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Posted in: Mexican visit See in context

Mexico-Japan relationship has been good for around 400 years. I hope it stays the same for another 400 hundred years.

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Posted in: Japan overwhelmingly favors CDs to digital music See in context

Why would I want to pay for digital music?

Not lossless (and sometimes bad quality -less than 320kbps) No CD case No album art No physical media I actually enjoy going to the store, look for it and then pay for it with real money, the pleasure to feel it in my hands. Once at home I can open the case, insert the disc in the CD/DVD/BD drive and rip it @512kbps MP4, lossless or 320kbps, AND KEEP the CD safe. I can play the CD in an actual CD player.

Is the physical copy a bit more expensive? Well I don't care, I would even pay double for the music that I love.

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Posted in: Ginza drive See in context

They're legal, and not just temporarily legal, because they meet all of the criteria of a motor vehicle, i.e. head/tail/break lights, turn signals, mirrors, etc. and have official license plates issued by the Land Transportation Office just like any other vehicle on the road. As for the driver not wearing a helmet, that's also in accordance with the law. Helmets are only required for two wheeled vehicles, i.e. motorcycles, scooters, etc. and are not required for three-wheeled motorcycles, trikes, of anything that has four wheels regardless of their design.

Gee.. Japanese law is so "inflexible", so limited. You should read some mexican laws, they are made in such a way that no loopholes are possible.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs plan to to build maglev line, despite environmental concerns See in context

wtfjapanJUL. 20, 2014 - 07:42AM JST total waste of money and i predict it will be difficult to pay for itself. it will be competing with planes and the Shinkansen both of which will be cheaper in fares. 90% of the trip will be in tunnels. why would a tourist want to r take a trip on a train when all you see is tunnel walls.

It will pay for itself, in time. It might not be aimed at tourists, I don't see many of them traveling from Tokyo to Nagoya.

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Posted in: Carmakers struggle to solve air bag explosions despite mass recalls See in context

This is a very serious situation, the passenger/driver most likely will result wounded (in addition to the crash wounds) by the defective airbags, whether it is by the shrapnel itself or due to a fire.

From what I read here, I understand that the problem are not the plants themselves or their workers, as it happened in both US and Mexico, I believe Takata had no adequate guidelines on how to properly manipulate, handle and store the components that present the defect, not because they deliberately had done so, but rather because they hadn't experienced the problem before.

I've been in a Takata plant and I can tell you that the rules are very strict, everything is in order, clean, on time, very tidy, I don't think this is a problem of negligence.

As for the deactivated airbag, well I rather drive a car without the safety device than risking my eyes or my life.

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Posted in: Japan's population target unlikely without migrants but door stays shut See in context

M3M3M3 The children of immigrants will be just as Japanese as their native counterparts within one generation.

Are the children of mexican immigrants as american as their native counterparts?

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Posted in: Court rules against man who sued NHK for using too many loan words See in context

Isn't that amazing what global communication technologies have accomplished?

As a (latin) spanish speaking person, I couldn't understand 1 in every 10 words on spanish TV programs (from Spain). I was taught english when I was very young, US english, therefore I had a hard time with british, scottish and australian accents on TV, not anymore.

Spanish is becoming one 'language', I understand and use many slang words from Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Mexico and even Spain.


Someday we might end up with one and only language.

As for the man complaining and suing, if he is paying the NHK fee, he has the right to do so.

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Posted in: Portable wind turbine generator See in context

You all guys are right, this is probably the most innefficient way to generate electricity. By far a dynamo is the best option, just imagine you go with the wind instead of against it.

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Posted in: Stallone, Schwarzenegger revive old rivalry in Cannes See in context

I agree with you DaDude, I couldn't care less for the plot or acting, I'll be there just to see them together, bringing those 80s and 90s memories.

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Posted in: Massive PNG gas project loads first shipment for Japan See in context

Why would they?

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Posted in: Mexico overtakes Japan as No. 2 car exporter to U.S. See in context

Hey MarkG, I've worked for Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems and all you say is sad but true, most workers earn between (US) $300 and $400 monthly, engineers (quality, mechanic, manufacturing, design) earn $550 plus some bonuses, total is about $600. A good paying job in the automotive industry is about $1600, say someone with 3 years of experience on the same job and a master in some technical area, top executives earn about $6000 and the general manager $10k.

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Posted in: Sony 4K commercial is so dazzling, the scenes almost look fake See in context

By the time 8k's become "accessible", they will be OLED and be as big as a normal room would allow (to take advantage of the resolution), thus reaching the limits on size. Sure, other aspects of image besides resolution and size might improve by then, but there is a limit on how far we could go, DTS Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD are lossless codecs, that means the weak links are now the microphone, the audio processor and the speakers, not the media/compression itself, now they offer more discrete channels.

When TVs become available in 8k resolution and a room-sized package, companies will try to sell you other features of TVs, not image quality, as it would be close to what our eyes allow us to see, hell, even now most people can't distinguish 720 from 1080, I can tell the difference there is between 1080 and 4k, but not (only) because it has better resolution, but because 4k TVs have better contrast ratio, wider gamut, more efficient LEDs, faster hardware.

Even if I were 20/20, I watch tv from a distance of no less than 8-9ft, so even 720 Netflix movies are good enough for me.

When 8k tvs arrive, image quality will be the least of the concerns.

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Posted in: Mexican forces kill Knights Templar drug cartel leader See in context

Good news indeed, and funny how I learned this in "Japan Today" and not some local news.

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Posted in: USB mouse glows in 7 rotating colors See in context

Are people still using USB mouse? That's just so yesterday!

Well, technically wireless (RF or BT) mice are still USB devices.

