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Posted in: Fanta Socata!? now available exclusively from vending machines See in context

Hey i've tried that here in Norway. It's not bad.

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Posted in: Disgruntled city employee kills 12 in Virginia; suspect also killed See in context

Virginia Beach is 200 miles from NRA headquarters. I wonder why no one has shot up NRA headquarters...oh yeah, the NRA building is a gun-free zone, just like all their rallies.


I did some research on this, and it appears that the NRA headquarters do in fact permit people to carry loaded guns inside their headquarters as long as it's holstered.

Not that it really matters, the NRA won't be seeing any spree shooters anytime soon. Shooters typically aim for places with many unarmed victims such as schools, concerts, or in this case; a workplace. Places with armed people that can defend themselves are low priority targets. That's why police stations, gun shops, high security locations rarely get attacked by these people. Organized groups may attempt it, but not the angry lonely men that want to take with them as many people as possible.

I'm not in any way trying to defend the NRA here, i think gun violence and those who advocate irresponsible gun ownership is terrible. But i don't want to see the spreading of false facts either.

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Posted in: U.S. officials seek to tone down Trump rhetoric on Iran See in context

Why does the US have so much against Iran while selling weapons and sucking up to Saudi Arabia, one of the most vile countries in the world? SA is a dictatorship, spreader of Wahabism, military aggressor, one of the worst violators of human rights in the world. Yet hawks in Washington push for war against a peaceful democratic country that has breached no contract, followed the rules. while ignoring all the bad SA does to gain access to that sweet sweet oil trade.

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Posted in: Amid plague of U.S. mass shootings, 'heroes' emerge See in context

I’m not going to sully the actions of these heroes, but isn’t it sad how people in the US can only look up to these few people rather than the lawmakers who have failed them? What’s better? To stop the problem at it’s roots to prevent it from ever happening, or needing to sacrifice yourself to save others from lunatics with easy access to dangerous tools.

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Posted in: Train station employee, nabbed for taking upskirt film, causes delay due to being in custody See in context

No doubt he will lose his job for causing train delays. The other mentioned behaviour is of course, of secondary importance.

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Posted in: S Korean visit left as unfinished business for new emperor See in context

Maybe if the Koreans would put away the silly demeaning apology cards and actually try to treat the emperor with mutual dignity and respect he would dare bring his family to visit South Korea.

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Posted in: Japan to develop 1st defense use computer virus against cyberattacks See in context

Waste of total money and resources, sounds like they thought of the idea after watching a B grade Hollywood action film.

But they can just launch a cyber nuke to fry the cyber attacker's computers right?

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Posted in: 15 killed, including 6 children, in Sri Lanka in police shootout with suspected militants See in context

Damn... So many casualties to bring just three perpetrators to justice. Apparently many of them escaped as well. The community alerted the authorities about the suspicious people renting the house, yet they face the brunt of the fighting. Incredibly sad.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim says U.S. acting in 'bad faith' See in context

"We need to... return to a state where international law, not the law of the strongest, determines the situation in the world," Putin said.

Look who’s talking.

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Posted in: Extremism must be defeated, Prince William tells New Zealand mosque survivors See in context

You can’t really "defeat" extremism. Only limit it. Most attacks can be stopped by a vigilant police force and people, but some will slip through the cracks no matter what precautions is done. I hope prince William understands this.

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Posted in: Stubbed out: Japanese university stops hiring smoking professors See in context

I have no problem with this. Smoking is banned in my university. i wouldn’t have minded it being banned in Japan too. I was on exchange in Kwansei Gakuin university and there were smokers all huddled in a specific outdoor corridor of the campus i had to pass through all the time. Had to hold my breath. Really annoying.

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Posted in: Hatred of journalists turning to violence, watchdog warns See in context


Can you give some examples of CNN manipulation of facts? Because as an outsider it appears to me that both parties in American politics blame each other for being biased, cry foul, yet the truth doesn’t really matter.

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Posted in: Abe scraps plan to visit Iran amid Trump's tough line See in context

Trump's little lapdog.

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Posted in: China orders 2 men detained for posing in Japanese army uniforms See in context

Kind of hypocritical by the Chinese government no? There are paid employees posing as "evil Japanese soldiers" on museum sites in China, is it not also an fact that one could buy rape-themed porn in the Nanking massacre museum? That’s not even a joke! look it up!

