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Posted in: Foot on table: British PM at home in French president palace See in context

That will happen when you have to sit in a chair apparently measured for a child. I blame the host.

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Posted in: Gov't considers tax breaks for donations to Kyoto Animation See in context

The government is intent on taxing this country to death. And censors suck.

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Posted in: U.S., Taliban resume talks on ending America's longest war See in context

America's longest joke. America's longest crime spree. No talks are need to just get out and admit you lost. And everyone involved in getting us into that needless mess should be in jail for life for their war crimes. And censors suck.

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Posted in: World powers increasingly see icy Arctic as a hot property See in context

The idea that money can be made from the continuation of global warming will be the death of us. And censors suck.

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus slams rumors she cheated on husband Liam in wild rant See in context

It should be illegal to publish either fact or specualtion about people's private lives without their express consent. And there will be enough of them who will consent to even crap like this so the gossip whores will win and the Greta Garbos wanting privacy will also win.

But it would be nice if the gossip whores would just take care of their own sexual needs so it does not feel the need to gossip about the sex lives of others and attack others.

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Posted in: Marvel films to lose Spider-Man as Sony deal breaks down: reports See in context

If it causes those two common-denominator-serving monopolistic behemoths pain, I am all for it.

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Posted in: No.of S Korean tourists to Japan drops 7.6% See in context

I am sure most Japanese and Korean people don't really care much what their children in government are having a tantrum about today. The 7. 6 percent decrease could be accounted for by lots of other things other than the political kids and their spat.

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Posted in: Trump flip-flops on tax cuts, citing 'strong economy' See in context

He just raped his base and they will probably claim to love it.

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Posted in: N Korea dismisses nuclear talks if U.S. 'hostile military moves' continue See in context

The article is no help but the U.S. military and the South Korean military have been holding naval drills just outside North Korean waters for decades. Its pretty obvious by their choice of location they are meant to rattle the North Korean cage. This is part of the reason why North Korea went nuclear. Military goons refuse to give peace a chance. All they know is attack and harass.

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Posted in: Trial of actor Hirofumi Arai on sexual assault charge to start Sept 2 See in context

Sounds like he has not confessed. And this crazy wheel of horny men and obstinate women just keeps going round and round and where she stops, nobody knows.

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Posted in: Greenland fallout: Trump scolds Denmark over rejection See in context

You don't talk to the United States that way,

Hitler thought he was Germany, Napolean thought he was France, and Trump thinks he is the United States.

What this blowhard does not understand is that neither Greenlanders nor the government of Denmark have any particular need or want to sell nor is there some sort of crisis looming to make it seem necessary. Plus, it seems more like he is trying to buy people than territory because the place isn't Alaska in the 1800s populated mostly by people the involved governments barely view as human. You have to treat these people with respect as they have the voice to demand it, and they just did.

There is a way to approach this conversation and they way he did it was RIGHT OUT and insulting. Rather than ask the PM of Greenland if she was for sale like a used car, he should have asked her what she though of the idea of becoming a U.S. citizen along with her people. However, considering Puerto Rico even that might have been met with a brutal response but at least I might be a little more sympathetic to the man-child in the Oval Office.

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Posted in: Man shot in Kobe in apparent gang feud See in context

Police or Federal Police (or equivalent) are more than capable of taking out any Yakuza, Triads or other Mafia groups if they would really wanted too.

Not without killing a lot of innocent people in the process. And there a lot of people who simply don't care about that I know. And also no concept of the fact that others will rise up to take the place of the fallen gangs, or perhaps, a sincere hope they do so the shooting can start again.

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Posted in: Man shot in Kobe in apparent gang feud See in context

Otherwise the Japanese Mafia would have been eradicated decades ago.

Everywhere has mafia no matter what they do except maybe tiny authoritarian states such as Singapore. You got to be living in a dreamland to think the mafia can simply be eradicated. Japan has chosen a more tolerant path toward its mafia sure. It beats the hell out of creating a never ending war zone like some countries have. One yak shooting another yak every few years is a hell of a lot better than what a lot of countries have for thinking if they just squeeze a bit harder all problems will be solved.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation arsonist sent more than one novel to company as part of annual writing contest See in context

If someone is found to have stolen his work, then that person could have been held responsible for a plagiarism lawsuit, not mass murder.

People seem to have broken out the magnifying glass and a scalpel to find fault with my comment. I did not say "culpable" as if only that person is responsible. I said "share culpability", as they were part of the equation.

Also I did not mean culpability in the legal sense. I meant it in the moral sense. Face it. If one crime led to the separate crime of you getting attacked or family killed, you would find some fault with the perp of the first crime and you know it. Most of you would never forgive either person.

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Posted in: U.S. Marines chief acknowledges worries on Japan-S Korean ties See in context

What is the purpose of this article? U.S. military promotion? I can't see anything for Berger or the marines to be concerned about with regard to Japan-Korea relations in this little kerfluffle. I will take this opportunity to say however, GO HOME! And take your war toys with you!

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Posted in: Yokohama to join bidding race for hosting casino resorts See in context

When the yakuza are forced to go legit, are they still yakuza?

Legalized gambling will probably save some lives and prevent a lot of trauma. The way to pull the rug out from under bad people is to take away their black market.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation arsonist sent more than one novel to company as part of annual writing contest See in context

Whether or not the studio used any of Aoba's material is immaterial.

Tell that to the guy whose material might have been stolen.

