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Posted in: Evicted Houston tenant kills 3 others after setting fire to lure them outside See in context

I am sad on so many levels reading this article. Personal and social problems abound, and the gun culture creeps into all parts of the lives of people in the US nowadays. So sad.

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Posted in: Woman, with only ¥10 on her, arrested after leaving restaurant without paying bill See in context

Slow news day?

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Posted in: Indonesia deports Japanese man accused of COVID relief fraud See in context

He is probably the first of many who will be arrested for this crime. The government tried to make it easy and quick for firms to get money to pay laid off employees, etc.. Unfortunately, people are going to take advantage of such systems for personal gain.

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of woman’s underwear from coin laundry See in context

Slow news day? Why are we reading about this?

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Posted in: Man arrested after crashing car into Foreign Ministry building See in context

After a careful examination of this photo, it looks like 3 two-pronged weapons were used. In the US, most of the bureaucratic offices like this are surrounded by rather mundane looking barriers that a car could not crash into. It's surprising that such obstacles have not been put in place in Tokyo

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Posted in: Nationwide system failure hits NTT Docomo; disruption continues See in context


"Maybe Huawei can help"

That really cracked me up!

All-in-all, Japan is really great. I can't remember the last time we even had a power outage (even though I know that there are areas hit by natural disasters that have them). Compared to other countries, we have it pretty good here, I think.

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Posted in: Amazon unveils robot that can patrol homes See in context

It's just easier to imagine a dystopian future if such a device evolves. It made me think of the episode Metalhead on the Netflix series Black Mirror.

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Posted in: How many satellites are orbiting Earth? See in context

Interesting, but the original question is never answered. What an unsatisfying read. As someone else already asked: So, how many are there?

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Posted in: Drill to catch attacker See in context

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 76th A-bomb anniversary as virus, Olympics roll on See in context

I don't know why people say things like, "get over it." Japanese do not use this time to blame the US at all. They use this time to blame themselves on one hand, because they realized through all of this that war is wrong. On the other hand, these indiscriminate weapons that cause mass destruction are so terrible, they use the time to say that we should never use such weapons again. And, as Gen. Douglas MacArthur said, "We should pray for peace." A very commendable action by the Japanese, and people of Hiroshima.

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Posted in: 'Conbini warp' an increasing traffic problem for businesses, authorities across Japan See in context

As long as they legally make the turn into, through, and out of the parking lot, I don't think you can (or should) do anything. But, shame on the taxi driver--a professional driver--for doing such a thing. And, people who make an illegal turn, drive on the wrong side of the road, break the speed limit, etc., should be ticketed anyway, in my opinion.

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Posted in: Ringo calling! If he wants you to sing, who could say no? See in context

Whenever I think of Ringo, the same three words always come to me 3 times: "Peace and Love! Peace and Love! Peace and Love!"

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Posted in: Tokyo high schools ask students to certify hair color not altered: NHK See in context

Through my own experience teaching in Japan, it just interests me that they worry so much about things like hair color and skirt length. But, then when a student falls asleep in the middle of class, teachers just ignore them.

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Posted in: Tokyo District Court upholds ban on dual citizenship See in context

SandyBeachHeaven wrote The age to decide is 20, not 22.

Nope! It is 22. Article 14 of the Nationality Law reads as follows:

A Japanese national having a foreign nationality shall choose either of the nationalities before he or she reaches twenty two years of age if he or she has acquired both nationalities on and before the day when he or she reaches twenty years of age or, within two years after the day when he or she acquired the second nationality if he or she acquired such nationality after the day when he or she reached twenty years of age.

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Posted in: Kyushu Electric restarts Sendai No. 1 reactor See in context

Good news. We need the power. We are happy that the facilities have all been greatly improved for safety, from both terrorist activities and against natural disasters.

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Posted in: A taste for travel? Finnair to sell plane food in shops See in context

What a great idea! I like how lots of great restaurants that I used to go to here on Shikoku Island that are now selling bento boxes with their great food on the streets at lunchtime. If it had not been for this crazy pandemic, they never would have done it. One friend who is a restaurant owner has said that he is making more money now by doing the lunchtime bentos than he did by being a night-time only restaurant. More power to this innovation. What is the expression: Necessity is the mother of invention...and innovation in these times. (And I am with Vinke. I want to try these foods.)

