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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for luring 13-year-old girl on social media to watch movie with him See in context

What the hell is a lodging facility anyway?? Why not say love hotel or isn’t that allowed anymore??.?.?.?.?

Maybe it is not. Not all temporary lodgings are specifically for the purpose of sex. Maybe it is a camping/vacation area or justa regular hotel.

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for luring 13-year-old girl on social media to watch movie with him See in context

While the situation looks nefarious, is it technically illegal for an adult to watch a movie with a teenager?

What if they only watched TV and played videogames the whole time, and no physical contact was made. Could they still charge him with kidnapping if he asked her to go with him, and she accepted? Other than age what would be the legal grounds? If another teen the girl met offer the same thing, would they also be arrested for kidnapping after the parents called the police? Is this going to be police illegally coercing the suspect into a more serious crime or is he actuall guilty of something nefarious.

I am curious to know.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo to launch new 5-year program with 50% foreign students See in context

Like someone said earlier, they are trying to coerce more students to pursue graduate degrees for a accreditation, to earn more revenue, and to keep student numbers up.

If you look at the Komaba campus website and numbers, they have few graduate students. Probably because the degrees do not really specialize in anything marketable. They seem to be quite general. In Japan, many companies do not one entry-level employees to have advanced degrees because it make the senpais look inadequate and out of touch. International companies in Japan only make up a small percentage in a few sectors.

Also, it would be hard to get work on these global issues or initiatives without specific skills or knowledge to offer. Their current line of degrees are too broad and vague in scope which means these students would need lots of experience like volunteering, interning, or networking to make the most of it.

That is why Todai will try to push them abroad after finishing these degrees. They will no longer be their problem.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo to launch new 5-year program with 50% foreign students See in context

What makes you think the degrees are going to be easy

Let us assume the quality of education is the same (doubt it!). Todai has been falling down the rankings. This announcement and the one from Osaka Public University is probably a response to the news coming from various Japanese newspapers that TUJ is opening a branch in Kyoto next year.

Temple University establishes new campus in Kyoto City, scheduled to open in January next year

The Governor of Kyoto was there as well. It seems that other prefectures are hoping to do something similar with TUJ or Japanese universities are wanting to send their students to TUJ to take certain courses in English or English skills courses like writing as part of their Japanese degrees.

 (as in easier than other degrees already being offered by TU)?

Unlike the English only Todai degrees offered at Komaba, TUJ's website says that students can transfer their credits to main campus in the US to pursue other majors not offered at the Japan campus. Also, main campus students are doing study abroad in Japan as well. According to the report from other Japanese newspapers, TU students regardless of status can take classes in Kyoto and Tokyo which means students can 1-3 in Kyoto and their last year in Tokyo, vis versa, or any combination in between. That is a great experience for an international student to study in two poular internationally known cities.

Can Todai Komaba offer that? How many more new students will be attracted to TUJ for that kind of flexibility?

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Posted in: Japan drops to 26th globally in annual pay for IT workers See in context

That has an affect on the quality of IT professionals. Hackers are salivating to read news like this.

“First World Country, Third World IT Security.”

The only way Japan stays safe is to become less connected. The rollout of MyNumber is setting up Japan for a world of hurt once Chinese hackers get a crack at the fully implemented system.

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Posted in: Judge orders Trump and his companies to pay $355 million in New York civil fraud case See in context

Alina Habba will probably take her fame to OnlyFans if Trump does not get re-elected and offer her a government position.

I do not see her law practice getting much business after this major loss.

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Posted in: Judge orders Trump and his companies to pay $355 million in New York civil fraud case See in context

All of this public embarrassment and financial loss because Trump's ego could not handle being roasted by former Pres. Obama, one of the most successful presidents of the 2000s.

Trump, the most well-known steak salesman in US presidential history, should of stuck to dating adult entertainers and promoting pyramids schemes instead of getting into politics.

It is harder to be a wannabe conman/mafia boss when you are an elected official.

This is not The Apprentice.

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Posted in: Judge orders Trump and his companies to pay $355 million in New York civil fraud case See in context

LOL! Let the RNC, rich donors, and the rubes pay for it. Let's see how that affects the other Republicans running for various elected offices.

I forsee a hold on appeals for a while! Time for Melania to renegotiate her pre-nup and the trust.

