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Posted in: 2 inmates hanged, bringing number of executions to 5 under Abe See in context

Japan has my full support in enforcing the death penalty and also great respect for not yielding to outside pressures. No developed countries throw this scum into dungeons to rot as they deserve to so why keep them locked up for the remainder of their lives at public expense? Japan does not impose the death penalty casually so when it is given it is deserved. Now, just get rid of the remaining 134.

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Posted in: Abe at Arlington See in context

Wow, folks can really get themselves worked up with their pet hangups. PM Abe is paying his respects at the US National Cemetery-a pretty common courtesy around the world by heads-of-states. It has nothing to do with Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Nanking, or anywhere else that experienced huge loss of life and suffering during war. Good grief, what a mountain from a molehill.

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