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Posted in: Lawsuits against Trump over Jan 6 riot can move forward, appeals court rules See in context

Basically Trump is claiming that there cannot be a trial for his personal acts of election interference in the 2020 election because it would interfere with his chances in the 2024 election. Meanwhile he believes his words that incited an insurrection are protected by his first amendment rights but wants the government to "come down hard" on MSNBC and others because they've said "mean things" about him. You cannot make this stuff up.

I am absolutely floored as to how a single American can possibly still support this traitor.

So they want to wait until 2029 on the ASSUMPTION that he's going to be elected. No assumptions! Get this trial started and finished.

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Posted in: YouTube creators will soon have to disclose use of gen AI in videos or risk suspension See in context

I have seen people on Youtube make some really cool AI generated trailers for fictional movies with AI generated images of real actors.

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Posted in: YouTube creators will soon have to disclose use of gen AI in videos or risk suspension See in context

Youtube is shady. They will back or ignore any rule that helps them make more money. There are examples of influencers what violate Google's rules all the time. So much so that other influencers make videos showing the rule violations, but Youtube will ignore it because that influencer makes so much money for the platform. I been reading about an influencer SSSniperwolf (Sexy...Wolf). She has copied other influencers, used other influencer's videos without permission, lied about her past, stole business from her husband, manipulated teenagers to exposed their bodies on videos, and doxxed other influencers on video. Then SSSniperwolf plays victim when she is exposed. Other Youtubers have been demonetized or banned for doing less or only one of all the things she be exposed for. However, she has been on Youtube for a decade with 30,000,000+ subscribers. She is like Trump when he was on Twitter.

The rules with AI on Youtube will be enforced based on who the culprit is.

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Posted in: Fire in Chinese coal firm's office kills 25 See in context

Wow, unfortunate accident! Hopefully, it is just a freak one-in-million accident and not simply another example of a company skirting safety measures because of greed.

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Posted in: Man arrested in Japan for stealing credit card info via web skimming See in context

@Alan Ochoa

American nationals are responsible for an exponentially larger amount of crime than immigrants, whether legal or not. The "effect" is negligible, no reason to bring it up unless you need to flaunt your racism or you're just misinformed.

False, Japanese citizens commit more crimes than any other group in Japan. The majority of US citizens living in Japan are expats being paid by international companies or military. Both employers do not tolerate crimes abroad and will swiftly punish any criminal acts within reason.

Care to provide any actual evidence on your statement?

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Posted in: Man arrested in Japan for stealing credit card info via web skimming See in context

Very first case of credit card skimming in Japan? Wow. There is so little crime in Japan. In the US, there has been about 120,00 credit card skimming crimes in the first half of 2023. Big difference.

Very safe? Or just ignorance? There could have been victims that never ever realized they were hacked or too embarrassed. Sometimes, the inept J-police will tell people who report crimes that there is nothing that they can do, and it stops there.

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Posted in: Japan sees 2.52 million visitors in Oct, exceeding pre-COVID levels See in context

This is the same tired played-out record for government that has one of the worst performing currencies in the world. When people point to all the poor decisions or lack of decisions being made to improve the lives of the average Taro and his family, the J-government pulls out that more people are coming to Japan and speinding money. That does not help most residence because everything is still expensive.

The J-government wants to turn Nihon into Hawaii.

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Posted in: Cannabis-derived gummies probed after 9 fall ill in Tokyo See in context

I do not want to jump to conclusion, but it seems the gummies were not actually dangerous, but the people were not use to taking THC or its derivatives. Of course, it is not surprising that people especially kids were getting sick from the highness. It is like children getting smashed after drinking their first wine cooler or beer.

However, unregulated drugs has the potential to cause problems. I remember a decade ago when some guy in Ikebukuro ran over several people in his car. At the time, he was high on Spice. Basically, potpurri sprayed with a chemical derivative of THC.

There are a couple credible businesses that sell THC products in Tokyo. The products are quite expensive which could fuel an underground market of cheaper variations. That will continue if barriers to enter the market remains high. The same is true if the barriers are too low. Then you have a whole lot of fly by night businesses. There needs to be balance, but the J-government cannot legislate out of a wet paper bag!

