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Posted in: How can you tell the difference between the flu and COVID-19? See in context

Hopefully, if people continue to be careful, wash hands, keep distance and do What they can, we will have less flu and covid. We can hope!

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I must admit, after visiting the Takarazuka theatre in Tokyo several times, that it left me with an eerie and strange feeling. Like going to ceremony of rituals, like a cult. So reading what I see here those not surprise me. Very talented performers, but it does seem to be a theatre of the past, repeating itself with the same formula year after year even if the world is changing. But then again people need escape from an hectic world. There are plenty of great entertainment in Tokyo to choose from.

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Well! Why not? Never tried it, but could be fun once. Always amazes me What people come up with to make money. :)

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There is no excuse! Pardon my expression: selfish idiots!

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Posted in: A-bomb survivor keeps up fight for nuclear disarmament See in context

His story is a direct link to our past which we should learn from. Unfortunately our downfall is that we do not learn from previous mistakes and therefore let history repeat itself. Hopefully new generations will fight for a more peaceful and non nuclear planet. We can hope!

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Important that there will be no laid-back attitudes towards the corona virus. It will not disappear by itself. We all know How fast this virus spreads if it is allowed to roam freely. I have always been impressed by Japan for years for wearing face masks during the flue season and most are doing so now. But somethings gotta give in these times and the willingness to do so important, for now, Even if it robs of a little freedom now. An investment for the near future. If not, we will have an endless situation. And the government should take on the responsebility by being honest and open with the public. Only then can we work together in the effort to make things better.

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