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Posted in: Some video game actors are letting AI clone their voices See in context

Desperate voice actors will hurt the rest of the industry.

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Posted in: FBI informant got false dirt on Bidens from Russia intel: prosecutors See in context

How do we know it’s “false” dirt?


Of particular note is a story Smirnov allegedly told the FBI in September 2023, alleging that Hunter Biden was recorded making phone calls in a Kyiv hotel that is “wired” and “under the control of the Russians.” Federal agents said they knew Smirnov’s story was false because Hunter Biden has “never travelled to Ukraine.”

Indicted ex-FBI informant told investigators he got Hunter Biden dirt from Russian intelligence officials


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Posted in: Musk says patient moves cursor with brain implant See in context

With the lies that Elon tells all the time, I would not want to be patient zero. Reme,ber when he accidently shatterd the window of the indestructible Cybertruck. How is the automated driving working out?

The irony of the man pushing the falsehood that the Covid vaccine has tracking chips in it being the one to finance the first implantation of tracking chips. It's true what they say - every Republican accusation is a confession.

I am also really surprised they have jumped to human trials. Their record to date on the animals they tried this on was not that great. More than 1,500 animals dead animals.... WIRED did a write up a couple years ago on how 'the Musk party line' is radically opposite from the truth of their work to date. Two federal probes and a potential third in the wings for Neuralink practices and procedures... jumping to human trials (healthy, at least 22 yo, quadrapeligics...) just seems.. dicey. I suspect Musk is rushing ahead since others (at least six other enterprises) announced their implant work before he could 'amaze us all.'

He is still upset that he had no part in the success of OpenAi, and they partnered with a more "stable genius" in Microsoft.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo to launch new 5-year program with 50% foreign students See in context

What makes you think the degrees are going to be easy (as in easier than other degrees already being offered by TU)?

Who said that the degrees would be easier than TUJ? Why not compare it Lakeland University? That is another American university in Tokyo! That just seems quite bias considering other universities also offer degrees in English in Japan!

Most students coming to Japan to get a degree in English are from non-English speaking countries, military families., or Japanese families all planning to leave at some point. They are usually aware that internationally an American university degree carries more weight than a Todai degree. Only Japanese companies care about getting a Todai student.

Those people coming to Todai from English speaking countries have their eye on staying in Japan after graduation; however, unless they learn Japanese, their employment options are limited and will be teaching English in an Eikawa like the many before them. Not to mention, would they want to work in a traditional Japanese company with the long hours and low pay with the other employees who may or may not have a degree. I have met a few APU native-English speaking alum having the toughest time finding work.

Come to Japan and get broad degree from a university only respected in Japan in English?

Or get a degree from an American university in Japan where you can get a degree in actual majors that main campus offers if you are willing to do the last year or two in Philadelphia. Also, while you are in Japan you can attend school in Tokyo, Kyoto, or both!

Answer seems obvious!

Rankings and difficulty to get a degree are not correlated, not doing enough research, not accepting international students, not having a wide net of support for example can make the rankings drop but the courses would still be as difficult, accepting a lot of international students would have the opposite effect (again without affecting how difficult is or not to graduate once you got in). None of the factors described point out to the courses being specially easy to get from now.

My second post explains my comments. Rankings influence potential students perception of a university unless they have actually experience being at the university.

Lowered rankings does affects a university's ability to attract more students! Thus, Todai is coming up with a faulty plan to compete with an American university on basis of English. That does not really put much of a dent into the problem. This is all PR lip service because for their school's reputation.

Anytime, a foreign entity in Japan is making moves and doing something; their Japanese counterpart is put on the spot and is expected to step up.

Despite the very little impact it will make, this is Todai stepping up as the "best" university in Japan.

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Posted in: In a seller's market where the number of university students is decreasing, companies are engaged in a heated battle to attract students. Potential employers are trying to reassure parents, offering them a clearer insight into career paths and company culture. See in context

They are trying to con students into to joining companies where more knowledgeable young people do not see as a viable future because of the low pay, long hours, and very little upward mobility based on ability.

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Posted in: U.S. rivalry with China expands to biotech See in context

The biotech rivalry began when China released a pandemic on the global community. Remember how ineffective the Chinese and Russian versions of the vaccination was. Russia had to steal research to even get started.

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Posted in: Trump breaks silence on Navalny; casts no blame on Putin See in context

Of course, his Russian handler would not like that!

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Posted in: After fallout in China, Messi insists politics had nothing to do with missing game in Hong Kong See in context

Do not return because they will try to inprison him with trumped up charges!

