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Posted in: 82-year-old man goes on trial for killing wife by pushing her in wheelchair into sea See in context

rot in prison. ⚰️

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Posted in: Safe stolen from elderly woman’s house in Yokohama See in context

inside, out the window, away in a white car job.

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Posted in: China's stretched health system braces for peak in COVID infections See in context

just stop locking down. its killing yaz all. wakey wakey people

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Posted in: Woman finds mummified remains of baby while packing up to move out of apartment See in context

is this the second type of thing this year? i could swear there was another mummified baby case earlier this year.

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Posted in: What word or phrase annoys you when you hear someone use it? See in context

are ya done yet? also known as, you're too drunk.

covid. aliens. face masks. remake/reboot { films, tv shows etc}

lgbtq. the classic few words... i'll ring ya back gimme two minutes, next day when they do.


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