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Because everyone deserves due process, and the right to be thought of as innocent until proven guilty.

We always clash ideas here in JT , but for the first time I totally agree with you on this. Well said!

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girl in tokyo

Why should we show neutrality?

Because being neutral is being FAIR and that's just how justice should be! I support women and your rights, but I am more into EQUAL Rights! FAIR and SIMPLE! Fair treatment for everyone, Female, Male etc. I wouldn't criticize her like what these people in social media did, but that's the nature of social media and this is the downside of sensationalizing this. I think let the trial be over first before bringing it to media. She can appeal to the higher court, if Japan has one.  Because there are cases of women wrongfully accusing men of rape and sexual harrasment too! Like the salaryman in the bus who was accused by a highschool girl of groping and turned out to be false, but the salaryman was already fired from his company and the trial took one year. Please admit it that not all women are innocent and I am not accusing Ito san of lying too, all I am saying is be fair , if the prosecutors found lack of evidence instead of assuming that this is already a certainty of injustice against Ito san, why don't you find out what was their basis and if the decision really makes sense or not? The lack of details in the report maybe is another problem. Becuase let's admit it, before the trial even started many already are expecting that the man is guilty.

I am not taking the side of Yamaguchi if proven guilty he should be punished and so as all rapists and sex predators. All I am saying is there is a justice system, people like us who are not in the scene of the crime have no rights to judge unless we have clearly holding evidences.

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I am against rape and sexual harrasment. But I hope the media and the people would show neautrality on both parties. Proper investigation is obviously necessary. This is I think the power of women, when they cry rape 80% of the sympathy is already on their side even if we still don't really know yet if they are telling the truth or not. I think these stories should not go out to media until the trial is over as obviously she already gets sympathy before the verdict is out. There were already cases in the past were men were wrongfully accused and you can't bring the reputation back. If the guy found guilty then he deserves all the proper punishment for the crime he committed and I hope there is also a law that will prosecute women if they wrongfully accused a man.

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Kim, please go away. I'm tired of manufactured celebrity.

Not a fan of Kim either, but bugle boy is right. Japan is the mecca of manufactured celebrities.

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Has Kyoto tried to trademark the words, "Wedding", "Bride", or "Chapel"?

No. Of course not.

So there is no equivalency here.

Ok maybe the Chapel and Wedding is too soft as examples, I give you another one, Japan has an under wear brand called "Black Man" , any backlush? I think the whole point is the over reaction because of too much "pride", the same pride for Japanese people's disapproval of having non Japanese national sushi chefs, because only Japanese can do it (But Japanese can be Italian food chefs) . As if their culture is only for them and cannot be shared and at the same time they don't care about other cultures. Just turn the TV on, everyday you will see TV Variety shows where Japanese comedians making fun of some foreign cuisine somwhere. My whole point is, Japanese people do the same thing! So better for this mayor to look in his own yard first before writing this letter.  People know the difference between the real Kimono and Kim K.'s brand, so Japanese people and their apologists just have to relax.

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Don't expect anything back from American model or American people. As they have no concept of culture.

Kim Kardashian doesn't represent the whole American people if you think America has no concept of culture perhaps you should ask Japan to stop playing baseball then .

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Dear Mayor,

It's funny how you wasted time on this rather than other issues that make sense. Wether Kim Kardashian used that word or not, the image of Kimono isn't stained. People around the world know the difference between the real Kimono and Kim Kardashian's brand.But maybe you should've looked yourself first in the mirror as there are several times when Japan did the same thing. I'll just give you one example, your fake church weddings. You built so many fake Christian chapels just to do fancy western style weddings eventhough you are not Christians at all. For atheists and non Christians this could be nothing, but Churches for devoted Christians are very sacred, many even kneel down when they cross the altar and you just make these to satisfy the Cinderella fantasy wedding that many of your shallow materialistic women dreamed of without even considering what these actually means to some other cultures. Again I would not make an issue out of these weddings and I am not defending Kim Kardashian as she annoys me more than anyone. The only point I am making is, before you over react mabe better to check your own people first for doing exactly the same thing.


A Gaijin who doesn't matter to you

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I have no intention to disrespect but why do Japan still need these? And the taxpayers pay for their luxury lives right?

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Forcing anything other for example "black tidy shoes" across all staff is just wrong.

