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One of the hundreds who spent the night at Narita. Hotels were sold out long before the majority of passengers showed up, and with all taxi and bus service suspended due to road closures and all train service suspended, and all still suspended, it's turning into quite the adventure.

Disappointing how the airport has handled it. As a foreigner who can speak some Japanese I've been helping the masses of dazed and confused tourists, and some locals. Since 7pm last night not a single announcement in anything but Japanese. And even the Japanese announcements ceased altogether between about 10pm and 6am.

Nobody helping people find a place to sleep (but they did throw them all out of the train station area before the gates), and although there were some amazing volunteers handing out sleeping bags and water and various other items there was no announcement or explanation to that affect. You had to spot people that had stuff and inquire as to what random location in the airport they had stumbled upon it. The airport clearly has no effective plan for handling a situation like this, which is surprising since they handled 3/11 a bit better. It always amazes me how ill equipped many tourist meccas in Japan are to actually communicate with the tourists.

Also almost all the shops closed on schedule; only one convenience store I could find had stayed open closing only for 2h between 1am and 3am, with the same staff opening that closed, clearly exhausted. But that place was making a killing. Kudos to the staff for sticking through it (although likely they had no way out either)

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