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NothingTokubetsu comments

Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder of son in Tochigi See in context

the sad part is i bet her charger was like under her purse or something. Women, am i rite fellas!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 11-year-old boy in Osaka See in context

i hate when they do these stories but never investigate or release a confirmed or possible motive. If your going to report scandalous incidents, at least do the research.

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Posted in: 'It's silent?': Britons demand refunds for 'The Artist' See in context

Are these the same people who order sushi then ask for a refund when they find out it's raw?

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Posted in: Marubeni to pay $54.6 mil penalty for role in Nigeria bribery scheme See in context

i guess they got greedy and didn't want to pay off that last guy, so he ratted out the whole scheme.

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Posted in: Man attacks neighbors with kitchen knife over insult See in context

unusually detailed listing of the weaponry employed in this incident.

Do older people usually go on a rampage like this?

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Posted in: Japan says no key data lost in cyberattack; China denies responsibility See in context

i think china, like the rest of the world, just wants to make sure japan isn't funneling funds to any secret underwater battlemech manufacturing facilities.

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Posted in: Man recently released from prison held for holding two women captive See in context

And this ladies and gentlemen, is why prostitution should be legalized.

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Posted in: Japan air traffic controller leaks Obama flight plan on blog See in context

hold on, wait last year? and we're just now hearing about it? way to be on the ball gaiz.

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Posted in: Half of world's PCs use pirated software: survey See in context

Well with most economies in the toilet is it really any wonder why people pirate. Most who do, only do so because A) they can't afford it anyway B) Copyright protection requirements make it annoying to play without pirating C) Because it isn't available in their country yet.

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Posted in: Enraged customer parks car at McDonald's drive-thru window for two hours See in context

What's with all the rage incidents at fast food places. I can't decide if it's something in the food, or is it just related to the average intelligence of those who frequent such establishments.

Hell maybe a little of both.

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Posted in: Russia seeks 'calm' talks with Japan over disputed islands See in context

Korea China and Russia are looking to carve a few islands and seaways from Japan since they've had to deal with so much this year.

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Posted in: Ai Kago in apparent suicide attempt See in context

Daddy Issues claims another childhood star.

Although it does make me sad, i'm not sure when it was decided that being famous meant you couldn't be human and make mistakes anymore - but it was a dumb idea.

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Posted in: Osaka governor wants authorities to keep track of convicted pedophiles See in context

i imagine this move is simply for the international communities benefit.

Pass as many laws as you want, just don't stop making lolicon manga!

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Posted in: Gaijin -- just a word or racial epithet with sinister implications? See in context

I'm enjoying the tears... Gaijin insults non whites on daily basis in home country, sees no problem. Gaijin goes to Japan, gets dose of own medicine, Gets upset.

Cry some moar.

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