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Posted in: Canadians released after Huawei CFO resolves U.S. charges See in context

She was "largely confined to her multi-million-dollar house in Vancouver," according to Reuters.

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Posted in: WHO says air pollution kills 7 mil a year See in context

WHO is causing this air pollution?

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Posted in: Woman infected in Japan's 1st Lambda variant case linked to Olympics See in context

The sources said the woman had developed no symptoms and is likely to have been moved to quarantine accommodation.

What exactly does "likely" mean?

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Posted in: Brisbane picked to host 2032 Olympics without a rival bid See in context

I hope they'll negotiate on the contact with the IOC, so not to get screwed over like Tokyo.

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Posted in: Around 15 world leaders, dignitaries to attend Olympic opening ceremony See in context

I would prefer to have them "digitally" here. Just put a big monitor of each leader on a seat in the stands.

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Posted in: France launches vaccine pass for cultural venues See in context

Excellent idea. We need a vaccine passport. It should be required in all public transportation and public venues.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic beds are sturdy, organizers says after 'anti-sex' report See in context

It's Japan. Give them a futon.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

Lots of nice examples of misinformation in this "Comments" section with these anti-vaxers.

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Posted in: How will the state of emergency affect Tokyo Olympics? See in context

They need to take a tighter grip on things. Look at the photo on the top. It was recently taken in Tokyo. The COVID numbers have been increasing nonstop. The "as is" approach isn't working.

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Posted in: COVID state of emergency likely for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Money is more important than human lives.

Thomas Bach, IOC President: The Japanese will need to make "sacrifices" for the Olympics...

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Posted in: Richardson will miss Olympic 100 after marijuana test See in context

Who is to blame? The Olympics, the rules, Tokyo, drug testing? No. The blame goes only to herself and the people around her.

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Posted in: Koike to extend hospital rest for fatigue See in context

Koike is a courageous woman and has been doing her best to try and manage a no-win situation. She has done tremendous work throughout her life for the good of the community/society. I hope that she recovers soon.

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Posted in: 2nd Ugandan Olympic team member in Japan tests positive for COVID See in context

This was actually one of the first and smaller teams to arrive: 200 to go.

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Posted in: WHO to discuss Olympics COVID risks with Japan, IOC See in context

Stadiums are shaped like petri dishes.

Variants from all over the planet will mix together.

A new Olympic Variant will be created.

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

This needs to be done for everyone. Dignitaries and VIPs are exempt from the 14-day quarantine and probably from GPS tracking as well.

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Posted in: Communication the game changer for Tokyo Olympics: ex-IOC marketing chief See in context

Foreign dignitaries and VIPs are exempt from the quarantine. There are nearly 200 countries around the world. This is how new variants will spread in Japan.

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Posted in: IOC to offer COVID vaccines for 20,000 in Japan linked to Olympics See in context

KEYWORD = IOC to "offer" not require the COVID vaccine.

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