The CCP tries to seem concerned about the feelings of the Chinese people, but it is the most morally corrupt and reprehensible regime you could imagine.

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Posted in: At least 50 people killed, 200 wounded at Las Vegas concert attack See in context

My guess for republican reactions=

1: Stricter gun control would do nothing! / More guns would have solved this.

2: Inb4 gun control liberals mix politics into this horrific incident. lmao!

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Posted in: Thinking the unthinkable in China: Abandoning North Korea See in context

Both China and the USA seem more concerned with the development of "buffer zones" than actual Korean reunification... If the US and China assemble troops it would be foolish to imagine they did so out from the kindness of their hearts. Sad situation for the people of both Korea's. They have always been the little country wedged between superpowers. Even today.

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Posted in: Pyongyang calls U.S.-South Korean war games a step to nuclear war See in context

I bet even most North Koreans thinks the statements of the NK news agency are hypocritical.

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Posted in: Technical glitches mar emergency alert system for N Korean missile See in context

I agree with the comments here... Wouldn't these headlines explaining anti-missile failure just encourage North Korea to be more aggressive and continue missile tests? How about instead having headlines explaining how THAAD super technology can reprogram North Korean rockets into crashing directly on Pyongyang. That would surely make great fatty more hesitant to aggravate...

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Posted in: Anti-smoking bill leaves scope of ban-exempted restaurants undecided See in context

Please ban the tobacco filth. When i went to small restaurants in Tokyo i was appalled by the disgusting clouds of smoke polluting the air. Why is it legal at all even outside? It's hard for me with an allergy to hold my breath whenever i see someone holding a cigarrete, it's either that or an allergic reaction and sinus infection that lasts the entire day.

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Posted in: Taiwan 'comfort women' museum launches campaign for compensation See in context

Imagine this demand for compensation happened in Europe instead of Asia. I find it silly to imagine holocaust victims demanding money from Angela Merkel's government for Hitlers wartime atrocities. Why should a democratic Germany compensate for something their (dead) great-grandfathers did? You might as well claim compensation and a official apology from the kaiser of Imperial Germany for stepping on a WW1 landmine in 2017.

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Posted in: U.S. prepared to use force against N Korea: U.N. envoy See in context

Can you please chill out with the atomic war escalation USA? Don't encourage the mad man in Pyongyang. I would like not to die of nuclear fallout today.

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Posted in: EU trade commissioner says EPA deal with Japan likely See in context

It would be lovely to buy European imports that aren't severly overpriced while in Japan. Let's hope the trade goes well and is lucrative for both parties.

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Posted in: Sexual harassment complaints lodged against 'Cool Japan' fund See in context

"all female employees were ordered to draw straws with a phrase on each. The phrases included "movie date with executive" and "handmade present" for the person connected to the fund."

WTF? unvoluntary distribution of "prices" like going on dates without specification if it's compulsory? Events like this belong to college bachelorette parties and NOT professional businesses. What were they thinking? COOL Japan's executives are behaving in a very uncool manner.

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Posted in: China's Xi warns Hong Kong to toe the line as he swears in new leader See in context

Alternative title:

"China's xi warns Hong kong to toe the line as he swears in new CCP puppet"

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Posted in: One dead, 10 injured after vehicle rams into people leaving London mosque See in context

Jesus christ. Stop calling it "Islamophobia." It's an act of terrorism. If they intend to keep calling it that they might as well start calling the other terrorist attacks "an act of Westophobia." We should not differentiate these attacks. They are all TERROR attacks against free people.

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Posted in: Norway kicks off minke whale hunt, raising quota to 999 whales See in context

I'm from Norway and i think it's kinda weird that some people on this comment section associate our WW2 history with whaling... what does that have to do with this issue? Personally i have never eaten whale meat or even seen it as being all that popular for that matter. I'm guessing it's used for specific luxurious restaurants and/or industrial purposes.

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Posted in: Pep rally See in context

Wow i wonder what they are looking at.

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Posted in: Trump declares it's 'time to join forces' to fix U.S. problems See in context

heralding a "new chapter of American greatness" This is starting to sound more like North Korean rhetoric unlike Obama's position of a rational debate and cool-headed politics.

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