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Posted in: China detains Japanese professor possibly for spying See in context

He lost his claim to be a defender of free speech when he started taking side.

Utter nonsense. Assange and Wikileaks reported on everyone and everything they could get and they were praised by the U.S. government until Wikileaks started exposing their lies too. Then suddenly he and they were a pariah. And most Americans paid little to no attention to Wikileaks until they exposed U.S. government lies and they suddenly started yelling mentally defective stupidity such as "traitor" even though he is Australian. Why in the world are you mad at Assange for telling you the truth instead of the U.S. government which has been proven to have been lying to you? Going after the messenger is so 100 B.C. Get with the times.

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Posted in: Japan mulls assigning 2 SDF vessels to new Middle East mission See in context

Glad to hear they won't be joining my government or military in anything. My government and military cannot be trusted.

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Posted in: Trump drops plan to host G7 summit at his golf resort See in context

But this wasn't going to make him any richer

Here we have someone who does not understand how business works. Ever hear there is no such thing as a free lunch? Well, the publicity alone would profit the man. Any item or service they purchase outside of the "free lunch" would turn a profit. We don't care if its nickles and dimes. We care that not one foot is placed on that slippery slope cause next time it will be dollars. Then hundreds. Then thousands and so on.

The greedy rich already have too much control of America. Not only do we need to guard against it getting worse, we need to turn back the clock.

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Posted in: Johnson sends unsigned letter to EU asking for Brexit delay See in context

Enough time has passed between the last referendum to have a new one. Besides its quite clear the public was sleeping during the first one.

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Posted in: Abe pledges all-out efforts to locate missing people in typhoon-hit areas See in context

Sure would have meant a lot more last week...or 5 days ago. Now he wants to step up the hunt for corpses while the living are still trying to put their lives back together and need help.

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Posted in: Women make up 80% of cancer patients aged 20 to 39 in Japan See in context

The comments provide excellent explanations on how a mere statistic or two can mean a million different things.

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Posted in: Erdogan says Turkey to resume Syria offensive if truce deal falters See in context

ISIS terrorists

There are terrorists on all sides. Anyone claiming otherwise has simply picked a side.

We sit here watching the terrorist Erdogan do his thing with his terrorist forces in reaction to terrorism from the Kurds over many years initially caused by Turkish terrorism. So ISIS wanted their own terrorist is that worse than all those other terrorists?

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Posted in: China detains Japanese professor possibly for spying See in context


Or is it "Do not SPY in China?" China is far from the only country that ever accused and abused people falsely accusing them of spying or similar crazy, authoritarian charges. I suggest looking up Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange for some recent examples. Look up "Red Scare" and "Hollywood Blacklisting" for some history.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for operating movie theater without permit See in context

Wouldn't it be nice if they were instead simply busted for violating fire codes? I don't care if they had a license for a theater or not. I care that they threw safety to the wind.

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Posted in: Japan releases video showing N Korea fishing boat collision See in context

Longitude 155 degrees 07.654 minutes East.

Nope. 135 degrees 07.654 east longitude. In the Sea of Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese women categorize male friends by levels of intimacy, from hugging to bathing See in context

It is vital to recognize the variety of women and the fact that while some might be just like this and what others have said, most are different in a ton of ways from each other.

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for kissing teenage girl during medical examination See in context

Every single woman will at some point in her life have some type of uncomfortable experience at being objectified, sexualized, harassed, or assaulted by a man

Every human will be the target of an uncomfortable experience like that by another human. Its part of the human experience. I am and had a few from both genders. And I have accidentally dished them out. But I choose not to dwell on them. People make mistakes and if you cannot overlook mistakes in showing affection then well you life is pretty well screwed in the affection department cause mistakes are going to happen. I think its important to remember this was an alleged kiss, not an alleged rape, key word here being "alleged".

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Posted in: Lady Gaga falls off stage while dancing with fan See in context

"You promise me you're not gonna be sad about that, right?"

Saint Gaga! She immediately realized how very negatively that goof up could hurt a fan and immediately intervened, despite having just suffered what could have easily been a career ending experience. I never paid all that much attention to her, but I also never felt a single negative thing about her. She just went up quite a few notches in my book. And as I have often said, the best humans among us are a minority of women. She might be one of them.

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Posted in: Japan to pardon 550,000 petty criminals on occasion of imperial ceremony See in context

If the justice system is not geared to reform, then it is not a justice is a vengeance system. Forgiveness is part of the reform process, even such a wild card as this. I guarantee that for most of you, just being in a court room with the rest of your life in the balance would reform you fast. I support his decision on the basis of justice. But I denounce it as a means of garnering support for the monarchy.

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Posted in: China detains Japanese professor possibly for spying See in context

All the major players have spies and the spies are all very from James Bond. All the major players have caught real spies, even China. We don't know in this case and we probably never will.

Yes well we shall see as the actual facts of the case come out,

No. In fact, we won't. We will be spoon fed well chosen tidbits, some thrice filtered, from the Chinese government, then the Japanese government, then the press. We will see a few facts. We will surely see some lies. And we shall see dubious information we will argue over. We won't see "the facts". No way.

Because in most western democracy, arbitrary detention is illegal,

That's a nice dream. I wish it were true. Manus Island, Guantanamo Bay and CIA blacksites say "Nay". The impunity has made it default legal despite what any words on paper might say.

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Posted in: Japan releases video showing N Korea fishing boat collision See in context

You cannot tell all of what is happening in the video....the Japanese ship appears not to move, which is exactly how it will appear whether they move or not as its on the ocean and the camera is on their ship. You cannot even detect the Japanese ship bobbing in the water for Pete's sake so you can't tell who hit who. It could have been mutual for all you can tell. There are some deleted scenes and the video skips ahead....we don't see them approaching the ship at all but you KNOW it was the Japanese that initially closed the distance before the incident. Also, I hear people talking but I don't see them talking. This video took days to release and was edited. I question it.

