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Posted in: S Korea holds drills around disputed islets amid row over canceled Japan talks See in context

Japan's chief cabinet secretary Katsunobu Kato on Monday denied the Yonhap report, saying it was "one-sided" and the talks did not come off due to scheduling difficulties.

Most likely. A sideline Japan-Korea meet to the Summit wasn't even planned from the beginning, and the Korea side is full of lies. The whole schedule was pretty tight for Suga while South Korea is the secondary to the least important in Japan's diplomatic agendas.

Anything coming from Korean media outlets, Don't rush to trust. Always seek several sources for cross-checking their stories.

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Posted in: Japan eyes vaccinating people under 65 at state-run mass centers from Thursday See in context

It's more important not to stop the rollout, give jabs to as many people as possible, regardless of age or other priorities.

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Posted in: British medical journal calls for global conversation on Tokyo Olympics See in context

If they are really to hold the Games as scheduled, all visiting official and media delegates should be fully vaccinated for entry, which should also be announced very soon. That's still a minimal requirement.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 304 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,387 See in context

Riiiight, anyone who dies of Covid in a non Covid designated hospital is listed simply as dying of “unknown causes.” That’s how the Japanese are hiding 100s of thousands of Covid deaths.

Fake to be flagged. Almost all patients are tested before admission to avoid a spike. Japan's excess death has shown negative figures; last year declined by about 30,000. Crematoriums must report, be accountable to authorities. Or please discover mass graves hiding 30,000 bodies.

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Posted in: China cautions G7 that 'small' groups don't rule the world See in context

china + india + indonesia + nigeria = half of population on planet Earth

so in the end they are right, countries from G7 don't even reach 1 billion people and they pretend to rule the world...

Note that a "giant" India alongside Australia, South Korea and South Africa have been invited to join the Summit in Cornwall. The EU has long been a regular Summit member. Both the sum of their population and GDP together makes China smaller... Oh, is that why Beijing is trying to stress "equality" regardless of size? :D

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Posted in: Johnson voices caution over next lockdown easing in England See in context

Government figures reported Saturday showed 7,738 new daily cases, slightly down from the previous day's 8,125, which was the highest one-day figure since Feb. 26.

What are the recent death toll and hospitalized patients number? More infectious, less fatal may not be so bad unless it overwhelms local healthcare services. Vaccines also help protect positive people from worsening.

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Posted in: S Korea rulings on wartime cases may reflect judges' conviction See in context

The Korean Court should order the Blue House to arrange compensations to the plaintiffs. The problem arose when the Korean state officials breached the 1965 pact and embezzled the fund aimed for former labors. It's now only Korea's domestic issue, none of business to Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics still undecided on fans -- or no fans at all See in context

How about no Olympics at all.

Please appeal to the IOC. The host Tokyo/Japan has no authority over it. Seems, it has already passed no point of return...

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Posted in: Tokyo to vaccinate 18,000 Olympics workers, volunteers See in context

Foreign delegates and media officials should also get vaccinated. Bubble strategy won't be sufficient. Forget omotenashi.

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Posted in: Japan says ties with Taiwan are only unofficial See in context

Beijing shouldn't be misled by or obsessed with frenzy nationalist-chauvinism. An independent Taiwan will benefit not only the western democracies including the neighbor Japan but also the mainland China. Taiwan never denies sinic cultural influences on the island alongside its legacy under Dutch and Japanese rules.

The Nationalist Kuomintang is ready to renounce its territorial claims across the Strait. The Republic of China is also ready to drop its China to become the Republic of Formosa :) That will also support "On(c)e China" policy. After normalizing the diplomatic relations the ROF will welcome the RPC to open its embassy in Taipei. All will be done peacefully and a win-win for almost all sides.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 435 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,937 See in context

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 51, down four two from Thursday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 942, down 73 from Thursday.

I'm paying a special attention to it, and a bit relieved that a three digit number has come for nationwide.

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Posted in: Japan enacts revised referendum law in constitutional amendment push See in context

But, the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan has opposed the bill, citing the need to restrict TV, radio and online commercials, as voting would be influenced by campaigners' funds.

The opposition camp should have initiated constitutional amendment. Some "liberal" agendas such as same sex marriage or devolution of state powers and finances remain unconstitutional. Wild text interpretations are limited in effect.

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Posted in: Japan says ties with Taiwan are only unofficial See in context

Taiwan still operates a network of trade offices around the world that act as de-facto embassies, including in the United States, Japan and most other major nations.

