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Posted in: 13 arrested for groping, theft after Shibuya Halloween chaos See in context

Halloween revelers were there since the weekend, imagine the shops closing and losing business for a week now. I love halloween parties but this is obviously causing inconvenience to so many. Just change the venue to Yoyogi park and prohibit people from gathering in front of the shops and the roads.

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Do the hustle

I’m not a big fan of the commercialism of Halloween and will be staying well clear of Shibuya this week. However, I must say, having 100,000 young revelers in the streets with only small amounts of violence and crime is commendable. Such large gatherings of youth usually results in riots and looting in other countries.

I passed the area that night and I've seen the videos, there were fights, groping and some people were arrested too. Some properties were broken including a truck that turned upside down for no reason.  I don't think these are small amounts though. It's not a comparrison contest , one damage is more than enough. Let's stop being a Japan apologist for a while and fix this problem and admit that Japan  is not heaven , it isn't perfect.

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Just close the scramble crossing to vehicular traffic during Halloween and let the partiers take over the streets and have fun for one night, like they used to in Ginza every Sundays. Put out a bunch of trash cans, too.

I love Halloween parties and I understand the demand to hold it somewhere, but Shibuya is not a private place, it's public . Everything was fine before, but now they messed up so bad and it's not gonna be the same anymore. Stop compromising the public for it. Try to consider the residents and business owners around who will lose profits and forced to closed down for a day or two because young milennials and clubbers want to party ? These party goers aren't really going to the shops and because it's congested and chaotic, consumers will avoid the area and buy things they need somewhere else. They have to do this in somewhere private , maybe Yoyogi Park? But closing Shibuya so milennials and tourists can rave for free is not a good justification. They close GINZA so it can give convenience to shoppers which will benefit the business owners. This solution is only in favor of party people , it's like giving spoiled brat kids what they want. Do it in a club, Yoyogi park or Tokyo Dome is the best solution, Win Win for everyone.

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Posted in: Former ‘Mr Todai’ participant arrested for allegedly raping woman See in context

It's funny that these "Big Universities" are always prone for raping. Like Waseda's rape club. I think these guys think that since they are students of these popular Universities they can look down on others and get any girls they want.

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Posted in: Abe vows further efforts to attract 40 mil foreign visitors by 2020 See in context

Liniency on AIRBNB, Unfortunately many can't afford your over charging tiny hotels charging per person instead of per rooms.Tourism skyrocketed these past few years and AIRBNB contributed a lot to that.

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Posted in: Basketballers who spent night with prostitutes get 1-year suspensions See in context


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Posted in: Woman qualifies to become fighter jet pilot for 1st time in Japan See in context

Good progress and good for her! But Japan is still way far behind regarding sexual inequality , why? They still  tolerate the idea that women cannot be Sushi Chefs and the entire society embrace that idea including  the  gender equality activists.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's parents told boyfriend, mother to solve financial issue: source See in context


That she asked if the royal family could pay it for her is another indicator of the mindset of this family.

Why can't just the royal family decline if the mother indeed asked them to pay for her debt? First of all the daughter is marrying the Son and not the mother. The parent's financial problem has nothing to do with their son and this kind of problem is very common to many normal people. My parents had debts before too and they sorted out that by themsleves. They also borrowed money from me and I helped them finish and complete their payments and my wife didn't divorce me because of that. She totally understood and I will never hesitate doing the same thing to her parents. Will help anyways I can.

They are well advised to be cautious and make sure no other problems are hidden.

The princess has to decide for her own life, her faith should not be up to the decisions of Royal Agency Advisers! This is why I am not a fan of this Royal Family as they are showing to the people that social status is the main basis for marriage and not love. Public image is more important than decision making, totally not a good example. They strongly made a point that people will never be equal. They should promote and show that families should help each other in times of difficulties as life will never be perfect. The Royal Family is living in a fantasy world, it's like the movie The Truman Show. They should serve a purpose by being a role model to the society not just a sort of entertainment.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's parents told boyfriend, mother to solve financial issue: source See in context

If the Royal family  truly believes that Children should experience the consequences of their families / parents' mistakes, then Princess Kiko should also be blamed and face the consequences of her great grandfather's atrocities during WW2.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's parents told boyfriend, mother to solve financial issue: source See in context


Well said!