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Posted in: 'Jejeje,' 'omotenashi,' 'baigaeshi,' 'imadesho' voted top buzzwords for 2013 See in context

In spanish "jejeje" is a variation of "jajaja" (hahaha in english), but pronounced like "hehehe". It works like "hahaha" but with a little sarcastic tone. I guess it's not that dissimilar from the japanese word.

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Posted in: Train hits bicycle left on tracks in Tama See in context


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Posted in: Typhoon forces TEPCO to release tainted water into sea See in context

How convenient.

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Posted in: 5,000 cave paintings discovered in Mexico See in context

they sure did..

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Posted in: Why do some native English speakers use broken or grammatically incorrect English, when trying to communicate with someone who isn't a native English speaker, but who may understand some English? Do t See in context

I have some japanese friends who speak a little bit of spanish but no english, I regularly use verbs in present tense, I even use excessively "if-then" so I can explain myself better. It is no different in english, or any other language.

Maybe the question should be, for example "Do japanese get a better understanding when listening to a native english speaker, using broken or grammatically incorrect english?"

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Posted in: Kanpai See in context

So good news! Japan and Mexico have been close allies for more than 400 years. Keep close ties.

More Japanese companies in Mexico, and more exports to Japan!

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Posted in: Six killed in bar shooting in Mexican resort of Cancun See in context

Man I just moved from the most dangerous city in Mexico to the safest, Cancún and now this? But as maglev101 says, the goverment will not allow something like this again, they get big money from tourism.

THe fact that the attack was aimed at taxi drivers suggest that drugs might be involved.

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Posted in: Honda's nine-month net profit doubles See in context

Good for Honda, I worked as a design engineer for both Honda and Toyota while in Sumitomo. Honda quality standards are way more strictful than those of Toyota, for example the limit of "type g client complains" for a honda supplier is 1 or 2 for the life of the relationship, that means that if a defective part that could cause an accident, reaches the final consumer and gets detected, end of story, that company can no longer be a honda supplier. Toyota on the other side, has no problem with up to 3 per year. Plus, safety is a plus for honda parts, they use more expensive and better materials for their parts. So they deserve it.

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Posted in: 25 dead, 101 injured in Mexico oil company blast See in context

Something obviously isn't right, "Pemex informó que la explosión tuvo lugar en el edificio B2 del centro administrativo". An explosion in the administration building? What's scary is that no causes have been announced, I mean, they could have said a gas tank exploded and end of story, some go to jail. We'll have to wait and see what happens... May they rest in peace.

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate rises to 4.2% in December See in context

More important than the unemployment rate, are its causes. Japan has an education system that allows people to get the preparation that they need to get a job, despite all the problems associated with it. According to http://www.stat.go.jp/english/data/roudou/154.htm labour force went down by .9 %, so a decreasing population is clearly an important contributing factor.

I believe that more than anything, it's the high value of yen, as it increases, local production decreases. Freight costs have also to be considered and so are incentives and labour costs in other regions of the world. As you know, a new Honda plant is being built in Mexico, where 200k Fits will be made, that's 3200 jobs less in Japan. Mazda is bulding another plant there, add another 3000 jobs. That's only 2 companies in the automotive industry.

On the other side, as high yen makes exports more expensive, it's deflation rate makes things cheaper in Japan, the problem is that Japan is not buying it's own stuff, decreasing even more the price of goods, and decreasing the profits for companies.

According to statistics, in 37 years 32% of the pople you see in the street will be over 65, and that considering the trend keeps the same, otherwise you can think of even higher numbers. http://www9.ocn.ne.jp/~aslan/pfe/jpeak.htm,

Studies clearly show that Japan's population has reached its peak. That means that never in the future there will be more people than there are now. Scary.

I really believe that there won't be any other choice but to hire foreing work force, and offer incentives like good salaries, japanese courses and a good medical services.

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Posted in: Report details extensive Walmart bribery in Mexico See in context

I believe it's the best for us consumers, Walmart has better and cheaper products than Soriana, Comercial Mexicana, Chedraui and other local supermarkets. Plus, competition forces mexican stores to lower prices and become more efficient and competitive, it's a good thing for the economy. You call $200,000 a bribe? haha come on

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Posted in: Honda develops 'smart' ecological paint See in context

Ka chan Do you think people actually buy hybrids to save on fuel? If you have the $ to spend extra for a hybrid and still cope with the downsides, then it is most likely that you're getting that car because 1) you care about the environment or 2) you care about how others see you, image. I care about environment, I'd be willing to pay a little bit more knowing I'm saving the planet.

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Posted in: Seven & i Holdings to offer free wi-fi in 10,000 stores nationwide See in context

Hey, it's an extra service for free, at least they show that they care about the customer, besides the modem or router can be configured to limit the range. They can do like starbucks does in many countries, change the router SSID password/code daily and provide it in the sale ticket.

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Posted in: Toyota recalls pickups in U.S.; spare tires can come loose See in context

True, Kabuta Chan, other companies do have these kind of problems, I also think that they do not make recalls public, instead they do as you state. I mean, come on! How many people, companies and parts are involved in a single car? Having worked for Honda in the harness design divission, I understand how it is practically impossible to build a perfect car, I rather buy Toyota and wait for a recall, than buy a Ford and wait for an accident.

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Posted in: Christmas decorations and illumination displays are already up in many parts of Japan and in some other countries, too. Do you think it is too early? See in context

Haha November? In Mexico, department stores start selling basic christmas ornaments like spheres and lights since august/october. By the end of october everything is christmas en every store. So if the the poll suggests that november is too early, I guess it's not. By the way nowadays christmas is not just a holiday, one associates it with BUYING. So it's never too early or too late for the stores to sell.

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Posted in: Odor-eliminating underpants a hot seller See in context

I also clicked the "here" link.

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