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Posted in: Trump: China agrees N Korea nuclear weapon freeze not enough See in context

The cart is before the horse. SK's President Moon needs to stop making statements such as NK's arsenal is too well developed to quickly destroy. Yes, SK is in the first target, but giving Kim more confidence just increases the possibility of total destruction. Why doesn't he just say, "SK accepts the nuclear weapons" and move on until a mistake is made? Moon has about 15 seconds to make the phone call before the call is disconnected.

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Posted in: Students offered money, rewards for joining gov't events to promote nuclear waste disposal See in context

Did anyone use an electric train or subway to go to the meeting, etc? No, they used their bicycles. Did anyone use a mobile to take pictures? No, they used hand-help generators to charge the phone. Did anyone use hand made paper on which he/she printed the message distributed to the public, then hold a sign so the TV coverage can show the message through free publicity? "You can't have your cake and eat it, too." Conservation of mass. Japan needs nuclear energy or a drain on of yen to buy oil to be used to make electricity.

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Posted in: Seoul: N Koreans fired 40 shots at defector; hit him with 5 See in context

Fortunately, someone escaping from "paradise" survived.

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Posted in: U.S. Senate Republicans tie tax plan to repeal of Obamacare mandate See in context

Translation: The middle class will continue to pay, the low income will automatically receive a check even though its group does not pay any taxes, and the upper class will "laugh all the way to the bank." Low income and high income will benefit from the "reform" bills. In the USA,

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Posted in: Gunman kills four, wounds 10 in northern California shooting spree See in context

Knives don't kill people, people kill people with knives. Pans don't kill people, people with pots and pans kill people. Read the JT stories. If someone wants to kill someone, it will happen. It is what makes the Japan tv series popular. The problem is mental health, but society cannot afford mental health care for everyone. Society needs to make a decision about caring for the elderly or another societal problem.

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Posted in: North Korea calls for a halt to 'brutal' sanctions See in context

When NK leader is known as "Som slim guy" then the world will know sanctions are working. Sanctions are not working because the cheaters are only interested in profits. Profits is the definition of capitalism. If only "Not so slim" would look at his model parent, China, he could learn a few lessons in world marketing. President Trump is not going to annihilate NK. There are too many opportunities for capitalism to save the poor, starving NK people. Patience is what it takes.

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Posted in: Shortage of pilots at Air Do causes cancellation of 34 flights See in context

It is just an indication of the lowest level of a total labor shortage in the airline industry. All employees in an field need to move to higher paying jobs when vacancies occur. The one job for the rest of the life philosophy is gone forever. Yes, the result will be higher costs for everything including an airline ticket, but the growth in the economy (more taxes for a wasteful government) will be be good news for everyone.

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Posted in: Families of Japanese abducted by North Korea pin hopes on Trump See in context

Abe can demonstrate leadership by stopping all financial transfers to NK from Japan. No money from Japanese or NKs living in Japan to NK. No shipments of goods to devastated mothers and children in NK. As long as NK supporters living in Japan do not put pressure on NK, Abe can do nothing. He is elected, not anointed. Step up, public, and take responsibility for the votes.

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Posted in: Families of Japanese abducted by North Korea pin hopes on Trump See in context

Is this story FAKE news? According to sources, "Though many (NKs) have become citizens of Japan or South Korea, the students' families remain loyal to their heritage, choosing to send their children to one of some 60 private schools that favor North Korea, teaching the culture and history." The protest was in Tokyo, however, has not been covered by the media.

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Posted in: Trump will not visit DMZ during Asia trip See in context

Great! Don't give Not So Slim any opportunity for publicity.

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Posted in: Ship with sailors rescued at sea reaches U.S. base in Okinawa See in context

FAKE STORY. The sailboat cannot hold 5 months of food for two people and dogs. The dogs as well as the "sailors" are fat and do not show a shortage of fresh water. Moral: Any publicity, including bad publicity, is better than no publicity. They need to pay a fine for this rescue plus a loss of the useless vessel.

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Posted in: Kobe Steel reports wider fudging of metals data since 2011 See in context

Another recall for Subaru? How will anyone know they are in danger by driving the vehicle. Is Toyota and Honda next? Do their products contain Kobe steel?

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Posted in: N Korean hackers stole S Korea-U.S. military plans to wipe out N Korean leadership: lawmaker See in context

NK needs to show some reliable, provable statements in the hack. Otherwise, it could just be counter intelligence at work again.

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Posted in: Egypt criticises U.S. decision to cut aid as Kushner visits See in context

Really? President Trump needs to use his business model. Show the "boss" what you need and why. Last year's allocation is not automatic re-allocation. The whole process is also reflected in the allocations to sanctuary cities in the USA. The cities DEMAND the money from the federal government, so once they receive money, no accountability is required. Once you give your child 1000 yen a month, you cannot stop payment to him/her for the rest of his/her life regardless of what you want such as good grades and good behavior.

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Posted in: North Korea leader holds off on Guam missile plan See in context

It is important to not refer to his suinae profile. It is more appropriate to refer to him as Kim non-slim. It is China that needs to be "called out." China is the master of the CYA game and it is going to pay for its "just survive" attitude of its offspring. Supposedly Kim non-slim was educated in a European. He must have been absent with a note from his father when the 35mm film was shown about the Hiroshima devastation. He just doesn't "get it."

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Posted in: Japan could legally intercept a Guam-bound N Korean missile: Onodera See in context

It seems illogical but "military intelligence" says it is better to watch it in order to learn about what it can do. Guess what, it goes higher than the International Space Station and it splashes within 300 miles of Japan. Perhaps it would be better, as suggested, to destroy it in the first 20 seconds after launch just to let NK know it can be done.