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Posted in: In unusual move, China offers to back Hungary in security matters See in context

While n Asia, Chinese is trying to bully its neighbors:

Chinese fishing vessels are going scorched earth and pumping cyanide into contested waters, Philippine fishing authority says


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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for luring 13-year-old girl on social media to watch movie with him See in context

What the hell is a lodging facility anyway?? Why not say love hotel or isn’t that allowed anymore??.?.?.?.?

Maybe it is not. Not all temporary lodgings are specifically for the purpose of sex. Maybe it is a camping/vacation area or justa regular hotel.

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for luring 13-year-old girl on social media to watch movie with him See in context

While the situation looks nefarious, is it technically illegal for an adult to watch a movie with a teenager?

What if they only watched TV and played videogames the whole time, and no physical contact was made. Could they still charge him with kidnapping if he asked her to go with him, and she accepted? Other than age what would be the legal grounds? If another teen the girl met offer the same thing, would they also be arrested for kidnapping after the parents called the police? Is this going to be police illegally coercing the suspect into a more serious crime or is he actuall guilty of something nefarious.

I am curious to know.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo to launch new 5-year program with 50% foreign students See in context

Like someone said earlier, they are trying to coerce more students to pursue graduate degrees for a accreditation, to earn more revenue, and to keep student numbers up.

If you look at the Komaba campus website and numbers, they have few graduate students. Probably because the degrees do not really specialize in anything marketable. They seem to be quite general. In Japan, many companies do not one entry-level employees to have advanced degrees because it make the senpais look inadequate and out of touch. International companies in Japan only make up a small percentage in a few sectors.

Also, it would be hard to get work on these global issues or initiatives without specific skills or knowledge to offer. Their current line of degrees are too broad and vague in scope which means these students would need lots of experience like volunteering, interning, or networking to make the most of it.

That is why Todai will try to push them abroad after finishing these degrees. They will no longer be their problem.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo to launch new 5-year program with 50% foreign students See in context

What makes you think the degrees are going to be easy

Let us assume the quality of education is the same (doubt it!). Todai has been falling down the rankings. This announcement and the one from Osaka Public University is probably a response to the news coming from various Japanese newspapers that TUJ is opening a branch in Kyoto next year.

Temple University establishes new campus in Kyoto City, scheduled to open in January next year


The Governor of Kyoto was there as well. It seems that other prefectures are hoping to do something similar with TUJ or Japanese universities are wanting to send their students to TUJ to take certain courses in English or English skills courses like writing as part of their Japanese degrees.

 (as in easier than other degrees already being offered by TU)?

Unlike the English only Todai degrees offered at Komaba, TUJ's website says that students can transfer their credits to main campus in the US to pursue other majors not offered at the Japan campus. Also, main campus students are doing study abroad in Japan as well. According to the report from other Japanese newspapers, TU students regardless of status can take classes in Kyoto and Tokyo which means students can 1-3 in Kyoto and their last year in Tokyo, vis versa, or any combination in between. That is a great experience for an international student to study in two poular internationally known cities.

Can Todai Komaba offer that? How many more new students will be attracted to TUJ for that kind of flexibility?

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Posted in: Japan drops to 26th globally in annual pay for IT workers See in context

That has an affect on the quality of IT professionals. Hackers are salivating to read news like this.

“First World Country, Third World IT Security.”

The only way Japan stays safe is to become less connected. The rollout of MyNumber is setting up Japan for a world of hurt once Chinese hackers get a crack at the fully implemented system.

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Posted in: Judge orders Trump and his companies to pay $355 million in New York civil fraud case See in context

Alina Habba will probably take her fame to OnlyFans if Trump does not get re-elected and offer her a government position.

I do not see her law practice getting much business after this major loss.

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Posted in: Judge orders Trump and his companies to pay $355 million in New York civil fraud case See in context

All of this public embarrassment and financial loss because Trump's ego could not handle being roasted by former Pres. Obama, one of the most successful presidents of the 2000s.

Trump, the most well-known steak salesman in US presidential history, should of stuck to dating adult entertainers and promoting pyramids schemes instead of getting into politics.

It is harder to be a wannabe conman/mafia boss when you are an elected official.

This is not The Apprentice.

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Posted in: Judge orders Trump and his companies to pay $355 million in New York civil fraud case See in context

LOL! Let the RNC, rich donors, and the rubes pay for it. Let's see how that affects the other Republicans running for various elected offices.

I forsee a hold on appeals for a while! Time for Melania to renegotiate her pre-nup and the trust.

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Posted in: A new exhibition aims to bring Yoko Ono's art out of John Lennon's shadow See in context

Yoko Ono claims to be trying get out of his shadow so chose a venue in London for her exhibition. Yeah, right! She really does try her best to be somebody that she is not, a talented artist.

The art? Yuck Oh No!

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Posted in: Nippon Steel rebuffs Trump criticism over U.S. Steel deal See in context

He will save the steel industry like he saved the coal industry.