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Posted in: A new exhibition aims to bring Yoko Ono's art out of John Lennon's shadow See in context

Yoko Ono claims to be trying get out of his shadow so chose a venue in London for her exhibition. Yeah, right! She really does try her best to be somebody that she is not, a talented artist.

The art? Yuck Oh No!

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Posted in: Nippon Steel rebuffs Trump criticism over U.S. Steel deal See in context

He will save the steel industry like he saved the coal industry.

Hmmmm, black lungs. Nice!

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' actor sues Disney with funding from Elon Musk's X See in context

Musk is another conservative hypocrite! One of the reasons for his move to Texas is it’s “right to work” laws. The others being taxes and child support.

In the words of conservatives, "She should just do her job and stick to acting."

Oh wait, she doesn't act anymore in major films! How did her last movie from that conservative production do?

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Posted in: U.S. public health agency CDC sets up office in Tokyo See in context

Japan is always on the frontline of any pandemic coming out of China before it reaches other first world nations. Unlike Russia taht uses refugees to disrupt other countries, Chinese creates more chaos by spreading infections.

If China is not going to be forth coming with Chinese born diseases then Japan is the next choice. In return, the CDC can help Japan develop better responses to China and other countries "biological weapons."

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Posted in: Snowfall leaves more than 130 injured in Tokyo See in context

…and THAT’S why I’m in Okinawa, :)

Not in a couple more weeks, right? :)

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Posted in: Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown after reported affair See in context

If she was single then she was not cheating. The married doctor who probably leverage his connection to pageants was cheating. I am pretty sure he introduced himself as a doctor first and pageant judge second.

As an influencer and a "real Japanese," he is also in the public eye; so should he not be scrutinized even more for cheating on his wife with a public figure?

Where is his deep bow and apology? Is it ethical for judges to sleep with contestants?

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Posted in: Snowfall leaves more than 130 injured in Tokyo See in context

The scariest part about yesterday's weather was the "thundering." That was the first time experiencing thunder during a snowstorm. That was some kind of apocalyptic (climate change) type stuff.

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Posted in: Where the jobs are: Strong hiring in most U.S. industries has far outpaced high-profile layoffs See in context

You don’t say….well, I’m being forced out the country in the next few weeks if I can’t land a job on base, which after two months of trying, I’ve all but given up. I still have a couple more weeks on my visa. And despite having been married in Japan twice, with children, I have never “Qualified” for Permanent Residency, so, out I go.

Since the article is about how well the mainland US economy is outperforming expectations and the rest of the world, you are complaining because you cannot find a job in Japan where you live. That sounds like Republican/MAGA logic.

Thank you Biden and Democrats for turning around the former president's destruction of the US economy!

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Posted in: Pakistan launches retaliatory airstrikes on Iran, killing at least 7 See in context

If the world goes to war, Russia will go after Ukraine, North Korea will go after South Korea, China will go after Taiwan, and several middle Eastern countries will go after Israel.

NATO will have to deal with Russia. The US will need to help defend South Korea, Taiwan and Israel. That would spread the US resources. That will also affect the world's economies and stock markets as supply and demand shifts.

That global distraction would provide cover for a lot of other countries to settle old scores, while the superpowers are busy.

It would also guarantee that Biden would be re-elected as wars favor the incumbent.

If South America, Africa, and Australia are smart, then they will stay out of this. Do not allow the Chinese, Russians, and North Koreans to flee to their continent, build military facilities, or use their people as possible hostages/pawns to bargain for a "get out of jail" free card.

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Posted in: Couple in their 80s apparently freeze to death in Tokyo apartment See in context

I do not use my air conditioner at all regardless of the time of year. I am all about layering.

Eighty years old living in Nerima Ward?

It does sound like it was due to budgetary restrictions forcing them to sacrifice air conditioning because of the poor pension system. Freezing in an old Japanese style house is a lot easier than in a concrete apartment even with no air conditioning.

It could have also been one of the spouses passed away naturally, and the other spouse grieving decided not to leave their sided until they too could pass away because they did not want to be alone.

They could have also chosen to take something that would make sure that they would not wake up.

There are still too many variables. Autopsy, ASAP!

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Posted in: Japan literary laureate unashamed about using ChatGPT See in context

Shows the lack of intelligence of the writer writer and proud of it.

