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Posted in: Samsung struggles to limit damage from smartphone recall See in context

That's why many people will never buy another Samsung product. Samsung really needs to step up and make things right for there has been nothing but problems with many of their electrical appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, washers, TV sets etc. There are thousands of complaints and bad reviews. The only product that I ever purchased from Samsung was a smartphone that didn't catch on fire. I will never again purchase any product from Samsung because their quality of workmanship is questionable and I don't trust them. There are many other companies that manufacture superior electrical appliances to choose from.

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Posted in: Tricked into porn: Japanese actresses step out of the shadows See in context

Unfortunately these manipulators are a segment of the population that doesn't share the same world view and doesn't feel guilt or shame when they make someone unhappy. They are selfish, self-centered have a strong need to feel superior and powerful in their relationship. These manipulative usually don't consciously plan their tricks. They emerge from the manipulator's underlying personality disorder. They may use active techniques like becoming angry, lying, intimidating, shouting, name-calling or other bullying tactics. If these people are often associated with criminal behavior then these are called psychopaths. In the end these are the people who feel little compassion for other people, don't really feel guilty when they do something harmful. They pathologically lie, show superficial charm and don't take responsibility for their actions.

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In two sentences. Finger pointing is a way people distract others from things they are doing by refocusing the attention of others. Sometimes finger pointing is used to punctuate an important point or even to instigate an emotional rebuttal.

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In the lottery of life, not everyone is a winner. You win some and you lose some.

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Posted in: Negative online reviews are double-edge sword for businesses See in context

Just think about it. We don't live in a five-star world. Even your favorite restaurant messes up sometimes. Even your favorite doctor, retail store etc. has a bad day. We all do. Negative reviews provide balance because no one expects a product or service to be perfect for every person. Negative reviews help customers confirm they can live with the product's fault and or the company's faults and even provide honest feedback. It can help you make better business decisions. If one of your products or services continually gets negative feedback from customers, that is a strong hint that you should either make dramatic improvements in the product/service or just get rid of it altogether. So you should never be afraid of a negative review and use it to benefit you and turn it into something that's good for the business. In the end negative reviews also offer an opportunity to make things right and show you care.

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Posted in: Abe demands world find new way to stop N Korean nuclear threat See in context

History indicates that no country has ever been coerced into giving up nuclear weapons or weapons program. But several countries like Libya, Iraq, South Africa, Argentina and Brazil have been convinced to do so. In other words there are things that can be done without North Korea's cooperation or make it more difficult. Strengthening barriers to getting nuclear weapons, increasing penalties for violating global norms, and increasing the incentives for giving up weapons and capabilities are three things that can be done. Sanctions are a myth and won't work. The United Nations Security Council could pass a resolution declaring any nuclear test a threat to international peace and security and or make the move to make the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty a permanent organization. But it won't help because realistically they have no power to enforce it or maybe the better question is how are they going to enforce it.

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Posted in: Mother who confined daughter, forced her to eat goldfish gets suspended sentence See in context

Even though most judges do their best to be fair and impartial and it's a tough job I don't agree with this one. Not good at all. What he did was wrong and what the parents did to their child is absolutely disgusting. It's so sad and unfortunate when children throughout the world suffer daily from a multitude of harms. Physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse. Many children from countries around the world are routinely exposed to physical, sexual, and psychological violence in their homes and schools, in care and justice systems, in places of work, and in their communities. All of this has devastating consequences for their health and well-being now and in the future.

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Posted in: What's your view on violence in prime-time TV shows? Do you try and restrict what your young children watch? See in context

Children viewing violence on television can become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others, become more fearful of the world around them and be more likely to behave in aggressive or harmful ways towards others. In other words violent behavior teaches children step by step, how to commit violent acts, and it desensitizes them to the horror of such behavior and to the feelings of the victims. Children who view television violence can become violent and even behave differently after they've been watching violent programs on television. In the end their are many detrimental effects of television so parents should monitor and be more attentive to their children lives and steer them in the right direction.

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What a joyful announcement! They make a wonderful couple. May the two be blessed as they begin the journey that will lead to a lifetime together and may their love for each other endure always.