True. The Taiwanese citizens can also freely travel without visas in more countries than the PRC citizens can. Taiwan is freely and more frequently referred to among other countries in many official data whose amount is growing.

Beijing and "little pick" chauvinists' global nitpicking operations will end up failing.

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Posted in: Suga refers to Taiwan as country, drawing fire from China See in context

There are 2 Chinas. One a communist dictatorship and the other a democracy.

The official line for Taiwan under Tsai is to reject "One China". But it's time to revise the concept and even accept it partly. There shall be only One China; Taiwan shall not be China.

President Tsai better seriously consider normalizing diplomatic relations with the PRC, let them open an embassy in Taipei.

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Posted in: Suga refers to Taiwan as country, drawing fire from China See in context

Beijing is nitpicking a figure of speech. In English the word country also refers to "districts and small settlements outside large urban areas or the capital"... so do they now feel happy? :) In the same vein the Japanese also use 国 flexibly suggesting a region or a birthplace (sounds more romantic :))

Not only Suga, the opposition leader Edano also called Taiwan a country a few times.

台湾を「国」「島国」 立憲・枝野代表が繰り返し言及

Not to mention, there are some states recognizing Taiwan as a country/sovereign. Things are relative, not black or white.

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Posted in: China defends cultural links with Japan amid online nationalist fury See in context

The PRC under the communist party turns out to be a hijack regime holding its populace hostage. Don't pretend to represent China or Chinese tradition. For decades since its foundation, the CPP has been destroying it, most notably during the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution.

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Posted in: Nationwide bookings eyed for mass vaccination sites in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

For the societal and public health level, what matters is quantity. The more inoculated people get, the more likely protected even non-vaccinated neighbors around and the whole community get.

Abrupt cancellation cases have appeared. Yet the rollout shouldn't be stopped to wait for target/priority groups to come over. "First-comes first-served" rule should be applied for anyone willing to take a jab.

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Posted in: Japan leans toward holding Olympics with domestic spectators: report See in context

More Japanese government officials and 2020 Tokyo Olympics organizers are in favor of holding the Games with domestic spectators as COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out and case numbers decline, the Asahi newspaper reported, without citing sources.

While news go viral, some overseas, all originates from this Asahi report with no reference to specific sources. I need follow-ups and cross-checking.

「五輪に観客」強気の政府 ワクチン接種拡大で勢いづく

I assume that the ultimate goal and defense line set by organizers is to hold the Games anyway, with or without spectators. "With spectators" option can be used as a decoy or bargaining chip to divert direct attacks from the Games. Like a carpet negotiation starting with a max price down to a "agreed", they wouldn't care much if they end up withdrawing into "no spectators" plan.

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Posted in: Major companies, universities apply for on-site vaccinations See in context

The rollout nears the government's initial target of 1 million shots per day.


With more vax centers scheduled to open, skills and procedure being improved, I expect the pace to be further accelerating.

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Posted in: During the first wave of COVID-19 last year and the state of emergency that followed, there was a lot of ruckus about pachinko parlors in particular. But actually, very few clusters have been linked to them. Why do you think this is? See in context

It's a solo activity and no talks made between players. Seats are kept in distance while the air is sufficiently vented. A thermostat is usually installed at entry, and wearing mask is compulsory inside. The same is almost true for commuting trains.

Don't forget that critical media outlets used to scapegoat pachinko industry, some even demanded immediate closure without any compensation. As things revealed otherwise, they have since remained silent, giving no feedback or follow-ups while instead moving on to try to find another prey.

Due to its dubious commercial practice and vested interests alongside addiction issues, I am essentially critical to pachinko with or without the current virus crisis. Yet scapegoating campaigns targeting the industry last year seemed to me excessive, unfair, unreasonable even unscientific. To err is human; it's a virtue to correct an error. 

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 369 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,884 See in context

In what reality does a place with 14 million people at a density of 6,100 people per square kilometre only have 369 new cases but a place with only 1.4 million and a density of 580 per square kilometre get 159 new cases?

Ten times the population, ten times the density but just a little bit over double the cases!

Okinawa's local population is heavily concentrated in and around the capital Naha whose density is higher than that in Nagoya or Fukuoka. Besides, higher human mobility, younger population, big family domicile (rather than single residency) can also be pointed out.


The Okinawa governor's failing leadership is also coming under criticism.