Anyone with actual knowledge about the topic and critical thinking skills will know that it takes someone with intelligence to use ChatGPT in such a sophisticated way. You have to already possess the knowledge and skill.

Did Renaissance Artists Use Optical Projections, Or Didn't They?,to%20project%20scenes%20onto%20their%20canvases%20for%20tracing.

Even Renaissance artists used projection technology with prisms mirrors and light to trace images.

There's one point on which all three men can agree: The use of optics by any artist does not constitute "cheating," or in any way lessen his or her artistic abilities. Such misconceptions "cloud the discussion," says Stork. The use of optical aids "diminishes no great artist," Hockney writes in his book, Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters (2001, Studio Books).

No one seems to be complaining or calling them unintelligent or unskilled.

The only difference now is ChatGPT is available to anyone regardless of race, gender, economic status, or religion; where as, those Renaissance artists were usually of a certain demographic which always expects to get a pass.

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Posted in: Ruling-party candidate strongly opposed by China wins Taiwan's presidential election See in context

China is worried that this election makes them look weak once again.

Communist China Clamps Down on Chatter About Taiwan’s Election

The CCP blocked all communication on social media once they got word that Lai won the election.

A hashtag about the pivotal vote was trending on Chinese social media platform Weibo on Saturday morning, as polls opened. By midday, searches for “Taiwan election” yielded a noticed reading: “According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, the content of this topic is not displayed.”

China is much more afraid of Taiwan than Taiwan is of China. The Faustian Bargain the CCP made with the Chinese people was that the CCP was the only path to prosperity and if the people surrendered their freedoms to the CCP, the CCP would provide that prosperity. But right off the Chinese coast is a tiny island, filled with ethnic Chinese, which has become far more successful than China without having to cede their freedoms. That scares the bejeebies out of the CCP as it should. This is the reason why they couldn't let Hong Kong remain free. And now that China has begun its inevitable downward slide, the CCP's need to eliminate this Taiwanese "threat" is even more urgent as their chances of victory will begin to diminish with each passing year. Unfortunately for the CCP, they still lack the means to assure a win if they invade but they absolutely could lay waste to the island. It is incumbent upon freedom-loving countries to continue to band together to counter the CCP.

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Posted in: Trump warns of bedlam; appeals court skeptical of his immunity claim See in context

Ashli Babbitt a martyr? Her past tells a more complex story

1) The first time Celeste Norris laid eyes on Ashli Babbitt, the future insurrectionist had just rammed her vehicle three times with an SUV and was pounding on the window, challenging her to a fight.

2) Terrified and confused, Norris dialed 911 and waited for law enforcement. Babbitt was later charged with numerous misdemeanors.

3) On social media, Babbitt identified as a Libertarian and ardent supporter of the Second Amendment. Her posts included videos of profane rants against Democrats, COVID-19 mask mandates and illegal immigration.

4) “Nothing will stop us,” Babbitt tweeted Jan. 5. “They can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours....dark to light!”

5) Among Q followers, “The Storm” refers to the predicted day Trump would finally unmask the pedophile cabal, arrest and execute those deemed traitors and restore America to greatness.

Another example of the "Good Ones" (supporters) that Don-E likes to talk about!

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Posted in: Trump warns of bedlam; appeals court skeptical of his immunity claim See in context

Anyone defending and accepting Trump's argument must also admit that there is nothing wrong with ByeDon assassinating Trump or any GOP candidate before the next presidential election.

ByeDon has full immunity as president, correct?

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Posted in: Trump warns of bedlam; appeals court skeptical of his immunity claim See in context

Trump Lawyer Claims Presidential Immunity Covers Having Rivals Assassinated

So this week alone, Trump said he hopes the economy collapses to make him look good, and that he should be allowed to use the military to take out a political rival, which he has stated previously he will do if he gets elected. His suggestion of execution included a military General who has honorably served his country all of his life. The MAGAs are totally fine with this. This is what Trump and the GOP wants to stay in power.

Don-E is really using those marching orders that Putin gave him.

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Posted in: U.S. state of Maine blocks Trump from its Republican presidential primary See in context

The mostly conservative SC are already trying to avoid determining if a president is completely immune from all prosecution because the conservatives on the SC fear the wrath of conservative donors, and the liberals on the SC fear for the lives from the wackos on the right.