Nothing, absolutely nothing justifies the horrendous crime he committed.

Nothing, absolutely nothing I said suggested the crime was justified.

No one at the studio is culpable for this wanton disregard for human lives.

Tell that to the families of the dead if it is found someone at the studio stole the guy's work.

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Posted in: Ex-education ministry bureaucrat given suspended term for drug use, possession See in context

Japan’s prisons struggle to deal with hallucinating ex-methamphetamine users.

In a free country people do drugs smarter and do smarter drugs. Most total bans on anything are stupid if you are a good person, and profitable if you are an evil person.

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Posted in: Ex-education ministry bureaucrat given suspended term for drug use, possession See in context

"the defendant has realized the enormous social impact"

There was zero social impact except that which nosy idiots chose to invent. Government, get out of my body, my veins and my business. I can drive a car until I cause problems. I can walk free until I cause problems. I can buy knives until I cause problems. So why can't I do drugs until I cause problems? Is my body the property of the damn government? Are we slaves?

Until I hear that his drug caused an actual problem, any government involvement is too much. The government, courts and police all need a kick in the pants.

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Posted in: Mountain hikers warned to protect themselves amid spate of strandings See in context

Yubaru You seem to have confused bills issued with funds received. Also I don't think they are billed the full cost, and even if they were, there is no way many could ever pay it. And just as I think its all handled by prefectures I am sure they all have their own policies too. Until I see financial reports showing otherwise, I am going to assume taxpayers pay for most of this, cause that reflects what I have heard from various sources.

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Posted in: Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal See in context

Only in the far-right, alt fantasy land of Trumpworld does this statement make any sense...

Their thought process is very simple: Either you are with us or you are disloyal. Remember these are the same people who call Assange a traitor to America and the fact he is Australian means nothing to them. Either you are with us or you are disloyal. And when one is stupid its far more satisfying to troll and grief than it is to admit you are stupid and just shut up.

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

I disagree, that would mean there would be more ways to abuse the system

Fewer fair options simply means more REASONS to abuse the system. People have a tendency to not be fair with those who are unfair and its no mystery why.

you can apply for permanent residency (which reminds me, i should do that!)

You can apply but it does not mean you will get it. And if anything happens in the inter-rim you will be seeking other options.

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Posted in: Mother of road-rage victim calls for harsher penalties See in context

Emotions are a bad basis for laws and punishments.

Its highly unlikely anyone would be intending to start a chain reaction where upon stopping a car causes a truck to hit that car and kill the occupants. Punishments totally out of proportion to the intent will never prevent such incidents nor bring back the dead. In fact, going all Draconian can have the opposite effect to where a person realizes they better get rid of witnesses or their life is over.

Fact is most people don't drive dangerously because they don't want scratches on their car, their car seriously damaged, the hassle of an accident, wind up late for work and a ton of other mundane reasons. The people who can forget all that and proceed to risk it all over some incident on the road are not going to care even if you make the penalty death by weeks of torture.

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Posted in: Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal See in context

BigYen I think he is less interested in changing minds and more interested in preventing his base from changing their minds. Trollish comments like that strengthen his base of trolls and griefers. He just handed them another rock filled snowball to hurl at Jewish people. They will be online today babbling about those "disloyal" Jews and screaming "Go Team Go!"

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Posted in: U.S. attorney general shakes up prison bureau after Epstein death See in context

Black Sabbath Most people fascinated with this case, especially those focused on the details of the charges and allegations against Epstein rather than his highly suspicious death in prison. Titillation and jealousy drives most interest, with a nice smattering of self-loathing for it too. Its how teens suddenly get labeled pre-teens and even children. The deep denial is off the charts.

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

I am not sure how many of these cases would be affected, but Japan needs more visa options. As with Yubaru I am dumbfounded that a child of a Japanese National could possibly lose their visa or not just be handed citizenship. But I note there is no parent of Japanese National visa, which is madness, and sends foreign parents scrambling for other options in the event of divorce or death of the Japanese spouse. I wonder if any parents went for student or trainee visas?

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Posted in: Pompeo wishes North Korea would not test missiles See in context

Yeah. Cause America never tests missiles. Give me freaking break.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation arsonist sent more than one novel to company as part of annual writing contest See in context

Where's the proof his ideas were stolen?

I think you should wake up and realize that most articles are devoid of actual direct proof of a lot of things and the comments are full of speculation as a result. The fact that the studio claimed to have received a novel but actually got several is going to spark a lot of fresh speculation.

A simple question is: where the hell are those novels now and where have they been all this time? Its going to be real hard to find that proof you want so long as they are hidden and maybe that was exactly the point. Somebody at the studio may well share culpability for those deaths.

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Posted in: Mountain hikers warned to protect themselves amid spate of strandings See in context

Those idiots cost us a lot of money. I think the rescue services are prefectural and most of those fools that get lost are from other prefectures, costing prefectures with popular trails money they never even paid in in taxes. What is needed is a new rule where you either get some rescue insurance and register your trek, or you get to find your own way back...or not. Its not just the money, but its not safe for the rescue workers either. A couple years ago a whole helicopter full of rescue people were killed in a crash in the mountains just on a practice drill.

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Posted in: U.S. power waning in Pacific, warns top Australian think tank See in context

So many down votes from people who have no argument to voice. One gets the feeling they know full well the greatest threat to peace and stability is not China but the United States, they are just loathe to admit it.

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