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Posted in: North Korea fires ballistic missile into Sea of Japan See in context

Isn't the North way of paying tribute to Abe? :)

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Posted in: Kremlin stages votes in Ukraine; sees protests in Russia See in context

The referendum will make things worse for Putin. Ukraine is most likely to retake those "new Russian territories" in the foreseeable future, which signifies a clear defeat and incompetence for Russia.

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Posted in: Japan may include Taiwan among nations giving flowers at Abe funeral See in context

It's great and quite reasonable to invite Taiwanese officials to the state funeral. Japan-Taiwan is a special bilateral relation.

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Posted in: All aboard See in context

I highly recommend visiting Nagasaki. A seaside and port city with multicultural traditions mingled (Japanese, Chinese and European namely Dutch). Food and night view are extraordinary.

Despite its convenience, the new Shinkansen bypasses remarkable landscapes in the local area. For a round trip, I would suggest taking a "slow" JR train going through Isahaya 諫早 and the coastline.

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Posted in: Russia starts annexation vote in parts of Ukraine See in context

Serhiy Gaidai, the Ukrainian governor of the Luhansk region, said that in the Russian-held town Bilovodsk, the head of one enterprise told employees the referendum was mandatory and those who refused to vote would be fired and their names given to the security service.

He said that in the town of Starobilsk, Russian authorities banned the population from leaving the city until Tuesday and armed groups had been sent to search homes and coerce people to get out to take part in the referendum.

They completely misunderstand free elections.

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Posted in: Tokyo civil servant reported for eating ice cream in front of convenience store See in context

Was the "incident" pre-arranged to promote the brand-new ice cream?

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Posted in: Why do you think South Korean movies, such as "Squid Game" and Parasite," for example, are achieving greater success and recognition abroad than Japanese films? See in context

It's not really like that Korean actors look handsome. Korean film productions are funded by the state, and that's a big factor for success as pointed out by many experts.

Other than money, there are wider collaborations between film makers and local authorities. For example, they are allowed to use public spaces for shooting by quick application processes (In Japan it may take awhile for approval while they need to handle the pile of papers & redtapes).

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Posted in: Unification Church in Japan vows reform after criticism See in context

Japanese believers are taught that they need to atone for their country's wartime occupation of Korea, in part through hefty donations, according to former members and experts.

A new line of inquiry confirms that the UC has also been involved in the "comfort women" campaigns in South Korea since 2012. No surprise, as both approaches are pretty identical. But are "patriotic" LDP politicians victims or collaborateurs of the wartime issue propaganda?


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Posted in: Unification Church in Japan vows reform after criticism See in context

Have you seen Q &A session at the conference? They appeared not apologetic nor accountable. I don't believe they were ready and willing to make real reform for the cult organisation. DISBAND it, or apply the yakuza control law to it. Their rip-off activities have already been recognized as illegal by the Sapporo court while the high court upheld the verdict.

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Posted in: Japan to ask foreign guests to wear face masks at Abe state funeral See in context

Just provide them Abenomasks, a big inventory.

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Posted in: Biden rebukes Putin after Russian reservists called up for war See in context

Donetsk and Lugansk in the east and Kherson and Zaporizhzhia in the south are holding votes over five days beginning Friday -- ramping up the stakes in the conflict by allowing Moscow to accuse Ukraine of attacking supposedly Russian territory.

If Putin has "no bluff" to use nukes in a tactical manner, the target and devastation would be in Russian territory.... isn't he suicidal or cheating on Russians?? :)

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Posted in: Biden rebukes Putin after Russian reservists called up for war See in context

In a rare admission of military losses from Moscow, Shoigu said on Wednesday 5,937 Russian soldiers had died in Ukraine since the launch of the military intervention in February.

How come they need 300,000 reservists to cover only 5,937 loss? A Russian arithmetic intrigues me :)

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

that should boost the tourist business!

It would only serve mask producers and PCR test firms, not hotels. Even China under zero-covid stupidity might want to tease it.

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Posted in: Putin escalates Ukraine war; issues nuclear threat to West See in context

One-way flights out of Russia were selling out fast on Wednesday after Putin ordered the immediate call-up of 300,000 reservists.

Putin & Z-cult bandits : "Traitors! They shall be de-nazified with novichok or polonium."

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Posted in: Kishida calls for U.N. reforms to address Russian aggression See in context

Releasing frustration from failures (and low approval rating) on United Nations.

But Putin has yet to come to the podium for lamenting :)

Kishida, sit back down

Can he unseat a Russian ambassador as a permanent member at the UNSC? :)

This guy hasn’t been very assertive against Russia. ... Japan needs to step up now too.

Japan needs to reserve its own military as well as diplomatic resources in order to counter threats from neighboring rogue states.

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Posted in: Truss, Kishida to work on countering China See in context

If Japan and England as a matter of fact the rest of the world want to counter China, then they better learn how to mass produce and do it right the first time around.

Hard to counter China simply because they are getting better day by day.

China started mass-spreading covid, and Beijing is still practicing mass-lockdowns against people's wishes and wellbeing. Mass-testing is daily and compulsory while mass profits only go to growing covid-related businesses. Mass covid infections and deads are non-or under-reported.

