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Nepalibabu - I still don’t follow your logic. Surely if they have to pay, it is more of an incentive to take greater precautions, not the other way around?

I disagree that m the medical expense burden should be different to a severe case of the flu.

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Revamp (verb): give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to

A real revamp should start with getting rid of Taro “Francisco” Aso.

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Posted in: Japan reports record high 250,403 coronavirus cases; 34,243 in Tokyo See in context

Nepalibabu - Regardless of your view on whether hospital treatment is expensive, my question was why people should not pay for Covid, but do have to pay for the flu (or anything else)?

It is irrelevant but I disagree that hospital is expensive - as you say, it is capped. For elderly with limited income it is essentially free. Japan has a very reasonable health insurance system IMO.

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Posted in: 6 members of 2 unrelated families found dead in suspected murder-suicide cases See in context

Agree, headline needs an “s”, there were two unrelated murder-suicides, not one murder-suicide involving two unrelated families.

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Posted in: Japan reports record high 250,403 coronavirus cases; 34,243 in Tokyo See in context

Nepalibabu - I didn’t know there was a difference. If there is though, why should someone hospitalized from Covid pay less than someone hospitalized by the flu?

National health insurance means that the amount paid is minimal any way.

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Posted in: Ohtani matches Babe Ruth with his 1st 10-win, 10 homer MLB season See in context

I don’t know baseball very well but Is this record for pitchers? 10HR and 10 wins doesn’t seem so rare.

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Posted in: Forever 16: America's teens succumbing to deadly fentanyl See in context

Seems like an odd choice of article to lead with on Japan Today. What is the relevance to Japan?

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Posted in: Japan's Jan-June current account surplus shrinks to ¥3.51 tril See in context

The headline sounds a little dramatic… it is still an impressive surplus.

As a very large net creditor nation, Japan is ultimately very well placed economically.

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Posted in: Viewer's guide for this year's World Cup in Qatar See in context

A “Viewer’s guide” without any information at all on how to view the matches in Japan!

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Derek - there is a civil case ongoing claiming JPY5.8 billion against the current owner (ultimately Yoshimitsu Mugishika of Zen Holdings / Yuniho) and other former owners (Fumio Amano, Shinkansen Building) of the site.

To put it lightly, Mugishima (now about 85 years old) of Zen and his companies have quite a checkered past.

I don’t think there is a criminal case yet, but still seems possible.

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Posted in: Japan warns of swiftly rising COVID cases; Tokyo raises alert to highest level See in context

Finally rich - asking the important questions! It is Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho 新宿思い出横丁

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Posted in: China complains to Japan about Taiwan vice president attending Abe's funeral See in context

On the one hand China are saying Taiwan doesn’t have a Vice President. On the other, they are complaining that the Vice President attended… cannot have your cake and eat it!

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Posted in: U.N. projects world population will reach 8 billion on Nov 15 See in context

Huge investment in the emancipation of women is what the world needs most. The rest (education, health, economic growth) will follow.

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Posted in: Blinken offers condolences for Abe in Tokyo See in context

Very decent of Blinken and although I hate to say it a shrewd political move.

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Posted in: KDDI mobile service failure ends after 86 hours; minister criticizes company's handling of disruption See in context

He is absolutely right to be critical, but isn’t it his portfolio to ensure that the telecom companies are operating up to scratch BEFORE something happens.

I strongly suspect this is similar to the case of the cyber security minister who had never used a computer. What qualifications does Yasushi Kaneko have to understand how telecoms should operate? Spoiler: none, he is a career politician. How does the layer of bureaucrats below him look? No idea, but probably not much better.

My questions are what experts do they have? What outage monitoring/oversight was in place? How much money/gifts/amakudari goes on between his ministry and the telecom companies?

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The only numbers that really matter are deaths, serious cases, and % hospital beds taken up. These are, and will very likely remain, very low and very manageable.

I hope authorities don’t start to illogically move the goal posts just to be seen to be doing something.