As someone else said high heels or not don't effect your ability to do your job, want to wear them, cool if not.. not problem.

Women's value being based on her clothes makeup shoes how many kids she pops out.. why is everyone so keen on controlling women and treating them less than?

Some people can't afford suits and tie especially the newly grads. Do you think it's also wrong to require applicants to wear suits and tie? Do you think every men  should also have the right to decline wearing leather shoes and business suits because they cant afford them or they dont feel comfortable wearing them?

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Once again a foreigner proclaiming that japan is broken because they don’t do things the way the foreigner thinks they should, while clearly having no understanding of how things come about in Japan.

Well then don't expect for this issue to be fixed. And foreigners like you complaining about seku-hara is totally waste of time.

Take note, foreigners here have daughters who use the trains too. I think they also have the right to suggest on how their daughters not fall victims to these predators.

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Girl in Tokyo

Guys, don't tell women how to handle chikan. I've seen all kinds of suggestions here, from "yell" to "use Aikido". None of these are things any individual woman hasn't considered, and probably rejected for her own personal reasons.

I totally agree, that's why the government and the train companies should find a solution to end or at least avoid this. And honestly they are not giving so much effort on this.

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Shifting the goalposts there. You started off claiming they’re doing nothing.

Those are questions dude.  Since you are suggesting that these illustrations will trigger the Japanese society to talk about the issue, so I asked, How long will they keep on talking about this!? Because that's all they do , talk and complain about seku-hara but does no solid solution! Yes I do believe that they are not doing anything that is why I am asking for solutions because I think Japan is too linient on stopping perverts.

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The very fact that it's being talked about, when it previously wasn't, shows your assertion to be wrong. The more people talk about it, and get it out there that it's wrong, the less it will happen.

That's how things work in Japan.

How many years they've been talking about this? What are they waiting for? Are they just gonna keep talking about it? Are they really willing to end this?

They are condemning seku-hara, while there are hundreds of productions of Rape and groping themed adult videos . Girls who just turned 18 were dressed in highschool uniforms and allowed to be AV actresses. If they are willing to stop why don't they just simply start from there? Ban these absurd genres! Don't be too naive that these videos don't affect the perverts minds, they do! That's what pushes them to do this.

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see above, I got a negative for posting a solution. Everyone acts mad and have opinions about seku-hara. But no one really wants to regulate or give up their porns hahaha

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My apologies for starting a men too theme - I assume it is rare. I rode Tokyo’s trains for over 40 years, and it only happened once. I truly sympathize with women who must run the gauntlet in order to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution.

That's the other sad reality. When men cry foul for sexual harrasment majority don't take it seriously.

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When I was pregnant a completely normal looking business man got on the train, stood next to me, and repeatedly 'bumped' his suitcase against my...area while I was standing in the corner between the door and the seats. It was busy enough that I couldn't change places but it was obviously deliberate as he was standing in with his back to me and had to move his arm back time and again to do it. I'm usually fine to stick up for myself but I was like 7 months pregnant and who knows what's going to happen. It was the like 10 minute nonstop train on the tobu tojo line from narimasu to ikebukuro. Been like 5 years and I still get p*ssed thinking about it.

I don't mean to disagree with you or defend the salary man , but how crowded is the train? Is it really jampacked? Or not at all? Was there a women's carriage? If you are pregnant you know you can sit in the Usen seki right? I am just asking because I think we need more information , the reason being is sometimes during rush hour and when the trains gets really congested its really unavoidable to have body contacts etc.Last year  I witnessed a situation when one girl (20s) shouted 'Chikan' at one salary man while he was not really doing anything. I saw clearly and another lady next to me that the guy didnt intentionally touch the girl. She felt something indeed but she maybe misunderstood. Unfortunately they have to pull the guy out and was already judged by the people around as pervert even if they are not really sure if he is really guilty ot not. I realized how  dangerous it can really be. This is why in my opinion women should all just stay in women's only carriage. But if the train isnt really crowded and he did that to you, yes he is a pervert.

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making articles , illustrations will not really help solve these issues at all. Over and over again Japan keeps reporting about sexual harrasment and perverts in the tran, but they are not really willing to end this problem.

I think the all source of these is their extreme pornography. I am not saying totally ban it, but I think Japan needs to regulate what kind of pornography they are making. I think that triggers these perverts to do what these nasty things. They condemn it but at the same time advertisements about sexualizing highschool girls are available everywhere. It needs regualtion.