Other smart countries never have to learn such mass-nonsense from China.

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Posted in: Truss, Kishida to work on countering China See in context

Start reforms for schools, one of the most "infiltrated" areas.

Beijing-backed Chinese language schools in UK to be replaced with teachers from Taiwan

I prefer traditional Chinese characters, thus it's welcoming :)

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea agree to seek early resolution of wartime labor issue See in context

As for a possible summit between Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol when they are both in New York, Hayashi said, "Nothing has yet been decided," stopping short of clarifying whether the matter was brought up during their talks.

So it won't happen. The fake news was first and unilaterally announced by the Blue House.

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Posted in: LDP to update list of members linked to Unification Church See in context

Let an independent watchdog body investigate it, and that's quicker and more comprehensive.

However on Tuesday, Economy Minister Daishiro Yamagiwa admitted in a news conference he had attended a Unification Church-sponsored event in 2018 that he had not previously reported to the party.

He's the first one to leave the post. Lies are piling up.

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Posted in: China says Biden's Taiwan remarks 'severely violate' U.S. policy over island See in context

Relax, China, the White House walked his comment back by saying everything is status quo.

Relax, China, the White House respects the status quo, never claims that China's mainland territory belongs to Taiwan :P

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Posted in: Kishida leaves for New York to deliver speech at U.N. General Assembly See in context

The war in Ukraine has revealed the dysfunction at the U.N. Security Council. Russia vetoed a U.S.-led draft resolution condemning the invasion, with China abstaining from voting.

Kishida will call for reinforcing the roles of the 193-member United Nations and reforming the 15-seat council, Japanese officials said.

Japan will replace the war-criminal Russia for a permanent seat at the UNSC.

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Posted in: The Japanese government plans to launch a nationwide travel discount program in October to support the hotel, restaurant and transportation industries hard hit by the pandemic. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

A conditional "yes". I don't like many exceptions and disclaimers attached to this type of state-funded programs. Many rules or limits make logistics complicated and costly. The simpler it's arranged, the better and less deceitful.

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Posted in: Hopes grow for win-win effect of inbound tourism in Japan, weak yen See in context

overcrowded destinations and public transport, continuing to ignore the critical issue of rising global emissions - when urgently and drastically need to be reduced.

Before the pandemic people were addressing the problem of over-tourism in major sightseeing spots, especially in Kyoto. Then "fewer people, more targeted and (ideally) more spending" strategy was sought. We shouldn't forget the basics.

A weak currency-induced economy cuts both ways. The covid spread in Japan via inbound visitors (evidenced by several analytical studies). A weak currency often suffers economic warfare, and even during peacetime other key industries and the general public get troubled with rising costs. It's not a win-win.

The UK, Norway and Switzerland are relatively successful in earning a lot by tourism although they don't belong to the eurozone and their currencies are more expensive than key base currencies. A strong currency doesn't necessarily lead to hampering tourism businesses.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet support rate drops to 40.2%: poll See in context

There are things Kishida "should have done" or "could have done" to boost the approval rating. Now it seems too late.

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Posted in: 60% of people with foreign roots questioned by Japanese police: survey See in context

Isn't it one of Tokyo phenomena (another remarkable is packed train commuting)? Living away from the capital, I have never had such an inquiry on the street...oh, except one when I was riding a bike without a light on in the dark late eventing; which means, the police officer never contacted me on a basis of my appearance.

Aren't there any better ways for public safety? It must be generally disturbing to anyone regardless of racial background, no matter how the police adjust the approach to being fair and random.

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Posted in: Japan liquor businesses turn to non-alcoholic drinks to attract Gen Z See in context

It's sensible as well as strategic. Beverage companies will be able to avoid alcohol taxes.

It's also a rebellious move while Japan's taxmen are trying to promote alcohol consumption for youth, which I find rather odd.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of killing wife by giving her methanol See in context

Elite company with good salary. Very disturbing.

I've got the same impression. An elite couple ended up a tragedy. But the means of killing was somehow pretty rudimentary despite their professional backgrounds.

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Posted in: Japanese win Ig Nobel prize for study of finger movements See in context

Despite the parody, Ig Nobel is gaining public recognition.

All award winners of this year have been announced:

Here are the winners of the 2022 Ig Nobel Prizes

My favorite is the study for the biology prize:

"Solimary García-Hernández and Glauco Machado, for studying whether and how constipation affects the mating prospects of scorpions."

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Posted in: Did anything you learned at school prove useful for you in the adult world? See in context

Not really. There were many things, both quite new and complicated I had to learn after leaving school. Teachers tend to know little about real things in society outside school. For example, they know little and experience little too, as to how to develop a career or how to survive in a professional life (except school environment).

In Japan, the profiles of teacher staff are less diverse as many young assume positions right after their graduation and license acquisition. Many blanks or unknown periods in career history for job hunting resumes are still considered inappropriate. I'd suggest a "revolving door career development model" with teachers or prospective ones working awhile outside the school yard into society. Some may feel culture shocks.

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Posted in: Putin thanks China's Xi for his 'balanced' stand on Ukraine See in context

Putin must be disappointed as "Brother" Xi gave him a cold shoulder. Not only China, other SCO members are showing their backs on him. They don't like losers.

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