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Posted in: Sega’s old arcades are making money again as new owners announce ¥3.175 billion profit See in context

I hope I am wrong but sounds an awful lot like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

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Posted in: Tokyo raises alert level amid resurgence in COVID-19 cases See in context

Eastman - I am certainly in the take the mask-off /get back to “normal” asap camp, but that is only possible because the vaccine has been a tremendous success.

You are right that looking after your health is important, but you should perhaps recognize the purpose and benefit of the vaccine is exactly to build our immune system.

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Posted in: Tokyo raises alert level amid resurgence in COVID-19 cases See in context

The government, and indeed a lot of people around the world, would do well to study the story “The Boy Who Called Wolf”.

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Posted in: Netflix 'actively' working on ad-supported subscription See in context

Gaijinland - tut-tut on the using other people’s accounts, but I can help you with your South Park problem. South Park Studios ( has all the episodes, no ads, no vpn required, is free, and is 100% official/not pirated. Matt and Trey insisted on it being available as part of their deal with Comedy Central.

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Posted in: Spitting mad Kyrgios blasts fans' 'disrespect', '90-year-old' officials See in context

Pretty pathetic to be an adult and to be known as the “bad-boy” of tennis!

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Posted in: Disaster-hit residents unimpressed by 'recovery Olympics': gov't report See in context

I’m not sure why these articles often mention the Zaha Hadid design for the stadium. Her company was dropped relatively early on and Kengo Kuma the architect.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,514 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 19,386 See in context

William - The government is even advising people to take their masks off. No one really cares if people wear a mask or not and this is certainly not a foreigner vs Japanese “issue”.

The “I’m not like the other gaijin, I understand Japan” vibe gets tired very quickly. News flash - not all Japanese think the same way either so get over yourself.

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Posted in: Kishida warns G7 of danger of 'wrong lessons' from Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

I am pretty sure other countries might draw the “wrong lessons” if only less than 3% of Japan’s companies leave Russia (as reported elsewhere on this website).

The current lesson from Kishida seems to be, invade your neighbors and it is business as usual with Japan.

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Posted in: Medical bills to be free in all Tokyo wards for high school students, younger kids from next year See in context

Mr Kipling - having the most healthy and educated generation possible growing up behind us will benefit society as a whole.

It is paying for other people’s children, but perhaps think of it more as paying for a better future for all (or at least an attempt).

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Posted in: Less than 3% of Japanese firms exiting Russia; lowest among G7: survey See in context

How about listing them up (and what products are associated) so that we can make a decision on whether to continue to support them or not?

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Posted in: Biden urges Western unity on Ukraine at G7 summit See in context

Why no mask Kishida? The hypocrisy of the Japanese government and willingness of the Japanese to follow on is staggering.

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Posted in: Snap, crackle, pop: Kellogg to split into 3 companies See in context

The second to last paragraph is complete nonsense. It is not a “particularly perilous” time for the food industry at all – revenue and profit in this sector has been at record levels and has had double digit growth. The outlook is also very strong. The CEOs and senior management of these companies have had massive pay increases over the last two years to, I guess, reflect their success. 


It is however a perilous time for consumers who have are fed this false narrative and suffered in the form of disproportionate price increases. Same can be said for the lower level workers also being fed this complete falsehood.

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Posted in: U.S. abortions rise: 1 in 5 pregnancies terminated in 2020 See in context

Whatever your position, I think most can agree that the less abortions, the better.

The best way to reduce abortions is to provide good sex/health education, make contraception easily available, and support mothers/families through and after birth (health care, child support, child care leave etc.).

The countries with the lowest abortion rates are those that address these issues. These matters should be, but unfortunately are not, non-controversial. Whatever your view on when or whose choice it should be - if the focus was on prevention of unwanted pregnancies, the results would be favorable to everyone.

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Posted in: Travel firms thrown into confusion over rules as Japan reopens to foreign tourists See in context

These measures should be reciprocated by other countries for travelers from Japan… it would take about three days for the government to drop this lunacy.

Japan seems to actively trying to be a complete joke in the world.

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