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Posted in: Trump says — without evidence — that Democrats are behind migrant 'caravan' See in context

@serrano got a link for all of that?

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Posted in: Trump says — without evidence — that Democrats are behind migrant 'caravan' See in context

Man the guy is freakin off his tree....who in the right mind would believe the absolute bs that this nut job spits out on a daily basis..

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Posted in: Trump threatens to send military, shut border as migrants head for Mexico See in context

Oh my great timing isn't it do you think Donny paid those Hondurans to take photo shoots for his fear mongering project.....

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Posted in: Trump reluctant to abandon Riyadh over missing journalist, wants evidence See in context

Trump once again showing his cowardliness....wouldnt it be great to see his tax returns bet there is plenty of coin coming in from the Saudis...

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Posted in: Australia considering embassy move to Jerusalem: PM See in context

@bass Good on the Aussies....for what?

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Posted in: Warren accuses Trump of 'creepy' comments about her DNA test See in context

Trump lies again...hes really doing a good job of making America hate again..

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Posted in: Jared Kushner 'likely' paid little or no income taxes for years - NYTimes See in context

Your only as good as your accountant and by the looks of it he got a good one.

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Posted in: Prospect of Trump-Xi talks raises hope for thaw in trade war See in context

@cla China is going to blink and President Trump and the US will win, you trumplets are really off with the fairies..

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Posted in: Melania Trump says she might be 'the most bullied person in the world' See in context

Oh my how hard life must be for her....

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Posted in: Japanese tycoon going on SpaceX rocket says he trusts Musk See in context

Half his luck with the money that hes got why not...he doesn't need the pr for zozotown its doing just fine for Goriki go ahead take her with you...

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Posted in: Trump's U.N. envoy Nikki Haley quits; denies 2020 ambitions See in context

@dang bongo wow dude your 401 has doubled and you got a pay rise..awesome stuff..It takes a couple of years to ruin the bull that Obama built.

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Posted in: Seoul says Kim Jong Un wants Pope Francis to visit N Korea See in context

Thats it Kim the Vatican is loaded maybe you can get some financial assistance..

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Posted in: Parents arrested for child abuse after beating 1-year-old daughter unconscious See in context

Absolute scum lock them up throw the key away may they rot in hell..RIP little one.

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Posted in: 2 drivers arrested over hit-and run death of British man See in context

RIP very sad story.

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Posted in: Election ahead, Trump's advisers try to get him to hold back See in context

Yeah Donny boi holding back nope the douche cant help himself...

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Posted in: White House adviser Conway: 'I'm a victim of sexual assault' See in context

Arnt you a bit old for donny boi....

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Posted in: U.S. court lets Congress members sue Trump over foreign payments See in context

Lock him up!!!

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Posted in: Trump's election meddling charge against China escalates pressure campaign See in context

Whatbout Russia????

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Posted in: Trump accuses China of trying to interfere in upcoming U.S. congressional elections See in context

More Bogey man stuff from liar in pants...

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Posted in: Trump: Heads of state 'were laughing with me,' not at me See in context

Oh yeah Donny boi everyone believes you..whats that lie counter at again?

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Posted in: Trump, Iran's Rouhani exchange threats, insults on U.N.'s world stage See in context

@Texas A&M Aggie This was an epic take no prisoners address to the UN by PDJT...Yes it was epic did you hear everyone laughing at the that is what I call epic glad you agree...he thought he was at one of his rallies got the crowd wrong I guess...definitely easier to deal with the uneducated rednecks...and no free beer after the speech what is going on here......anyhow good ol tex glad he gave you a warm fuzzy feeling...

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Posted in: Mother, 6-year-old daughter killed in car crash See in context

RIP Mum and little one.

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Posted in: Trump, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to meet on Thursday See in context

The Dems learned obstruction from the GOP

If that were true then the Dems wouldn't be as good as they have been over 30 years.

Geez talk about being off with the fairies.....

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Posted in: Trump, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to meet on Thursday See in context

@bass oh my Maybe if the Democrats would be less obstructionists constantly they could get a lot more done. Your kidding right you suffer short term memory loss?

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Posted in: Trump, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to meet on Thursday See in context

Just more of the Trump it donny boi fire him..

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Posted in: Trump blasts GOP spending plan that lacks money for wall See in context

Yep sure Donny another shutdown in order me thunks..

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Posted in: Trump claims Hurricane Maria death toll rose 'like magic' See in context

Trump has this habit of making himself look like a douche...

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Posted in: Manafort pleads guilty; will cooperate with special counsel See in context

Squeal baby squeal....lock em all up!!!MAGNA!!!!

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Posted in: Gunman kills 5, then himself in southern California rampage See in context

Gun reform anyone....

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Posted in: Trump vents anger over book; Woodward says Kelly, Mattis denials of quotes untrue See in context

Oh my the double standards from Trumplets are pretty out there....

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