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Posted in: Credit card transaction disruptions reported nationwide in Japan See in context

I think it is another cyber attack by sanctioned Chinese. Russian, or NK hackers. The public in Japan is not aware, but several major Japanese companies in various industries have been hack in the last month. They have been very good at keeping the information internally. Their public customers were simply contacted immediately that there was a minor problem; therefore, no media coverage, but their business partners are aware the specific problem.

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Posted in: Lunch breaks on decline in U.S., report shows See in context

My first guess would be the job is too busy. Next, no place to eat at work, outside meals too expensive, or people do not have time, do not know how, or too lazy to prepare a lunch for work. It also becomes more complicated if the office does not have a refrigerator, no one trusts their coworkers to leave it there, or the kitchen is too unsanitary to leave in the break room.

I think eating at the desks is becoming more frowned upon in the US even though it is not banned. When people eat at the office, that is additional cost for more cleaning staff and disposal of food waste.

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Posted in: Want a healthier lawn? Instead of bagging fall leaves, get a more environmentally friendly yard See in context

Caring a for a lawn requires additional space for tools and machinery. It also means additional cost like electricity and/or gas. The final cost is time to not only do a proper job, but also, find the opportune time to cut the grass and trim the yard, while not getting complaints from sometimes whiny noise sensitive neighbors who might be jealous of the attractive appearance of your place or angry because the unattractive appearance of your place. Luckily, Japan does not have all of the problems associated with HOAs.

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Posted in: Want a healthier lawn? Instead of bagging fall leaves, get a more environmentally friendly yard See in context

In addition to blocking out much needed sunlight, I also believe the tree type plays a role. Some tree's leaves produce chemicals as protection to stop animals or insects from eating them. When they fall to the ground and decay, I believe those chemicals leak into the soil and damage the surrounding plants

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Posted in: Top consultancy McKinsey undermining climate change fight: whistleblowers See in context

From what, I have heard and read. It is a very shady company. They charge premiums prices for basic management advice. They work both domestically and abroad. There has been lots of evidence that their advice causes more harm than good, but the companies name recognition, connections, and NDAs stifle any bad press allowing the company to operate in relative secret. They basically provide legal justifications and business practices for their clients to do bad things.

However, they have lots of highing paying contracts with dictatorships and authoritarian regimes abroad. For example, a theocratic government that relies on a religious book to control its citizens do not know necessarily standard management practices. They need to know how to present their business (resources) with being criticized for the methods of acuiring such resources. They secretly do business with people, businesses, or countries that the world has on various lists for humanitarian crimes.

This company is also a stepping stone and frat house for young IVY league grads fresh out business school before they become CEOs of companies like Google (cough, cough)!

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Posted in: IOC says its Olympic ban on Russia cannot be compared with Israel situation See in context

I say ban both because the similarity is they are committing war crimes, so yeah, you can compare the two. The common theme is war crimes!

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Posted in: Blinken warns Israel that humanitarian conditions in Gaza must improve to have 'partners for peace' See in context

Israel is not occupying Gaza.

Israel even dug up its buried dead from Gaza and moved them into Israel in the early 2000s.

After the took most of Palestinian land withthe help of the UK and walled them off in an open air ghetto like the Germans did the Jews until Hitler decided on a final solution like Israel is doing now.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo asks firms to stop pressuring job-hunting students See in context

These companies approach hiring like sports drafts. They want informal commitments, so they can know who not to waste time on because they do not want to be embarrassed or understaffed.

This is where a sports agent or header hunter perhaps would be useful for new graduates to help students get the best deal.

Even for really intelligent young graduates, choosing a the wrong first company can really set a person back in terms of life plans.

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Posted in: Brown, red, black, riceberry: What are these white rice alternatives, and are they actually healthier? See in context

Brown rice has a stigma as it is a reminder to the children of the WWII of the their hard times. White rice is to represent prosperity because it was more expensive to eat polished rice. They passed that stigma on to their the children and grandchildren.

Ironically, that brown rice is how they survived because it provides actual vitamins or minerals. White rice has no nutritional value.

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Posted in: Elon Musk issues warning about 'humanoid robots' in AI 'age of abundance' See in context

The UK still laying low key on Geo-political affairs because any who is not ignorant knows that the UK is responsible for all the problems with Israel and Palestine including the deaths of almost 10,000 women and children.

Of course, Musk's suggestion is to pause all development of such technology until he can create his own company and poach as many employees, so he can catch up and hope be the leader in that industry. The same way he attempted to take over social media and AI. We have seen it with Twitter and OpenAi. He is a failure when he does not have a nanny to keep him from making bad business decisions.