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Posted in: No more miniskirts? Changes happening in Japanese schoolgirl uniform fashion trends See in context

Simply put having a uniform dress code at school not only takes the prominence on fashion off but also helps the students to concentrate on studying and not on who is putting on what fashion.

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A long distance relationship is a fantasy relationship in real life because it's like a honeymoon situation. It's passionate and romantic but many problems are ignored. In other words it's a cover up for a real relationship which requires commitment, contact and action. That's why it never, ever works except for a very few exceptions.

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Posted in: How high do you think tennis player Kei Nishikori, currently ranked No. 5, can go in world rankings? See in context

One can only speculate, but his coach, Michael Chang would be ecstatic to see Kei Nishikori peak at World No 2. like he did back in his own heydey. WTA tour rankings are based on a rolling 52 week system using a player's best 17 results for singles over the past 12 months.

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Posted in: Fukushima teacher tapes students’ mouths shut for talking during class See in context

This is bad and dangerous. The teacher treated the student both outside the boundaries of their matrix and outside the boundaries of common sense. Even though the teacher was disciplined the parent should always have the right to take additional charges. Now the teacher has to face these same kids for the rest of the year that were sitting there laughing at him, the embarrassment and the shame that goes along with having someone you're supposed to respect that comes and duct tapes your mouth shut in front of everybody.

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Japan offers regular and special adoptions and all Japanese adoption agencies in Japan are privately operated. The rate of child adoption in Japan is actually very low compared to the United States even after controlling for demographic characteristics and the market for adoption is characterized by excess supply. But the United States market is characterized by excess demand. Basically the difference might be explained by cultural or historical differences.

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Posted in: Newborn infant abandoned in Mie supermarket parking lot See in context

A baby's life is so precious and should not be wasted. Every child deserves a chance to life and an opportunity to live life to the fullest. Give the baby a chance because if you don't want your baby, you can still plan for his or her future. Instead of abandoning your baby a adoption agency can help you find a responsible stable new loving family in an healthy environment, who can support the baby and take care of all of his or her financial needs.

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Posted in: How should the international community deal with North Korea? See in context

Simply put, what else can the international community do except apply greater pressure to North Korea because it is a direct challenge. China, a powerful ally needs to use it's influence to turn the situation around. However it won't happen and they have their own reasons. In the end all North Korean wants is greater compensation from a overcompensating international community.

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Posted in: Aoki traces father's shadow in path to DJ stardom See in context

Put very simply, great records make a great DJ . The passion to find them, the knowledge to know how to program them and show case them in the best way possible, and the technical skills to put them together imaginatively for the greatest end result. Also a great DJ is someone who cares about the music, not the ego, not the entourage, not the drugs. Aiming to please is the worst thing that has happened to DJ as much as politicians. By doing that you only represent your desire to have power and disregard all integrity.

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Posted in: If people aren’t marrying and aren’t dating, they must be doing something to satisfy their need for intimacy, whether they are opting for sexual and romantic alternatives such as prostitutes, romantic See in context

There are many situations in which couples can be intimate with each other without having sex. For some, medical reasons can prevent sexual intercourse. Intimacy can be cultivated in many ways like spending quality time together, enjoying physical, non-sexual contact or enjoying shared interests and listening to each other. Sex is only one way in which people give and receive love. Although it is very important, it is not the only way to develop or express intimacy. In the end being intimate with your partner requires you to be open and honest with him or her, and it is from this state of intimacy that great sex grows.

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Posted in: Aoki traces father's shadow in path to DJ stardom See in context

Steve Aoki has succeeded in society and amassed wealth and given back to society. He is the founder of Steve Aoki Charitable Fund, which raises money for Global humanitarian relief organizations. Also he was named as Global Ambassador for Best Buddies program which is a non-profit devoted to young people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. We thank him for remembering our friends with disabilities. He has warmed many hearts and many people appreciate his support and generosity.