感染拡大の沖縄 「人災だ」 知事への批判高まる

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Posted in: First responders get vaccinated at former Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo See in context

Large scale vaccination centers set for old folks are reported not busy. Japanese papers say large scale centers are not fit for old folks. 

In Hiroshima, one of its centres was nearly empty. As of yesterday, only 89 have been booked out of about 1,800 daily shot capacity.

広島県大規模接種スタート 会場はガラガラ 福山市

To avoid the rollout being clogged, I suggest that "first come first served" and "on waiting list to fill in" rule be taken for all willing to take a jab by relaxing age category. Not only for own health, anyone vaccinated can also protect elderly family members and neighbors.

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Posted in: Japan mulls maintaining current order of imperial succession See in context

Leave the matter to the royal family with respect, and let them decide. Expert consultation is allowed while I don't think that the state should intervene into such "private" domains even though the family is said to represent Japanese tradition.

Instead, the government should review or account for the scale of public duties looked after by Emperor couple and other members. That has something to do with the spending of public money, our tax money.

Maintaining the current succession rule will lead to scale down drastically the family size as well as capacity as its majority women will leave the house when getting married (with a commoner). Or is that what the government intends to do? I personally support female Emperors or primogeniture rule which can give more stability in succession.

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Posted in: Half of Japanese people think Olympics will be held this summer: poll See in context

Opposition lawmakers grilled Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and cabinet ministers in the Diet on Monday over the decision to press ahead with the event after several polls showed the public was not in favor.

Irrelevant and futile to waste a session at the Diet. It's the IOC, not the JOC/host Tokyo who can solely decide to cancel, delay or hold the Games as scheduled. The state or government under Suga is not even a contract party.

What Opposition should demand (and I'd fully support) is to ensure the public health safety with extra curbing measures namely the speedy mass vaccination. Cut terrible bureaucratic red tapes in order to further accelerate the rollout.

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Posted in: Controversial art exhibition to open in Tokyo on June 25 See in context

Much unlike to the controversial Nagoya case, the Tokyo exhibition is privately funded, and within the range of free speech.

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Posted in: Seoul court rejects slave labor claim against 16 Japanese firms See in context

Last week there was another remarkable judgment from the Korean court; the forced labor statue, a sacred symbol and target of worship by anti-Japanese campaigners (plus big source of business income for mass produce and global installment) is most likely to be modelled after a Japanese worker. What a mishap! :)


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Posted in: Seoul court rejects slave labor claim against 16 Japanese firms See in context

The court dismissed their civil lawsuit after concluding the 1965 treaty doesn't allow South Korean citizens to pursue legal action against the Japanese government or nationals over wartime grievances. Accepting the plaintiffs’ claim would violate international legal principles that countries cannot use domestic law as justification for failures to perform a treaty, the court said.

Quite reasonable.

Letting other posters discuss key critical points, I only point out that the 1965 pact is mutually binding for both sides; meaning that the Japanese plaintiff can't directly sue the South Korean government on unsettled issues. For instance, Japanese expats/settlers in the Korean peninsula were forced to leave their properties subject to seizure right after the war. The postwar Japanese government hasn't reclaimed them while they compromised largely during the normalisation negotiation process.

If South Korea nullifies the 1965 agreement, they would face backlash of legal actions from Japanese nationals and legal entities over seized properties whose amount is estimated to be much larger than the one demanded by the Korean forced labor plaintiff. Note that this has nothing to do with the war outcome or to which side you belonged. The postwar Germany reclaimed properties located in formerly occupied foreign territories such as Poland or Czechia. Their properties have been returned or equivalent amounts repaid.

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Posted in: Communication the game changer for Tokyo Olympics: ex-IOC marketing chief See in context

I'm afraid that some visitors will breach the bubble or protocols by intent or accident (though it doesn't necessarily mean to cause a spike in the local). They better get fully vaccinated.

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Posted in: Japan disposes of over 7,000 mishandled doses of COVID vaccine: report See in context

I want some comparative info as a reference to find out whether and how much the case is unique to Japan.

Just for example, the State of Pennsylvania has wasted 18,644 spoiled doses since December.

Overall, some level of vax wastage is inevitable, should be tolerated for the sake of the full-scale inoculation blitz. Japan's SDF medical officials who are familiar with mass vaccination process often made for its overseas missions, can avoid/minimise the loss. But some local communities are short of knowledge, skills and manpower.

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Posted in: G7 back steps to deter tax dodging by multinational firms See in context

Success depends on how many non-G7 states will agree on the 15% rule. It may be adopted in TPP framework.

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