I believe his other companies will eventually push him out to stay profitable at some point. People will realize he is not as smart as he claims or believes if everyone else is developing all these ideas and technology while being more effective leaders. It is hard to maintain the lie with everyone proving him wrong.

He will spend the rest of his time chasing some psychadelic metaphysical utopia creating a cultish commune where he reproduces with multiple followers in an attempt to create some kind of chosen child or until technology allows him to live forever.

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Posted in: Blinken warns Israel that humanitarian conditions in Gaza must improve to have 'partners for peace' See in context

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, sent to Tel Aviv, Israeli, in essence with congress empty hand, holding a political poison chalice.

Joe Biden presidency, could be punctuated on a war in the middle east to match his first 100 days in office on the withdrawal of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan without any diplomatic means to bring about a methodology to/for a cessation/pause/ceasefire of some of the most brutal acts of hatred laced with a unrelenting wonton retributing Israeli invasion.

Good point! Global issues has been his only failures in office. Starting and ending his term with the deaths of lots of Muslim women and children will not go over well with the younger and more left-leaning liberals who associate with his party.

With some more liberal Democrats and POC thinking of skipping next election on principle against Biden, any shiny new youngish Republican nominee (if they replace Trump as the official candidate) will galvanize all Republicans to turn out and vote just to beat Biden and "own the Dems" because Biden beat Trump.

Biden can only win if Trump runs. If Trump does not run, some Democrats will not vote, and the Republicans will come out in force like usual. Young Deomcrats and POC are not feeling Biden.

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Posted in: Blinken warns Israel that humanitarian conditions in Gaza must improve to have 'partners for peace' See in context

Blindly supporting a corrupt leader in Israel has put the United States in a pickle. This is not going well for Blinken and president hoping to get re-elected next year. Young voters will be Biden's undoing. The Democratic coalition of various types of liberals and moderates is a delicate relationship compared to the uniform support from the coalition of incompetent social conservatives, religious extremist, war mongers, election deniers, racists, cult followers, and con artists. The fractures in the Democratic coalition usually decide most national elections. Republicans always back their candidate regardless of mental or moral flaws.

News like this will continue to cause Biden to bleed young voters:

Israel admits airstrike on ambulance near hospital that witnesses say killed and wounded dozens

The US role and Biden's response will be amplified by continued protests, and countries like Russia, China, and Iran will continue to push it in the media and world stage. We know those countries want to replace Biden with Trump because his greed and stupidity. At the same time, Russia and China wants to build strong relationships with Majority muslim countries for access to various natural resources, continued joint projects, and buy/sell of military weaponry.

Russia backs Hamas terrorists, calls Israel 'occupying power' that 'does not' have right to self-defense

Young people will only see that these 3 countries wants Biden to stop help Israel kill 10,000 Palestinians that were mostly women and children.

Republicans Introduce Bill To Expel Palestinians From The United States

Also, some of the extremist Jewish communities (Jewish Defense League) that does exist in the US and ties to Nantanyahu's corrupt government will vote Republican in hopes Trump or his sycophants will expel Palestinians or Muslims in general.

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Posted in: Russia denies Ukraine conflict at 'stalemate' See in context

If Russia is deny something, it is probably true.

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Posted in: Brown, red, black, riceberry: What are these white rice alternatives, and are they actually healthier? See in context

I like all 3 rices. I do not buy white rice and only eat it when I do not cook the meals. I eat mostly brown with red second and occasional black. I also sometimes mix in quinoa with my rice.

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Posted in: Brown, red, black, riceberry: What are these white rice alternatives, and are they actually healthier? See in context

The black rice that I purchased in Japan is a rich dark purple that it looks black. It is also extremely expensive. According to legend in China, only royalty or its equivalent was allowed to consume it.

It can also be extremely sticky like molasses, I suggest once it is finished cooking to immediately remove and place into a stain resistant container then clean the rice cooker/pot, or attempt to use to type of paper based container to place in the rice cooker to avoid making contact with the inside of the rice cooker or pot.

Another possibility is to place another rice inside the rice cooker first with the black rice on top not allow it touch the border of the rice cooker/pot.

It is delicious!

