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English is the exclusive language of ATC, and likely the reason South Korea took responsibility for the route.

If you wish to compare for yourself here are links to listen to Narita Approach Control and Incheon Approach Control.



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@nedotjp you are incorrect in regards to the bears. I was just east of that area two weekends ago and saw warning signs posted for bears that have recently been observed in the area. There were numerous landslides and damage in that area and since I have also noticed a lot of animals have been venturing out into public areas. In a park that I have been too numerous times near Miyagase I observed deer feces and hog tracks in the mud. I camp and hike in this area frequently and can speak with some certainty that the land and animals in this area can be dangerous.

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@Steven Guy

Although the war ended 73 years ago there are still women that were forced into sexual slavery still alive.

Would you feel the same way if it was your grandmother? Would you say ”grandma get over it who cares if you were taken away from your home forced into prostitution and raped”?

Sex slaves were from all over Asia to include Korea, China, Philippines, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea.

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For all the people that are bashing on Korea here is some food for thought.

For those that insist that Korea should move on and put the atrocities committed by Japan in behind them do you ever consider that some of those victims are still alive? What about the forced laborers and comfort women that had children while they were slaves in Japan? Do those children that were starved and forced to speak Japanese have to forget, because many are still alive.

Is the Government of Japan the least bit apologetic? When was the past time Abe and other government officials went to visit Yasukuni? Do you think the world would be ok if Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany would visit a Christian memorial dedicated to nazi war criminals?

Japan is bullying Korea and those that refuse to admit it need to open a history book.

For those that think Japan is going to hurt Koreas economy maybe, you are right in the short term, but Korea will overcome it. All the while Japan’s economy in the long run will suffer and continue to struggle through Abenomics. Japan’s national debt is roughly 253% of its GDP the highest in the world with an aging population, falling birthrate, and negative interest rates.

If you are interested in reading some more truth read the below article from the diplomat.

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@Kazuaki Shimazaki

”I would have said it was South Korea's discretion to downgrade security cooperation, except that they are clearly the ones igniting this whole mess with their illegal actions and refusal to correct them by hiding behind the "shield" of separation of powers.”

What illegal actions are you referring too? Check out the below article concerning Japanese parts used by North Korea for their military. Japan has yet to show the world any proof that South Korea allowed for chemicals exported from Japan into NK.

This whole mess is because Japan is retaliating against South Korea because of the court's decision against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The plaintiffs that sued for their wartime forced labor are alive. Are those who were forced into labor or sex that are alive today supposed to accept what happened to them?

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