They have to be more strict during rush hours. If there is a women's carriage they have to strictly ask women to use it except if they are traveling with a man. Every morning the train gets extremely congested. You'll get pushed and cannot avoid to have body contacts with people (men and women). Some men's faces would end up getting too close to a woman's hair and she can make quick wrong assumptions. So to avoid these , prohibit women in using the men's carriage.

In Europe I saw double decked trains (even in subways) I think Japan should think about investing on these too.

There are so many ways to avoid these and solve these problems. But Japan is not really doing anything to fix this or they are doing it incorrectly.

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Well as a film maker in Tokyo, you cannot just really shoot wherever you want to. While some can get away with guerilla shoots Shibuya crossing  is still  a public's property and coordination with the authorities is important. Yes some of you would say "Nothing Happened" so it's okay, yeah! But what if they failed this act? And in this kind of situation the risk of failing is high. It's not just a simple guerilla shoot, they are bringing a bed In the middle of a busy traffic, things can go wrong and it can domino effect if not coordinated very well. I've done guerilla shoots in Shibuya crossing so many times but they were just simple blockings with actors and camera operators. Carrying a bed with futon is not a simple act, if one can get away once that means people would think this act is okay and people will start to bring bigger and more complex things and why would we wait for a disaster before we take action and proper precaution? Do things properly so it will not cause inconvenience to everyone.

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Oh they have friends! Plus I didn't know that the taxpayers are funding their luxurious lifestyle.

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Since they're bankrupt. Why don't they make a restaurant like this and name it "DICKIES" , waiters are Men with chiseled abs, wearing very tight bikini briefs and the floor a bit elevated so the crotch is on the same level as customers' faces. To be fair with women.

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Seems you're advocating for hostess clubs to be neither embraced nor to exist.

Well it's a suggestion that if the advocates want to achieve what they are aiming for then they should start with the change of Japanese society's commoditizing women and the well accepted hostess industry is part of that. If they cannot change these then  I don't think they will succeed with their advocacy, That is my whole point. And in my opinion majority of Japanese women seem okay with being the way things are now , they are totally fine being hostesses so what these "Voice up Japan's'' goal is just a pipe dream, 100% they will not succeed.

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I am not suggesting to change the way things are. I am just suggesting  that "If these advocates really want to succeed, then they should start to change how the Japanese society's view on hostessing". I see hostessing as one of the few reasons why feminism rights advocates will not succeed here. I am not demonizing hostessing and trying to change things. Because these "unskilled" women are are treated as commodities and not human beings with potential to improve and grow.

So to answer your question, the industry can remain as is. Work on removing barriers and empowering the children of today, so they have options other than working in that industry.

Then watch the industry adjust itself accordingly as it has less staff.

You just said above that women who are unskilled should directly be put to hostessing and prostitution than providing them more options then you suggest to remove barriers? and empowerment?

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Hostess clubs are not a good example of gender inequality in Japan, if you're shooting those down you have to bring host clubs into the equation.

Hosto clubs are not as many as hostess clubs where you can find them in every corner like conbini. Analyze who goes to Host clubs and Hostess clubs. Host clubs' clients are hostesses, because these women don't have private social lives due to their profession. Hosts don't adjust to their clients the way hostesses do to theirs. And the reality is it is normal and well accepted by the society to see Salary men going to hostess clubs than a group of OLs / Housewives going to Hosto clubs.

As Bullfighter pointed out, the male customers are being completely fleeced by the hostesses who are in control

Not true, The club management (who are men) are the ones in control of the hostesses. So officially these women are still men's commodities.

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Are hostess clubs worse than the strip clubs and massage parlours that are so common in a number of countries?

Yep strip clubs are indeed worse than hostess clubs but it is still commoditizing women and in other countries these establishments are considerred taboo but in Japan hostess clubs are normal and accepted by the society. So please tell me how can you convince the majority of Japanese people to fight for women's equality while they embrace the idea of commoditizing of women at the same time. I am not demonizing hostessing but whole point is I think feminism activists will not succeed in Japan and the hostess industry is one of the few reasons why.

