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Posted in: Abe says S Korea canceling intel deal damages trust See in context

Is Moon trying to look tough in that image down below the article? He looks constipated.

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Posted in: Want Tokyo Olympic tickets? No problem if you have ¥6.35 mil See in context

I think i’d actually prefer to intentionally avoid the Tokyo area of Japan during the summer olympics. It’s crammed enough even without the millions of tourists that are going to be staying there.

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Posted in: S Korea terminates Japan intelligence deal amid trade dispute See in context

I think South Korea is terminating it’s own intelligence mostly. Japan isn’t too bothered by this.

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Posted in: Trump's message to G7 leaders this weekend: Be more like U.S. See in context

One U.S. is definitely more than enough for the world to deal with.

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Posted in: China plans to make Shenzhen a 'better place' than Hong Kong See in context

China just doesn’t understand. It is the freedom oh Hong Kongers that have allowed it to prosper. Free thought allows for greater creativity and economic prosperity. It is authoritarianism and tyranny that stunts growth and scientific progress.

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Posted in: Moon offers olive branch to Japan to end trade dispute See in context

So South Korea’s government encourages it’s people to lash out in blind fury towards Japan for something they one week later, admit isn’t even a big deal. Then in the midst of government sponsored anti-Japan protesting they encourage Japan to hold trade talks? What is wrong with this country?!

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse over Japan's wartime actions See in context

The emperor family makes Shinzo Abe look like a chump in comparison. Since class A war criminals were secretly and illegally enshrined into Yasukuni Shrine by the head priests there they have consistantly refused to pay the site any visit. now this takes true courage, unlike Abe who’s just all talk when it comes to remembering Japan’s tragic WW2 history.

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Posted in: A part-time job stint for the adventurous, on Iwo Jima See in context

Interesting. I want to see the island, but at the same time i understand the restrictions. It would be sad to have huge crowds of tourists walking the battlefield, littering trash and stealing historical relics.

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Posted in: Call to boycott Tokyo Olympics See in context

Is this actually about the environment or is it just another excuse for South Koreans to protest against anything Japanese?

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Posted in: McConnell, GOP Senate resist calls to 'do something' on gun violence See in context

Stricter gun control has been proven to work in combating mass shootings in countries everywhere, even countries with the same amount of guns as the USA proves to be mostly safe because of common sense laws that ban automatic rifles and denies selling weapons to anyone without extensive background checks. Seems like these Republican lawmakers operate by feelings rather than fact and logic.

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Posted in: China warns Hong Kong facing biggest crisis since handover See in context

If the Chinese officials are so concerned about the situation they need only respect the Hong Konger’s frustrations of being ruled by CCP puppets that don’t care at all about the people they are supposed to be governing.

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Posted in: Protesters chant as Trump visits Dayton, El Paso See in context

Joe Biden’s speech was beautiful. Too bad most people of America will shut down their brains the moment their president tells them to not listen.

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Posted in: 'No Japan' banners scrapped in Seoul district after outcry See in context

I think most people that initially were on the fence regarding this issue is starting to see how pointless and petty this endless Japan bashing has become, it is no longer about Japan’s actions, but rather South Korea’s childish and petulant display.

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Posted in: 10 dead, 16 wounded in shooting in Dayton, Ohio See in context

How can gun advocates look at this endless amount of misery and conclude it has nothing to do with the US's terrible lack of gun control? When will the people of the US stand up to their pathetic NRA-funded politicians?

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Posted in: Thousands of South Koreans protest Japanese trade curbs See in context

Yeah, because insulting the country in question is going to bring the goodwill and trade benefits back...

Keep on being stupid South Korea.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation confirms it received novel from writer with same name, address as arson suspect See in context

Probably angry and lashing out against the studio because of his own lack of talent. what a loser.

Also i noticed that one of the headlines being linked at the end of the article mentions how "Kyoto calls for stricter gas sale control". Haha... meanwhile in America people think selling extremely efficient tools of murder to criminals and people known to have mental issues is totally ok... Must be an extreme culture shock for them to read that article.

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Posted in: China says it won't rule out using force to reunify Taiwan See in context

Taiwan will never belong to China.