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Posted in: 2 motorcyclists killed in head-on collision in Fukui See in context

It's really sad news. I went to motorcycle riding school in Japan and in the US. But, there are too many variables that I stopped riding in this country. The roads are really narrow, and people don't take enough care. I feel sorry for the guy who stayed in his lane. I have almost been hit by motorcyclists twice while driving my car, where they came around a corner, without enough care, driving into my lane. In both cases, they dropped their bikes and suffered low speed injuries. It's really easy to become lackadaisical about obeying traffic rules. We all do it. (So, when I say that people don't take enough care, that includes myself.) On a motorcycle, there is not much room at all for error, though. I hope everyone out there riding will take good care, and I pray for both of these guys and their families.

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Posted in: Good grief! 'Peanuts' celebrates 70th anniversary with art See in context

Am I the only person who has never found “Peanuts” or Charlie Brown to be remotely funny or interesting in any way? Its appeal is a mystery to me.

Interesting. I am a huge fan. Find the first comic strip. It is not funny, it is mean. I have studied a lot about Mr. Schulz, and was basically a depressed guy who wrote the strip about his depression. Charlie Brown never wins, he never kicks the football. One of the interesting things is that if you read about the making of the Peanuts movie that was made a few years ago, they even had to TAKE OUT some of the jokes because they were too funny. Craig Schulz, the son of the founder was quoted as saying that Peanuts was never laugh out loud funny. The jokes are more deserving of a simple grin or a soft chuckle. It's easy to find the very first strip that was in the papers by doing a search. Check it out But, while I loved the strip, I understand your feelings. I give your comment a + for sure.

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Posted in: First trans, non-binary characters to debut on 'Star Trek' franchise See in context

And we still don't even know where the bathrooms are on the ships. Gene Roddenberry thought that humans would have overcome things like the use of money, and so on, in the future. Will heterosexual relationships also become the abnormal thing as we evolve to the 23rd century and beyond? Who knows!?

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Posted in: How to turn cheap 7-11 food into a Japanese traditional breakfast See in context

People steal cars and sell it for parts because the parts sold individually can cost more than the car. I guess that the same is true for Japanese food like this bought from a convenience store. Still, it's very interesting if you want to impress your date. Ha!

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Posted in: 75 years later, 1 million Japanese war dead still missing See in context

The humane thing to do is to do our best to return all remains to their rightful place, regardless what country they are from, so that they can be put to rest and their families can find closure. This all happened over 75 years ago this weekend. It's too late for us to worry about blame at this time. Let's just do what we can to get the remains, all remains, regardless of nationality, back to where they came from.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing cow, stealing its head See in context

charges based on suspicion of violating the animal law.

The "animal law?"

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Posted in: Malaria drug fails to prevent COVID-19 in a rigorous study See in context

I think it was worth testing. We need to test, test and test. It's just too bad that it did not work. That's the way find things that work and things that don't work.

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Posted in: Kawasaki school remembers victims of stabbing spree 1 year ago See in context

Saying a prayer for all the school tragedies like this one around the world. †

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Posted in: Diamond Princess leaves Japan for Malaysia See in context

It seems to me that people who really love cruise ships really love them. I don't see the industry dying out. But, I hope that there are enough people for it to remain a viable industry. And, they need to clean up their boats, for sure. Of course, it is going to take a while for them to recover. I wish the industry well.

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Posted in: Japanese teenager plans lawsuit over gaming limit ordinance See in context

In my day, it was TV. But, the idea that we, as minors, would bring it to court was ridiculous. So, this kid's parents want him to be able to play games after 10pm at night? What kind of parents are they? It's a tough call...but is a minor able to bring such a thing to court, or is it on behalf of his parents. Hmmm. I try to keep an open mind, and never wanted to be the kind of old guy who didn't understand the younger generation. But, do your homework! Study and go to bed. I am really surprised at how late kids stay up in Japan. In the US where I am from, if you go to a supermarket with a young kid late at night, people will even comment, "Why is he/she not in bed?" High school kids will often not even get back from juku until after 10pm here. Note to self: Keep an open mind...keep an open mind.

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Posted in: Japan braces for worst postwar economic slump See in context

Recession turns into a depression after a couple of quarters slumping. Kinda scary.

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Posted in: Abe announces lifting of state of emergency for 39 prefectures See in context


I agree, but still a bit scary!

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Posted in: Pepsi’s Japan Cola and Japan Cola Zero to relaunch promising an even more Japan-like taste See in context

A new Japan-like taste? That scares me!

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

25 is a much better number, in my opinion. And, holding off as long as you can to turn on the air-conditioning is what my workplace does. That works for me. They tried it the first year at 28, and everyone sweated and complained. They changed it to 25, and that still seems much better than people going in and lowering it to 20 or below.

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