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Posted in: Malaria drug fails to prevent COVID-19 in a rigorous study See in context

I think it was worth testing. We need to test, test and test. It's just too bad that it did not work. That's the way find things that work and things that don't work.

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Posted in: Kawasaki school remembers victims of stabbing spree 1 year ago See in context

Saying a prayer for all the school tragedies like this one around the world. †

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Posted in: Diamond Princess leaves Japan for Malaysia See in context

It seems to me that people who really love cruise ships really love them. I don't see the industry dying out. But, I hope that there are enough people for it to remain a viable industry. And, they need to clean up their boats, for sure. Of course, it is going to take a while for them to recover. I wish the industry well.

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Posted in: Japanese teenager plans lawsuit over gaming limit ordinance See in context

In my day, it was TV. But, the idea that we, as minors, would bring it to court was ridiculous. So, this kid's parents want him to be able to play games after 10pm at night? What kind of parents are they? It's a tough call...but is a minor able to bring such a thing to court, or is it on behalf of his parents. Hmmm. I try to keep an open mind, and never wanted to be the kind of old guy who didn't understand the younger generation. But, do your homework! Study and go to bed. I am really surprised at how late kids stay up in Japan. In the US where I am from, if you go to a supermarket with a young kid late at night, people will even comment, "Why is he/she not in bed?" High school kids will often not even get back from juku until after 10pm here. Note to self: Keep an open mind...keep an open mind.

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Posted in: Japan braces for worst postwar economic slump See in context

Recession turns into a depression after a couple of quarters slumping. Kinda scary.

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Posted in: Abe announces lifting of state of emergency for 39 prefectures See in context


I agree, but still a bit scary!

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Posted in: Pepsi’s Japan Cola and Japan Cola Zero to relaunch promising an even more Japan-like taste See in context

A new Japan-like taste? That scares me!

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

25 is a much better number, in my opinion. And, holding off as long as you can to turn on the air-conditioning is what my workplace does. That works for me. They tried it the first year at 28, and everyone sweated and complained. They changed it to 25, and that still seems much better than people going in and lowering it to 20 or below.

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Posted in: Abe seeks to extend state of emergency by about a month See in context

I think that at least until the end of May would be best. The university where I work decided from the beginning to make it that date. I am proud of them. It means we are all set to make it work online until then. I hope that more people get used to the online functions. It seems that big meeting like the one in the photo might be better handled online. The technology works. Still, I am very worried about the economy.

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Posted in: How to have a yakiniku BBQ at home with the UFO smokeless indoor grill See in context

I want one!

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Posted in: Fewer people on streets of Japan's major cities amid stay-at-home requests See in context

I went to the International Center today in Takamatsu, Kagawa on Shikoku. I go there every Saturday. Nobody was there! There are usually quite a few people there on a Saturday. We don't even have so many confirmed cases of the virus here. But, one of the guys I did meet there said that there were quite a few people yesterday watching the cherry blossoms in Kinbuchi Park in the southern part of Takamatsu City. There were people walking down the street today, for sure, but far fewer people than usual.

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Posted in: 20 virus infections on cruise ship in Yokohama; passengers confined to cabins See in context

They were enduring their second day in a stateroom that, as Renee told Reuters by phone from the ship, "is tiny, we don't have a window, there are four of us - and only one chair."

They've spent time reading and watching movies, including"Crazy Rich Asians" and "Aquaman."

Sorry. I can't stop laughing. Are watching the movies "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Aquaman" equivalent to some kind of inhumane action like torture?

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Posted in: JR East to test anti-groping app on rush-hour trains See in context

You know...people are critical. And this is a difficult issue to deal with. But, this is ONE way to handle the problem. We are now in a very cell-phone-oriented society. Maybe this will help those who are too frightened to report an obvious crime to finally do so. It's not a cure-all...but it is just one way. And, they have tried to build in steps to prevent people from making false accusations. So, let's try it and see if it has any effect on the perpetrators who are doing this.

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Posted in: Japan to repatriate citizens from virus-hit Wuhan in chartered plane See in context

The US is doing the same thing:

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Posted in: Court sentences 2 Filipino women via remote interpreting See in context

I just wonder what happened to the company who hired them to work in cosmetics? Aren't they required to check? I know of quite a few situations where the company helps the people who they want to employ, telling them that they are hired to do one job, but they are actually doing another.

