context

a shortage of staff has become an increasing problem for the airline industry, as many who left their jobs during the pandemic have not returned.

Does it suggest that Jobs at airports turn out to be less attractive to many former staff members?

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Posted in: Chinese woman's 'purchase' of uninhabited Okinawa island causes stir See in context

I'm more pragmatic and less critical to her island purchase (for how much exactly?) in Japan UNLESS she's loyal to Beijing.

Perhaps Japan should have thrown her a vital question before the deal: Does she fully understand and agree on Japan's position over the Senkaku?

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Posted in: Should Russian and Belarussian athletes be allowed to compete in the Olympics and other international sporting events? See in context

I'm in the middle, only allowing qualified individuals to join events.

But the most serious problem is actually not related to the invasion but the prevailing doping culture and state-led cover-up programmes among Russian top sport elites. Much has since long remained unresolved, no progress or reforms shown, despite repeated inquiry requests and warnings by international watchdog agencies such as the WADA. On that ground, I suggest that any Russian nationals involved in doping programmes be banned completely from international competitions.

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Posted in: 'Android' arrested for rice ball theft in Japan; Android Woman denies involvement See in context

There must be some errors in programming for this android. Recall her and the same type.

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Posted in: Record 94% of Japanese 'do not feel friendly' toward Russia: survey See in context

I only hate Putin and his Z-cult criminal gangs. There are ordinary and conscientious people now under threat or active state-led brainwashing programmes.

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Posted in: Sushi chain limits conveyor belt use to orders after licking scandal See in context

Why not put a clear plastic cover upon the dishes, which is often adopted especially in overseas restaurants?

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Posted in: Aide to Kishida says he would hate to see LGBT couple See in context

People are allowed to have opinions. Some may not agree with an opinion, but each are entitled to have one.

What to think freely is very different from what to say publicly for high-profile public figures. Besides, he shortly retracted his remark. What's really his opinion??

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Posted in: Aide to Kishida says he would hate to see LGBT couple See in context

"I apologize for having used expressions that may cause misunderstanding."

It's clear and nobody can misunderstand it.

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Posted in: Renault to reduce stake in Nissan, rebalancing alliance See in context

Renault to reduce stake in Nissan, rebalancing alliance

Interestingly, most local Japanese media outlets gave the headline which reads "Nissan to raise stake."

What's become of Carlos Ghosn?

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Posted in: We’re living in the age of being connected or reachable 24 hours a day by one device or another. Is this a good thing? See in context

Yes. Overall, tech availability benefits a lot, provided that people are also given the choice (to use or not to use them at will, at ease).

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