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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

So their response to the criticism is simply: "No we don't do that."

Their answers just make the detention centers seem more fishy. Inmates are only allowed to shower twice a week? Why does the detention centers sound like they are in jail already? Where is the presumption of innocence?

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Posted in: Thousands of armed U.S. gun rights activists join peaceful Virginia rally See in context

Since when did "god" give them the rights to guns exactly? As far as i remember there weren't many guns lying around during the times described in the bible where the christian god actually bothered to show up and talk to the world.

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Posted in: Putin and Xi ruler-for-life moves pose challenges to West See in context

The modern American system is a total dysfunctional mess.

Russia just has Putin. He's the boss, and everybody knows it.

@Burning Bush

So Putin is "the boss", what exactly is so endearing about an unelected leader with a bunch of gangsters in office that stows away hidden yachts and billionaire mansions at the expense of the Russian people while proclaiming propaganda about "the west" to keep his population under control? Recent opposition leaders have been thrown in jail under false pretenses and who knows what other god-awful things are happening in secret there.

American democracy has issues, this is undeniable. But to say the Russian system is a better choice is laughable. And Putin is a damn KGB crook. Something tells me you haven't looked at what real democracies look like. Look at the political system of Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany and other European countries. The US should try to model itself on these countries, not dictatorships.

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Posted in: Japan's Communist Party raps China in 1st platform change since 2004 See in context

Interesting to see a communist party criticize another for not being "communist enough".

Although i strongly believe authoritarianism is the end product of all communist governments in power, no matter how well intentioned they were at the beginning.

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Posted in: Moonstruck: Japanese billionaire's girlfriend applicants top 20,000 See in context

"If Maezawa farted in front of you what would you say?", with users presented with a photo of the billionaire varying from happy to sad depending on their score.

So which answer gives you the highest score? Haha.

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyage See in context

I doubt he’ll find any decent girls with that way of going about it. Gold diggers galore.

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Posted in: Chinese media blame 'dirty tactics' for Tsai's win See in context

"This is obviously not a normal election," said official news agency Xinhua in an English-language editorial on Sunday.

Yeah sure, we'll take the word of it from a country that doesn't even have fair elections. What a joke.

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Posted in: Taiwan’s leader reelected as voters back tough China stance See in context

Taiwan needs more recognition globally for their strong defiance against the CCP's blatant attempts at using military power to threaten their INDEPENDENT and FREE nation.

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Two points: American / Iran tensions predate Trump by a great many years (no doubt before some of us were born); secondly, you can dress it any way you like but the man who pressed the “fire” button was Iranian. This one is on them.

I'm going to have to agree with Bungle on this one. Trump no doubt should face the blame for stirring tensions in the Middle East. But the plane incident was all on the incompetent Iranian military. The Iranians are correct to be mad at their own leaders for hiding the truth from them.

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Japanese media he has plenty of documents to prove innocence See in context

Japan’s justice minister Mori said:

Ghosn has intended to “spread false recognition around the world about Japan’s legal system,” and that compelled the ministry to respond quickly “in order to gain an accurate understanding about Japan’s system.”

Now there’s Japan’s way of handling foreign pressure in a nutshell. It is not Japan that needs to reflect on and fix a fundamentally broken system, it is other countries that simply "don’t understand Japan"

I hope Ghosn has enough evidence to prove what a sham the Japanese justice system is. Maybe even prove the blatant collusion between the corrupt and guilty prosecutors with the court.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors condemn Ghosn's remarks in Lebanon See in context

One-sided affair according to Japangov.

Just like has been said already by commentators here. Ghosn claimed he wasn't allowed to say any of this back in Japan, he didn't have a moment of freedom and they denied his legal team to even hear words about what sort of "evidence" they had gathered on him. Yet now when they can't bully him into submission anymore, it is a "one-sided" affair. That's rich.

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Posted in: Seeking justice: The legal risks facing Ghosn See in context

Ghosn could yet face trial in Lebanon if the government there refused an eventual extradition request from Japan and the Lebanese prosecutor determined that the Japanese charges he faced constituted a criminal offense locally.

Which of course, won't happen. If the Japanese court had sufficient evidence to make Ghosn lose in court, it would have been tried and found a guilty a long time ago. It is because of the attempt from the prosecutors at forcing a confession from Ghosn due to them lacking evidence that the trial has taken forever to be set up in the first place.

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Posted in: Arrest warrant issued in Japan for Ghosn's wife See in context

Yes. Keep showing how petty and pathetic your "justice" system is Japan.

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Posted in: North Korea says it’s up to U.S. to choose ‘Christmas gift’ See in context

How can North Korea be so terrifying yet simultaneously hilarious at the same time?

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Posted in: Ultimate way to treat otaku ashes: Cremation into a pencil? See in context

Personally i'd find it a bit creepy to use my dead relative's ashes as a common household item. But if that's their wish then sure...

