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Posted in: Pentagon says 34 troops suffered brain injuries in Iran strike See in context

Well if it come from Trump who would be stupid enough to believe what he said in the first place....mmm

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Posted in: Pompeo loses his temper with journalist over Ukraine questions See in context

Trump certainly filled the swamp with some sewer critters..

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Posted in: Man shot dead in Gunma Pref; suspect on the loose See in context

Sounds like a hit to me.

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Posted in: Trump sets presidential record for most tweets in a day See in context

Total meltdown going on here...poor little Donny broke the law and now for once in his life has to face the consequences...Cant buy his way out of this one.

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Posted in: 'Nobody likes him' - Hillary Clinton bashes Bernie Sanders See in context

@Serrano yeah Michelle is not interested maybe Oprah might be..

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Posted in: Woman, 3 children found stabbed to death in car See in context

How could someone do this...hes deserves nothing less than the death penalty..

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Posted in: 'Nobody likes him' - Hillary Clinton bashes Bernie Sanders See in context

Hilary the has been should crawl back to where she came from...

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Posted in: Father arrested for abusing 7-year-old son in Kitakyushu park See in context

@Starpunk He'll find out what a big man he really is if a bunch of fellow inmates give him a 'welcome to prison...yeah too many movies there Bud wishful thinking though...but the Japanese prison system is far different from that in Western Countries...

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Posted in: Apologetic ex-ministers, lawmakers keep quiet on details of scandals See in context

Screw these people lock them up like any normal citizens they are not above the law..

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Posted in: Trump hails China trade deal as 'much better' than expected See in context

$500 billion worth of imports from China, U.S. consumers and businesses will be left to foot the Trump supporters learn something your paying for the mess your Orange God made you deserve him....

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Posted in: New Toyosu fish market already sinking on its foundations See in context

They should have never moved it from Tsukiji in the first place.

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Posted in: Orthodontist setting Japan straight on teeth See in context

Japanese dentists are pretty hopeless all around you have to go to a dozen to find a half decent one...

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Posted in: New coach buoys Osaka's Australian Open defense See in context

She screwed up never have should got rid of her original coach...well Daddy shouldn't have to put it better..

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Posted in: Moonstruck: Japanese billionaire's girlfriend applicants top 20,000 See in context

Thought he would have got more than that but I suppose hes not the best looking guy and he is kind of short...Im sure the women that applied are the finest you will kabukicho standards..

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Posted in: Estranged Australian husband freed after trespassing to find his children See in context

So sad to hear his stories and many more Japan really has to get with the program...After me and my Japanese wife got divorced she was more than happy for me see the kids anytime so I was pretty lucky and we actually still talk to each other time to time.I know many who have been totally screwed over by the system here and some that are trying their hardest at the moment to get access to their kids the children suffer the most in the end run Japanese women can be very vindictive and childish.

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Posted in: 'You called me a liar,' Warren told Sanders post-Iowa debate See in context

If this all the Dems have got they are screwed...

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Posted in: Ghosn says French envoy told him of inside plot See in context

Why is Saikawa not arrested?

Hostess bars, Golf and lots of brown envelopes and maybe just maybe being Japanese has something to do with it too........

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Posted in: M5.0 quake jolts eastern Japan, including Tokyo See in context

Nice little shake and wake not the kind I prefer though....

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyage See in context

Get yourself a love doll obviously a real woman is too much for the little man..

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Posted in: Trump use of doctored Pelosi-Schumer photo draws Muslim ire See in context

Nothing like gutter politics and nobody better at it than the gutter king himself...

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer: Questioning averaged 7 hours a day See in context

The Japanese media are doing their best to paint him black...maybe orders from above seeing that Japan ranks number 67 on World rankings for freedom of speech.Anyhow who has been caught up in the legal system here knows how backwards it is.

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Posted in: Elderly woman robbed by intruders See in context

Scumbags I hope the Jcops track them down.

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Posted in: Bushfires change way of life for Australians See in context

@Numan If this true then the Aborigines will more likely survive because they were the first humans in Australia and can survive in the Outback with very little resources. It is the invaders that will be unable to survive....

Numan when was the last time you visited an Aboriginal community?

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Posted in: Man beats fast food worker because one chicken nugget was missing from his combo meal See in context

I had this monster sitting next to me in a fast food joint she complained that the burger wasn't the same as the photo after she already ate 3/4 of it.The staff told her they would bring another one continued to tap away on her phone while taking up seating for 4 people...I had to bite my lip some people will just never be contempt about anything....

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Posted in: Abe begins Gulf tour in Saudi Arabia See in context

Wonder if he is going to get the sword dance like Donny.

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Posted in: Lactivist says breastfeeding is smart investment for Japan See in context

Breastfeeding in public is frowned upon but my wife flops it out for bubs whenever and where ever uses a cape nobody says anything to us maybe because of the big lump of a gaijin husband sitting there....

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Posted in: Lebanon may lift Ghosn's travel ban if files not received within 40 days See in context

This is going to be good while they are at it they may as well refund his bail money the whole thing was a sham from the start....

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Posted in: Cram school teacher arrested for attaching dog collars to young student See in context

Lock him up throw away the key one sick puppy.

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Posted in: Iran probe says Ukrainian jet was on fire before crash See in context

Oh my Serrano how do you come up with this stuff....So if a jet crashes on US soil you going to hand the black box over to the Iranians I get it I really need to try to stick with things you have some idea about like well.....By the way how do you feel about 3000 more troops getting sent to the area no wars have been stopped...what was that you said about your god...

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