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They already seem so strict. Opening a bank account at even a regional bank means you have to explain why you need it and they decide whether you can simply open an account or not. Transferring money means you have to explain "in detail" what the money will be used for. I have finished the transaction, and then been called on the phone to explain it clearly again--even for amounts of less than $1,000. Lately, where I just wanted to send $500 US, it was much, much easier to just buy US cash (no questions asked to buy cash), send it by EMS, and insure the envelope for $600 equivalent, and you only pay an extra $1 for that insurance.

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Zichi writes: Its also not normal to salute if not in military uniform.

Not sure what you mean by "not normal," but the UCMJ says that while it is "not required" to salute when not in military uniform, it is "not inappropriate." If you are talking about the US President saluting, that is also his prerogative and not inappropriate at all. When I was on active duty and met my commander, even when we were both in civilian clothes, I would DEFINITELY salute him. In fact, if I didn't salute when I was not in uniform, it would be that I didn't know that they were a superior officer, or it was in a kind of inappropriate situation. I would still not salute indoors, if I met someone in front of a restaurant with civilian guests, etc..

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One of my friends who is a bento maker here on Shikoku Island said to me the other day: "If there were no foreign workers, there'd be no bentos."

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If they were sincere, then why has Akihito, the de facto head of state of Japan, never apologized sincerely? Why did Abe retreat those apologies later?

People sometimes compare those showing that kind of tricky and coward attitude to 'brazen thief'.

So, let me get this want an apology from every succeeding prime minister?? When is this going to end? Sounds to me like it will never end. That's a child's game. None of the politicians or emperors alive today had anything to do with it. The Japanese government has apologized more than enough. It's way past the time to get over it. Sorry.

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January 1, 1992: Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, in a press conference, said: "Concerning the comfort women, I apologize from the bottom of my heart and feel remorse for those people who suffered indescribable hardships".

This is the first one that caught my eye from 1992. Sounds pretty sincere to me.

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