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Posted in: Pro-Beijing politician wounded in Hong Kong knife attack See in context


Ever heard about the Russian apartment bombings? Those were planned attacks by Putin against his own people, but he framed it as if it were the Chechen's that performed the bombing and used the terrible incident as a way to increase his own approval rating. Standard tactics, do something inhumane then blame it on your enemies and use the event as a way to rally support in your own ranks.

I have no doubts at all of what horrible acts these undemocratic and unelected leaders are capable of.

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Posted in: Pro-Beijing politician wounded in Hong Kong knife attack See in context


There's already undeniable proof that the PLA is dressing up as Hong Kong police and beating up protesters. Why shouldn't we believe such a wicked and unrepentant regime as the CCP wouldn't lower itself to assassinating it's own people to control the narrative? I'm not saying this is 100% certain to be true, i'm just pointing out that it wouldn't surprise me if it was revealed that the attack was planned by the CCP to undermine the protests.

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Posted in: Pro-Beijing politician wounded in Hong Kong knife attack See in context


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Posted in: Pro-Beijing politician wounded in Hong Kong knife attack See in context

The perpetrator was most definitely a mainland PLA grunt, dressed in plain clothes. All to legitimize the peaceful protests and make the oppressive government look better in comparison.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police, protesters clash; hundreds of shops trashed See in context

The protests are escalating and may turn into a full-blown war. Beijing will never submit to any protester demands, they have no respect for anyone’s authority other than the despot Xi Jinping.

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Posted in: Abe to skip Yasukuni visit during autumn festival: sources See in context

I'm not sure Abe is genuine about not visiting Yasukuni, he's one of the Nippon Kaigi fellows and clearly agrees with the museums viewpoint that Japan was a victim of WW2, never did anything wrong, every Japanese war criminal is innocent, Japan was "forced" into the path of war by the Allies etc etc...

This is a purely political move, since he knows that S Korea and China would throw a hissyfit if he visits the site.

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Posted in: Lam says Chinese military could step in if uprising gets bad See in context

History has shown countless times that bloodshed causes nothing but more bloodshed.

The Chinese KMT fighting against Imperial Japan caused bloodshed. But it was for the good of mankind as it helped slow the spread of an evil system that held countless of people hostage to slavery and brutality.

The Allies landing in Normandy to destroy Nazi Germany caused a lot of death, pain and bloodshed. But it ultimately stopped the systematic extermination and victimization of innocent people who's only crime to the world was being different.

Look, i'm not saying you're necessarily wrong about some countries being worse off from escalating violence on both sides. But sometimes violence is necessary as it's the only way to resist against dictators and the Chinese Communist party.

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Posted in: Lam says Chinese military could step in if uprising gets bad See in context

Of course the government in China isn't interested in resolving this in a way that benefits Democracy and makes both sides happy, they want to crush all freedom in Hong Kong PERIOD. The people of Hong Kong should continue protesting against the unfair system that is slowly taking hold in Hong Kong and the rest of mainland China should stand with them to protest against the corrupt leadership in Beijing as well as the removal of tyrant Xi Jinping and his puppet Carrie Lam.

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Climbing up the mountain you’ll see less people and even more beautiful spots, just need to wade through the mass of annoying Geisha clothed selfie tourists first.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric gift scandal extends to Kyoto branch See in context

They'll be surprised at what they'll find if they keep digging. I'm sure these gift scandals have ties to companies all over Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Most likely these nefarious bribes have ties to people's within the current majority LDP government as well.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric admits execs' acceptance of gifts; president won't resign See in context


Your comment about samurai culture is funny, and i understand the sentiment. But i can’t help but consider that this sort of behaviour might be closely related to samurai culture more than anything else.

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Posted in: EU, Japan sign agreement to bypass China's 'new Silk Road' See in context

Thank god. The last thing i'd want is more influence from China. As soon as the Chinese businesses start gaining control of other countries economy, The Chinese Government behind them will be targeting other countries'es democracy and people's right to free speech next.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa admits being paid too much by equity scheme See in context

What a surprise. can’t wait for the obligatory photo-shoot of him bowing deeply and "regretting his actions" (or the "getting caught doing these actions") What then? Nothing of course, he’s Japanese why should he face the Japanese court? That’s purely for foreigners and lower class Japanese.

Absolutely disgusting. How can Japanese look at these news and imagine their court system to be just?

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Posted in: Abe says S Korea canceling intel deal damages trust See in context

Is Moon trying to look tough in that image down below the article? He looks constipated.

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Posted in: Want Tokyo Olympic tickets? No problem if you have ¥6.35 mil See in context

I think i’d actually prefer to intentionally avoid the Tokyo area of Japan during the summer olympics. It’s crammed enough even without the millions of tourists that are going to be staying there.

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