And I still don't see a map that pinpoints the location so I can judge who had the right to even be there.

As often happens I am not taking a side, but simply telling you I am sick of people so foolish to take sides without proper evidence.

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Posted in: Clashes erupt in Barcelona as half a million separatists rally See in context

Not all Catalans support separation, only about 44% of the 5 million population.

You said something a bit different before. You said:

Less than 44% of Catalonian's are separatists

Just because some people are not separatists does not mean they are against separation. Surely some are neutral. 44 percent is almost half and it would not be surprising if the neutral camp is over 20 percent. Thus 44 percent may well be a majority, particularly considering that identifying oneself as a separatist can be dangerous. What is the source of your information?

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Posted in: New Zealand plans armed police patrols after Christchurch massacre See in context

As for other posters claiming armed police patrols are a lurch into authoritarianism

That is downright hilarious in light of what I said...being the one to actually use the term "lurch". Read it again:

People always expect a sudden, shocking lurch into authoritarianism but that's not usually how it works.

This is not a lurch and that's not how the shift to authoritarianism works. Like many, you seem to insist on ignoring the warning.

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Posted in: Is U.S. President Donald Trump a friend of Japan? See in context

He is an American nationalist.

He pretends to be one for show. Donald J. Trump has no intention to be a true friend of anyone but Donald J. Trump.

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Posted in: Turkey agrees with U.S. to pause Syria assault while Kurds withdraw See in context

How many American soldiers do you think should die to protect the Kurds?

"Should" is not a fair term. "Acceptable loses" however....ALL of them. Its literally their job to accept that risk and they all literally signed up for the job.

Of course if I had my way there would be no U.S. troops in the M.E. at all and none would have been shifted to Saudi Arabia. I would bring them all home in an orderly fashion but give Erdogan some free missiles in his bases. Who loves the troops even more than me and would just bring them home immediately?

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

It's Japan cementery

Yasukuni is NOT a cemetery.

they have the right to honor their dead

They also have a right to be criticized, boycotted and shunned for their horrific choices of who they honor.

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Posted in: Japanese Winter Olympic medalist admits causing collision See in context

couldn't differentiate between the accelerator and brake pedals.

I assume you have not driven much. Lots of drivers, when suddenly confronted with a need to suddenly brake, have had their foot slip off the right edge of the brake pedal. For many reasons, such as panic, fatigue, sleepiness, lack of awareness of this issue, poor choice of footwear and yes, even drunkenness, some don't stop their foot falling onto the accelerator.

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Posted in: New Zealand plans armed police patrols after Christchurch massacre See in context you completely misunderstand what I am saying. Its not the changes, its the REASONS for the changes. They are jumping at shadows and that will lead to jumping at more shadows. The slightest advancement in police power over a non-existent threat is a very dangerous precedent.

If this is what you are saying, most of the globe is a police state.

More are than is commonly acknowledged. Many others are clearly but slowly moving that direction. People always expect a sudden, shocking lurch into authoritarianism but that's not usually how it works.

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Posted in: New Zealand plans armed police patrols after Christchurch massacre See in context

The common people of New Zealand are going to pay the price for letting the politicians over-react to one Australian scumbag.

There are many who will relish this foot on the path to becoming a police state.

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Posted in: Venomous ants may spread in Japan: research body See in context

Those things are nasty and they know how to deal with water/flooding. If you get bit by them you will know immediately but you might be confused as to the source. I was once walking in flood waters and paused to survey the damage while putting my hand on a log next to me. Did not take long and they had crawled up my arm like little ninjas and formed a neat circle on my bicep and it seemed they all bit in unison. That was some serious pain!

But in the end they are just something to look out for like so many other things. Not the end of the world.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

Which runners and where in Africa do they train.?

If not on the top of Kilamanjaro, which is in Tanzania on the border with Kenya, I am going to guess the overwhelming majority of runners from any country in Africa trained in hot conditions. Africa might be a huge continent...the biggest in fact...don't let 2D maps fool you, but the equator runs through it near its center. And it does not even go as far south as Tasmania or Argentina.

If they have marathons in Tokyo I think runners from every country in Africa are going to have a bit of an edge if we consider heat alone. What might get them though is the humidity.

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Posted in: Abe's offering to Yasukuni shrine sparks criticism from Seoul See in context

Japan preaches a lot, but doesn't act in accordance with what they preach. It's known as tatemae.

That is not fair. There are those types but there are also those being tarred by the actions of others against what they preach. Holding all of Japan as one when opinions vary is not fair. Tatemae, or fronting, is hardly unique to Japan either. For example I have see lots of people claiming to be anti-war while constantly making pretty excuses for every war proposed, favoring all current and proposed military expenditure and all the while saying "support the troops" as if prolonging the war is in the troops' best interest. Japan might be unique but its not THAT unique. Its also not a Borg hive mind.

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Posted in: Japan to participate in U.S. lunar exploration program See in context

I would rather deep sea exploration and advancement. We need to focus on Earth and stop wasting our precious time, fuel and money on the moon.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

99.99999% of Japanese interned in Yasukuni are victims of a horrible war NOT criminals.

They are victims of Yasukuni itself which decided to enshrine the criminals that got them killed right with them. You cannot separate them at Yasukuni for they are together as one at Yasukuni. Your problem is with Yasukuni, not us who point out the 1,068 Classes A,B, and C war criminals enshrined there who died AFTER the war, after being convicted, and some died by execution.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

The uyoku (reich wingers) and their vote spamming are about as pathetic as can be. Its these types why Japan lost the war and suffered so many dead in the first place...bunch of narrow minded idiots and losers.

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