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Yea, ironically, this rose to make their wanted list..?

I never knew Japan had such a thing...

I know this guy is a piece of work and belongs behind bars, but as others have mentioned, this is being treated like he was the accomplice to the Osaka arson attack... Seriously..?

And one thing to add, who on earth rolls their window down and stops on a highway for some crazy guy..?

You do that in the states, and you're dead... The last thing you would ever do is let some crazy guy attempt to stop you on a busy highway... I mean, you guys really need to learn to put this pride away, let discretion be the better part of valor... He's crazy, drive away..

Lesson of common sense... When some crazy guy spends two hours following, chasing, trying to force you off the highway, as soon as he gets out of his car, Drive away, find the first police station.... If he had a gun or knife, this guy would probably be dead...

A few years ago, a convenience store clerk, chased after a guy that stole a 6-pack of beer, the clerk, a young 20 something university student, with his whole life ahead of him, stabbed to death, by some thug, that he never should have been chasing after for a 800 yen worth of beer... Not worth it....

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Parents WATCH Your kids!!!

Parents Do your Job!!

11 year old the day before... Crazy...

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I'm sorry, I must have missed the part where China invaded (as well as the rest of Asia) invaded Japan and started the war..?

Oh, that's right, it was Japan that invaded all of Asia.

Your analogy is flawed, it's like saying, a guy that got drunk, ran out of house, went into all the homes on his street, raped all his neighbors wives, then burnt down their homes, then comes running back into his own home, and barricades the door. The cops finally show up, and instead coming out with his hands up, takes shots at the police from inside house... The police end up blowing down the door, and having chase him into his bedroom, mean while he's hiding behind his wife & kids...

So now your mad that his house got damaged and some of his injured...?

Are you serious...?

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Spot on!

I'm surprised to see so many reasonable comments... Usually this time of year jt is overrun by comments of Antifa-esq likeness blaming everyone and the kitchen sink, except Japan, for Japan's acts in ww2...

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Unlike the Japan Nationalist Propaganda, there's REAL evidence to support what happened in Nanking.

And every other year, some racist Mayor of Nagasaki, or some politician denies one of the events ever happening... That's what causes trouble...

And then you have the emperor's Third Party-Esq apaology, like he watched a guy get hit by a car, and say he feels remorse for seeing it happen, and sorry for the guys family...

No different than the apology "George Dubya" (and he's a war criminal -- I call balls & strikes) gave to China when one of out P3 aircraft was hit by a Chinese fighter in 2000 and did an emergency landing at Hainan island... "Remorse... something something..."

How about using the words "I", "WE" are very very very sorry for "MY," "OUR" actions....

This deep remorse wording was to satisfy the Ultra Nationalist & Japan History Denial Establishment...

It's a BS apology..

Japan could almost overnight, put an end to this continual denial & accusations from other countries...

1) Enact Anti History Denial Laws -- Like Germany...!

If you publicly come out and deny Japan's war acts -- you go to Jail... Just like Germany!

Germany has strong laws against Holocaust denial.. Every other year, they'll still send people to jail over that...!

2) Create some REAL monuments to the victims of Japan's war of aggression...

Just like Germany has created monuments to their victims (NOT to Yourself -- But the other people YOU HURT & KILLED....!)

Japan has ZERO monuments to it's millions of victims!!!

Seems pretty simple... But easier for a camel to pass through the eye of needle than Japan to do anything like this in a thousand years... It's unfortunate... We can only hope & pray that they don't white wash Japan's history too much, so that Japan's youth repeats history again..

If you don't learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it..!

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Sorry, my bad, I've heard this stuff so many times in the last 10 years, I instinctively stop listening as soon as I hear the first couple words out of the NHK announcer's voice...

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Let's look back a few months and examine exactly what triggered this whole thing...

1) A while back a South Korean court (whether they were right or wrong is inconsequential) declared that Japan owes money or compensation for the comfort women issue.

2) Japan claims they are all of a sudden enforcing anti-terror trade restrictions, (timing here is everything) and they openly state, it has nothing at all to do with the comfort women issue (which in S. Korea, as in Canada & U.S., the courts are independent of the legislature) Japan points to an example of the Submarine Propeller technology (this goes back a few decades) when THEY, a Japanese company sold the technology (for the milling machines) to a Russian entity... So the example they are using to support their claim, while valid, is their own violation, not South Korea..

3) So now S. Korean Gov't is responding again...

At least, the Japanese Government could come clean and say, "Yes, It's all about the comfort women issue..." Instead of some fabricated claim, which is about as valid as George Dubya's Iraq WMD claim...

This is typical Japan behavior... Don't expect straight talk, because, you'll never get it...

And I usually take the Japanese side, but not on matters stemming from anything to do with ww2..

They could have long ago, taken the path which Germany chose...

Notice how NO ONE ever accuses Germany of any history white washing or denial...

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Posted in: Relatives commemorate victims on 34th anniversary of 1985 JAL jet crash See in context

Yes, indeed... You are 1000% correct... There's no other way to explain it but, "Welcome to Japan..."

Although, that particular incident had nothing to do with alcohol, there are some facts conveniently left out.

The U.S. military had helicopters in the air, right after the crash, and were ready to start rescue operations, but were told, "No Thank you," by Japanese authorities...

Which by the way, didn't start rescue operations until the next morning, so we're talking about at least 8 or 10 hours had elapsed after the crash... No telling if anyone else may have been saved or not...

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation confirms it received novel from writer with same name, address as arson suspect See in context

Why aren't the police investigating the lack of Fire Evacuation Plan? Or Why there was only ONE exit..?

There's legal standing in the U.S. & EU, (not sure about Asia...) regardless of whether there was a physical written LAW on the books or NOT, it's "reasonable" to assume that any building in case of a fire, esp one which is composed of highly flammable materials, the owner or building custodian, "Should Have" known and should have planned for having more than one exit, or sprinklers, anything at all to mitigate a fire blocking the main entrance...!

This was a 3 story building, even if you jumped off the roof, the likelihood of a fatal injury would be slim, unless you landed on your head...

Now is the time, for law's to be enacted, owners & building mangers to act..

This kind of, "crazy guy sets a fire" scenario happens about every 2 or 3 years in japan.

No one should have died in 3 story building... PERIOD!

Let's make sure no has to perish next time!

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@shogun36July 29 02:38 pm JST

Everyone still wants to know WHY he did it.

He crazy. That's why he did it.

Thank you.... Finally a voice of REASON...!

Now instead of the JP cops wasting millions of yen wondering why CRAZY people do CRAZY things,

And seeing how this kind of arson tragedy happens about every couple years here in japan, and it appears NOTHING was learned since the last time 44 people died in Shinjuku.

It would be a damn good time to make a LAW requiring all companies,

we'll say, with more than 10 people, to have FIRE evacuation plans with MORE than ONE EXIT...

You're NOT going to prevent every CRAZY kid from committing acts like this, but just maybe the next,

NO ONE HAS DIE because they were trapped in a 3 story building...!

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