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As Miki Townsend mention, the testing policy is a complex subject.

Testing everyone is only viable if a strict lock down is applied, respected and tests results come quickly. It does not work otherwise because one has to wait for three days to get the results.

Some countries are beginning saliva test with a 20 minutes responses time. Positive tests can be followed with PCR testing to confirm the results.

While the policy of mass testing is relevant in the early stage of the pandemic, it is no more relevant unless control to the access is done properly. Some countries are now overwhelmed by tests and it takes 3 days to get the appointment and one week the results that is not productive and will not curb the disease.

The approach by Japan is appropriate but the issue is the ease of access to the tests. Doctors should not ask to wait for three days to get the test if they suspect an infection, they should be able to speed up the access to testing.

The positive testing rate below 5% indicate a pandemic is controlled per who guidelines. Below 1% this is a success. Japan is around 4%. Japan seems to want to control the pandemic until a vaccin developed instead of trying to “annihilate “ the virus. This is the weakness of the Japan approach.

A third wave is not unlikely from the end of October if faster testing is not made available for those who have symptoms from the first days not the fourth or fifth day.

That will be the only way to guarantee the olympics (as this is driving all decisions).

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The 90% immunity claim is irresponsible as it gives a false sense of security. Whether right or wrong I do not know. But If you assume a 3% mortality, that still leaves about 360,000 death for the remaining 10% of the population.

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Can we talk about a second wave now or it is too early ? Graph of daily cases looks like a second wave to be.

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