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Posted in: Princess Mako's parents told boyfriend, mother to solve financial issue: source See in context

Wow so the financial situation of the male's parents is the whole basis of marriage? So after all these "highness" they are still this shallow after all?

Princess Mako's parents told boyfriend, mother to solve financial issue

Isn't it ironic that this advise is coming from people who never worked a real job before and were born with silver spoon ? Seriously what is the point of keeping royal families when they don't have power in government anymore? Their purpose is more of like just for entertainment already.

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Posted in: Justice minister says she ordered Aum executions after 'careful consideration' See in context

But she defended the death penalty at the Justice Ministry, saying it is necessary for those committing atrocious crimes, otherwise such offenses will continue to happen, and much of the public also believes in the system.

Death penalty is a legal revenge, so please don't say that DP helps stop these kinds of offenses from happening again as Japan has Death Penalty but heinous crimes are still happening every single day. So if that is your justification for DP then it is not working. So the best is just stop sugar coating it and just admit that you support the eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth law. End of story.

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Posted in: Japanese helicopter carrier to tour South China Sea, Indian Ocean for two months See in context

Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Brunei also claim parts of the South China Sea, which has rich fishing grounds, as well as oil and gas deposits. Taiwan also claims the sea but Japan has no claim to any part of it.

Correction please, Philipppines is no longer part of this resistence. Duterte gave up the islands to the Chinese and planned to just make war with them on YEAR 4001.

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Posted in: Father of actor Tadanobu Asano arrested again for using stimulant drugs See in context

Have they considered rehabilitation? Drugs are powerful and addicts need to be rehabiliated so they will not use them again.

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Posted in: Women's university in Tokyo to accept transgender students See in context


why not just make the school co-ed and open for every sexes???

Because it's not a co-ed university. I think if they wanted to be, they already would be.

Yeah but that is my question, why can't they just change and become co-ed? Many universities are doing that already. Because these seperation of Male - Female was a thing from the past. And since they are trying to become "Open Mind" now then why not just become co-ed then? How about the transgender males? can they still enroll in this university?!?

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Posted in: Women's university in Tokyo to accept transgender students See in context

why not just make the school co-ed and open for every sexes???

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Posted in: 7 Netflix shows that will help you understand Japan See in context

Please don't call this a "Documentary" because it is obviously scripted and fiction. Shots and camera angles are properly set. And nothing in this show portrays the typical Japanese culture but more of a BIG BROTHER copycat. Everyone is good looking and well dressed , this isn't the reality.

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Posted in: Kyoto yakiniku restaurants offer up blue meat and drinks for World Cup fever See in context

Does Japan really need to over react like the rests of the world cup participating countries? I kinda noticed tthat since they see other countries do these extreme things they think that they have to act the same as if it's written on a world cup fanatic manual. hehehe

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Posted in: Japan to refuse entry to foreign travelers with unpaid medical bills See in context


noypikantoku - I don't think it is. For example, it cost my wife about 10,000 yen for health insurance when she went to Britain for 2 weeks compared with a plane ticket of 120,000 yen. Any tourist who has the funds to go to Japan on holiday should have the funds to pay for health insurance. I'm entirely with the Japanese ministry on this one.

On the other hand, as Yubaru says, I wonder how many people actually revisit Japan, so what effect this policy of refusing re-entry will have. It would be interesting to see how many of these nonpayers are from neighbouring countries, who are relatively likely to revisit, and how many are from more distant western countries on a trip of a lifetime.

Your wife's hospital bill is obviously cheap but how about the people who are having on going therapies with tens and thousands of hospital bills? Just an example. Let's say a senior citizen is having an on going lifetime therapy and hospital bills are already a part of his/her monthly bills and his son or daughter is getting married in Japan, will you not allow this person to attend a once in a lifetime event just because he cannot settle his 20,000 hospital bill on time which he didn't asked for? Yup they can be in debt but who isn't? A relative can sponsor his plane tickets and accomodation but not a 20,000 USD on going hospital bill.  I am not suggesting that the patients will leave their hospital bills in Japan unpaid but if people can make applications to make on-line shopping efficient why can't we make hospital billing easy as well? Or let's admit it we human beings have that attitude of If you have no money then suffer without compromise and considerations.