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Posted in: Trump demands N Korea 'get their act together' See in context

Letter to NK Kim. Two cliche you need to understand about westerners. 1. President Trump is not your grandfather's or your father's president. 2. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. You are dealing with the "wild west" attitude. Everyone is concerned, but you need to understand that the President of the United States has the big gun, and, unfortunately for millions of innocent people, is willing to use it. The worst part of all of this is the massive destruction and international call for relief that NK will need.

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Posted in: Hit or miss? North Korea's Guam strike plan See in context

NK recently said it could hit within 40 KM of Guam. What would 100 MOAB do if they hit the water 40 KM from NK's shore. Surfs up? The internationally accepted distance that is under control of the country is 370.4 KM. Unfortunately, the waves go in all directions.

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Posted in: U.S. warship sails close to China-held island in disputed sea See in context

Big deal! A Russian spy plane flew over Washington D.C. because it was legal according to an agreement. be surprised if President sends a plane over Moscow, Beijing, or Pyangyang. Since NK doesn't exits officially, it probably would destroy.

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Posted in: Brushing off Putin, Trump says fewer diplomats saves money See in context

It would be nice to see in writing what every US employee did hour by hour in Moscow. It probably was surfing the internet or planning a vacation at a Russian friend's dacha. If an employee can't justify the day's salary, send him/her back to the US to join the unemployed. Will it happen? Never, "No exit" is the motto for government employees. They will just continue to be on a tax free vacation in a foreign country.

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Posted in: Hit or miss? North Korea's Guam strike plan See in context

It is time to stop showing NK's marching robot troops in the media. It is just a free device to terrorize the public. The Guam attack threat that is continually being reported EVERY HOUR on the USA cable news. The public gets it. Move on, media. The Guam threat, assuming it can be executed, may also be a lesson from WW II named Operation Fortitude. Fake the exact target to mislead the US military. It is like the American game where two people stand, legs apart, and each takes a turn to see how close to the other person's he/she can stick the knife. The Pacific is enormous, and Kim can always say that he was just shooting into the vast, empty ocean even if it is 300 miles from Guam.

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Posted in: N Korea dismisses Trump's threat; says only 'absolute force' can work with him See in context

Ask Ms. Non-slim Kim who is bereft of reasoning. There have been many cultures that have sacrificed every family in hopes of dominating the known world. Jones' Town is a good example. Non-slim Kim is just another in the dynasty philosophy of life. The world was "one minute to destruction in the 60s and 70s. It is now "30 seconds to destruction."

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Posted in: Japanese fighters conduct air drills with U.S. bombers close to Korean peninsula See in context

Wait a minute. This action is not self defense. Back to the homeland and wait for something to happen in Japan's air space when it will be too late. NK to Japan - ten minutes for the NK missile.

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Posted in: Tech-savvy farmers a new hope for Japan's shrinking agriculture sector See in context

Japan may want to consider designating existing rice field properties as "green belt zones" similar to those near cities in the USA. No housing, etc. can be built on existing agricultural lands. An ALT warned about this intrusion in a presentation of Chief Seattle's (State of Washington) message asking the USA government in the 1800s to protect the land his ancestor's lived on. It didn't happen because the USA has millions of acres to farm.

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Posted in: Japan on alert after report of N Korea's nuclear-tipped missile threat See in context

Gambatte, Non-slim Kim. Anyone who is willing to sacrifice his wife and child has no reasoning ability. The known palaces are the first targets. The rest are obvious. His whole story is fabricated and his threat is a bluff, and USA "military intelligence" and various presidents have fallen for it for decades. Someone suggested here shooting down any future missile launch tests as soon as the missile exits the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the debris will fall on Japan. To use Perry's excuse "oops" probably will start everything, but the Non-slim Kim Regime will be annihilated.

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Posted in: Iranian drone buzzes US naval jet in Gulf: US See in context

It has to go home. Track it and send a missile when it gets close to land and destroy it for a great fireworks display.

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Posted in: Japan defense white paper warns of enhanced North Korea threats See in context

"It is conceivable that North Korea's nuclear weapons program has already considerably advanced and it is possible that North Korea has already achieved the miniaturisation (sic) of nuclear weapons and has acquired nuclear warheads," the Defense Ministry said."

Too late. President Trump has confirmed today that NK has achieved this step. It only needs to test the re-entry protection system so that the head does not self-destruct.

What would happen if the military preemptive option were placed on the ballot for the Japanese and American voters to choose?

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Posted in: Kono asks China to learn 'how to behave as big power' See in context

Why do Japanese schools teach English as the second language. From many of the remarks, apparently Chinese and Japanese are the preferred languages of the future in Japan. Hello, it is the 21st century. Japan's 1946 philosophy of self defense, etc. probably will not protect its integrity.

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Posted in: Search suspended for 3 U.S. Marines missing after Osprey crashes off Australia See in context

The Osprey is a classic example of a "military intelligence committee" design. Everyone got something. When the US sent many of them to Okinawa, questions were asked because of their range let alone ability to stay in the air. Heads up, everyone, from Okinawa to Hokkaido.

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Posted in: China says U.S. and North Korea are key to peace, not Beijing See in context

Either President Trump has the biggest bluff going or he drops the biggest hammer. It is an easy choice-BLUFF. NK is correct - the USA will not take military action and SK and Japan cannot defend themselves even if NK missiles had a MOAB on the lid. Probably, the only solution is the "Khadafi solution." Massive MOAB bombing of every known NK base and palace. Let him know they will come, not just the date and time. It is a terrible decision for a president.

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