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Kanji needs to go the way of the dinosaur anyway.

The homonym problem can be solved by differentiating use of hiragana and katakana, so that nose is ハナ and flower is はな for example. Spell the loan words in romaji, either the correct spelling of their native origin or katakanized spelling, I don't care. But this crazy mix of pictograms and phonetic spelling is insane and needs to go. Its an impediment to children's education, as they cannot just pick up a book and suss out the pronunciation and meanings by themselves, or turn to a dictionary for help.

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“In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.W

Are we at war with Islam? I am not. Are you? This lunatic is. And she would happily drag us and the whole world into a real war.

She is doing a good job at proving that she is just as much a savage as anyone. Clearly, she just hopes to instigate more violence.

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