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Posted in: Japan to refuse entry to foreign travelers with unpaid medical bills See in context

The problem is not wether a tourist has upaid medical bills or not, what they really need to focus on is how to make an efficient way to reimburse the medical bills to their health insurance back home.Because a traveler may not have unpaid medical bills before entering Japan ,  but has no means to pay if suddenly they got hospitalized here. Why not just strictly require for travel insurance, Higher amount of pocket money for expenses during their stay in Japan or Credit Cards?

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Posted in: Japan to refuse entry to foreign travelers with unpaid medical bills See in context

This is another lack of human empathy policy. So only wealthy people are welcome to travel here. People who don't have health care and paying medical bills in installments have no rights to visit their relatives living in Japan? Why not make compromises. Charge the medical bills through credit cards.

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Posted in: Japan's home-share listings grow ten-fold on month to 1,000 ahead of new law See in context


Presumably because if the majority of a property's use during the year is for short term commercial rentals, there is no excuse for exempting them from the normal rules and regulations for hotels and commercial property zoning.

But there is still no laws about home sharing services unless they make and pass a new one. Although they are both on hospitality and accomodation business there are still lot's of differences between AirBnB and Hotels.

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Posted in: Nurse arrested for abandoning dismembered body of mother along Shiga riverbed See in context

I'd actually need to apologize for something to be an apologist.

Well being an apologist also means that you are always one sidedly in defense of something that you are obsessed with (Japan) regardless if the subject is possitive or negative. Right or wrong you will defend Japan.

What have I said that gave you the idea I don't want Japan to improve?

Your argument is always playing safe, yup you didn't literally say it but what you are pointing out is despite of Japan having many news and cases of murders within family members, you still think it's great and it isn't alarming at all as other countries are still worse, so it isnt a problem and Japan doesn't have to do anything as it is still the GREATEST vountry despite of these shocking news coming out everyday.

Ok, I'm willing to believe that. Can you please point me at the numbers that brought you to this conclusion? I haven't seen them myself.

It's you who come up with that claim right? so why don't you bring up the facts and numbers. You are the one who is sure that these daily incidents about killings within family members are happening in other countries too. So lay your facts.

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Posted in: Nurse arrested for abandoning dismembered body of mother along Shiga riverbed See in context


Amazing there are that few in a country of 130 million people. From a statistical standpoint, that's nearly equivalent to zero.

You being too much of an apologist won't help Japan here. If you really love Japan you will look and admit to improve these dark spots of their society.

I believe that's the truth around the entire world, not just Japan.

Nope this doesn't happen this frequent to other countries unlike Japan. In other countries there are lot's of crimes being committed, but not like these kinds of situation.

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Posted in: Turkish man sues Osaka immigration bureau for breaking his arm See in context

He shouldn’t have been a nut and thrown the book (literally) at the officer

We don't know exactly what happened, but these officers have also no rights to verbal abuse and should realize that immigration detainees are not like normal criminal prisoners.

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Posted in: In corporate Japan, little movement on harassment policies: survey See in context

I am against Sexual Harrasment, but for some reasons I felt that if not because of "Me Too" movement, then Japan will not do anything about this. And because of this , this looks like just following an american TREND like fashion.  As long as the Kyabakura and Geisha culture will continously accepted and justified here, don't expect that equality and the problems with sexual harrasment will go away as these things validate women as "tools" for men's satisfaction.

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Posted in: Gov't inspects JAL plane after 10 engine parts fall, hitting clinic, car See in context

geez, last week ANA had heavy smoke inside the cabin and now this... what's wrong lately with J-carriers. Anyway atleast no serious injuries here.

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Posted in: Morgan Freeman accused of sexual harassment: CNN See in context

I hope Brad Pitt won't be accused soon or else the whole leading cast of of SEVEN will be all accused of sexual harassment. Almost B-I-N-G-O...

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Posted in: Morgan Freeman accused of sexual harassment: CNN See in context

continually tried to lift her skirt and kept asking if she was wearing underwear.

I can't imagine this on Morgan Freeman Voice Overs. lol

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Posted in: Police arrest graduate students for Kyoto intersection 'kotatsu' stunt See in context

Stupid stunt by these guys but I have to say it made me laugh.

If someone got into a fatal accident because of this, would you still be saying the same thing? Let's say people would find this cute and funny and then tries to top this stupidity by making "A better one" for example playing with flammable materials inside a shopping mall putting many people at risk just to be 'funny'. I don't have problem with people making stupid videos, it's their thing! But I am against these people who will risk other innocent people's lives just to pull out their non sense stunts.

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