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Typical JT commentary... a fantastic shot combining sport & nature, and everyone is discussing the caption...

Looks like a great time... but given the snow on the mountain, I bet the water is COLD!

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Apparently all the folks here who have raised the question of how well Japanese parents supervise their children stuck a chord at JT... it is the new topic @ "Have your Say"

Sad story...

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You are correct, they didn't need probable cause to do a document check. There are two justifications for them being Id'd: 1) as a routine document check because they are obvious foreigners, which is allowed 2) per takio666's post on The Police Execution of Duties Law:

Section 2, says "A police officer is able to ask for a person's ID, but only if based on a reasonable (gouriteki) judgment of a situation where the policeman sees some strange conduct and some crime is being committed, or else he has enough reason to suspect that a person will commit or has committed a crime, or else it has been acknowledged that a particular person knows a crime will be committed. In these cases a police officer may stop a person for questioning."

My point was, from what I understand of the area, it is known for foreign women employed in the "adult entertainment" trade, so two non-Japanese women on the streets at nearly midnight could certainly be percieved as potentially being in the area to commit a crime, thereby giving a police officer reason to stop and question them.

Given the outcome of the situation (the police checked the passport, established they were good to go, applogized, and went on their way) I would suspect they were targetting illegals and not sex-workers, because if they had been working that issue, just a good document check wouldn't have resulted in a "thanks for your time."

THAT was the point of my "argument"

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Interesting discussion...

My 2¢: A badge is not ID. Good info from Sharky1; Any proffesional police org will have an official ID which corresponds to their badge... but of course anyone with a decent color printer & laminator can make something official looking with little effort.

From reading posts from those familiar with the area, the police certainly had probably cause to ID check 2 ladies "walking the streets" at 2330. No mention of how they were dressed, not to blame the victim, but if they were wearing anything remotley provocative, that would certainly add the the attention they attracted from police.

The "victims" handled the situation poorly... while they may have been concerned, despite the language barrier, I am sure they could have politely and calmly expressed their concern. To just walk away is asking for rough handling.

The overall tone of the letter reeks of pompous attitude. I'm all for countries promoting tourism trying to do what they can to strategically employ those with multilingual capabilities... but bottom line is, it IS Japan... you can't demand everyone speak YOUR language.

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Couldn't work out the logistics to put a team together and raise the funds to get in this year. :(

Marked my calendar for December, so I can get together a team and start raising funds. Trailwalker Japan '09, here I come!

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I just stumbled on this article... sounds like a fantastic event! Only room for 5 more teams, I am putting the word out to see if I can get a team together.

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Campaigns like this aren't usually very effective... those without the common courtesy to behave properly aren't going to change their behavior just because of a sign.

Reminds me of a sign I saw along a city street in Islamabad, Pakistan, during a "no-honking" enforcement effort, "Before honking, consider how you would feel if it were you who was being honked at." That is just plain silly... lol

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For those who think the military should just be locked down and never allowed off base, I have to say, that reaction is the same one that military leaders take now which does no good... punish the 99.9% to attempt to get at the .1% who don't have the sense to react properly in the first place. While I have only been in country for 3 months, I haev hearn innumerable military members tell me how wonderful this country is... and how many life-long friendships they have made with Japanese people. It makes no sense to put up walls and lock us all inside.... that would be a loss on both sides of the wall.

Kneejerk reactions like banning alcohol sales after the arrest of the taxi driver killer makes no sense... alcohol wasn't the reason the crime was committed. Banning it was just "publicity stunt" to show something was being done... whether it had anything to do with the crime or not.

As a proud American citizen it pains me to see my fellow countryman commit these crimes and make us all look bad. As a long-time military member, it infuriates me to see service members disgrace our military service. I don't care if it is a result of stupidity, alcohol, or being sociopathic... if you go off base (or even on base) and commit a crime, the individual (once found guilty) should be thrown to the wolves and serve their time in a Japanese jail with no assistance from the U.S.

While I agree that leadership at any level shoud be held accountable for failing to follow established procedures, but beyond that, the individual needs to be held accountable for their actions...

/rant off

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