More evidence came out that Trump's team flew fake electors to Washington to try and stop Pence on Jan. 6.

Two days before the January 6 insurrection, the Trump campaign’s plan to use fake electors to block President-elect Joe Biden from taking office faced a potentially crippling hiccup: The fake elector certificates from two critical battleground states were stuck in the mail.

So, Trump campaign operatives scrambled to fly copies of the phony certificates from Michigan and Wisconsin to the nation’s capital, relying on a haphazard chain of couriers, as well as help from two Republicans in Congress, to try to get the documents to then-Vice President Mike Pence while he presided over the Electoral College certification.

The operatives even considered chartering a jet to ensure the files reached Washington, DC, in time for the January 6, 2021, proceeding, according to emails and recordings obtained by CNN.

Exclusive: Recordings, emails show how Trump team flew fake elector ballots to DC in final push to overturn 2020 election

The concern that the Republican party has is this: Trump does not need to be removed from all of the state's ballots. He just needs to be removed from enough states that moderate Republicans will not risk nominating him for president. That means Haley or DeSantis will be nominated as the Republican candidate. Haley has a better chance than DeSantis of beating Biden; however, Trump's own narcissism and fear of jail time will not allow him to let the Republican party to move on without him. Out of spite and Trump's encouragement, the MAGA crowd will not support the Republican candidate. Trump will try to go independent in hopes of avoiding jail time; thus, he will split the Republican vote, or the MAGA crowd will just not vote at all and commit acts of civil unrest and violence instead.

If Haley was to be nominated. With all of Trump's chaos in the background, she would need all moderate Republicans, enough women from both political parties, and enough disgruntled Democrats not vote at all to win. That is a lot of variables. DeSantis as the nominee will lose because Democrats will rally to prevent him from the presidency especially minorities and women.

The Democratic candidate will still win the presidency.

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Posted in: Lawsuits against Trump over Jan 6 riot can move forward, appeals court rules See in context

Basically Trump is claiming that there cannot be a trial for his personal acts of election interference in the 2020 election because it would interfere with his chances in the 2024 election. Meanwhile he believes his words that incited an insurrection are protected by his first amendment rights but wants the government to "come down hard" on MSNBC and others because they've said "mean things" about him. You cannot make this stuff up.

I am absolutely floored as to how a single American can possibly still support this traitor.

So they want to wait until 2029 on the ASSUMPTION that he's going to be elected. No assumptions! Get this trial started and finished.

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Posted in: YouTube creators will soon have to disclose use of gen AI in videos or risk suspension See in context

I have seen people on Youtube make some really cool AI generated trailers for fictional movies with AI generated images of real actors.

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Posted in: YouTube creators will soon have to disclose use of gen AI in videos or risk suspension See in context

Youtube is shady. They will back or ignore any rule that helps them make more money. There are examples of influencers what violate Google's rules all the time. So much so that other influencers make videos showing the rule violations, but Youtube will ignore it because that influencer makes so much money for the platform. I been reading about an influencer SSSniperwolf (Sexy...Wolf). She has copied other influencers, used other influencer's videos without permission, lied about her past, stole business from her husband, manipulated teenagers to exposed their bodies on videos, and doxxed other influencers on video. Then SSSniperwolf plays victim when she is exposed. Other Youtubers have been demonetized or banned for doing less or only one of all the things she be exposed for. However, she has been on Youtube for a decade with 30,000,000+ subscribers. She is like Trump when he was on Twitter.

The rules with AI on Youtube will be enforced based on who the culprit is.

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Posted in: Fire in Chinese coal firm's office kills 25 See in context

Wow, unfortunate accident! Hopefully, it is just a freak one-in-million accident and not simply another example of a company skirting safety measures because of greed.

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Posted in: Man arrested in Japan for stealing credit card info via web skimming See in context

@Alan Ochoa

American nationals are responsible for an exponentially larger amount of crime than immigrants, whether legal or not. The "effect" is negligible, no reason to bring it up unless you need to flaunt your racism or you're just misinformed.

False, Japanese citizens commit more crimes than any other group in Japan. The majority of US citizens living in Japan are expats being paid by international companies or military. Both employers do not tolerate crimes abroad and will swiftly punish any criminal acts within reason.

Care to provide any actual evidence on your statement?

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