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Posted in: Tokyo Gas opens new hydrogen station ahead of Olympics See in context

Hydrogen is dangerous, but gasoline is dangerous. Still we have tamed gasoline. We can do the same thing with hydrogen. But, what is city gas? I live in the country. Is there country gas? Is there are carbon footprint to hydrogen they are producing here, as some people claim? We need to know IN the article. Articles like this can be so confusing.

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Posted in: High court orders Shikoku Electric to suspend Ikata nuclear reactor restart See in context

It's on the northern part of the island, on the Seto Inland Sea, not the Pacific Ocean. So, it is less prone to Tsunamis. After Fukushima, when they were closed for close to 3 years, they made GREAT improvements. We need the electricity, and need to stop burning so much coal from Australia and Malaysia. Keep it open!

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Posted in: Ghosn used company money for private events: Nissan report See in context

Sounds like witch-hunt to me. It has from the beginning.

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Posted in: Patient in Japan confirmed as having new virus from China See in context

Wash your hands...many times a day. Gargle. Wear a mask. It's the flu season anyway, so we should do that regularly. As a university professor on Shikoku, LOTS of students have the flu. I also help out a major corporation that has these open staff rooms with 40+ people in them. I was supposed to go to one yesterday, but they called and said that 1/4 of the staff who work in the office are down with the flu. So, we should postpone. Let's be careful out there.

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Posted in: Japan calls Ghosn's escape 'unjustifiable' in first official comments See in context

Mori also said she has instructed the Immigration Services Agency to coordinate with related agencies to further tighten departure procedures.

You just kind of wonder how difficult things are going to become now for the rest of us. Japan often seems good at overreacting.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker arrested over alleged bribe from Chinese gambling operator See in context

You wonder if he really looks so crooked normally, or the media found a picture where he looks that way. Anyone if they are caught in a certain moment has a pose where they can look any of a dozen different ways. I'm a bit skeptical.

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Posted in: Student uses invisible ink to ace ninja report See in context

Such a great story. Wish we had a photo of it.

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Posted in: Parade rehearsal held for emperor's enthronement ceremony See in context

Interesting, I noticed the motorcycle cops that are in side-cars. I guess if there were an incident, the driver would have to deal with the bike, while the rider could react a bit quicker, and go on foot easier.

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Posted in: Death toll from arson attack on Kyoto Animation studio rises to 36 See in context

So sad, indeed. I am sorry that the people who survived but died recently probably had to suffer a lot until the end, too.

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Posted in: Pager services to end Tuesday in Japan after 50 years See in context

I'm surprised that it has continued until now. Still, it is nostalgic. I remember pagers fondly.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists in Kyoto reminded of etiquette via smartphones See in context

But many Japanese don't follow cell phone etiquette either. I am surprised at this.

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Posted in: 28-year-old man dies while sunbathing in his home garden See in context

I get really bad muscle twitching all over my body in summer in Japan. My doctor said that I lose too much potassium and calcium in my sweat, which are used in sending signals for your muscles to expand and contract. He told me to drink Pocari Sweat. He sounded like a Pocari Sweat commercial. I was already drinking tons of water per day. He told me that just the water was not giving me back these important minerals. Honestly, I didn't think it was going to work, but on the way home, I bought some and gave it a try. By golly, it only took a couple of days and now it has now completely stopped. Yeah, there's a bunch of sugar in there, too, but there is also a lot of hydration. I drink my water, too.

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Posted in: Heat wave claims more lives in Japan See in context

Say that in the middle of winter, when temperatures are breaking record lows.

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Posted in: Ghosn sues Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors for breach of contract See in context

Go, Go Gohn! (...sorry!....)

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Posted in: Japan may take S Korea wartime labor dispute to International Court of Justice: NHK See in context

I personally think that regardless of the outcome, 3rd party arbitration is the best. Some people have said that Japan might lose anyway. But, the fact that they can have a so-called "final" decision is what is necessary. Of course, we thought that "final" decision happened in 1965. But, if the Koreans can't accept that, let's finally make it final! Japan has already apologized SEVERAL times. You can do we search about Japanese apologies. But, the war is over, let's make FINAL restitution, put it to rest, and get on with normal, peaceful relations.

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