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Posted in: English-speaking-only bar opens in Osaka and Tokyo; yellow cards for those who don’t follow rules See in context

That is called discrimination. Only English speakers? Are we going back to slavery era where blacks were only allowed to ride the bus at the very back side??

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Posted in: Energy costs, weak yen push Tokyo inflation at fastest pace in 30 years See in context

Since the YEN is so weak and the Dollars are so strong. Everyone who is working in the US Military in Japan and the US Embasy are paid in dollars so they are rich right now. Sorry to break the truth.

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Posted in: Energy costs, weak yen push Tokyo inflation at fastest pace in 30 years See in context

Yeah my Strong zero was 220 yen still cheaper than a beer LOL. However, This issue will only cause people to spend money on food over everything else because food is what keeps you alive. But what about Internet and phone that dont cost GAS and why should Japan be playing the "monkey see monkey do" as usual? How is Russia and the Ukrainians causing a price HIKE on every darn item in Japan?? I only see that this is the best opportunity for every Japanese company to hike prices without a valid reason out of peer GREED. Anyhow. cost of living for everyone will increase in Japan unless you are making at least 12 million a yen a year.

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Posted in: Thousands in shelters as powerful typhoon hits Kyushu See in context

Im sure this typhoon by the time it hits Tokyo it will be just a tiny wind and rain like always. Anyways stay safe.

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Posted in: Japanese tea house for inside your home? Tokyo company wants to offer micro 'chashitsu' overseas See in context

I think its time to move on to modern day rather than trying to relive the old samurai days. That includes stop using fax machines and floppy disks.

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Posted in: Japan warns of impact of yen's rapid depreciation to 24-year low See in context

I love how the Dollar is BIG compare yo YEN. It should always be that way.

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Posted in: Japan to penalize hospitals not accepting infectious disease patients See in context

About time japan taking some action seriously as they smoke n joke around with Corona. Hopefully the table turns sooner for the better and people are getting the treatment the need rather than coward doctors in fear of virus sending you home over a fever in the name of pandemic.

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Posted in: Robot that stocks drinks is newest thing at FamilyMart in Japan See in context


They also rely on humans to make them, plug them in, programme them, maintain them and make them work.

Thats right and does not take a rocket scientist to understand. However, as the world turns to AI for robots to service and program and repair them. Every student in Japan will need to know how to program in a language they are using to keep uptime. No matter the reason it will boil down to that IT engineers are in favor of majority of the jobs as we automate ourselfs out of our own jobs. Only thing we will need is to learn how to program, fix and repair robots. What a sad age we are going through. You can thank the Internet for this.

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Posted in: Robot that stocks drinks is newest thing at FamilyMart in Japan See in context

Lets all be clever and automate ourselves out of a job.....Instead lets bring back humanity Japan.

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Posted in: Tea drinkers enjoy possible health benefits, study suggests See in context

Virus lover rex not sure if there are any long enough clinical trials that explains that tea is really better than water???

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Posted in: Moment of truth as Japan eyes review of foreign 'trainee' workers See in context

Makes sense why the Chinese have more knowlege and power than the Japanese. Don't train your enemies.....

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Posted in: Kishida pledges $30 bil over next 3 years for Africa See in context

He cant help the inflation and covid but he sure can fork money out to all other nations

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Posted in: Kishida pledges $30 bil over next 3 years for Africa See in context

The reason why Japan is so interested in Africa all of sudden is because China is trying to do the same and Japan wants to try to out beat China.

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Posted in: Ohtani shuts down Blue Jays in Angels' 2-0 win See in context

Dude is awsome but Japan is over exagerating as if Ohtani is why the team is winning as if there is no team player involment is all about ohtani in Japan. He could of not done it himself alone.

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Posted in: Ichiro expresses gratitude as he enters Mariners Hall of Fame See in context

I miss ichiro and sad to see him with grey hair which we call salt and pepper. Hope he is doing well!

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Posted in: Japan considers letting asymptomatic COVID patients go out if mask worn See in context

Japan is considering allowing asymptomatic COVID-19 patients to leave their homes to buy daily necessities as long as they wear a mask

Again the fixation on Masks. Also, do you really think everyone who tested positive is actually confining them selfs to their homes and not leaving the house and you think Japan is monitoring everyone who tested positivie that are urged to isolate at home are not going under the radar by leaving there homes for 10 days?

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting of pre-departure COVID tests for inbound vaccinated travelers: media See in context

Lets celebrate and Kanpai with a six pack of Corona :)

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Posted in: Japan brings back its popular ready-to-drink curry in a can with new and improved spices See in context

I hope they dont add any sugar and soy bean, corn oil, canonal oil, suflower oil or any vegitable oil , hydrogenated oils as it is very inflammatory then I would love to consume the drink. Wish they would list the full ingredients.

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Posted in: Xi, Putin to attend G20 summit in Bali in November; Ukraine's Zelenskiy also invited See in context

Sounds like trouble.

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Posted in: Japanese government worried young adults aren’t drinking enough alcohol See in context

Most people in Japan just go to the bars after work to drink no reason to buy a six pack and bring it home after a bout of drinking.

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Posted in: Japanese government worried young adults aren’t drinking enough alcohol See in context

Way to go Japan. Encourage Alcholism to the youngsters when Japan don't even recognize acoholism as a issue or disease and barely can you find a alcohol detox treatment center if you ever need to kick the daily drinking habit. Also, This will not help fix the problem "Oh I was drunk and don't remember"

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Posted in: Japan July core consumer prices up 2.4%; biggest rise in 7.5 years See in context

This is not good. They are using the Pandemic and the Ukraine war to cause inflation and once the food prices goes up good luck on bringing them down. Very sad this is happening. Food is essential to live while electronic devices are unless they are for medical use. I think we may see people spending more on food and less on luxury items such as clothes and electronics. In micro economics they said when the demand is high the price goes down but when the demands are low the price goes high. But in this is not the case with food.

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Posted in: Yakuza-themed love hotel rooms: Great for couples, friends, and business meetings, owners say See in context

If you ever watched Japanese Porn which is mostly own by and run by the YAKS, Make sense they create this sort of fantasy as this is what porn and fappin is all about. The goverment should dismantle this organization.....

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Posted in: Japan reports 166,205 coronavirus cases; 23,511 in Tokyo See in context

I cought Covid last month and guess what it only lasted for 5 days with fever, tiny sore throat, and some coughing but nothing like the real Influenza. I'm one time vaxed and automatically thought covid was a death setence after I tested Positive... For some, it could be for the majority its likely not the case. But how I see this pandemic in Japan is that they will keep it going for profits. If you do end up getting long Covid hope you recover. I might have long covid at this stage but I read that it gets better over time.

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