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Posted in: Nearly 50 million children uprooted worldwide: UNICEF See in context

My heart goes out to all the children displaced from their home countries, from war, violence or persecution. Children are so important and they should have a right to grow and have a life, a family and children of their own. They should be given a chance to do so. If we had no children then there would be no future generations. Then what would happen? No more descendants, nobody to carry down our ancestor's legacy's. Sometimes it is hard to raise children, they need our love and patience and our guidance, to put them on the right paths of life. But do not abandon them, they depend on you. And they love you. If you feel you cannot cope with the children for whatever reason you have, talk to someone, see a counselor, doctor or a close friend. Sometimes just a few words from them can be a big help to you. Love your children with all your heart. They are our legacy.

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Posted in: Philippine president regrets 'son of a bitch' remark referring to Obama See in context

Insults strike directly at a person's feeling, self-esteem, pride, identity and ego. So no matter why an insult happens or when it happens, it leaves a scar. Forgive and forget and move on. Meet again in the future.

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Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

Simply put, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese etc. are classified as the Asian race. But each is an ethnicity or nationality so they have their own languages (s) and culture. Said another way race is grouping its people into different sets depending on their physical appearance such as bone structure, skin color, hair color, hair texture etc. and nationality is the country you were born or the country you live in at present.

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Posted in: Do you get enough sleep? If not, why? See in context

Due to a medical condition I don't get enough sleep. Many people don't realize how important sleep is. Instead they may think it is a waste of time. But time spent in bed asleep is time well spent . There are very important things that the brain need to do while asleep. These include forming memories and going through the day's event. So you need to give it a chance to do these things and make sure to spend enough time in bed. Some reasons people don't get enough sleep include eating, drinking late, too much caffeine, stress, drug side effect, sleeping disorders and the increasing demand on your time.

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Posted in: A psychological question: What causes some kids to bully others at school? See in context

Bullying is actually a behavior learned in response to stresses in the bully's world. These stresses could include strained parental relationships, poor academic performance, anxiety regarding physical appearances or unsupportive peer networks. Bullies give off the appearance of confidence but their actions are often driven by insecurities. Harassing and overpowering others gives bullies a sense of superiority, making up for the lack of control in some other part of their lives. Therefore many bullies are motivated to abuse others because they have been victims of abusive behavior. That's why the anger they feel as a result of being hurt is directed toward other individuals.

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Posted in: How useful do you find customer reviews on shopping sites such as Amazon and Rakuten? See in context

When you're looking at reviews to help you buy a product, it's really useful to save time and narrow down your choice by looking at the overall headline rating. When you do this, you probably assume it is the average left by reviewers. While most online sites will simply calculate the average or the mean score of all the ratings, a company like Amazon doesn't do this. Instead their product's overall score is based on algorithm that considers the age of the review, the number of helpful votes received and whether the reviews are verified purchasers. In the end this means that some reviews count more towards the overall score than others.

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Honesty is often difficult, but the consequences for dishonesty can eat right through you, Unfortunately the world is an easier place to be dishonest and it takes effort to be honest. Being honest with yourself and others at all times means choosing not to lie, steal, cheat, or deceive in anyway. When you are honest, you build strength of character and have peace of mind and self-respect. Dishonesty harms you and harms others as well and also damages relationships. Integrity means thinking and dong what is right at all times, no what the consequences. Sadly some people never learn the importance of honesty. Maybe one day such people might experience the felling of peace and freedom in their heart that only comes from being honest for they have nothing to hide anymore.

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Posted in: 2nd British backpacker dies one week after attack at Australian hostel See in context

A selfless and heroic act of courage. Greater love hath no man than, this than a man who laid down his life for a friend.

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Obesity or being overweight is only a marker. The underlying problem linking obesity with these health issues is metabolic dysfunction and the primary driver of metabolic dysfunction is insulin resistance, primarily caused by excessive sugar and processed fructose consumption. In other words even if you don't yet have clinical signs of metabolic dysfunction, the fact that you're gaining excess weight is a sign that your health is jeopardy. It's sad that some people don't realize they're being affected by their environmental and lifestyle factors including eating too many calories, and not exercising enough. So they don't address them.

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Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for their continued success.

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Posted in: Ryan Lochte says 'immature behavior' got him into a mess See in context

Lying is an extension of fear. People lie because they don't have the courage to be honest with you, others and with themselves. A liar only strengthens his defects. It doesn't teach anything, help anything, fix anything or cure anything, nor does it develop character, one's mind, one heart or one's soul.

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