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Posted in: Blinken to visit Japan, S Korea, India after Mideast crisis trip See in context

Blinken is trying to do damage control for Biden. They convinced these countries to support Israel's war crimes. As more news comes out of Israel's actions, the optics are turning against Israel. These countries want to speak out before it gets even worse, and they look like bad leaders to their citizens which will lead back to Biden.

Israel bombards Jabalia refugee camp for second straight day

Young Democrats are looking for a new candidate because of Biden's decisions with Israel. Biden's old man stubborness is making him less attractive to young voters especially the university protesters being singled out and having their jobs rescinded or doxxed. They will definitely be bitter towards Biden when Israel proves through their own actions that these young eligible voters were correct in the end. Biden believes that if Democrats have no other choice then he will win against Trump.

However, if Trump gets kicked off of some state's ballots or is not the Republian nominee, then Republican's will unify behind their new candidate and young Democrats will not vote; thus, making the Republican candidate the winner.

If it is Nikki Haley, she is all but guranteed the presidency as the first woman, not old, not Trump, and not Biden.

Biden is making a Hilary Clinton mistake of not reading the room. Almost 10,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed and most of them are women and children.

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Posted in: Kishida unveils ¥17 trillion stimulus package as poll numbers slump See in context

Kishida can not just bribe old people in the country for votes.

He needs to bribe the whole country!

Verifiable fact: The yen is the weakest performing currency in the world. Thanks to know nothing Japanese politicians who are never replaced but are simply shuffled around. Japan does not need anymore "oyaji and obasan musical chairs."

If my room is filled with trash, it does not matter where I place it in the room. The room is still filled with trash!

Where is the cleanup?

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Posted in: Nearly half world's countries seeing level of democracy decline: report See in context

Let's not forget Bolsonaro in Brazil!

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Posted in: California startup to 'sponge' CO2 from atmosphere See in context

Too much of anything can be a problem!

REMEMBER: Plants still need CO2 to live which affects other things. Life exisst on Earth because the environmental recipe was mwah magnifique.

We also need it to block out bad things from outer space.

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Posted in: Voters skeptical of Biden's age, but Trump's flubs risk drawing unwelcome attention, too See in context

Yeah avoid the elephant...Biden flubbing into warmonger defense contractor mode.

Fizzbit......The first year in office Trump bombed Syria and wanted bomb Iran because his Saudi benefactors were willing to pay him and his family handsomely.

Remember that?

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Posted in: Voters skeptical of Biden's age, but Trump's flubs risk drawing unwelcome attention, too See in context

Trump does not really want to be president. He already has all the perks of being president for life. He has the celebrity like fame/infamy on a global scale. Lifetime protection to make him untouchable regardless of what he says or does, and it is free. The secret service agents still have to call him "Mr. President". He has multiple new income streams from his cult, and the connections made in office. He wants to simply live in bubble like his wife who was an illegal immigrant and only married him for money and a green card.

Besides, he spent most of his time playing golf than being a president. He only wants to get revenge on his enemies and avoid jail. If he could do that without being president he would because the presidency draws too much attention. It is harder to run scams like before. In his mind, he is only truly safe when America becomes a dictatorship and ran by him modeled after leaders that he admires like Putin, Xi, and previously Kim. That opinion may have changed after their meetings. Trump's first couple of years, he literally told the press to stop finding out things about him and would not allow certain news companies into press meetings because of it.

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Posted in: Why Elon Musk is obsessed with casting X as the most 'authentic' social media platform See in context

Ironically, he is the most unauthentic billionaire who bought Twitter because he thought he could use it to influence people's thoughts especially about him and make money in the process. That also applies to Elon Musk habitually banning all criticism of him on Twitter.

His Facebook page is ran by paid moderators that pretend to be sycophants of their god. He wants to create a Trump-like cult and following. This explains his need to have so many baby mamas hoping to create some genius to justify his own existence. If he kids all turn out average, then it will indicate that a lot of his success is just affluence, luck, and deception. His ego will not accept his average nature.

We are seeing in real-time that he cannot run his own company; there always needs to be actual competent people around making the decisions which mean he is not as intelligent as he and everyone thinks. We all know if his father did exploit Black Africans during Apartheid, then I doubt he would be in the position that he is in today. That wealth got him in the door. The rest depends on his ability to lie to people like making false promises and spreading conspiracies. That is only one several similarities with Trump along with narcissism and a fragile ego.

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