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Posted in: Pastry Boutique and Delicatessen at Park Hyatt Tokyo unveil holiday gifts See in context

Wouldn't buy it. But it's pretty to look at.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 1 wounded in crossbow attack; suspect arrested See in context

Takarazuka, i used to live there. I recognize the surroundings. What a horrible incident. And with a crossbow?! This guy needs help badly. Something has definitely gone seriously wrong up in that head of his.

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Posted in: Self-preservation strategies for Japan's train commuters have their limitations See in context

Oh i can remember the stares when i’d drink some water, get it down the wrong throat and cough. People in Japan will look at you like you’re carrying the black plague or something. Prejudice can be really bad down there. I can just imagine how much worse it must be now,

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Posted in: Japan to send vice justice minister to Lebanon to discuss Ghosn See in context

I hope the vice minister is fully aware this is just for show, because if he believes for a second that Lebanon will willingly hand over Ghosn then he is delusional.

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Posted in: Japan announces basic policy to fight spread of coronavirus See in context

LDP men in suits holding more useless meetings.

Great, now we can feel safe.

As was said by comments in another article, where are the doctors? The real professionals? This is one of Japan’s biggest health crisis and this is what the people get?

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Posted in: Gov't panel, responding to criticism, says cruise ship not designed to be hospital See in context

If they admit the cruise ship is not a hospital and inadequate for controlling infected patients... why did they keep them there? Get them to a hospital on land seems like the best solution no? Yet now they claim no responsibility because the ship is not a hospital.

Are they aware that they are making themselves look like idiots?

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Posted in: Ukrainians hurl stones at evacuees from China See in context

What exactly were these idiot protesters thinking here? These people were headed for quarantine where any potential vectors would be kept isolated from the population and their brilliant idea to solve this fear of the virus is to smash the windows and let potentially contaminated air out into the crowd of protesters?

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Posted in: Heroes and villains: Beijing crafts its narrative on virus outbreak See in context

Who does the low-level officials answer to? Xi and his henchmen. The communist party is at the root of the fault no matter which way they try to paint it.

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Posted in: Heroes and villains: Beijing crafts its narrative on virus outbreak See in context

Never my fault narrative strikes again.

You know a system is bad when the one party in power refuses to take responsibility for anything.

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Posted in: Coronavirus infection cases spread further in Japan See in context

I’m not in Japan anymore, (and thank god for that all things considered.) but i’ve been there enough to predict from the very first report of the taxi driver being infected that the disease would spread in Japan like a spark in the dry savanna igniting a wildfire. All these infected people have most likely taken the commuter at some point, making all the passengers there future vectors. The very way Japan works can almost be seen as a metociously designed environment for highly infectious diseases to ravage. Combine that with a overly traditional and conservative, but useless governmemt, and it spells out a recipe for disaster.

and yes, it needs to be said. Those thin paper masks won’t do a thing. Moisture can easily pass through, and even so it’s been proven the virus can spread by going through people’s eyes. Just covering the mouth is not enough.

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Posted in: JR East to test anti-groping app on rush-hour trains See in context

"Anti-groping app" haw haw haw.

Do i even need to hear more? Sounds like those posters they set up, they sure help a lot. (Sarcasm)

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Posted in: Japan tries to explain to embassies merits of releasing Fukushima water into ocean See in context

A laughable headline right there. I can already picture the Japanese deputies explaining to the Western journalists:

"You see, releasing irradiated water into the ocean is perfectly safe for the environment, and it also makes the fishes happy!"

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Posted in: WHO says prepare for local virus outbreaks; China slams U.S. control travel controls See in context

Why would China complain about this. Typical CCP. Worried about self-image even when the country is facing an extreme crisis.

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Posted in: Takarazuka fans See in context

Face masks the new craze in Takarazuka? Or is it fears against the viral outbreak.

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Posted in: Japan speeds up new virus measures; infected carriers to be barred entry See in context

Too little, too late.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 1st domestic case of coronavirus infection See in context

Sounds like the infection already has possibly infected many people in Japan who will show symptoms soon. All it takes is one sick cough in a crowded metro train and the whole country’s got it.

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

So their response to the criticism is simply: "No we don't do that."

Their answers just make the detention centers seem more fishy. Inmates are only allowed to shower twice a week? Why does the detention centers sound like they are in jail already? Where is the presumption of innocence?