Hmmmm, black lungs. Nice!

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' actor sues Disney with funding from Elon Musk's X See in context

Musk is another conservative hypocrite! One of the reasons for his move to Texas is it’s “right to work” laws. The others being taxes and child support.

In the words of conservatives, "She should just do her job and stick to acting."

Oh wait, she doesn't act anymore in major films! How did her last movie from that conservative production do?

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Posted in: U.S. public health agency CDC sets up office in Tokyo See in context

Japan is always on the frontline of any pandemic coming out of China before it reaches other first world nations. Unlike Russia taht uses refugees to disrupt other countries, Chinese creates more chaos by spreading infections.

If China is not going to be forth coming with Chinese born diseases then Japan is the next choice. In return, the CDC can help Japan develop better responses to China and other countries "biological weapons."

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Posted in: Snowfall leaves more than 130 injured in Tokyo See in context

…and THAT’S why I’m in Okinawa, :)

Not in a couple more weeks, right? :)

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Posted in: Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown after reported affair See in context

If she was single then she was not cheating. The married doctor who probably leverage his connection to pageants was cheating. I am pretty sure he introduced himself as a doctor first and pageant judge second.

As an influencer and a "real Japanese," he is also in the public eye; so should he not be scrutinized even more for cheating on his wife with a public figure?

Where is his deep bow and apology? Is it ethical for judges to sleep with contestants?

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Posted in: Snowfall leaves more than 130 injured in Tokyo See in context

The scariest part about yesterday's weather was the "thundering." That was the first time experiencing thunder during a snowstorm. That was some kind of apocalyptic (climate change) type stuff.

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Posted in: Where the jobs are: Strong hiring in most U.S. industries has far outpaced high-profile layoffs See in context

You don’t say….well, I’m being forced out the country in the next few weeks if I can’t land a job on base, which after two months of trying, I’ve all but given up. I still have a couple more weeks on my visa. And despite having been married in Japan twice, with children, I have never “Qualified” for Permanent Residency, so, out I go.

Since the article is about how well the mainland US economy is outperforming expectations and the rest of the world, you are complaining because you cannot find a job in Japan where you live. That sounds like Republican/MAGA logic.

Thank you Biden and Democrats for turning around the former president's destruction of the US economy!

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Posted in: Pakistan launches retaliatory airstrikes on Iran, killing at least 7 See in context

If the world goes to war, Russia will go after Ukraine, North Korea will go after South Korea, China will go after Taiwan, and several middle Eastern countries will go after Israel.

NATO will have to deal with Russia. The US will need to help defend South Korea, Taiwan and Israel. That would spread the US resources. That will also affect the world's economies and stock markets as supply and demand shifts.

That global distraction would provide cover for a lot of other countries to settle old scores, while the superpowers are busy.

It would also guarantee that Biden would be re-elected as wars favor the incumbent.

If South America, Africa, and Australia are smart, then they will stay out of this. Do not allow the Chinese, Russians, and North Koreans to flee to their continent, build military facilities, or use their people as possible hostages/pawns to bargain for a "get out of jail" free card.

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Posted in: Couple in their 80s apparently freeze to death in Tokyo apartment See in context

I do not use my air conditioner at all regardless of the time of year. I am all about layering.

Eighty years old living in Nerima Ward?

It does sound like it was due to budgetary restrictions forcing them to sacrifice air conditioning because of the poor pension system. Freezing in an old Japanese style house is a lot easier than in a concrete apartment even with no air conditioning.

It could have also been one of the spouses passed away naturally, and the other spouse grieving decided not to leave their sided until they too could pass away because they did not want to be alone.

They could have also chosen to take something that would make sure that they would not wake up.

There are still too many variables. Autopsy, ASAP!

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Posted in: Japan literary laureate unashamed about using ChatGPT See in context

Shows the lack of intelligence of the writer writer and proud of it.

Anyone with actual knowledge about the topic and critical thinking skills will know that it takes someone with intelligence to use ChatGPT in such a sophisticated way. You have to already possess the knowledge and skill.

Did Renaissance Artists Use Optical Projections, Or Didn't They?


Even Renaissance artists used projection technology with prisms mirrors and light to trace images.

There's one point on which all three men can agree: The use of optics by any artist does not constitute "cheating," or in any way lessen his or her artistic abilities. Such misconceptions "cloud the discussion," says Stork. The use of optical aids "diminishes no great artist," Hockney writes in his book, Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters (2001, Studio Books).

No one seems to be complaining or calling them unintelligent or unskilled.

The only difference now is ChatGPT is available to anyone regardless of race, gender, economic status, or religion; where as, those Renaissance artists were usually of a certain demographic which always expects to get a pass.

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