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Posted in: Urban jungle See in context

So many negative Nancy's on this site. I think Tokyo is beautiful. Yes it can get tiresome with the lack of nature if you're staying there for months, but that's what parks are for.

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Posted in: Fanta Socata!? now available exclusively from vending machines See in context

Hey i've tried that here in Norway. It's not bad.

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Posted in: Disgruntled city employee kills 12 in Virginia; suspect also killed See in context

Virginia Beach is 200 miles from NRA headquarters. I wonder why no one has shot up NRA headquarters...oh yeah, the NRA building is a gun-free zone, just like all their rallies.


I did some research on this, and it appears that the NRA headquarters do in fact permit people to carry loaded guns inside their headquarters as long as it's holstered.

Not that it really matters, the NRA won't be seeing any spree shooters anytime soon. Shooters typically aim for places with many unarmed victims such as schools, concerts, or in this case; a workplace. Places with armed people that can defend themselves are low priority targets. That's why police stations, gun shops, high security locations rarely get attacked by these people. Organized groups may attempt it, but not the angry lonely men that want to take with them as many people as possible.

I'm not in any way trying to defend the NRA here, i think gun violence and those who advocate irresponsible gun ownership is terrible. But i don't want to see the spreading of false facts either.

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Posted in: U.S. officials seek to tone down Trump rhetoric on Iran See in context

Why does the US have so much against Iran while selling weapons and sucking up to Saudi Arabia, one of the most vile countries in the world? SA is a dictatorship, spreader of Wahabism, military aggressor, one of the worst violators of human rights in the world. Yet hawks in Washington push for war against a peaceful democratic country that has breached no contract, followed the rules. while ignoring all the bad SA does to gain access to that sweet sweet oil trade.

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Posted in: Amid plague of U.S. mass shootings, 'heroes' emerge See in context

I’m not going to sully the actions of these heroes, but isn’t it sad how people in the US can only look up to these few people rather than the lawmakers who have failed them? What’s better? To stop the problem at it’s roots to prevent it from ever happening, or needing to sacrifice yourself to save others from lunatics with easy access to dangerous tools.

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Posted in: Train station employee, nabbed for taking upskirt film, causes delay due to being in custody See in context

No doubt he will lose his job for causing train delays. The other mentioned behaviour is of course, of secondary importance.

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Posted in: S Korean visit left as unfinished business for new emperor See in context

Maybe if the Koreans would put away the silly demeaning apology cards and actually try to treat the emperor with mutual dignity and respect he would dare bring his family to visit South Korea.

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Posted in: Japan to develop 1st defense use computer virus against cyberattacks See in context

Waste of total money and resources, sounds like they thought of the idea after watching a B grade Hollywood action film.

But they can just launch a cyber nuke to fry the cyber attacker's computers right?

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Posted in: 15 killed, including 6 children, in Sri Lanka in police shootout with suspected militants See in context

Damn... So many casualties to bring just three perpetrators to justice. Apparently many of them escaped as well. The community alerted the authorities about the suspicious people renting the house, yet they face the brunt of the fighting. Incredibly sad.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim says U.S. acting in 'bad faith' See in context

"We need to... return to a state where international law, not the law of the strongest, determines the situation in the world," Putin said.

Look who’s talking.

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Posted in: Extremism must be defeated, Prince William tells New Zealand mosque survivors See in context

You can’t really "defeat" extremism. Only limit it. Most attacks can be stopped by a vigilant police force and people, but some will slip through the cracks no matter what precautions is done. I hope prince William understands this.

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Posted in: Stubbed out: Japanese university stops hiring smoking professors See in context

I have no problem with this. Smoking is banned in my university. i wouldn’t have minded it being banned in Japan too. I was on exchange in Kwansei Gakuin university and there were smokers all huddled in a specific outdoor corridor of the campus i had to pass through all the time. Had to hold my breath. Really annoying.

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Posted in: Hatred of journalists turning to violence, watchdog warns See in context


Can you give some examples of CNN manipulation of facts? Because as an outsider it appears to me that both parties in American politics blame each other for being biased, cry foul, yet the truth doesn’t really matter.

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