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Posted in: Thousands of armed U.S. gun rights activists join peaceful Virginia rally See in context

Since when did "god" give them the rights to guns exactly? As far as i remember there weren't many guns lying around during the times described in the bible where the christian god actually bothered to show up and talk to the world.

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Posted in: Putin and Xi ruler-for-life moves pose challenges to West See in context

The modern American system is a total dysfunctional mess.

Russia just has Putin. He's the boss, and everybody knows it.

@Burning Bush

So Putin is "the boss", what exactly is so endearing about an unelected leader with a bunch of gangsters in office that stows away hidden yachts and billionaire mansions at the expense of the Russian people while proclaiming propaganda about "the west" to keep his population under control? Recent opposition leaders have been thrown in jail under false pretenses and who knows what other god-awful things are happening in secret there.

American democracy has issues, this is undeniable. But to say the Russian system is a better choice is laughable. And Putin is a damn KGB crook. Something tells me you haven't looked at what real democracies look like. Look at the political system of Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany and other European countries. The US should try to model itself on these countries, not dictatorships.

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Posted in: Japan's Communist Party raps China in 1st platform change since 2004 See in context

Interesting to see a communist party criticize another for not being "communist enough".

Although i strongly believe authoritarianism is the end product of all communist governments in power, no matter how well intentioned they were at the beginning.

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Posted in: Moonstruck: Japanese billionaire's girlfriend applicants top 20,000 See in context

"If Maezawa farted in front of you what would you say?", with users presented with a photo of the billionaire varying from happy to sad depending on their score.

So which answer gives you the highest score? Haha.

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyage See in context

I doubt he’ll find any decent girls with that way of going about it. Gold diggers galore.

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Posted in: Chinese media blame 'dirty tactics' for Tsai's win See in context

"This is obviously not a normal election," said official news agency Xinhua in an English-language editorial on Sunday.

Yeah sure, we'll take the word of it from a country that doesn't even have fair elections. What a joke.

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Posted in: Taiwan’s leader reelected as voters back tough China stance See in context

Taiwan needs more recognition globally for their strong defiance against the CCP's blatant attempts at using military power to threaten their INDEPENDENT and FREE nation.

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Posted in: Angry Iranians question authorities for concealing truth on plane incident See in context

Two points: American / Iran tensions predate Trump by a great many years (no doubt before some of us were born); secondly, you can dress it any way you like but the man who pressed the “fire” button was Iranian. This one is on them.

I'm going to have to agree with Bungle on this one. Trump no doubt should face the blame for stirring tensions in the Middle East. But the plane incident was all on the incompetent Iranian military. The Iranians are correct to be mad at their own leaders for hiding the truth from them.

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Japanese media he has plenty of documents to prove innocence See in context

Japan’s justice minister Mori said:

Ghosn has intended to “spread false recognition around the world about Japan’s legal system,” and that compelled the ministry to respond quickly “in order to gain an accurate understanding about Japan’s system.”

Now there’s Japan’s way of handling foreign pressure in a nutshell. It is not Japan that needs to reflect on and fix a fundamentally broken system, it is other countries that simply "don’t understand Japan"

I hope Ghosn has enough evidence to prove what a sham the Japanese justice system is. Maybe even prove the blatant collusion between the corrupt and guilty prosecutors with the court.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors condemn Ghosn's remarks in Lebanon See in context

One-sided affair according to Japangov.

Just like has been said already by commentators here. Ghosn claimed he wasn't allowed to say any of this back in Japan, he didn't have a moment of freedom and they denied his legal team to even hear words about what sort of "evidence" they had gathered on him. Yet now when they can't bully him into submission anymore, it is a "one-sided" affair. That's rich.

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Posted in: Seeking justice: The legal risks facing Ghosn See in context

Ghosn could yet face trial in Lebanon if the government there refused an eventual extradition request from Japan and the Lebanese prosecutor determined that the Japanese charges he faced constituted a criminal offense locally.

Which of course, won't happen. If the Japanese court had sufficient evidence to make Ghosn lose in court, it would have been tried and found a guilty a long time ago. It is because of the attempt from the prosecutors at forcing a confession from Ghosn due to them lacking evidence that the trial has taken forever to be set up in the first place.

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Posted in: Arrest warrant issued in Japan for Ghosn's wife See in context

Yes. Keep showing how petty and pathetic your "justice" system is Japan.

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Posted in: North Korea says it’s up to U.S. to choose ‘Christmas gift’ See in context

How can North Korea be so terrifying yet simultaneously hilarious at the same time?

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