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Every nation needs it's own Duterte. Except Israel, of course. That place needs more of an "if your enemies kill you, you win" Canada approach.

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You can still get Morgans? Would have thought the British government would have done away with that years ago, bonnet louvres like a cheese grater!

Oh well, hopefully once we're out of the EU proper Minis and Morris Minors can go back into production somewhere, it might even encourage me to move back... j/k, you can still get locked up for 4 years for playing a George Formby song within a mile of somebody Chinese. And people say Japan is becoming a police state.

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One hand on the loop, other hand on your elbow. Both hands in sight, and it looks like the famous "feminist" gesture, for a nice twist of irony.

Hmm, Now I wonder why British trains don't have hanging loops to hold...?

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Posted in: Swedish prosecutor drops rape investigation of Assange See in context

That's the "nice" route they'll try to get him with out of the window. Wonder how long it will be until a "terrorist" levels the embassy?

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Posted in: 'Conspiracy' bill set to proceed after no-confidence motion fails See in context

Yeah, the government shouldn't be doing anything about terrorism, they ought to be arresting people for saying nasty things on Twitter, just like Western Europe. What a utopian place that is...

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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

Most times I've been to Kyoto station, there's been nationalist protesters outside. That sort of protest would get you locked up in the UK, and this is not something that reflects well on the UK.

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Posted in: Wonder Woman gets the girly heroine treatment in Japan — and fans are not happy See in context

Hopefully one day the west will come to it's senses and have ads like this too.

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