There are a number of studies of Japanese hostess clubs done by foreign women beginning with Night Work: Seuality, Pleasure, and Corporate Masculinity in a Tokyo Hostess Club (University of Chicago Press, 1994) by Anne Allison. Her study and others show that women in these clubs are very much in control in terms of what they do and do not do. If anything it is the males and the companies that pick up their tabs that are being exploited.

I have been dragged to hostess clubs several times by executives from top Japanese companies. The women are clearly in control, taking the guys and their companies for every yen they can.

That's what you think,  but the reality is it's the club owners and club shacho's are actually the ones in control of these hostesses. They treat these women as "THEIR PRODUCT" they are asked to drink, talk, act, smoke, dress up, make up the way their club management want them to do for the sake of male customers and profit. And I said it again, prositution and strip clubs also exists and maybe worse than hostessing, but it is not viewed the way Japanese people see hostess clubs is. Hostess clubs are literally in every corner of Japan like 7-11 and sometimes the same building as cram schools.

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Women working in red light industries isn't a Japan specific thing, it applies to countries all over the world.

Also I'd replace the word "women" to men, as there are many men who are entertaining women for big quick money as well

Yes I mentioned that in other countries there are also red light establishments, but they are underground and considered taboo. Here in Japan its common for businessmen to go to Hostess clubs after business deals.The wealthier men are the more accepted for them to be in high class hostess clubs and the society here in Japan approves this idea of commoditizing women. So as long as the minds of people are like that these advocacies will not succeed/. Yes there are hosto clubs in some places too  but their clients are 90% hostesses who lost their private lives already due to the night jobs.

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A significant portion of hostesses are unskilled

If what you say is true and if They are indeed unskilled so the solution is to throw them to prostitution and hostessing rather than helping them on how to become skilled and have more positive vocation which is the whole idea of this equality advocacy right? So again my question to you is how can you achieve equality while this whole idea of the hostess industry is embraced? Yes they can go on as it is but don't expect that there will be equal rights for women here in Japan, that is what I am trying to point out and if they are really serious about their goal then they should discourage or condemn the use of women as commodities. If they cannot then forget about it, they are just wasting energy and time.

Many hostesses are universityy students, hair / nail stylist and office ladies. It's not true that they are not skilled people.It's just Japan has given them less opportunities compare to male that's why they have to do that kind of work.

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In case of those women in hostess bars, they (more than often) do it by their own choice, often for some quick and easy money that's more than what they would make working for regular companies during the day.

And that is the other conflict in Japan, as I said this is embraced not only by Men but even their WIVES and the women themselves.The thinking that it's okay for women to be like an object like a Car in a rental shop is fine because they don't have any choices is something that contradicts the principle of equality.Plus  I think there are so many women here who are comfortable of the current system where women are submissive to men, that's the main challenge of the women's equality rights activists have to face, they have to convince not only men but also the women themselves.

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Many of the women who work at hostess clubs, or in the sex industry, don't have the skills to do other work. I'm not sure how it empowers women to remove the avenue where they can make the money to support themselves.

If you want to get rid of hostess clubs, fix the problems in society that result in these women not having other opportunities. Shutting down the hostess clubs themselves doesn't fix the problem, and just results in more poverty.

That's exactly my whole point man. They make the society believe that these women are not skilled enough so they put them in that Hostess/ Geisha box to satisfy men's needs, instead of empowering and changing them to become capable as their male customers. So explain to me how equality for women will coexists with this kind of principle together? Prostitution and Nightclubs also exist in other countries but as underground and there are only certain areas where you can find them unlike in Japan where you can find these kinds of establishments around in every stations and it's totally not underground at all, in fact these big executives in corporations who have programs supporting women's rights also go to these kinds of places for business related entertainment. So if these people are serious about fighting for equality for women, it has to start from here.

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As long as night hostess clubs are still embraced and existing, this cry for women equality is just a pipe dream. It all starts there, I don't know if Japan is really willing to call for equal rights or these groups just want to go with the trend. Are these protesters fierce enough to really tackle the core issue? Are they willing to protest to Hostess clubs and tell them straight to stop making women as commodities? The answer to that is NO for sure.

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Alex Einz

alyamal, you get tshirt and thank you, be grateful that you get to participate in Tokyo Olympics.

You participated for free while the Tokyo olympics committee take home billions of yen and you are not even welcome to their after party. haha maybe helping people in Tohoku will make more sense than covering up the mess of this rich , privileged people of the Tokyo Olympic organizers.

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